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How old 14 of the world's richest people were when they first became billionaires

Not all billionaires join the three comma club at the same age. Bill Gates may be richer than Mark Zuckerberg, but the Facebook CEO became a billionaire when he was nearly a decade younger. Oprah Winfrey became a billionaire at age 49. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When Bill Gates became a billionaire in 1987 at 31, he was the youngest person to ever join the three comma club. In 2008, Mark Zuckerberg took that title when he reached billionaire status at 23.  But not all...
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Trump administration announces major midband spectrum auction for 5G

5G is increasingly coming into focus as a set of technologies that has the potential to dramatically expand the quality, bandwidth, and range of wireless connectivity. One of the major blocks to actually rolling out these technologies though is simply spectrum: there just isn’t enough of it available for private use. 5G needs spectrum at very low frequencies to penetrate buildings and increase range, and it also needs high frequencies to support the huge bandwidth that future applications will r...
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Apple Ranked Twelfth in Fortune Global 500 for Revenue, Third for Profit

Apple has ranked third in the annual Fortune Global 500 list of the world's largest companies for profit, and twelfth for revenue. This year's Fortune Global 500 companies' operating income reached a record high of $33 trillion, close to the combined GDP of China and the United States. Together, this year's Fortune Global 500 companies employ 69.9 million people worldwide and are represented by 32 countries. Wal-Mart was again the world's largest company, for the seventh consecutive year. Ap...
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1.5% of All Americans Have Been Infected With Coronavirus - 5 Million Cases

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. hit 5 million on Sunday, reports the Associated Press, "by far the highest of any country..." "The failure of the most powerful nation in the world to contain the scourge has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe." Perhaps nowhere outside the U.S. is America's bungled virus response viewed with more consternation than in Italy, which was ground zero of Europe's epidemic. Italians were unprepared when the outbreak exploded in February, and the co...
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A 17-year-old high school student developed an app that records your interaction with police when you're pulled over and immediately shares it to Instagram and Facebook

A 17-year-old New Jersey high school student has developed an Android app that allows users to record their interactions with police and then notify a loved one or share it to social media, like Instagram. Aaditya Agrawal told Business Insider that he was compelled to create the app in part after a close friend of his, who is Black, was pulled over without cause. "You see it in the news all the time, but when it happens to one of your close friends — and he tells you how it felt for that to ha...
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Silicon Valley's open offices are probably over, thanks to the coronavirus — but they were always bad for employees anyway

The coronavirus outbreak will have long-lasting effects on US workers, particularly when it comes to the open office made popular by Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and Google.  Experts say that the open office was never very positive for employees, who reported feeling less productive and more distracted, got sick more easily, and felt pressured to work longer and harder because of their lack of privacy.  When offices begin reopening, whether that's this year or next summer, we're like...
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The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically

"For the first time ever, the world's largest companies are telling hundreds of thousands of workers to stay away from the office for a full year, or longer," notes the Atlantic. "If, in five years, these edicts have no lingering effects on office culture, that would be awfully strange..." Ambitious engineers, media makers, marketers, PR people, and others may be more inclined to strike out on their own, in part because they will, at some point, look around at their living room and realize: I...
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Last Fall a Drone Swarm Surveilled America's Largest Nuclear Reactor -- Twice

America's Nuclear Regulatory Commission honored a document request from a UFO group — which has inadvertently revealed a very real incident last fall at America's largest nuclear reactor in Arizona, reports Forbes: Documents gained under the Freedom of Information Act show how a number of small drones flew around a restricted area at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant on two successive nights last September. Security forces watched, but were apparently helpless to act as the drones carried out thei...
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Startups Weekly: What countries want your startup?

Editor’s note: Get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7am PT). Subscribe here. They say business needs certainty to succeed, but new tech startups are still getting funded aggressively despite the pandemic, recession, trade wars and various large disasters created by nature or humans. But before we get to the positive data, let’s spend some time reviewing the hard news — there is a lot of it to process. TikTok is on track to get ba...
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In support of interoperability

Open software interfaces have been an integral part of the innovation economy. They enable the interoperability that has always let software developers build on each other’s work. And the interoperability of open software interfaces is what lets different technologies like apps work together on a variety of devices and platforms: That’s why you can take a photo on an Apple phone, save it onto Google’s cloud servers, and edit it on a Surface tablet. Our legal case with Oracle turns on our belief ...
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China’s secret war on America, a Fox News sex scandal, and a space-time wormhole in this week’s dubious tabloids

