Fortnite, copyright and the legal precedent that could still mean trouble for Epic Games

Anne Friedman Contributor Share on Twitter Anne Friedman is of counsel at DLA Piper where she focuses her practice on structuring and negotiating large scale sourcing and technology transactions. Andrew Deutsch Contributor Andrew Deutsch is a partner at DLA Piper concentrating on intellectual property litigation and advice, including copyright, trademark, defamation and other First Am...
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Is Social Media Losing Ground To Email Newsletters?

"My favorite new social network doesn't incessantly spam me with notifications," brags New York Times technology writer Mike Isaac. "When I post, I'm not bombarded with @mentions from bots and trolls. And after I use it, I don't worry about ads following me around the web. "That's because my new social network is an email newsletter." Every week or so, I blast it out to a few thousand people who have signed up to read my musings. Some of them email back, occasionally leading to a thoughtful co...

Pwn2Own Competitors Crack Tesla, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Windows 10

A research duo who hacked a Tesla were the big winners at the annual Pwn2Own white hat security contest, reports ZDNet. "The duo earned $375,000 in prize money, of the total of $545,000 awarded during the whole three-day competition... They also get to keep the car." Team Fluoroacetate -- made up of Amat Cama and Richard Zhu -- hacked the Tesla car via its browser. They used a JIT bug in the browser renderer process to execute code on the car's firmware and show a message on its entertainment s...

8chan Criticized By Its Founder, Blocked by Australian and NZ ISPs

Several major ISPs in Australia temporarily blocked access to 8chan, along with "dozens" of web sites that hosted video of last week's mass shooting in Christchurch New Zealand, Ars Technica reports -- noting that the ISPs acted on their own in response to "community expectations." Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan (who "cut ties" with the site in December) is now criticizing 8chan moderators for their slowness in removing posts inciting violence, i...

Stallman Suggests Install Fest 'Deals With Devil' Include Actual Man Dressed As Devil

This weekend's annual LibrePlanet conference, hosted by the Free Software Foundation, prompted a new essay about "install fests" from Richard Stallman: Install fests invite users to bring their computers so that experts can install GNU/Linux on them... The problem is that most computers can't run with a completely free GNU/Linux distro. They contain peripherals, or coprocessors, that won't operate unless the installed system contains some nonfree drivers or firmware... This presents the install...

GoFundMe Bans Anti-Vaccine Campaigns

An anonymous reader quotes SlashGear: Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has banned campaigns that seek funds for spreading misinformation related to vaccines, the company has revealed. The platform has been used in the past by anti-vaxxers as part of their mission to promote conspiracy theories related to supposed health issues caused by vaccinations. Current campaigns in violation of this new rule will be removed. GoFundMe has previously faced controversy for allowing anti-vax campaigns on the pl...

Xiaomi introduces Game Turbo in MIUI for POCO F1

Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO launched POCO F1 running on Android with a skin on top, called MIUI For POCO. The smartphone has been in news since the launch for good reasons except for a  few issues, but the company has been very responsive towards addressing the issues and kept updating it with new features as per user feedback. Xiaomi rolled out Android Pie based MIUI 10 Stable update for the smartphone and introduced 960 fps slow-motion video recording back, super low-light mode in MIUI Global ...
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'Your AirPods Will Die Soon' -- The Shrinking Charge Capacities of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Some of the same podcasters who first extolled AirPods are now complaining about them, reports the Atlantic: The battery can no longer hold a charge, they say, rendering them functionally useless. Apple bloggers agree: "AirPods are starting to show their age for early adopters," Zac Hall, an editor at 9to5Mac, wrote in a post in January, detailing how he frequently hears a low-battery warning in his AirPods now. Earlier this month, Apple Insider tested a pair of AirPods purchased in 2016 against...

More Than One Reality Exists (in Quantum Physics)

Zorro (Slashdot reader #15,797) quotes Live Science: Can two versions of reality exist at the same time? Physicists say they can -- at the quantum level, that is. Researchers recently conducted experiments to answer a decades-old theoretical physics question about dueling realities. This tricky thought experiment proposed that two individuals observing the same photon could arrive at different conclusions about that photon's state -- and yet both of their observations would be correct. For...

82-Year-Old Pope Francis Is 'First Pope To Write a Line of Code'

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: After seeing to it that UK Prime Minister David Cameron, US President Barack Obama, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau all received (widely-publicized) coding lessons, CEO Hadi Partovi noted in late 2016 that he was "still working on Pope Francis." GeekWire reports that Partovi was able to cross that one off his bucket list Thursday, as he helped Pope Francis become 'the first Pope to write a line of code' at a 'Programming for Peace' eve...

