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Apple’s control over the App Store is no longer sustainable

Last week, Apple caved to the Chinese government and pulled an app called that was being used by Hong Kong protestors to crowdsource the location of police forces. While Apple CEO Tim Cook defended Apple’s stance, the move is a reminder that Apple is the only judge and jury regarding what’s acceptable in the App Store — but as mobile devices are integrated into more aspects of our lives, it’s getting harder to justify such tight control over their software. The current state of the...
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This Week in Apps: League of Legends goes mobile, Tim Cook talks to China and more

Welcome back to This  Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support, and the money that flows through it all. The app industry in 2018 saw 194 billion downloads and more than $100 billion in purchases. Just in the past quarter, consumer spending exceeded $23 billion and installs topped 31 billion. It’s a fact: we spend more time on our phones than we do watching TV. This week, Chinese censorship is still a big topic, and one which sees Apple...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook met with a Chinese state regulator days after controversially booting a Hong Kong map app from the App Store

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with the chief of China's market regulator on Thursday in Beijing. Cook and Xiao Yaqing, the head of China's State Administration for Market Regulation, discussed topics including Apple's investment in China, consumer rights protection, and corporate social responsibility, the regulator said. Apple has come under fire for removing an app,, that allowed Hong Kong protesters to track police movements, with Cook defending the decision on the grounds that the app ...
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AOC, Marco Rubio, and 5 more lawmakers just wrote a letter to Tim Cook calling Apple's decision to remove an app used by Hong Kong protesters 'deeply concerning' (AAPL)

Lawmakers including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called Apple's decision to remove an app that Hong Kong protesters used to track police activity "deeply concerning" in a letter to CEO Tim Cook. The letter comes after some politicians have criticized the decision on Twitter. Apple said it removed the app because it was posing a threat to law enforcement and residents in Hong Kong. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Seven United States lawma...
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The 5 best games you can play on an Apple Watch

You can play games on an Apple Watch, which has games in its App Store specifically designed for its tiny screen.  Apple Watch games tend to be simple because of the device's limited size, resolution, and control options, but you can still have fun playing games on your wrist. Here are five of the best games to play on an Apple Watch.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Surprisingly, you can play games on your Apple Watch. The watch's own App Store is chock full of games desi...
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Popular app Snaptube caught serving invisible ads and charging users for premium purchases they haven’t made

A popular video downloader app for Android has been found generating fake ad clicks and unauthorized premium purchases from its users, according to a security firm. Snaptube, which boasts some 40 million users, allows users to download videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, and other major video sites. The app, developed in China, is not on Google Play because the app maker claims Google will not allow video downloader apps on the store. Some third-party app stores estimate Snaptube has been d...
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China's new cybersecurity rules ban foreign companies from using VPNs to phone home

For decades, it was a commonplace in western business that no one could afford to ignore China: whatever problems a CEO might have with China's human rights record could never outweigh the profits to be had by targeting the growing Chinese middle-class. Businesses tied themselves in knots trying to reconcile this. Exactly 15 years ago, I challenged the Chairman of Google's Board at the Web 2.0 Conference over his company's decision to censor its search-results to help the Chinese state sup...
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Reddit now lets iOS users share to Snapchat

Reddit users can now share their favorite content from the site to Snapchat, thanks to a new integration that allows sharing of text, link, and image-based posts on iOS from Reddit’s “Safe for Work” communities. The move makes Snapchat the first platform partner that Reddit is testing content sharing integration with, the company says, and it hopes the result will be an influx of younger users to the site. Unlike many social media platforms, Reddit has tended to skew a little older when it co...
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This Week in Apps: Apple caves to China’s App Store demands, Q3 trend outlook, more

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support, and the money that flows through it all. The app industry in 2018 saw 194 billion downloads and more than $100 billion in purchases. Just in the past quarter, consumer spending exceeded $23 billion and installs topped 31 billion. It’s a fact: we spend more time on our phones than we do watching TV. This week, the only thing on everyone’s minds was App Store censorship and A...
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Fury as Apple pulls US news app Quartz from China 'over Hong Kong coverage'

