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No One Knows How Users Will Pay for Google Stadia Yet, But an Ad-Supported Model May Be Tricky

This week, Google announced its fancy new Stadia game-streaming service to the world—though the question of just how the tech giant is planning on monetizing it remains quite open. It’s not clear whether users will gain access to Stadia’s stable of games by purchasing individual titles, paying a monthly subscription…Read more...
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MakeMyTrip sues EaseMyTrip for ‘unfair’ use of Google ad-word

Online travel firm MakeMyTrip has sued rival EaseMyTrip in the Delhi high court for trademark infringement through its use of Google ad-words, the Times of India reported. MakeMyTrip claimed the company unfairly bid for the ‘makemytrip’ ad-word to come out on top of Google search... ...
Tags: Advertising, Google, MakeMyTrip, News, Travel, Court, EaseMyTrip

Google Fined $1.7 Billion for Violating EU Antitrust Laws

The European Commission's top competition regulators this morning fined Google nearly $1.7 billion, saying that Google abused its position in the market when third-party websites used its AdSense for Search product. The fine, equaling 1.49 billion euros, is only the latest that European regulators have brought against the tech giant over antitrust violations. The search...
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Google fined €1.49bn by EU for advertising violations

Tech company has been fined total of €8.24bn by EU commission over past two yearsGoogle has been fined €1.49bn (£1.28bn) by the European commission for abusing its monopoly in online advertising.The latest fine takes the total the company has been fined by the EU competition commission to €8.24bn over the past two years, for abusing its power in markets, ranging from shopping search to mobile phone operating systems. Continue reading...
Tags: Google, Technology, Advertising, Eu, UK News, European Commission, EU Commission, EU competition Commission

Bouygues Presents "Mamita"

Bouygues Telecom won a lot of hearts over last Christmas with their awkward dad dancing to Redbone’s “Come get your love”. The ad collected over 150 million organic views and the soundtrack became the most Shazamed song in France over the Christmas period. This new humoristic spot, in line with Bouygues’ DNA, once again plays on family values and aims to show how the brand helps people from different generations connect to each other.  Countryside is usually associated with terrible 4G coverage ...
Tags: Technology, France, Advertising, Elvis Costello, Bouygues Telecom, Bouygues, Notting Hill, Redbone, Charles Aznavour, Emma Luchini Stink

Culprit Creative Celebrates April Fool’s Day Early to Launch New Underwear Brand

The L.A. ad agency/production shop, Culprit Creative, which has a bit of a prankster reputation, broke its teaser campaign online in early March. The creative is a modern homage to the original iPod ads with silhouettes of people dancing as cool tunes play and lines radiate off their bodies to illustrate the music’s energy. In fact, the two ads are even tagged “AirPods2.”While they only cost a few hundred dollars to create—Culprit called in favors to friends who are dancers, choreographers, lase...
Tags: Apple, Advertising, Art and design, Starbucks, Mercedes, California Agency, April Fool's, Culprit Creative, Dylan Trussell, Virgin Atlantic April Fools Prank, Dylan Trussell David Dinetz

New Zealand Brands Suspend Ads on Facebook and Google Following Christchurch Terrorist Attack

While it remains to be seen if advertisers around the globe will follow, brands in New Zealand--including ASB Bank, fast-food chain Burger King and telecommunications company Spark--have reportedly pulled ads from Facebook and Google in the wake of the Christchurch shooting. That's according to The New Zealand Herald, which said the companies are banding together...
Tags: Google, Facebook, General, Advertising, New Zealand, Burger King, Christchurch, New Zealand Herald, ASB Bank, Google Following Christchurch Terrorist Attack

Social Media is Dying. Here are 3 Ways to Hack it for More Traffic

According to a recent study by Buzzsumo, it’s not looking too good for Sharing your content on social is down 50% in effectiveness in just three years.  What worked a few years ago is a waste of time today.  Don’t get me wrong, billions of people still use social media. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But the traditional methods of sharing and promoting are dying hard and fast.  Thankfully, I’ve got three ways you can hack it for more traffic, shares, and engagement to...
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5 Skills All Successful Content Writers Have Mastered

