Judith Butler on Nonviolence and Gender: Hear Conversation with The Partially Examined Life A new Partially Examined Life interview with Judith Butler, Maxine Elliot Professor of Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley, discusses the ethics and psychology of nonviolence. This follows a three-part treatment on the podcast of her earlier work. For a first-hand account of her new book, you can watch two 2016 lectures that she gave at UC Berkeley on early versions of the text:Watch on YouTu...
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I Pray Apple's Rumored iPad Pro Keyboard with Trackpad Ditches the Fabric

Apple really, really wants you to consider the iPad a MacBook replacement, so after adding cursor support in the latest version of iPad OS, the company reportedly has a reimagined Smart Keyboard with built-in trackpad on deck.Read more...
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Our Long Bets and Predictions about 02020

The year 02020, like 02000 before it and 02050 after it, has long captivated the popular imagination as a kind of shorthand for “the future.” Some predictions about life in 02020 are remarkably prescient: In 02004, the National Intelligence Council predicted that an “America first” movement would rise in the United States; In Ray Bradbury’s 01953 dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, he that people would listen to “little seashells” filling their ears with “an electronic ocean of sound, of musi...
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Zillow CEO Rich Barton reportedly just became a billionaire. Meet the serial entrepreneur who also founded Expedia and Glassdoor.

Rich Barton, the founder and CEO of Zillow, became a billionaire after the homebuying site stock surged on a strong earnings report on February 20. Barton led Zillow — which is best known for its suite of real-estate websites including Trulia, HotPads, Naked Apartments, and Streeteasy — to expand into buying users' homes on-demand. Barton also founded travel booking site Expedia while working at Microsoft in the 1990s and cofounded workplace review platform Glassdoor during a nine-year hiatus ...
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An Unexpected Daytrip to Sintra, Portugal

In the past, it has been an understatement to call me a travel over-planner. There is no term really to describe the levels to which I would typically plan the fun out of a trip. It always came from a good place, an excitement for the adventure coupled with the desire to not miss anything. Except over-planning is one of the best ways to ruin a trip, whether or not you’re able to tick everything off of your list. Truly understanding this theory of travel has taken me far longer than it ...
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Americans Should Prepare For Coronavirus Crisis in US, CDC Says

Top U.S. public health officials said Tuesday that Americans should prepare for the spread of the coronavirus in communities across the country. From a report: "It's not so much a question of if this will happen anymore but rather more a question of exactly when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illness," Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the head of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said durin...
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Your TV could cause an Amazon Echo or Google Home to accidentally listen to you up to 19 times a day, new report shows (AAPL, GOOG, GOOGL, MSFT, AMZN)

Smart speakers such as the Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Harmon Kardon Invoke can be mistakenly activated by TV shows up to 19 times per day, according to a recent study from researchers at Northeastern University and Imperial College London. As part of the experiment, researches exposed the smart speakers to 125 hours of content from Netflix across a range of categories. Initial findings found that the speakers activated between 1.5 and 19 times per day on average. It's no...
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FIR 192: The latest employee revolt

The February episode of “The Hobson & Holtz Report” features Neville and Shel discussing these topics: The Houston Astros’ owner hosts a clinic on how not to deliver an organizational apologyOracle workers are the latest to engage in employee activismFacebook has way more users than Instagram but Instagram is number one in some important metricsAn IPO filing lists the company’s influencers as a potential threatHow brands should handle communications during the coronavirus epidemicTwitter...
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London-based Gyana raises $3.9M for a no-code approach to data science

Coding and other computer science expertise remain some of the more important skills that a person can have in the working world today, but in the last few years, we have also seen a big rise in a new generation of tools providing an alternative way of reaping the fruits of technology: “no-code” software, which lets anyone — technical or non-technical — build apps, games, AI-based chatbots, and other products that used to be the exclusive terrain of engineers and computer scientists. Today, one ...
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How to distribute your beats

There are many platforms online that can help with advertising and selling licenses to your beats for other artists to use in there music. You can also benefit from distributing your beats to stores through RouteNote. Here’s how we can help you out. The following tips depending on the sort of license you’re handing out to artists. Be sure you know exactly what you’re promising artists in terms of how and where they can use and sell your music before implementing any of the below. Dist...
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The world's biggest iPhone maker has hired the scientist known as the 'SARS hero' to oversee its re-opening as it resumes production (AAPL)

The world's biggest iPhone maker, Foxconn, is slowly restarting production after closures from the coronavirus outbreak in China. The company is reportedly offering up to $1,000 to new employees as a means of enticing people back to work. More than just money, Foxconn has hired the scientist leading China's investigation into the coronavirus as an adviser: Zhong Nanshan. Nanshan is regarded in China as the "SARS hero" for his work during the SARS outbreak in the early 2000s. Visit Business In...
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Spotify tries making its app easier to use in latest update

After recently tweaking its design to better showcast podcasts, Spotify today announced it’s giving its entire mobile experience a refreshed look-and-feel. Starting initially with the iOS app, both Spotify Free and Premium users will notice the app has a more consistent, streamlined look, new in-app icons, changes to how cover art displays, and more. The new app has a simpler, universal Shuffle Play button which now saves you a click by letting you tap once to start shuffling songs and playing t...
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These are the 10 most powerful US staffing firms used by companies like Google and Apple. Here's how to get on their lists.