Cringely Pans Self-Driving Car Hype, Says They're Years Away

In what may be his final year of technology predictions, columnist Robert X. Cringely argues "I can't say that we're going to see anything beyond more beta tests of self-driving cars in 2019... We simply aren't ready and probably won't be for years to come...." "The problem isn't with the self-driving cars, it's with the cars that aren't self-driving, cars that are driven by idiots like me." It will eventually happen. Once half the fleet has been replaced with cars that could be self-drivers if...

MoviePass parent’s CEO discusses the service’s rocky year

In the space of a few months, MoviePass went from being the hottest startup on the block to a cautionary tale about growing too big, too fast. By the time the summer of MoviePass came to an end, the company that was going to permanently disrupt the box office was hemorrhaging money. It changed its subscription plans repeatedly, while a service outage found its parent company, Helios and Matheson Analytics, asking creditors for a $5 million loan. The company’s past year is littered with tales ...
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A site that tells you if Apple’s AirPower wireless charger is out yet is now out

Have you heard of AirPower? It’s Apple’s wireless charging mat – a device that has been teased and speculated on for ages, but still hasn’t appeared. Well, this arduous wait inspired one Reddit user to create, a website that, uh, tells you if the AirPower is out yet. Go on, check if AirPower is out yet. I’ll wait. At the time of writing, this is a big fat no. But things might change later on today (March 25). Apple is holding a somewhat unexpected event, with some of the rum...
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A week of game streaming and earthquakes

From Extra Crunch We hope all of you enjoyed the conversation with Eric Peckham and Lucas Matney on GDC and game streaming. For those who couldn’t join, a transcript should be coming shortly. Our enterprise reporter Ron Miller has a dive into how Salesforce became the model for enterprise SaaS companies, with some great early details into the launch of AppExchange. Continuing his growth discussion, Julian Shapiro of discusses the acquisition marketing costs across 14 ad networks....
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Cities In India Ban 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Over Fears It Turns Children Into 'Psychopaths'

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is facing a "ferocious" backlash in India, Bloomberg reports: Nowhere has resistance to the game been quite like India. Multiple cities have banned PUBG, as it's known, and police in Western India arrested 10 university students for playing. The national child rights commission has recommended barring the game for its violent nature. One of India's largest Hindi newspapers declared PUBG an "epidemic" that turned children into "manorogi," or psychopaths. "There are ...

The Google Stadia Backlash Has Begun

While people are still grappling with the technical ramifications of Google’s Stadia platform, gamers have begun asking deeper, more troubling questions. What do mods look like in a world of game streaming? What happens to game preservation? What happens if Google dwarfs gaming the same way it has with search,…Read more...
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Elon Musk Makes Surprise Visit To Flint, Michigan Elementary School

An anonymous reader quotes the Detroit Metro Times: Tech billionaire Elon Musk surprised students at an assembly at Flint's Doyle-Ryder Elementary School on Friday, announcing the creation of a new STEM-focused junior high school and inviting some students to tour his SpaceX rocket factory in California... Students will be selected by the district based on academic merits, with funding for the trip provided by the Musk Foundation. "My hope is to inspire the students of Flint to want to make th...

Facebook Now 'Vulnerable' To Government Regulators, Analysts Warn

Citing new warnings from several analysts, Fortune reports that Facebook's business model now faces threats from "a growing array of bi-partisan criticism and fresh regulatory issues." Analysts are now flagging an opinion piece in The New York Times, by Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline, a Democrat who's chairman of the House Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law. Cicilline wrote about the company's "pattern of misconduct" and called for "an investigation into whether Fac...

Yunji, a startup that enables social commerce via WeChat, files for $200M US IPO

China’s Pinduoduo was all the rage in 2018 as the ecommerce upstart quickly rose to challenge Alibaba and raised $1.63 billion through a Nasdaq listing. Much of its success was attributable to its link to WeChat, China’s messaging leader. Now, another emerging ecommerce player that has leveraged WeChat is gearing up for a listing in the United States. Yunji, which was founded in 2015, the same year Pinduoduo launched, is raising up to $200 million according to its prospectus filed with the Secur...
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Hackers conquer Tesla’s in-car web browser and win a Model 3