Apple has blocked a US news app from its Chinese service as the iPhone maker is accused of bowing to pressure from state censors over pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Quartz, a US news site covering the Hong Kong protests, said its app was blocked from its App Store in China with a note from Apple saying it “includes content that is illegal in China”. The ban on installing the app on iPhones or iPads prompted a furious reaction from the publisher and Quartz journalists. “We abhor this kind o...
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Apple Arcade’s black box

Apple Arcade is a new kind of App Store. One where eclectic, indie and original content can shine. A place where gamers can play without being hounded by ads or strong-armed into spending on in-app purchases. But unlike the original App Store, Apple Arcade’s marketplace is a black box. There’s no way for consumers or developers to find out if Arcade produces a breakout hit game or even which app everyone is playing right now. That’s because Apple Arcade has ditched one of the App Store’s core...
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Tim Cook sent a memo to employees explaining why he stands by Apple’s decision to remove an app used by Hong Kong protesters to track police (AAPL)

In a memo to employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook stood by the company's decision to remove an app from the App Store used by Hong Kong protesters to monitor police activity. Cook said the app was removed because it was being used to "maliciously target individual officers for violence," according to a memo to staff obtained by Bloomberg. Cook also said in the email that he received "credible information" from the Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau as well as users which indicated th...
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App revenue climbs 23% year-over-year to $21.9B in Q3

Global app revenue continues to climb, thanks to the growth in mobile gaming and the subscription economy. In the third quarter of 2019, consumer revenue grew 22.9% year-over-year from $17.9 billion to reach an estimated $21.9 billion across both the App Store and Google Play worldwide, Notably, the App Store continues to account for the large majority of this revenue, the report found, making up 65% of total spending compared with just 35% on Google Play. App Store users spent $14.2 billion, ...
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China's grip on Apple tightens as it boots a Hong Kong police-tracking app and news app Quartz

It looks like Apple has kow-towed to Chinese censorship demands twice this week, taking an app off the App Store which lets Hong Kong protesters track police activity, and the app for US publication Quartz. Apple initially rejected HKMap Live's map app for facilitating and encouraging illegal activity, but the developer successfully appealed and the app admitted to the App Store. On Thursday, Apple u-turned and removed HKMap Live from its App Store, saying the app was used to "target and ambus...
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Apple pulls HKmap from App Store, the day after Chinese state media criticized its “unwise and reckless decision” to approve it

Less than a day after Apple was criticized by Chinese state media for allowing HKmap in the App Store, the crowdsourced map app said it had been delisted. Its removal comes less than a week after Apple reversed its initial decision to reject the app, which provides information about the location of pro-democracy demonstrations, street closures and police activity (its website is still available). After Apple allowed HKmap into the App Store, an article in the China Daily, a newspaper owned by...
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China attacks Apple for allowing Hong Kong crowdsourced police activity app

Apple’s decision to greenlight an app called HKmaps, which is being used by pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong to crowdsource information about street closures and police presence, is attracting the ire of the Chinese government. An article in Chinese state mouthpiece, China Daily, attacks the iPhone maker for reversing an earlier decision not to allow the app to be listed on the iOS App Store — claiming the app is “allowing the rioters in Hong Kong to go on violent acts” (via The Guardian...
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'Call of Duty Mobile' is already outperforming 'Fortnite' with 100 million downloads in its first week alone (ATVI)

"Call of Duty Mobile" had a massive launch on Android and iOS with more than 100 million downloads and $10 million in revenue in its first week. Activision's "Call of Duty" is one of the best-selling video game franchise of all time and the mobile version is free-to-play. Like many popular mobile games, "Call of Duty Mobile" earns money through microtransactions. "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 18, and it's expected will be one of the mos...
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Apple rejects Hong Kong protest map from App Store, relents under pressure

Apple rejected an app used by pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong to see police activity from the App Store. Apple has now walked back that decision and allowed the app.
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An interview with Dr. Stuart Russell, author of “Human Compatible, Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control”

