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The rise and fall of Andy Rubin, the former Google executive accused of sexual misconduct whose new startup, Essential, just shut down for good (GOOGL, GOOG)

Andy Rubin is the creator of Android and a former Google executive. Rubin's career seemed to be on track — software engineering in Silicon Valley in the 1990s, founding Android, being a top dog at Google for a decade — until he was let go from Google after a sexual misconduct investigation, according to multiple news reports. Rubin has been accused of having inappropriate relations with a subordinate, allegedly coercing a woman into oral sex (an allegation that Rubin denies). And recent unseal...
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Andy Rubin's Essential Products is shutting down; So is Newton Mail

Andy Rubin, the man behind Android is shutting down Essential Products. While the smartphone did not sell well, it was one of the first devices to feature a minimal notch for the front-facing camera. It was also applauded for getting fast Android updates, though that is ending today. Essential acquired Newton Mail last year, which will also be shutting down. As part of the company wind down, the security update for PH-1 released on February 3 is the last update from the Essential software team. ...
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Daily Crunch: Mobile World Congress is canceled

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. GSMA cancels Mobile World Congress due to coronavirus concerns “The GSMA has cancelled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event,” CEO John Hoffman said in a statement. Over th...
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Essential is shutting down, Essential phone PH-1 won’t get any future updates

Back in 2017, Android creator Andy Rubin launched the Essential brand and the Essential Phone PH-1 was the company's first smartphone. After almost 3 years, the company is shutting down and it confirmed that the PH-1 smartphone won't be receiving future updates. Post-2017, there was no new launch from the brand and late last year, the company introduced 'Project GEM' which was a new mobile experience that the hardware, software and cloud teams built and tested over the past few years. Howev...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. The CEO of Cisco disagreed with a Trump administration proposal to take an ownership stake in Nokia and Ericsson to counter China's 5G offensive. Chuck Robbins said he disagreed with a Trump Administration proposal to buy an ownership stake in Ericsson and Nokia to counter China in 5G. Apple has added $18 billion in market value after its Chinese factories accelerated their post-coronavirus re-openings. Foxconn, which produces...
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Android founder Andy Rubin's startup Essential is shutting down, saying there is 'no clear path' to deliver its new phone to customers

Android creator Andy Rubin's consumer electronics startup Essential will shutter its operations, the company announced in a blog post Wednesday. The company pointed to troubles with its latest product as the reason for the shutdown, saying that while the product was developed, it saw "no clear path to deliver it to customers."  The three-year old company was initially lauded as a promising technology startup, but struggled as its product the Essential Phone failed to gain traction.  Rubin's de...
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Hardware startup Essential is shutting down after releasing only one device

Essential is shutting down with only one phone, the Essential PH-1, and a few concept devices, to its name.
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Andy Rubin’s Start-Up, Essential Products, Shuts Down

The smartphone company founded by Mr. Rubin, a former Google executive, struggled to win over customers.
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Andy Rubin’s Essential shuts down

Essential was supposed to disrupt the smartphone industry. And when it was done with that, it was coming for the smart home. The company came out of stealth with a $330 million funding round and grandiose plans for a new brand of handset, led by none other than Android head, Andy Rubin. But bad timing, broader industry issues and a founder embroiled in some pretty troubling allegations of sexual misconduct contributed to a company that has struggled to make it far beyond the launch of its fi...
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Essential Is the Latest Phone Maker to Fold

Former Google executive Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup, Essential Products, is officially done after years of circling the drain.Read more...
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Andy Rubin's Essential is Shutting Down

Essential, Android creator Andy Rubin's high-profile phone startup, is shutting down. From a report: As a result of the shutdown, Essential says it will no longer support the Essential Phone with further security updates or customer support. Additionally, Newton Mail, which Essential acquired when it purchased developer CloudMagic in 2018, will stop working on May 1st. On its blog, Essential cites Project Gem, the tallish concept phone the company teased late last year, and its inability to find...
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Alphabet's chief legal officer is leaving the company after a series of scandals involving allegations of sexual misconduct (GOOG)