They’ll all be rolling in money thanks to an ad in this week’s edition that tells them: “How to save $19,899,901.” Just imagine what they can do with all that money! And saving $19,899,901 - such a precise sum, this offer must be legitimate - is easy. Simply buy a fake 10.64 carat pink diamond ring for $99, and you’ll have saved that eight-figure fortune if you were thinking of buying the genuine article for $19.9 million, which is a apparently how much a similar real pink diamond recently...
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How to access ‘America’s Seed Fund,’ the $3 billion SBIR program

One of the best kept secrets in the world of capital is that the federal government has billions of dollars it’s dying to give away to early stage founders and inventors — and all you have to do is ask. Well, there’s a bit more to it than that, so here’s a guide to getting in the door of the massive Small Business Innovation Research program. First, as a bit of background: SBIR is a large network of programs, spread across a dozen federal agencies and the military, established some 40 years ago ...
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Numerous Programs for Black-Owned Businesses, New High-Yield Business Bank Account, Free Email Plan, Get Your Products in Walmart and on QVC and HSN and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

19 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know Programs and Initiatives 1—Getting Back to Business  Visa recently announced its global commitment to help 50 million small businesses move to digital in the middle of the economic impact of COVID-19. Visa has developed a range of locally designed programs to help small businesses get back to business: Helping Black women-owned businesses Visa launched a program to award $100k in grants for U.S.-based Black women-owned small businesses, extendi...
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Trump signs executive order banning US business with TikTok and WeChat 

US President Donald Trump, on August 6, signed an executive order banning US transactions with Chinese internet major Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company. A similar order was signed banning US transactions with Tencent, the parent company of WeChat. Both the orders come in effect in 45 days. The executive orders also mention the Indian government banning TikTok, WeChat and 57 other ‘Chinese’ apps over national security concerns. This action comes less than a week after Microsoft confirmed that it...
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Tech leaders have long predicted a 'splinternet' future where the web is divided between the US and China. Trump might make it a reality.

The Trump administration announced a broad plan on Wednesday to block Chinese software from being used on US devices and keep US data off Chinese cloud services. The plan mirrors China's "great firewall" that prevents people in China from accessing most US websites and apps. While the Trump administration's announcement rocked the world of tech, Silicon Valley leaders have long braced for a "splinternet" that could replace the world wide web with locally contained networks. Others, like former...
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Extra Crunch Live: Join a live Q&A with Max Levchin today at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT

Money makes the world go round, as the saying goes. But how and where we spend it are still very much up for grabs. One person who has been pondering that question and providing answers very successfully is Max Levchin, and we’re very excited to have him as our special guest today on Extra Crunch Live, where we’ll be interviewing him as well as taking questions from the audience. Levchin could not be more central to the story of Silicon Valley’s rise, and the rise of fintech, in the last twenty ...
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Majority of tech workers expect company solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Loren Appin Contributor Share on Twitter Loren Appin is co-founder and COO of Fishbowl, a workplace social network bringing together professionals during the new era of remote work. The death of George Floyd and the recent Black Lives Matter protests have drawn widespread attention to the systemic racism within the United States. Millions of individuals across every state have come together to demand change. Yet, whether co...
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Inside the rise of Netflix's new 'badass' CMO, who rubs elbows with Anna Wintour and the Obamas and handled crises at Uber and Papa John's

Bozoma Saint John, Netflix's newly named chief marketing officer, has climbed the corporate-marketing ranks over 20 years using her celebrity connections and ability to tie brands like Pepsi and Apple to cultural trends. She's also known as unapologetically outspoken and a role model for women of color — who are notoriously underrepresented in the C-suites of corporations.  Netflix has long been synonymous with streaming video, but it needs to convince people to keep subscribing as new options...
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The Trump administration unveiled a wild plan to wall off China from the US internet

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday announced a broad program to crack down on Chinese apps and services. The "Clean Network" program will block "untrusted" Chinese apps from app stores; stop Chinese phone companies from pre-installing US apps; keep US data off Chinese cloud services; and guard undersea cables It isn't clear that the plan is workable, and risks balkanizing the internet. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Banning TikTok was only the tip of the iceberg....
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Technologists: Consider Canada

Tim Bray Contributor Share on Twitter Tim Bray is a software technologist based in Vancouver, B.C. and a former vice president and Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services. Iain Klugman Contributor Iain Klugman is CEO of Communitech, an innovation hub in Waterloo, Ontario, and a signatory to the Tech for Good Declaration. America’s technology industry, radiating brillianc...
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"News deserts" are getting a boost from local radio

