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The 5 V’s trending in 2019

The rise and acceleration of artificial intelligence; real estate technology becoming faster, easier and more automated; and the strong emphasis on relationship-building are a few 2019 trends that were solidified at Inman Connect New York by a range of industry speakers across many panels.
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zipLogix releases all-in-one tech suite for agents

Realtor-owned tech company zipLogix this week announced the launch of EliteAgent, a transaction technology suite that bundles nine zipLogix products together, four old ones and five new ones.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Select, Ziplogix, Back-end Brokerage Solutions, Agent Technology, Backend technology, Transaction Management Software, zipLogix chairman Mark Peterson, zipLogix Chief Executive Officer Scott Strong

WATCH: How to start your own real estate podcast

What does it take to start your own podcast? Turns out, not that much. Get a rundown of everything you need to get your voice and brand out to the masses from Dustin Brohm, the host of Massive Agent Podcast, on the Inman Connect New York stage.
Tags: Video, Technology, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Select, ICNY, Inman Connect New York 2019, ICNY 2019, Icny 19, Connect Video, Dustin Brohm

HomeLight’s new app will let agents present iBuyer offers

HomeLight is launching a new tool called Simple Sale, available first as a website and later as a mobile app for agents, that acts as a kind or clearing house for various iBuyers.
Tags: Mobile, Apps, Technology, Radio, Agent, Industry News, Select, Homelight, Ibuyers, Cash Offer, Buyers Tools, All-cash, Cash Offers

Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid to be different

In this Monday column, Christy Murdock Edgar asks agents across the nation to share the lessons they've learned during their time in the industry. This week, founder and CEO of Global Property Systems (GPS) Vanessa Saunders.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Gps, Select, Lesson Learned, Christy Murdock Edgar, Global Property Systems, Vanessa Saunders

Yelp hides reviews pages for Opendoor, Offerpad

Yelp has made it extremely difficult for people to find reviews for Opendoor and Offerpad, two of the country’s leading online homebuyers and resellers.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Zillow, Yelp, Redfin, Glenn Kelman, AMNE, Brokerage, Opendoor, Offerpad, Cristin Culver, Buyers Tools

WATCH: 10 tech trends agents can’t ignore in 2019

From Alexa Flash Briefings to utilizing Siri properly, at Inman Connect New York, HomeSmart Real Estate’s Wendy Forsythe and TRIBUS’ Katie Ragusa explore must-have strategies from agents, brokers, product managers and tech pros that you’ll need to run your business in 2019. 
Tags: Technology, Siri, Radio, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Select, ICNY, Wendy Forsythe, ICNY19, Inman Connect New York 2019, Katie Ragusa, Connect Video, ICNY2019, Inman Connect New York HomeSmart Real Estate

WATCH: Nextdoor’s CEO discusses how to build stronger communities

Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar talked to agents about creating stronger, better communities and how to use Nextdoor to generate leads at Inman Connect New York.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Nextdoor, Inman Connect New York, Select, ICNY, Sarah Friar, Inman Connect New York 2019, ICNY 2019, Connect Video, Nextdoor Ceo

Local Realtors reel from report Amazon may avoid NYC

That news did not thrill real estate agents in the area, half a dozen of whom said they still hope Amazon goes through with the original HQ2 plan. But they also said that with or without the retail giant, Long Island City has already benefited from months of publicity and should ultimately thrive long term.
Tags: Amazon, Technology, NYC, New York City, Analysis, Radio, Queens, Agent, Silicon Valley, Compass, Long Island City, Markets & Economy

Alain Pinel launches new concierge service and charity

Alain Pinel Realtors is giving back. The San Francisco Bay Area-based real estate brokerage announced this week that it was centralizing its charitable efforts and launching a charity-arm called APR Gives.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Home Improvement, Charity, Social Media, Radio, Agent, Industry News, San Francisco Bay Area, Brokerage, Select, Alain Pinel, Alain Pinel Realtors, California wildfires, Mike Hulme, Rainy Hake Austin

Former agent jailed for posting about ‘The Jills’ on Facebook

Kevin Tomlinson, the ex-South Beach Realtor found guilty for trying to extort money from luxury real estate duo 'The Jills,' is headed to jail after all.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, South Beach, Miami Herald, Jills, News Brief, Kevin Tomlinson

Big Brother is watching you — and your client

As smart home technology becomes more common, agents and clients are being thrown into settings where someone, somewhere, could secretly be observing them.
Tags: Amazon, Technology, Privacy, Listings, Surveillance, Radio, Agent, Alexa, Ian Williams, Select, Smart Home Devices, Andrew Monaghan, Lindsey Levitan

WATCH: What inspired Glenn Sanford to build eXp?

