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How Apple, Google, and Microsoft reacted to Trump-era DOJ subpoenas and requests for data on political rivals and journalists

Apple CEO Tim Cook with former President Donald Trump in 2019. Tom Brenner/Reuters The Trump-era Justice Department requested data from Apple, Google, and Microsoft on his rivals. Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose data was sought, said Trump acted like the "most despicable dictators." Here's how each company responded to the legal requests. See more stories on Insider's business page. During President Donald Trump's years in the White House, the Department of Justice requested informat...
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Opinion: Will Trump be held accountable -- this time?

It looks like former President Donald Trump was willing to go even further than we knew in his war against leaks. According to the New York Times, prosecutors in the Justice Department obtained, via subpoena from Apple, information from the accounts of at least two members of the House Intelligence Committee--Representatives Adam Schiff of California and Eric Swalwell of California-- and also looked into the metadata of their aides and family members (including at least one minor).
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Apple says it didn't share pictures or emails from lawmakers' phones with Trump DOJ under subpoenas seeking to unmask leakers

President Donald Trump meets with members of his American Technology Council, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, on June 19, 2017 in Washington, DC. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Apple revealed new details about the Trump DOJ's subpoena targeting House Intel Committee lawmakers. It told TechCrunch the subpoena included a gag order and "no information" on the DOJ's inquiry. Apple said it gave "account subscriber information" and no content, "such as emails or pictures." See more stories ...
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Trump Justice Department Subpoenaed Apple for Data From House Intelligence Committee Democrats

Prosecutors in the Trump administration Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats -- including Chairman Adam Schiff -- along with their staff and family members as part of a leak investigation, an Intelligence Committee official and a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN. From a report: Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, another Democrat on the committee, told CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday evening that he was notified that h...
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Michael Cohen says DOJ acted like 'mafia' under the 'corrupt arm of the Trump administration' after the revelation it secretly obtained data from Democratic lawmakers

Michael Cohen pauses while speaking with members of the media after leaving the Manhattan district attorney’s office on March 19, 2021 in New York City. Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images Michael Cohen told Insider the Justice Department was corrupted by former President Donald Trump. The ex-president's former personal attorney was reacting to news the department spied on lawmakers. The department had subpoenaed Apple for data on Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, among others. See mor...
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Trump DoJ secretly seized House Democrats’ data in crackdown on leaks

At least two House members including Adam Schiff targeted in 2018, say officials familiar with the investigationThe US Justice Department under Donald Trump seized data from the accounts of at least two members of the House of Representatives intelligence committee in 2018 as part of an aggressive crackdown on leaks related to the Russia investigation and other national security matters, according to a committee official and two people familiar with the investigation. Related: Continue read...
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Trump Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from House Intelligence Committee Democrats, sources say

By Manu Raju, Evan Perez, Katie Bo Williams and Paul LeBlanc | CNN Prosecutors in the Trump administration Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats — including Chairman Adam Schiff — along with their staff and family members as part of a leak investigation, an Intelligence Committee official and a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN. Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, another Democrat on the committee, told CNN’s Don Le...
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10 Things in Politics: Manchin is the VIP for Biden's agenda

Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics. Sign up here to receive this newsletter. Send tips to [email protected] or tweet me at @BrentGriffiths.Here's what we're talking about:Progressives are peeved at Joe Manchin while West Virginia basks in Biden's loveBiden is said to have ordered a scathing private rebuke of the UK before the G7Bill Gates' farmland reportedly grows potatoes for McDonald's friesOne thing to watch for: President Joe Biden will attend the first day of th...
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DOJ Forced Apple to Reveal Data from Two House Democrats as Part of Trump's Leaker Crusade

It recently came to light that the Trump-era Department of Justice quietly seized phone records of journalists at the Washington Post, CNN, and the New York Times to suss out their sources as part of the administration’s rabid crackdown on leakers. Well, apparently the witch hunt didn’t stop there: In 2017 and 2018, a…Read more...
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Trump's Justice Department targeted Democrats in Congress in search for source of leaks related to the Russia investigation, New York Times reports

Rep. Adam Schiff chairs the House intelligence committee. Saul Loeb/Getty Images Trump's Justice Department seized records from Apple that belonged to Democrats in Congress. Members of the House Intel Committee, including Rep. Adam Schiff, were targeted, along with their families and staffers. The DOJ was looking for the source of leaks regarding the Russia investigation. See more stories on Insider's business page. While searching for the source of leaked intelligence regarding th...
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Trump's Justice Department targeted Democrats in Congress in search for source of leaks related to the Russia investigation, New York...