Rapidly developing news around the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement show how global events deeply impact us at the local level. Every community has been affected by the pandemic. Every city and town has their unique history and reckoning with centuries of systemic racism.  Even though access to real-time local news has been critical to the health and economic wellbeing of American cities and towns, many regions across the country exist in “news deserts,” where local news out...
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12 books on leadership and success billionaire Jeff Bezos thinks everyone should read

With a net worth of $185 billion, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history.  Bezos often credited his ideas and success to the lessons he learned in books.  Brad Stone, a New York Times best-selling author, published "The Everything Store" in 2013 and told the story of Bezos and Amazon. In the book, Stone disclosed the top books that Bezos counted on for career advice.  The list includes "The Remains of the Day" by Kazuo Ishiguro, a Nobel Prize-winning novel about a butler...
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New York unveils landmark antitrust bill that makes it easier to sue tech giants

The legislation comes as a federal panel is investigating the market power of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and GoogleNew York state is introducing a bill that would make it easier to sue big tech companies for alleged abuses of their monopoly powers.New York is America’s financial center and one of its most important tech hubs. If successfully passed, the law could serve as a model for future legislation across the country. It also comes as a federal committee is conducting an anti-trust investigatio...
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Why the Pandemic Is So Bad in America

A virus has brought the world's most powerful country to its knees. From a report: A pandemic can be prevented in two ways: Stop an infection from ever arising, or stop an infection from becoming thousands more. The first way is likely impossible. There are simply too many viruses and too many animals that harbor them. Bats alone could host thousands of unknown coronaviruses; in some Chinese caves, one out of every 20 bats is infected. Many people live near these caves, shelter in them, or colle...
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‘Mulan’ is coming to Disney+ on September 4, for an additional price of $29.99

Those wondering whether The Walt Disney Company would eventually give up on a traditional theatrical release for “Mulan” now have their answer. While the coronavirus pandemic prompted Disney to accelerate the streaming release of some movies like Pixar’s “Onward,” and to send certain lower-profile movies like “Artemis Fowl” straight to Disney+, until now the company has chosen to delay its bigger releases like “Mulan” and “Black Widow.” In fact, “Mulan” and Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” were ex...
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Netflix's new CMO handled crises for Uber and Papa John's with ease. The biggest 'badass' in marketing could be its secret weapon in the streaming wars.

Bozoma Saint John, Netflix's newly named chief marketing officer, has climbed the corporate-marketing ranks over 20 years using her celebrity connections and ability to tie brands like Pepsi and Apple to cultural trends. She's also known as unapologetically outspoken and a role model for women of color — who are notoriously underrepresented in the C-suites of corporations.  Netflix has long been synonymous with streaming video, but it needs to convince people to keep subscribing as new options...
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Oprah Winfrey to Serve as First-Ever Guest Editor for Apple News

Last year, Apple and Oprah Winfrey launched Oprah's Book Club in the Apple Books app, providing readers with a curated selection of "stories that truly matter by today's most thought-provoking authors." Oprah today announced that her latest selection is "Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents" by Isabel Wilkerson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author. The book is available now on Apple Books in both written and audiobook formats on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The audiobook can also be ...
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James Baldwin Talks About Racism in America & Civil Rights Activism on The Dick Cavett Show (1969)

There are many reasons, some quite literal, that it can be painful to talk about racism in the U.S. For one thing, it often seems that writers like W.E.B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, or James Baldwin, have already confronted questions of racial violence without hedging or equivocation. Yet each time racist violence happens, there seems to be a decorous need in politics and media to pretend to be surprised by what's right in front of us, to pretend to have discovered...
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If Microsoft buys TikTok, it could be bad news for Google Cloud (MSFT)

Microsoft's plans to buy TikTok may seem crazy at first, but it's all about the data. TikTok would give Microsoft eyes into a market where it is mostly blind: smartphone use among Generation Z. But there's another appealing side for Microsoft: TikTok is reportedly a huge customer of arch-rival Google Cloud. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. At first glance, Microsoft's talks to acquire TikTok's US operations from Chinese owner ByteDance seems somewhere between odd and crazy....
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“Made in America” is on (government) life support, and the prognosis isn’t good

Intel and Boeing, two of the pillars of American industry. Intel makes some of the most impressive chips in the world and has for decades, driving high-performance computing to its limits while supporting a company with a market cap today of $200 billion and supporting more than 110,000 employees. Meanwhile, Boeing remains a global leader in aviation despite retiring the 747, with $66 billion in revenue backing a market cap of $90 billion and hosting more than 153,000 workers. Like pillars...
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