What separates a successful content writer from the rest? A successful content writer produces content that engages and informs readers, and at the end of the day, generates conversions. Those conversions could be sales and clicks, affiliate sales, email signups, and video views. These results are achieved not by luck, but through the hard work of mastering certain skills. Here are five skills that distinguish successful content writers: 1. Mastery over conversational grammar There ar...
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Data Predators and Surveillance Capitalists Get “T Boned” at SouthBy

Legendary musician and music producer T Bone Burnett came to SXSW 2019 to slay digital demons. I highly recommend that you make some time to watch his keynote and/or read the text of his speech. It may shake you awake. There is so much to digest in Burnett’s speech that no recap is going to […] The post Data Predators and Surveillance Capitalists Get “T Boned” at SouthBy appeared first on Adpulp.
Tags: Google, Facebook, Privacy, Advertising, Digital, Social Media, Data, Resistance, Conferences, Sxsw, BURNETT, T Bone Burnett

1stAveMachnine Creates New Twist on a Rube Goldberg Machine for Lenovo

Production company has partnered with Lenovo to build a Rube Goldberg machine with a twist. Unlike the usual practical mechanisms, this incorporates Lenovo digital screens along with the usual physical gadgets for a chain reaction that’s equally strange and hilarious. Created by Director Diego Berakha, hands-on collaborator and visual storyteller, the Rube Goldberg installation was developed for the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. In case you’re unfamiliar, 1stAveMachine is kno...
Tags: Apple, Technology, Congress, Advertising, Art and design, Lenovo, Rube Goldberg, Barcelona Spain, Luis, Eduardo, Guadalupe Rodriguez, 1stAvemachine, Sam PenfieldExecutive, Peter RepplierExecutive, Rube Goldberg Machine for Lenovo, Diego Berakha

Data spies: The dark and shady practices of Silicon Valley

In this absorbing talk spanning the last 20 years of tech, Roger McNamee starts at the origins of the PayPal Mafia (which included entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Reid Hoffman) and traces them to Silicon Valley's global domination.Data is used by online vendors in all industries to make behavioral predictions for profit – often in unethical or cloaked ways.Did we sign up for this? Roger McNamee calls for a halt to blind participation and asks for a national debate on whether comm...
Tags: Technology, Privacy, Internet, Advertising, Social Media, Data, Web, Computer, Ethics, Innovation, Reid Hoffman, Silicon Valley, PayPal Mafia, Big Problems, Roger McNamee, Facebook Catastrophe

Google’s Latest Ad-Tech Changes and the Likely Future Impact

Last week, Google announced unified auctions are coming to Google Ad Manager, its sell-side offering, making this the latest move in what some deem as a major overhaul to the company's suite of ad tech, aka the entity formerly known as DoubleClick. Given the scale of Google's influence, the move is likely to affect multiple...
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Blogging for Dummies in 2019: The Only Cheat Sheet You Need

Is blogging dead? No. In 2019, it’s more relevant than ever. Blogging helps drive traffic to your website. As a result, it gets eyes on your content. If you aren’t getting visitors, you’re not getting your message, product, or service out in the world. Check out any major site; chances are, they have a blog of some kind that’s relevant to their business or niche. Sites like Microsoft, Google, and Disney all run blogs even though they already have a large following. That’s because they know t...
Tags: Google, Wordpress, Advertising, Disney, Blogging Tips, Microsoft Google, Amazon Associates, Blog Tips, Install WordPress, WordPress WordPress, John O'Nolan, WordPress Management There

What Brands Need to Know About Transparency and Privacy From Last Year’s Mistakes

The last 12 months saw media giants face several data-related incidents: 87 million people had their Facebook data siphoned by Cambridge Analytica--nearly 40 million more than first expected--and 500,000 Google Plus users were exposed by a security flaw. The effects of these events were felt worldwide. Consumer trust was dented, especially for companies shown to...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Advertising, Voice, Data & Insights, Cambridge Analytica