Alphabet Chief Legal Officer David Drummond is leaving the company. Drummond will not get a severance package according to a Forbes report. His departure follows allegations that he had relationships with subordinates at the company and the reported launch of a board investigation into Alphabet's handling of sexual misconduct claims. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. David Drummond, Alphabet's chief legal officer who has been accused of having multiple relationships with sub...
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The 27 biggest tech scandals of 2019

The past year has seen one tech controversy after another.  From WeWork's failed IPO to Jeff Bezos' divorce and his explosive blog post accusing the National Enquirer of blackmail, no month has been tame.  Below, we've highlighted the biggest scandals of 2019. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The past year has had its fair share of scandal.  From Jeff Bezos' divorce and subsequent feud with the National Enquirer to the WeWork IPO disaster, the tech world has experienced mis...
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Disgraced Ex-Google Exec Andy Rubin Blocks Everyone on Twitter, and Good Riddance

Android creator and disgraced former Google executive Andy Rubin has gone on some type of bizarre Twitter blocking spree, blocking virtually everyone who follows him on the site. Rubin now only has eight followers on the site, down from 11 on Wednesday and some 117,000 others that were following his account as of…Read more...
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Andy Rubin, the Android creator accused of sexual misconduct, quietly left his venture firm Playground with a $9 million exit package, according to a report

BuzzFeed reported Friday that Andy Rubin, the Android founder accused of sexual misconduct, quietly left his venture firm Playground Global in May with an exit package larger than $9 million. Rubin also resigned as senior vice president at Google with a generous $90 million exit package in 2014 after being accused of forcing his subordinate into sexual acts. The Google payout prompted massive employee demonstrations at Google last year calling for Rubin's exit package to be revoked. The ramifi...
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Disgraced Google Exec Andy Rubin Quietly Left His Venture Firm Earlier This Year

Andy Rubin, the former Google senior vice president whose $90 million exit package caused a worldwide employee walkout at the search giant last year, quietly left Playground Global, the venture firm he founded in May, BuzzFeed News reported today citing internal documents. From the report: The revelation comes as Rubin, who was accused of coercing a subordinate into sexual acts while at Google before being given a hero's send-off in 2014, attempts to make a public comeback with Essential Product...
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Everything We Know About the Weirdly Skinny 'Project Gem' Smartphone

Early details are finally out for the upcoming “Project Gem” smartphone. That’s the latest creation from Essential, the company founded by ex-Google exec, Andy Rubin. The phone itself looks unlike anything that has come before it, confirming long-running rumors that Essential has been working on an unorthodox…Read more...
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Daily Crunch: China pressures Apple

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. China attacks Apple for allowing Hong Kong crowdsourced police activity app Apple’s decision to greenlight an app called HKmaps, which is being used by pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong to crowdsource information about street closures and police presence, is attracting the ire of the Chinese govern...
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Essential Twitter account shows off more pictures of ProjectGEM Essential phone

Android creator Andy Rubin tweeted images of what could be the second Essential Phone. The new device appears bar-shaped, kind of like a remote control, and has a new user interface.
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Google is going through a slow-motion employee revolt and its cofounders are missing in action (GOOG, GOOGL)

As tensions have mounted between Google employees and leadership, the company's cofounders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are missing in action. None of the thirteen current and former employees we spoke to know exactly why Page and Brin have receded into the background, though some speculate the billionaires simply don't want to be bothered with the growing criticism the company faces. In their absence, vocal employee organizers have stepped up their efforts to overturn controversial projects l...
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Essential Reveals Project Gem Smartphone With Very Long, Unusual Design

Andy Rubin, the controversial mobile industry executive who co-founded Android, left Google amid allegations of sexual misconduct while retaining a huge severance package, and went on to create the Essential Phone, has tweeted photos teasing an upcoming device with an elongated design and very tall UI composed of card-like apps. The Verge reports: It look extremely small in his hands, too. The device has a large button and volume rocker on the right edge and a fingerprint divot around back, belo...
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Essential Debuts Phone, Just Cut in Half and With a Creepy Backstory

Here’s something to raise your eyebrows. Essential, the company founded in 2015 by disgraced former Google exec Andy Rubin, released images of its Project Gem smartphone on Tuesday—and it basically looks like a phone chopped down the middle.Read more...
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What the hell is up with this Essential device?

