Tony Fadell Reflects on Creating the iPod Ahead of Device's 20th Anniversary

One day ahead of the 20th anniversary of Steve Jobs unveiling the original iPod on October 23, 2001, Apple's former senior vice president of the iPod team Tony Fadell has reflected on his role in creating the device in an interview with CNET's Roger Cheng. Fadell said that Apple was on a mission to launch the iPod before Christmas 2001. Impressively, he said that he "really got started" with developing the device in May 2001, just five months before it was introduced by Jobs. "It was nonstop,...
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China's Lipstick King sold an astonishing $1.7 billion in goods in 12 hours - and that was just in a promotion for the country's biggest shopping day

Austin Li Jiaqi. VCG/Getty Images China's livestreaming star Austin Li Jiaqi - also known as the "Lipstick King" sold about $1.7 billion worth of goods in 12 hours. He was livestreaming for on Alibaba's Taobao shopping platform to usher in China's shopping season. Single's Day on November 11 is akin to Black Friday in the US. There are still three more weeks to go China's annual mega shopping event on November 11, but one of China's top livestreamers has already sol...
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With Coercion and Black Boxes, Russia Installs a Digital Iron Curtain

Russia's boldest moves to censor the internet began in the most mundane of ways -- with a series of bureaucratic emails and forms. From a report: The messages, sent by Russia's powerful internet regulator, demanded technical details -- like traffic numbers, equipment specifications and connection speeds -- from companies that provide internet and telecommunications services across the country. Then the black boxes arrived. The telecom companies had no choice but to step aside as government-appro...
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Over 250 New Mood and Activity Apple Music Playlists Now Rolling Out

Following the announcement of the Apple Music Voice Plan earlier this month, Apple is now rolling out over 250 new activity and mood-based Apple Music playlists to users. At its "Unleashed" event earlier this month, which also saw the launch of new AirPods and MacBook Pro models, Apple announced that ‌Apple Music‌ was gaining hundreds of new playlists based around moods and activities to compliment an all-new low-cost Voice Plan. The ‌Apple Music‌ Voice Plan costs $4.99 per month and allows ...
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With the New MacBook Pro Finally Out, Are There Any Other Products Coming From Apple in 2021?

Apple has had a busy year in 2021, releasing several new products, updates to services, new software updates, and more. Most recently, Apple finally announced the long-rumored redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, which was by far one of the most talked-about and anticipated product announcements this year. With the new MacBook Pro models announced, some customers may be wondering if any other new products are coming from Apple this year. Simply put, probably not. Over the course of th...
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Top Stories: Apple Event Recap – New MacBook Pro, AirPods 3, and More

The news this week was dominated by Apple's Monday event, with the company spending most of its time talking about the new MacBook Pro models with M1 Pro and M1 Max chip options, although we did get a few other announcements at the event. With Apple's final event of 2021 likely now out of the way, we also got straight back into the rumor cycle this week with reports about future iMac, MacBook Air, iPhone SE, and AirPods Pro updates, so read on for all of the details! Everything Announced at...
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macOS Monterey: Here Are All the Features Your Intel Mac Won't Support

Apple's official public release of macOS Monterey arrives on Monday, October 25, and users should be aware that there are several features in macOS 12 that are only available to machines powered by Apple silicon chips. In other words, they won't work on Intel-powered Macs. Differentiating the user experience like this this isn't anything new to iOS users, since each year the latest iPhone models boast features that aren't available on iPhones that Apple released the previous year. Mac user...
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Facebook Portal Unlocks Moments of Real Connection in New Campaign

Facebook Portal is today launching an integrated campaign to promote its two new video calling devices - Portal Go and Portal+. The campaign will focus on the important connection between grandparents and grandchildren across TV, digital, social and OOH encouraging families to take advantage of the many benefits that come with sharing experiences through video calling.   The campaign also marks the start of a partnership between Portal and YoungMinds, extending through 202...
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AmigaOS Is Still Getting Updates and Upgrades

Mike Bouma (Slashdot reader #85,252) writes: A-EON Technology Ltd has released Enhancer Software Release 2.1 for AmigaOS4.1 FE update 2, which itself was released on 23 December 2020. It's an OS enhancement package with large amounts of updated and upgraded OS components. Also earlier this year Hyperion released AmigaOS 3.2 for all classic Amigas. Here's a roundup of new features by The Guru Meditation on YouTube. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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Apple Says High Power Mode on 16-Inch MacBook Pro With M1 Max Designed for Tasks Like Color Grading 8K ProRes Video

As we previously reported, we've received confirmation from Apple that 16-inch MacBook Pro models configured with an M1 Max chip feature a new High Power Mode that is designed to maximize performance during intensive, sustained workloads. We've since come across a document from Apple that indicates users will be able to enable High Power Mode in System Preferences on a 16-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 Max chip running macOS Monterey. In the document, Apple says that High Power Mode will provide...
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Photos Depict Alleged AirPods Pro 2 With Same Design, Case With 'Find My' Speaker Holes and Strap Attachment