Google Removed 2 Million Pages a Month From Its Ad Network in 2018 for Policy Violations

Google removed 2 million pages from its ad network each month last year due to content policy violations and 100 bad ads per second throughout 2018 as part of its efforts to police the web for advertisers, according to a report released today. The company is at the epicenter of how the web is monetized...
Tags: Google, Advertising, Programmatic

Google removed 2.3B bad ads, banned ads on 1.5M apps + 28M pages, plans new Policy Manager this year

Google is a tech powerhouse in many categories, including advertising. Today, as part of its efforts to improve how that ad business works, it provided an that details the progress it’s made to shut down some of the more nefarious aspects of it. Using both manual reviews and machine learning, in 2018, Google said removed 2.3 billion “bad ads” that violated its policies, which at their most general forbid ads that mislead or exploit vulnerable people. Along with that, Google has been tacklin...
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Google removed 2.3B bad ads, 1.5M bad apps and 28M bad pages, plans new Policy Manager this year

Google is a tech powerhouse in many categories, including advertising. Today, as part of its efforts to improve how that ad business works, it provided an that details the progress it’s made to shut down some of the more nefarious aspects of it. Using both manual reviews and machine learning, in 2018, Google said removed 2.3 billion “bad ads” that violated its policies, which at their most general forbid ads that mislead or exploit vulnerable people. Along with that, Google has been tacklin...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Advertising Tech, India, Advertising, US, Tech, Eu, Adsense, Spencer, Bad Ads, Scott Spencer, Amazon Second, Gmail YouTube Android

Google Is Rolling Out New App Advertising Solutions for Developers

Google debuted a variety of new application advertising solutions for app developers (especially video game developers) that are designed to help them target inactive players, generate revenue through advertising and more. To start, the "App campaigns for engagement" tool in Google Ads will allow developers to target inactive users with the goal of inspiring them...
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Lord Danger + Mike Diva Attack Life's Doldrums In "Devil May Cry 5" Trailer for Capcom

Trapped in a mind-numbing hellscape of suburban apathy? Thanks to the imagination of Lord Danger’s Mike Diva, we now know that Devil May Cry 5 is the cure. The trailer announces the availability of the highly anticipated installment of Capcom's wildly successful action series - evoking the dreary tone of an anti-depressant ad before evolving into a game-infused mega-fantasy. Neighbors use swords to trim hedges, the immaculate dinner host throws down a flaming gauntlet to tenderize the dinner roa...
Tags: Japan, Technology, Advertising, US, Peter, Mike, Tony, Capcom, Rob Phillips, Josh Johnson, Devil May Cry, Mike Diva, Lord Danger, Josh Shadid, Charlene Ingram, Brand Marketing Capcom USA

"Facebook removed several ads placed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign that called for the breakup of Facebook and other tech giants."

"But the social network later reversed course after POLITICO reported on the takedown, with the company saying it wanted to allow for 'robust debate,'" .“Three companies have vast power over our economy and our democracy. Facebook, Amazon, and Google," read the ads, which Warren's campaign had placed Friday. "We all use them. But in their rise to power, they’ve bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field in their favor.”...“We removed the ads bec...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Law, Censorship, Advertising, Elizabeth Warren, Antitrust, Warren, Logos, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Facebook Amazon, Ann Althouse

Luxury listings will now follow you around the web

The new product will allow brokerage and luxury listing platform Luxury Portfolio International to deliver targeted ads from the 50,000 properties it markets across the web. After someone views a property on Luxury Portfolio's website, they'll start seeing banner ads for that same property following them as they visit other, unrelated websites.
Tags: Technology, Listings, Advertising, Marketing, Radio, Cookies, News Brief, Luxury Portfolio International, Adwerx, Jed Carlson, Stephanie Anton, Luxury Property

Why Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 Won’t Work

Concerns in the media industry regarding Apple's adoption of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) have recently been growing, with talk about the death of the cookie. The release of version two of ITP, which is even more strict, has ramped up the fearmongering. The fear is that this will prevent vendors from being able to track...
Tags: Apple, Advertising, Voice, Programmatic, ITP, Ad Tech & Mar Tech