Essential CEO Andy Rubin has been pretty silent over the past year for, well, lots of reasons — both business and otherwise. The company has struggled to sell devices, reportedly shipping only 88,000 handsets in its first year. On a far more serious note, Rubin has been plagued by reports of inappropriate behavior during his time at Google. A bombshell report from The New York Times highlighted sexual misconduct accusations prior to his receiving a $90 million exit package from the company.  ...
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Android creator’s tweet shows off a remote-shaped Essential Android phone

Andy Rubin tweeted images of what could be the second Essential Phone. The new device looks bar-shaped, kind of like a remote control, and has a new user interface.
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Andy Rubin, the creator of Android who left Google after a sexual misconduct allegation, is tweeting again to tease a weird, new phone-like gadget (GOOGL)

Essential CEO Andy Rubin on Tuesday tweeted out images of what looks to be a new kind of smartphone. The device would be Essential's first smartphone in two years and comes a year after it reportedly cancelled its second model and laid off 30% of its staff. The new phone is long and slender and will have a new kind of user interface, Rubin said. Rubin, the creator of the Android operating system and a former Google executive, has largely stayed out of the public eye since a news report last y...
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Two years after Essential’s launch, still no Home hub or second phone

This morning’s Moto Z4 news was good cause to go back and reassess the state of the modular phone. Three years after the line launched, the concept hasn’t exactly ignited the market — in fact there are really just a handful of scattered competitors to show for it. Essential is among the most prominent with the PH-1’s clever two pin connector. By sheer coincidence, it turns out today is the two year anniversary of the company’s debut. Founder Andy Rubin took to the stage at Code 2017 with big ide...
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A deep dive into the internal politics, personalities and social significance of the Googler Uprising

Writing in Fortune, Beth Kowitt gives us a look inside the Googler Uprising, wherein Google staff launched a string of internal reform movements, triggered first by the company's secret participation in an AI/drone warfare project for the Pentagon, then a secret attempt to build a censored/surveilling search engine for use in China, then the revelation that the company had secretly paid off an exec accused of sexual assault, to tune of $150m. Participation in the protests rose and rose, pea...
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After retaliation against Googler Uprising organizers, a company-wide memo warns employees they can be fired for accessing "need to know" data

Last year, Google was rocked by a succession of mass uprisings by its staff, who erupted in fury after discovering that the company was secretly pursuing a censored Chinese search tool and an AI project for US drones, and that it had secretly paid Android founder Andy Rubin $150m to quietly leave the company after women who worked for him accused him of sexually assaulting them. In the end, 20,000 googlers walked out in protest, and, after attaining victory for most of their demands, contin...
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The organizers of the Google Walkout are planning a sit-in employee protest on Wednesday: ‘We’re sick of retaliation’

The organizers of the Google walkout protest are planning a sit-in on Wednesday. "We're sick of retaliation," a tweet from the group's Twitter account said on Tuesday. The sit-in is a response to reports that Google retaliated against two of the main organizers of the previous Google walkout. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google employees who walked out six months ago in protest of how sexual misconduct at the company was handled are now planning a sit-in.  "From being t...
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Google Staffers Say They Were Retaliated Against For Helping Organize 2018 Walkout

Two Google employees who helped to organize a labor walkout estimated to involve 20,000 workers in protest of the company’s mishandling of sexual harassment and assault cases in November 2018 have claimed Google retaliated against them, according to Wired.Read more...
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