Apple is developing second-generation AirPods Pro to follow the AirPods 3, with the new earbuds set to come out in 2022. We've heard little about the next-generation ‌AirPods Pro‌ so far, but a rumor from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has suggested they could be stemless. MacRumors has now received alleged images of the second-generation ‌AirPods Pro‌ that contradict the stemless design rumors, but they're from a source ("Xerxes") without an established track record and we can't verify their accura...
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Apple Updates App Store Guidelines To Permit Devs To Contact Customers About Other Payment Methods

TechCrunch's Sarah Perez writes about the new set of App Store Guidelines that Apple introduced today: One of the changes is the result of a previously announced settlement agreement with a class of U.S. app developers. It clarifies that developers are allowed to communicate with their customers about other payment methods available outside their app. Related to this, another new guideline explains that apps may request customer information like name and email, but the request must be optional f...
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A new cryptocurrency called worldcoin wants to scan 1 billion people's iris by 2023 to speed up digital currency adoption

Worldcoin's orb in Chile. Worldcoin A new crypto is aiming to fast-track mass digital asset adoption. To achieve this, they want to scan people's iris. Worldcoin has scanned more than 100,000 people from different countries through a device called the Orb. It was founded by Sam Altman, Alex Blania, and Max Novendstern - and is currently valued at $1 billion. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. The team behind a new cryptocurrency is aiming to ...
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EFF Board of Directors Removes 76-Year-Old John Gilmore

76-year-old John Gilmore co-founded the EFF in 1990, and in the 31 years since he's "provided leadership and guidance on many of the most important digital rights issues we advocate for today," the EFF said in a statement Friday. "But in recent years, we have not seen eye-to-eye on how to best communicate and work together," they add, announcing "we have been unable to agree on a way forward with Gilmore in a governance role." That is why the EFF Board of Directors has recently made the diffi...
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New Video Provides Extensive Hands-on Look at New 16-inch MacBook Pro

A new video posted to YouTube today offers viewers perhaps the best real-world look yet at Apple's latest 16-inch MacBook Pro. The eight-minute video, narrated in Vietnamese, shows the new MacBook Pro's display notch, thinner bezels, full-size keyboard, and additional ports in close-up, as well as the thicker design, all of which are compared side by side with a 16-inch MacBook Pro from 2019. It also shows the new MacBook being weighed, coming in at the expected 2.1kg. The new MacBook Pro m...
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Intel Open-sources AI-powered Tool To Spot Bugs in Code

Intel has open-sourced ControlFlag , a tool that uses machine learning to detect problems in computer code -- ideally to reduce the time required to debug apps and software. From a report: In tests, the company's machine programming research team says that ControlFlag has found hundreds of defects in proprietary, "production-quality" software, demonstrating its usefulness. "Last year, ControlFlag identified a code anomaly in Client URL (cURL), a computer software project transferring data using ...
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Internet Service Providers Collect, Sell Horrifying Amount of Sensitive Data, Government Study Concludes

An anonymous reader shares a report: Over the last few years the justified fixation on the bad behavior of Google, Amazon, Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants has let the abuses of the telecom sector fly under the radar. But a new FTC report showcases how when it comes to consumer privacy, broadband providers are every bit as terrible as you thought they were. The new FTC report studied the privacy practices of six unnamed broadband ISPs and their advertising arms, and found that the compan...
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6 Korean TV shows to binge-watch after finishing 'Squid Game' on Netflix

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. 'Squid Game' is just one of many K-dramas on Netflix. Youngkyu Park "Squid Game" is now the most-watched original series on Netflix. The series is one of several Korean dramas, or K-dramas, that you can stream on the service. From zombie horror to action-packed thrillers, Netflix's lineup of K-dramas has something for everyone. Gift Card (small) Monthly Subscription (small) The explosive p...
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Deals: Amazon Introduces First Discount on 14-Inch MacBook Pro, Get 8-Core M1 Pro 512GB Model for $1,949.99 ($50 Off)

Amazon has introduced its first ever discount on the all-new 14-inch MacBook Pro. You can get the 8-Core M1 Pro 512GB model for $1,949.99, down from $1,999.00. This $50 sale is the first time we're tracking a deal on the 14-inch MacBook Pro on Amazon, and the second overall deal following offers from Expercom. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running. Apple just announced...
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Android devs, rejoice! Google will take less of your cash — here are the details

Google made a significant announcement for developers last night by reducing fees for recurring subscriptions to 15% or less for all apps. There are still tons of caveats and conditions to be eligible for that, so let’s dive right into it: If your app offers subscriptions (like Bumble or Spotify) through the Play Store payment system, you’ll have to pay 15% fees to Google. In March, the company had reduced the fees from 30% to 15% on the first million dollars earned for any developer. If your ap...
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This Week’s Top Deals from Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Canada has released this week’s online flyer top deals! Shop online and you’ll find the best top deals on headphones, computers, fitness products, kitchen items, and much more! Here are the top deals: ASUS G10DK-BBR560 R5-5600X/16/512/RT3060 was $1,699.99 now $1,599.99 LG 27UP650-W 27 4K 60HZ 5MS IPS was $499.99 now $369.99 JBL TUNE 500BT WIRELESS OE HP BLUE was $79.99 now $35.99 HP 14-fq0038ca R3-3250U/8/512/14″ was $699.99 now $549.99 Google Nest Cam Indoor was $179.99 now $129.99 G...
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SCOTT GALLOWAY: WeWork finally went public this week. Don't let the stock price fool you - the company still loves burning money.

Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann. Michael Kovac/Getty Images for WeWork Scott Galloway is a bestselling author and professor of marketing at NYU Stern. The following is a blog post, republished with permission, that originally ran on his blog, "No Mercy / No Malice." In it, Galloway discusses the recent WeWork IPO and the company's financial history. Two years ago, WeWork's IPO was aborted, and the company was put on SoftBank life-support. Things changed yesterday. WeWork took its fi...
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Bitcoin's Price Crashed 87% On Binance.US Thanks To a Bug

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Bitcoin is on a tear, reaching an all time high price of $67,000 for 1 BTC on Wednesday, buoyed by a series of approvals for Bitcoin futures funds on the stock market. But on one major U.S. exchange, the price flash-crashed 87 percent to roughly $8,200 on Thursday due to a bug in a trading algorithm. The crash occurred during a massive sell-off on the Binance.US exchange that occurred around 7:42 a.m. ET, Bloomberg reported. Binance is the la...
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Apple Updates App Store Guidelines as Part of Agreement With U.S. Developers

Apple today announced it has updated its App Store Review Guidelines with three key changes related to outside-of-app communications, collecting contact information within an app, and in-app events featured in the App Store. In late August, Apple announced it had reached a $100 million settlement that, pending court approval, would resolve a class action lawsuit from U.S. developers who alleged that Apple has a monopoly on the distribution of iOS apps and in-app purchases. As part of the set...
Tags: Apple, App Store, App Store Review Guidelines

Apple Updates App Store Review Guidelines as Part of Agreement With U.S. Developers

Apple today announced it has updated its App Store Review Guidelines with three key changes related to outside-of-app communications, collecting contact information within an app, and in-app events featured in the App Store. In late August, Apple announced it had reached a $100 million settlement that, pending court approval, would resolve a class action lawsuit from U.S. developers who alleged that Apple has a monopoly on the distribution of iOS apps and in-app purchases. As part of the set...
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10 things before the opening bell

Donald Trump announces that he will run for the US presidency, in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, on June 16, 2015. AP Photo/Richard Drew, File Welcome to 10 Things Before the Opening Bell.If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android.Let's get into it.1. Global stocks are rising after Evergrande dodged default with a last-gasp dollar bond interest payment. But Snap's Apple-related dig...
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Audio Tape Interface Revives Microcassettes As Storage Medium

Zack Nelson decided to go back in time and add a suitably classic storage medium to a retrocomputing project, in the form of a cassette interface. Hackaday reports: The cassette player he had available was a Pearlcorder L400, which uses the smaller microcassette instead of the familiar audio tapes used in your Walkman or boombox. [Zack] designed the entire thing from the ground up: first he decided to use differential Manchester encoding, which provides immunity against common disturbances like ...
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Visual Studio for Browsers: Microsoft Unveils 'VSCode for the Web'

"Bringing VS Code to the browser is the realization of the original vision for the product," Microsoft said in a blog post. "It is also the start of a completely new one. An ephemeral editor that is available to anyone with a browser and an internet connection is the foundation for a future where we can truly edit anything from anywhere." Or, as Mike Melanson describes it in his "This Week in Programming" column, "Microsoft continued its march toward developer dominance this week with the lau...
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Astronomers Find Nascent Exploding Star, 'Rosetta Stone' of All Supernovas

"A star located 60 million light years away went supernova last year, and astronomers managed to capture all stages of the stellar explosion using telescopes both on the ground and in space," reports Gizmodo. Long-time Slashdot reader spaceman375 shared Gizmodo's report: This awesome display of astronomical power has yielded a dataset of unprecedented proportions, with independent observations gathered before, during, and after the explosion. It's providing a rare multifaceted view of a superno...
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It’s iPod’s 20th birthday and people have a lot of feelings

As a tech journo, I love it when people share their experiences of tech with me. It’s so much more interesting than a review someone is being paid to write or a marketing blurb. So in celebration of the iPod ‘s 20th birthday, I reached out to a bunch of folks I know to hear their stories. Just friends, some journos, and a former PR for Apple… A catalyst for new music I remember loading my trusty old iPod up with all my favorite music before traveling around Europe back in 2008 (i was 22). About ...
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