Homesnap has created the Instagram Stories of real estate

Homesnap has launched a new feature that lets agents create short, Instagram-esque posts about their listings, which can be then shared on social media.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Instagram, Advertising, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Select, Homesnap, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories

How to Manage a Content Marketing Plan for Your Blog

Have you ever read an article on the Internet? Or a social media post? What about an email? Or watched a video shared on Twitter? These are all examples of content marketing.  Put simply, content marketing is using content to engage, build a relationship with, and grow your audience. It’s a strategic approach in which you create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to your followers. Online, the best way to execute content marketing is through a blog. There are...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Advertising, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, Baltimore, Blogging Tips, Facebook Twitter, BlogsUser, Geoff Hoesch, Dragonfly Digital Marketing

84.Paris Releases Comical Music Video for Ubisoft's Trial Rising Motocross Game

84.Paris Preps Gamers for Release of Ubisoft’s Trials® Rising with Custom-Designed Trials Turbo Bike accessory and “Try Again” Launch FilmFor the European release of the latest edition in its motocross Trials franchise, Ubisoft is launching a new campaign with 84.Paris that’s making noise, literally. To promote Trials® Rising the agency decided to give gamers the chance to take the game to the streets with the Trials Turbo Bike, an accessory that attaches behind the seat of a standard bike and r...
Tags: Technology, Advertising, Paris, Ubisoft, Cannes Lions, EMEA, Herve, Hugues de la Brosse, 84.Paris, Olivier Bienaimé, Nicolas Camillini, Paris Preps Gamers for Release of Ubisoft, Hervé Bienaimé Olivier Bienaimé, Léo Sattin, Pierre Otmanine, Gaute Hesthagen

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Breaking Up Big Tech

Look out, Amazon, Facebook and Google--Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is coming for you. The Massachusetts senator, who is running for president in what has already become a crowded and chaotic Democratic primary, said Friday that if she is elected president, she intends to break up the biggest technology companies "to restore the balance of power...
Tags: Google, General, Massachusetts, Advertising, Elizabeth Warren, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Amazon Facebook

Twitter Taps Google Exec as New U.S. Agency Development Director

Twitter has hired Doug Brodman as its new U.S. agency development director. He joins from Google, where he spent the past five years at the tech giant's in-house agency as senior business lead of U.S. deals and partnerships. At Twitter, Brodman will create "business-building opportunities" that align with all the major agency holding companies. He...
Tags: Google, General, Advertising, Google Exec, Leadership & Talent, Doug Brodman, Twitter Brodman

Fast Cars, Explosions, and Tough Guys Dominate New Panasonic Spot Directed by Roar Uthaug

Panasonic unveils a heart-racing trailer-style brand film created by creative agency Brave and produced by to promote the launch of its new TV. Tomb Raider director, Roar Uthaug, shot the high-octane 90-second spot, ‘Hollywood To Your Home’, in the style of an action-packed blockbuster trailer to showcase the capabilities of Panasonic’s new TV model.Diving into a thrilling world of fast cars and tough guys, the spot follows the hero’s mission to retrieve an ‘intelligent processor’, which has b...
Tags: Hollywood, Technology, Advertising, Panasonic, Tomb raider, Warsaw, Ben Davis, Hollywood TV, Stefan Sonnenfeld, Roar Uthaug, Great Guns, Gloria J, Shaun Sipos, Hollywood Uthaug, PanasonicCreative Agency, Colin Jones Liam FentonProduction

Outdoor Advertising’s Surprising Brand Power

It may surprise you to learn that outdoor and digital out of home are booming. And before you laugh, research conducted by Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows that every dollar spent on out of home ads delivers $5.97 in ROI. Outdoor ads were the only traditional media category to show growth this year, hitting an estimated $33.5 billion in revenue. Many brands are chasing after infinite personalization in their marketing: They hyper-target based on any number of online behaviors ...
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