The US staffing industry is a $90 billion business.  Companies like Google, Volkswagen, and Uber are increasingly turning to staffing firms to provide contract labor.  Here are the 10 largest staffing companies, according to consultancy Staffing Industry Analysts, plus tips on how to land a job with their help. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Finding the right job might start with selecting the right staffing company. In the US, staffing agencies generated $90 billion in r...
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Microsoft says it won't meet its sales forecast for the upcoming quarter because of the impacts of the coronavirus (MSFT)

Microsoft said it would fall short of its sales forecast for the upcoming quarter because of the continued spread of the coronavirus. The "uncertainty related to the public health situation in China" has affected Microsoft's Windows and Surface hardware businesses, Microsoft said. The forecasts for other parts of Microsoft's business didn't change. Meanwhile, Microsoft could move the production of its Surface devices out of China because of the virus, according to a report from Nikkei Asian ...
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SoftBank-backed software startup Improbable has a new chief financial officer

SoftBank-backed software startup Improbable has hired a new chief financial officer, the company announced Tuesday. Business Insider earlier reported that the company had lost a crop of senior staff in 2019, including its former CFO. Dan Odell joined UK-headquartered Improbable in January, after 15 years at Disney, and will be responsible for mapping out the firm's financial path to growth. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. SoftBank-backed software startup Improbable has hir...
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The life and rise of Kevin Systrom, Instagram's former CEO who shocked Facebook by quitting 6 years after selling his company to Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion (FB)

Kevin Systrom launched Instagram in 2010.  The Massachusetts-born Stanford University grad created the app because of his love of photography.  The photo-sharing app has since become a global sensation, amassing over a billion users and making Systrom a billionaire. Systrom led Instagram until 2018, when he suddenly departed Facebook, Instagram's parent company.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Instagram grew out of Kevin Systrom's love of photography. The app, which has ...
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South African fintech startup Jumo raises second $50M+ VC round

South African fintech startup Jumo closed a $55 million round from a diverse group of investors, the company confirmed. Founded in 2015 and based in Cape Town, the venture offers a full tech stack for partners to build savings, lending, and insurance products for customers in emerging markets. This week’s funding follows a $52 million raise by Jumo in 2018, led by U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs, that saw the startup expand to Asia. “This fresh investment comes from new and existing…investo...
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Apple is selling $49 Apple Watches to seniors who qualify for a new heart study — here's how to sign up (AAPL)

Seniors who are selected to participate in a new health study will be able to buy an Apple Watch for $49 at Best Buy. The study, organized by Apple and Johnson & Johnson, hopes to find out whether Apple Watches can reduce the risk of stroke and detect atrial fibrillation early. It's one of the largest randomized digital-health studies ever. Open enrollment began Tuesday. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple is teaming up with Johnson & Johnson and Best Buy to recruit volu...
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Airplane Economy Sleeping Pods

Air New Zealand is developing comfortable and affordable sleeping pods for their economy class air travellers. “Economy Skynest” designed by Air New Zealand for people who dreamed of sleeping and relaxing mid-flight. Your lie-flat dreams could come true. Bunk bed inspired sleeping pods will feature seatbelt, pillow, blanket, ear plugs, USB outlet, LED lights, and […]
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We compared the Google Pixel 4 XL and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to see which big phone is best for most people — and the Note 10 wins by a hair

  The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be the go-to big-screen phone for many, but there are plenty of contenders, too. The Google Pixel 4 XL offers a range of high-end and sublime features, including an excellent camera and minimalistic software experience. Generally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 edges out the Pixel 4 XL in most areas, but you can't go wrong with either device.   Samsung has released a high-power, ultra-versatile smartphone year after year in the form of the Galaxy Note series...
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Suckers List: How Allstate's Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders

Insurers are supposed to price based on risk, but Allstate's algorithm put a thumb on the scale. From a report: Seven years ago, Allstate Corporation told Maryland regulators it was time to update its auto insurance rates. The insurer said its new, sophisticated risk analysis showed it was charging nearly all of its 93,000 Maryland customers outdated premiums. Some of the old rates were off by miles. One 36-year-old man from Prince George's County, Md., who Allstate said in public records should...
Tags: Maryland, Tech, Customers, Allstate, Allstate Corporation, Maryland Insurance Administration, Prince George s County Md

Data Breach at Controversial Face Recognition Firm Shows Company Can't Be Trusted, Officials Say

A security breach at a face-recognition startup, already embattled over its unfettered collection of Americans’ personal data on behalf of its hundreds of law enforcement clients, further underscores the potential hazards faced by consumers at the hands of a controversial and largely-unregulated surveillance technologyRead more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, Face Recognition, Surveillance Tech, Clearview AI

The Moorgen Smart Remote’s design is weirdly attractive… but why?