Officials subpoenaed Apple for communications data of Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, as well as their families and staffers.
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Trump Administration Subpoenaed Apple for Data on Two House Intelligence Committee Democrats

When investigating leaks of classified information during the early days of the Trump Administration, the United States Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for metadata from the accounts of at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, reports The New York Times. Apple was also required to provide data from their aides and family members, with the DoJ requesting the records of at least a dozen people tied to the committee in 2017 and early 2018, including a minor. One of the Dem...
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Trump Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from House Intelligence Committee Democrats, sources say

Prosecutors in the Trump administration Justice Department subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of House Intelligence Committee Democrats -- including Chairman Adam Schiff -- along with their staff and family members as part of a leak investigation, an Intelligence Committee official and a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN.
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Disgraced Yale Law Professor Now Defending Anti-Vaxxers In Court With His Nonsense Section 230 Ideas (techdirt)

Back in January, we wrote about a bizarrely bad Wall Street Journal op-ed co-written by disgraced and suspended Yale Law professor Jed Rubenfeld, arguing that Section 230 somehow magically makes social media companies state actors, controlled by the 1st Amendment. This is, to put it mildly, wrong. His argument is convoluted and not at all convincing. He takes the correct idea that government officials threatening private companies with government retaliation if they do not remove speech creates ...
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It's time to get serious about impeaching Attorney General Bill Barr

Attorney General Bill Bar stands behind President Donald Trump during a press conference on March 23, 2020. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Attorney General William Barr has shown that he has no respect for the law. During his time as AG, Barr has acted more like President Trump's personal defense lawyers than America's top law enforcement official. If Trump isn't voted out of office, Democrats should be prepared to impeach Barr. Michael Gordon is a longtime Democratic strategist, a former spoke...
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If Harris heads to DC, Southern California could loom large in the scramble to fill her seat

Now that Democrat Joe Biden has chosen Rep. Kamala Harris as his running mate, it hasn’t dampened the political stakes in Southern California. Far from it. The political drama will likely be profound, especially if the ticket ultimately snags the White House. That would mean a U.S. senator would need replacing — with a poignant tumbling of political dominoes to follow. Perhaps the most Google’d question in the state on Tuesday — how would the U.S. Senate seat get filled? Should the Democrats win...
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Trump’s Very Normal Saturday Amplifying the Far-Right Blogger Shunned by Conservatives

President Donald Trump’s Saturday morning started like so many of his mornings do: with a very early Twitter tirade. The president praised lockdown protesters harassing a local TV reporter, retweeted a cartoon depicting Rep. Adam Schiff as the Joker, and lauded a video of a right-wing columnist who was shunned by conservatives for supporting a Holocaust denier.In a spree of at least 28 tweets starting Saturday morning, Trump retweeted the video of Michelle Malkin, a former Fox News contributor w...
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Top infectious disease expert open to a 14-day ‘national shutdown’ to slow coronavirus spread

By HOPE YEN and AAMER MADHANI WASHINGTON (AP) — The government’s top infectious disease expert said Sunday he would like to see aggressive measures such as a 14-day national shutdown that would require Americans to hunker down even more to help slow spread of the coronavirus. Still, Dr. Anthony Fauc i said travel restrictions within the United States, such as to and from hard-hit Washington state and California, probably will not be needed anytime soon. Fauci, the public face of the administrati...
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Congressional hearings are for grandstanding, not learning: John Stossel

Congressional hearings were created to educate lawmakers so they have knowledge before they pass bills or impeach a president. Not today. Today, hardly any education happens. During the President Trump impeachment “testimony,” legislators tried to score points. At least five times, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., shut down criticism by shouting, “Gentleman is not recognized!” I get that politicians are eager for “face time” in front of a larger audience, but I assumed they would at least try to lear...
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By tweeting from a SCIF, House lawmakers put national security at risk

If you thought storming into a highly secured government facility with your electronics but without permission was a smart idea, you’d be wrong. But that didn’t stop Rep. Matt Gaetz and close to three-dozen of his Republican colleagues on Wednesday from doing exactly that. Gaetz, a Republican congressman from Florida, proudly announced in his since-deleted tweets: “I led over 30 of my colleagues into the SCIF where Adam Schiff is holding secret impeachment depositions.” At the time, Gaetz was in...
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Should Trump be banned from Twitter?