A pair of security researchers dominated Pwn2Own, the annual high-profile hacking contest, taking home $375,000 in prizes including a Tesla Model 3 — their reward for successfully exposing a vulnerability in the electric vehicle’s infotainment system. Tesla handed over its new Model 3 sedan to Pwn2Own this year, the first time a car has been included in the competition. Pwn2Own is in its 12th year and run by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative. ZDI has awarded more than $4 million over the life...
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Apple could announce its gaming subscription service on Monday

Apple is about to announce some new services on Monday. While everybody expects a video streaming service as well as a news subscription, a new report from Bloomberg says that the company might also mention its gaming subscription. Cheddar first reported back in January that Apple has been working on a gaming subscription. Users could pay a monthly subscription fee to access a library of games. We’re most likely talking about iOS games for the iPhone and iPad here. Games are the most popular ...
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7 simple website tweaks that’ll increase your lead gen

It's hard enough to get people to your website in the first place, and you certainly don't want them leaving without connecting. Make these tweaks to your site, and your lead generation will skyrocket.
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Apple teases Monday’s big event with early livestream from Steve Jobs Theater

Apple is gearing up for a big event on Monday where it's expected to unveil a video-streaming service. But more than 12 hours before it starts, the company has apparently already cranked up the event's livestream ... The post Apple teases Monday’s big event with early livestream from Steve Jobs Theater appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Omers Ventures outs €300M European fund — Q&A with Managing Partner Harry Briggs

Omers Ventures, the venture capital arm of Canadian pension fund Omers, is officially launching a new €300 million fund aimed at European technology startups. Headed up by Harry Briggs, who was previously at BGF Ventures, Omers Europe will back companies at Series A to B stage. The new fund will typically invest between €5m-€10m per round, while also having the capacity to follow on in future rounds for the most promising portfolio companies. Prior to his time at BGF — which ended rather abruptl...
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Gjirafa raises a $6.7M Series B from Rockaway Capital to digitise the Balkans

There’s nothing like a niche language to create a sort of lock-in for a startup, and that’s exactly what’s happened with e case of Gjirafa. Focusing exclusively on Albanian-speaking countries, co-founder and CEO Mergim Cahani started out developing an Albanian language search engine and then literally digitizing the country’s information, from bus timetables to a database of local businesses and venues, and beyond. Investors were been attracted to this ’emerging-market approach’ and put in a $2 ...
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Telecom equipment provider Avaya considers leveraged buyout: Reuters

(Reuters) – Telecommunications equipment and software vendor Avaya Holdings Corp is considering a leveraged buyout offer from a private equity firm that values it at more than $5 billion, including debt, people familiar with the matter said on Sunday. The acquisition offer comes 15 months after Avaya emerged from bankruptcy protection, the legacy of a previous leveraged buyout, its $8.3 billion sale to private equity firms TPG Capital and Silver Lake in 2007. Avaya’s board of directors is evalua...
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Apple’s Beats to reportedly release truly wireless PowerBeats earphones in April

Beats will reportedly release a truly wireless PowerBeats earphones next month, following the announcement of Apple's new AirPods. The second-generation AirPods received the new H1 chip, which is also expected to power the new PowerBeats. The post Apple’s Beats to reportedly release truly wireless PowerBeats earphones in April appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The early days of the world wide web: Chips with Everything podcast

Alex Hern speaks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, 30 years after the computer engineer sent the proposal for what would become the world wide web. Jordan Erica Webber chats to Elle Hunt and Alex about their earliest memories of using the webThis week, the inventor of the world wide web reflects on what he could have done differently all those years ago, and what we should all be doing to make the internet a safer and better place.Then, Elle Hunt and Alex Hern join Jordan Erica Webber to talk about some o...
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Software for Affinity Networks

I’m been looking around for software to help me manage an increasing number of affinity networks. These are networks that I’ve created around different topics, such as the books I’ve written – like Startup Communities and Venture Deals – as well as topics I’m exploring with small to medium sized groups of people. So far I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and have ended up back at email groups, which is the least common denominator. I’ve tried a few different products for email groups and always end ...
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PE-backed By Light Professional buys Phacil

By Light Professional IT Services LLC, a portfolio company of Sagewind Capital, said March 25 that it acquired Phacil. Financial terms weren’t announced. Phacil, of McLean, Virginia, is a diversified software, cybersecurity, systems engineering and managed services provider to the US Government. PRESS RELEASE By Light Acquires Phacil, Significantly Expanding Core IT Capabilities Arlington, VA, March 25, 2019 – By Light Professional IT Services LLC (“By Light” or “the Company”) today announced th...
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