It may appear hostile, with the way it takes on this scaly armadillo-inspired aesthetic… but that hostility doesn’t translate to you wanting to avoid the Moorgen Smart Remote. It makes you curious, it makes you practically want to pet it. There’s something unexplainable about the Moorgen Smart Remote’s strange allure, but I’ll try my best to justify why I can’t stop staring at it!The smart remote was designed not for television, but rather for operating smart lights and curtains around the house...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Product Design, Smart Remote, iF Design Award, iF Design 2019, Moorgen

The best Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch we've ever tried, and the Series 5 is the latest and greatest model. If you want to save some money, the older Series 4 is still a great option — especially now that it's regularly discounted. You can get an excellent deal on the Series 3 too. We've had ours since it launched three years ago, and it's still going strong. For those who always want cutting-edge tech, it may be worth waiting until September, when the Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to launch...
Tags: Apple, Trends, Apple Watch, ECG, Les Shu, Food Drug Administration the Apple Watch

LG's Upcoming V60 ThinQ 5G Smartphone Features Dual Screens, Avoids Folding Screen Kerfuffle

While Motorola and Samsung's folding screens flame out, LG is playing it safe with their latest folding phone. Announced today, the unwieldily-named V60 ThinQ 5G with LG Dual Screen features two discrete 6.8" screens attached by a hinge.LG is betting the dual screens will appeal to those who want to multitask (you can run separate apps in each screen), use it like a mini-laptop (i.e. keyboard on one screen, display on the other), play games with more screen real-estate (one screen can contain th...
Tags: Motorola, Design, Samsung, Tech, Lg

How France Invented a Popular, Profitable Internet of Its Own in the 80s: The Rise and Fall of Minitel

"When I get back from school I basically barricade myself in the apartment and never go out at night," says the narrator of Michel Houellebecq's Les Particules élémentaires. "Sometimes I go on the Minitel and check out the sex sites, that's about it." Here those reading the English translation of the novel (in this case Frank Wynne's, called Atomised) will tilt their heads: the "Minitel"? Though he writes more or less realistic novels, Houellebecq does come out with the occasional scienc...
Tags: Google, Technology, College, France, US, America, History, BBC News, Atlantic, United Kingdom, Paris, Guardian, Seoul, Michel Houellebecq, Frank Wynne, Facebook Twitter

Xiaomi Redmi K20 MIUI Software Update Tracker [Update: MIUI Android 10 update with January Security Patch]

Xiaomi launched the Redmi K20 smartphone in India on July 17th running MIUI 10.3 Global Stable on top of Android 9.0 (Pie). Xiaomi doesn’t follow any fixed update frequency for the MIUI Global Stable ROM but on an average, the Global Stable ROM is updated once in 30-45 days. Redmi K20 Unboxing and First Impressions Redmi K20 Benchmarks and Gaming Review Redmi K20 Camera Samples Redmi K20 Review This post will help our readers in keeping track of MIUI updates for Redmi K20 (codename ‘...
Tags: India, Blogging, Xiaomi, Xiaomi Redmi, MIUI, MIUI Global Stable, Pie Xiaomi, Redmi K20, Redmi K20 MIUI 11, Redmi K20 MIUI Update, PFJINXM, Update Tracker, Redmi K20 Android 10, Redmi K20 Android 10 Download, QFJINXM

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the coronavirus is a 'fairly dynamic situation' and a challenge at annual shareholders meeting (AAPL)

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak may be the biggest challenge to Apple's business at the moment. It prompted the company to issue a rare revision to its revenue guidance for the March quarter after temporarily closing many of its stores and corporate offices in China. And more broadly, the outbreak caused global stocks to plummet earlier this week. But the coronavirus didn't emerge as a major talking point during Apple's annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday. Apple CEO Tim Cook briefly touch...
Tags: Apple, Cook, China, US, Trends, Bloomberg, Tim Cook, Ubs, RBC Capital Markets, Robert Muller, China Apple, Timothy Arcuri

Konami Code Creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto Dies At 61

Kazuhisa Hashimoto, a producer credited with implementing the fabled "Konami Code" that gave players godlike cheats in Contra, Gradius, Castlevania, and other Konami games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, died on Tuesday. He was 61. Polygon reports: Hashimoto was a programmer and producer for the home console port of Gradius, which in 1986 was the first video game to use the Konami Code. Hashimoto put it in the game as an aid for his playtesting, memorably saying that he "obviously couldn'...
Tags: Google, Wikipedia, Tech, Konami, Hashimoto, Nintendo Entertainment System, Contra, Fortnite, Kazuhisa Hashimoto, Gradius

Flaw in Billions of Wi-Fi Devices Left Communications Open To Eavesdropping

Billions of devices -- many of them already patched -- are affected by a Wi-Fi vulnerability that allows nearby attackers to decrypt sensitive data sent over the air, researchers said on Wednesday at the RSA security conference. From a report: The vulnerability exists in Wi-Fi chips made by Cypress Semiconductor and Broadcom, the latter a chipmaker Cypress acquired in 2016. The affected devices include iPhones, iPads, Macs, Amazon Echos and Kindles, Android devices, Raspberry Pi 3's, and Wi-Fi r...
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