What inspires someone to truly innovate, change their old ways and do something completely different? In eXp Chairman and Founder Glenn Sanford’s case, the recession culminated in the birth of a virtual brokerage.
Tags: Video, Technology, Radio, Agent, Brokerage, Select, Glenn Sanford

So you found drugs at a listing property. Here’s what to do next

What do you do when you come into a property you're supposed to show and discover drugs? Tracey Hawkins, a real estate safety expert, shared tip with Inman.
Tags: Technology, Drugs, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Tracey Hawkins

Trump’s childhood home is on sale for $2.9M

The modest Queens, New York home in which President Donald Trump spent some of his earliest years is on the market again for $2.9 million.
Tags: Technology, Listings, Radio, Agent, Compass, Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal, Trump, Fred Trump, Queens New York, News Brief, Mary Trump, Edward Hickey

9 ways to revive a stale listing without another price reduction

As a listing agent, you’ve probably had that listing that seemed great but then just wouldn’t sell. Here are nine things you can do in that situation — other than lower the price — to bring that listing back to life.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Select, Price Reduction, Nicole Solari, Revive A Stale Listing, Stale Listing

A simple strategy for getting cheap real estate leads

Instead of wasting money on low-quality leads, get the attention of your market’s most motivated buyers and sellers by running ads on social media. That’s exactly what Krista Mashore does, and she sold over 150 homes last year with a 65 percent profit margin.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Social Media, Radio, Agent, Database, Lead Generation, Retargeting, Online Leads, Select, Cheap Leads, Krista Mashore

Qualia offers all-digital closings to agents and their clients

In an exclusive interview with Inman, Qualia CEO Nate Baker explained that the company's platform essentially converts the lengthy, paperwork-intensive closing experience into an easy-to-use digital portal.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Industry News, Qualia, Nate Baker, Digital Closing, Title Company

This mobile safety device could help you stay safe in the field

Small, sleek and very loud, Katana attaches to a smartphone to audibly alert bystanders and communicate with a 24/7 safety center.
Tags: Mobile, Technology, Radio, Agent, Select, Katana, Agent Crime, Agent Safety, Katana Safety, Safety Apps, Safety Devices

The Real Word: Is tech the lead gen differentiator?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week: why technology is never the solution. 
Tags: Video, Technology, Opinion, Radio, Agent, Industry News, Nicole White, Select, Byron Lazine

Opendoor’s ‘nightmare’: KW agents backed by their own iBuyer

In a presentation at Inman Connect, real estate consultant Michael DelPrete said Opendoor's "nightmare scenario" is 160,000 Keller Williams agents "in people's living rooms and kitchens waving around an iBuyer brochure and saying, 'We do that, too."
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Keller Williams, Select, Inman Connect, Opendoor, Ibuyers, Michael DelPrete

Bain Capital execs: iBuyers are foes of brokers and homebuyers

Merritt Hummer, a principal at Bain who spoke with Harris and during a second Inman Connect session Friday, also painted iBuyers as antagonists to consumers themselves.
Tags: Technology, Investing, Radio, Agent, Exclusive, Bain Capital, Bain, Industry News, HARRIS, Matt Harris, Markets & Economy, Brokerage, Select, News Brief, Opendoor, Offerpad

What you need to know about platforms — and why they matter

Keller Williams Director of Innovation Adi Pavlovic spoke Thursday at Inman Connect, explaining what a platform is and why it matters for real estate pros.
Tags: Apple, Ios, Technology, Platform, Radio, Agent, Keller Williams, Select, Inman Connect, Artificial intelligence (AI, Keller Cloud, Adi Pavlovic

Generation Z trusts agents more than the internet for homebuying

At the Inman Connect New York 2019 real estate conference on Wednesday, a panel consisting of 20-something members of "Generation Z" stressed that though they believe technology is important, it’s not the only integral aspect of buying a home.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Generation Z, Gen Z, Markets & Economy, Select, ICNY19, Inman Connect New York 2019, Icny 19, Inman Connect 2019

Generation Z trusts agents more than the internet for home buying

At the Inman Connect New York 2019 real estate conference on Wednesday, a panel consisting of 20-something members of "Generation Z" stressed that although they believe technology is important, it’s not the only integral aspect of buying a home.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Generation Z, Gen Z, Markets & Economy, Select, ICNY19, Inman Connect New York 2019, Icny 19, Inman Connect 2019

10 tips to help your biz in 2019

There are plenty of ways technology can augment your business as a real estate agent. Wendy Forsythe, the chief operating officer of HomeSmart Real Estate, and Katie Ragusa, the vice president of product for TRIBUS, highlighted 10 tech trends for agents at Inman Connect in New York on Tuesday.
Tags: New York, Technology, Siri, Radio, Agent, Brokerage, Select, Inman Connect, Wendy Forsythe, Tribus, Katie Ragusa, HomeSmart Real Estate

Brokerage CEO takes a swing at tech disrupters

Instead of succumbing to the lure of the latest shiny object, real estate agents should focus their efforts on staying in touch with their clients, leading their teams, and generally building a meaningful community, according to Creig Northrop, CEO and president of Northrop Realty.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Community, Agent, Brokerage, Select, iBuyer, Inman Connect New York 2019, Creig Northrop, Northrop Realty, Tech Disrupter

The market is turning. Here’s how hard times inspired Glenn Sanford

Before Glenn Sanford launched eXp Realty, he was running multiple teams of agents across several cities for Keller Williams, too busy to innovate.
Tags: Gaming, Technology, Radio, Innovation, Virtual Reality, Agent, Keller Williams, EXP, Brokerage, Select, Fortnite, Glenn Sanford

zipLogix and MoxiWorks partner on brokerage software

Realtor-owned tech company zipLogix's back office transaction management software solution for brokerages, zipForm Enterprise Connect, can now integrate with MoxiEngage CRM, a customer relationship management system made by separate tech vendor MoxiWorks.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Industry News, Brokerage, Select, Back-end Brokerage Solutions

New to a market? Here’s how to stand out

Starting a real estate business in a new place can be tough, but agents can stand out from the competition through video marketing, experts said.
Tags: Google, Facebook, Video, Instagram, Youtube, Radio, Agent, Video Marketing, Select, Inman Connect New York 2019, Karin Carr, Vachi Udolkin

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