Kamala Harris urged Twitter’s CEO to ban Trump. Is she right, or would it amount to an assault on free speech?Should Donald Trump, the most powerful man in the world, be banned from Twitter?Kamala Harris thinks so. On Tuesday she sent a letter to Twitter’s CEO arguing that Trump has been violating the platform’s user agreement. Harris pointed to recent tweets Trump had sent harassing the Ukraine whistleblower and the House intelligence committee chairman, Adam Schiff, as well as Trump’s infamous...
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AN UNLIKELY REVOLUTIONARY: How Tristan Harris went from working at Apple and Google to consulting with heads of state about how to reform Silicon Valley (FB, GOOGL)

In recent years, Tristan Harris has become one of the most prominent critics of the tech industry. Harris got his start with a presentation he made while at Google highlighting the techniques it and other tech companies used to manipulate customers and dominate their attention. In recent years, he's been consulting with policy makers worldwide as they've investigated the tech industry's influence on society and started exploring ways to counter it. Harris spoke with Business Insider about his ...
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Mark Zuckerberg invites crony capitalism with call for regulation

Please, regulate me! That was Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s message to Congress recently. “Lawmakers often tell me we have too much power over speech, and frankly I agree,” he wrote in an op-ed. “(W)e shouldn’t make so many important decisions … on our own.” It sounds so self-sacrificing. But give me a break. Big companies use regulation to their advantage. His smaller competitors can’t afford the squads of “compliance officers” that Facebook employs. “You, as a company, welcome regulation?...
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The opium of California

The current frenzy of new IPOs — Uber, Lyft, Slack, Postmates, Pinterest and Airbnb — seems destined to reinforce progressive notions that California represents the future not just for the state, but the nation. It will certainly reinforce California’s fiscal dependency on tech-dominated elites — half of the state’s income taxes come from people making over $500,000 a year — and provide a huge potential multi-billion dollar windfall for the state treasury. To be sure, the insiders — founders, wi...
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Cannabis banking reform is smart, necessary and politically viable

Aaron Smith Contributor Aaron Smith is co-founder and executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Pressure is steadily mounting on U.S. lawmakers to implement comprehensive cannabis banking reform at the federal level, and that pressure is coming from all directions. Rapid shifts in public opinion and a rising number of states with legal medical and adult-use cannabis sales have laid bare an obvious need to update our banking laws to ...
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As the Congress Turns: In presidential probes, many So Cal reps play starring roles

With Democrats in control of the U.S. House of Representatives, committees are stepping up investigations and oversight of Trump administration practices and policies. Here’s a look at the Southern California reps in position to play the biggest roles in those hearings: Adam Schiff, D-Burbank Role: Chairman, House Intelligence Committee, leading congressional Democrats’ investigation of Russia’s ties to President Trump and his 2016 campaign. Trump has tried accusing Schiff of ethics violations, ...
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Vaccine Skeptics Under Siege

Opinion Vaccine Skeptics Under Siege USA – -( Watch out. Capitol Hill and Silicon Valley have locked their sights on the next targets of a frightening free speech-squelching purge: independent citizens who dare to raise questions online about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. I'm vaccinated. My children are up to date. There's no dispute that vaccines have saved untold lives. But over the years, I've voiced my concerns about vaccine claims and government coercion in my new...
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Facebook will downrank anti-vax content on News Feed and hide it on Instagram

After indicating that it was exploring its options for fighting the potentially deadly rise of anti-vaccination content on its platform last month, Facebook is making a plan of attack. Facebook’s strategy in the effort is to both minimize the spread of vaccination misinformation and to point users away from inaccurate anti-vaccination propaganda and toward “authoritative information” i.e. info corroborated by the health and scientific establishment. To achieve a reduction in the spread of ant...
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Facebook to Take Harsher Action Against Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook won’t allow anti-vaccine views to pop up in search or recommendations on the social network or Instagram, and will reject ads that contain misinformation about vaccines, the company said Thursday. Last month, U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, sent a letter to Facebook and Google, asking them to address the problem because their inaction may have contributed to recent outbreaks of measles in the country. Google’s YouTube turned off the ability for anti-vaccin...
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A book about the bizarre QAnon theory — which claims Democrats eat babies — is now an Amazon best-seller and being boosted by the site's algorithms

A book pushing QAnon's pro-Trump conspiracy is currently ranked number one on Amazon's top selling books about censorship and politics, NBC News found. The book has also ranked 12th on the site's hot new releases book chart, and is the 44th best seller overall. Among a series of bizarre claims, the book alleges that Democrats murder and eat children, and the federal government engineers diseases and global epidemics. Social media and content sharing platforms have come under pressure in recent...
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