(UC Berkeley’s Dr. Stuart Russell’s new book, “Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control, goes on sale Oct. 8. I’ve written a review, “Human Compatible” is a provocative prescription to re-think AI before it’s too late,” and the following in an interview I conducted with Dr. Russell in his UC Berkeley office on September 3, 2019.) “Human Compatible” is a provocative prescription to re-think AI before it’s too late Ned Desmond: Why did you write Human Compatible? ...
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Disney bans Netflix, Amazon vanishes from Apple: Welcome to the streaming wars

With the Amazon Prime Video app disappearing from Apple's App Store and Disney banning Netflix ads from its networks, the streaming war is heating up quickly.
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Disney bans Netflix and Apple drops Amazon: Welcome to the streaming wars

With the Amazon Prime Video app disappearing from Apple's App Store and Disney banning Netflix ads from its networks, the streaming war is heating up quickly.
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Amazon Prime Video App Mysteriously Vanishes From Apple App Store, Apple TV

Where did Amazon’s Prime Video app go? On Friday, the ecommerce giant’s streaming app was no longer available in Apple’s App Store for iOS, nor was it available in the Apple TV app. Prime Video also doesn’t show up in searches on the Apple services. Puzzled users across the globe posted on social media about […]
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Vanguard Brokerage Account Review

Vanguard is well known for its funds – mutual funds, and especially exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Not only is it one of the largest fund companies in the world, but it’s ETFs are frequently included in the portfolios of both investment advisors and robo-advisor platforms. But less well-known is that Vanguard is also a major brokerage firm. Not only can you invest in their proprietary mutual funds and ETFs, but also those of other fund companies, as well as individual securities, like stocks and ...
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Model #3 – Platforms and Ecosystems

Five Models For Sustainable Growth Part Three of a Five-Part Series The past few weeks we’ve been discussing business model innovation – a topic many of you have asked about. The first two posts covered Accelerators and Incubators (here) and Premium, Personalized, and Service-focused models (here). Today we look at Model #3 – Platforms and Ecosystems. Platforms create value by enabling direct interactions between producers and consumers. Platforms differ from traditional ‘pipeli...
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What to Expect at WWDC: iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 (mac rumors)

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is set to kick off on June 3 with a keynote event that will see Apple unveiling next-generation versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. We've rounded up all of the rumors that we're heard so far about the features we can expect in each of the new operating systems. Watch the video below and read on to get a glimpse of what's coming. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. Many of these rumors have been sourced from Bloomberg'...
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Apple increases cellular download limit from 150MB to 200MB

For the past few years, iOS has barred users from downloading files larger than 150MB, posing an issue for those who want to download large apps on the go. Now, however, that limit is being increased -- from 150MB to 200MB. The post Apple increases cellular download limit from 150MB to 200MB appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Apple to limit third-party tracking in children's apps

You can't trust tech companies' word that the privacy controls they say they're implementing will protect you and your children. A Wall Street Journal study of 80 apps in Apple’s App Store shows that most apps, including ones selected and featured by Apple editors, are tracking you in ways you would not expect, and cannot avoid. The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern found apps that track kids, including *her* kid, and send their data to companies including Facebook and Google. Excerpt: Uhhh...
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Purged App Makers Want Apple to Prove It's Serious About the App Store Being Open to Competitors

Last month, Apple removed or put restrictions on several apps meant to limit screen time in the App Store. Now, the New York Times reports that 17 affected by that purge have proposed Apple create an API so their apps can return to the store without violating the company’s strict privacy guidelines.Read more...
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Apple defends App Store from charge of monopolistic practices with new website

Apple has published a new website about the App Store and App Store practices, in an attempt to demonstrate that the App Store does not operate as a monopoly. The website highlights that Apple allows apps from competitors, like Google. The post Apple defends App Store from charge of monopolistic practices with new website appeared first on Digital Trends.
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All the new features we're expecting to see in the next big Apple Watch update

Apple is widely expected to debut its next major Apple Watch update at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3. The update, likely to be released this fall, will reportedly bring a standalone App Store to the Apple Watch in addition to new health features. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  Apple might still be months away from launching a new Apple Watch, but the company is expected to debut new software features for existing watch owners next week. As it typically do...
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