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The Senate took a big step towards regulating Big Tech

Senator Amy Klobuchar is one of the bill's cosponsors.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images A Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance a bill aimed at reining in Big Tech. If passed, the bill would ban tech platforms from giving preferential treatment to their own products. The bill now heads to the Senate floor. A Senate Judiciary Committee voted 16-6 on Thursday to move forward with a bill that could be a major thorn in the side of companies including Apple, Google, and Amazon.The vote for t...
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The Senate took a big step toward regulating Big Tech

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is one of the bill's cosponsors.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance a bill meant to rein in Big Tech. If passed, the bill would bar tech platforms from giving preferential treatment to their products. The bill now heads to the Senate floor. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 16-6 on Thursday to move forward with a bill that could be a major thorn in the side of companies including Apple, Google, and Amazon.The vote for the Ame...
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Big Tech Nervous About ‘American Innovation and Choice Online Act’

The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to deliberate on the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICO). CNBC reports how companies such as Apple and Google are fighting it. AICO is sponsored by Sens. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. American Innovation and Choice Online Act The American Innovation and Choice Online Act would stop dominant tech platforms from favoring their own products over third-parties in their marketplaces, such as the App Store and Google Play store...
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Google is Building an AR Headset

Meta may be the loudest company building AR and VR hardware. Microsoft has HoloLens. Apple is working on something, too. But don't count out Google. The Verge: The search giant has recently begun ramping up work on an AR headset, internally codenamed Project Iris, that it hopes to ship in 2024, according to two people familiar with the project who requested anonymity to speak without the company's permission. Like forthcoming headsets from Meta and Apple, Google's device uses outward-facing came...
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PUBG’s developer is suing Apple, Google, and the developer of lucrative PUBG lookalike Free Fire

PUBG-maker Krafton filed a big lawsuit Monday: it’s suing the developer of two mobile games that it accuses of copying PUBG: Battlegrounds, the hit PC battle royale shooter, and it’s suing Apple... #pubg #battlegrounds #krafton #appstores
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PUBG Maker Sues Apple and Google for Not Removing Clone Apps

Krafton, developer popular online battle game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has sued Apple, Google, and gaming company Garena over PUBG clone apps that copy PUBG gameplay, reports Reuters. The lawsuit accuses Garena of creating PUBG clones called "Free Fire" and "Free Fire Max," which originated in Singapore and were later released in the United States. Apple and Google are named in the lawsuit for selling the "blatantly infringing version" of PUBG that was created by Garena.As set ...
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Game Maker Says Apple, Google Selling Rip-offs in New Lawsuit

The maker of the popular game "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" says in a new U.S. lawsuit that a Singapore-based company made rip-off versions of its game, and Apple and Google have refused to stop selling them. From a report: Krafton alleged Monday in a Los Angeles federal court complaint that Garena Online's "Free Fire" games copy several copyrighted aspects of PUBG: Battlegrounds, including its game structure and in-game items, equipment, and locations. Released in 2017, Battlegrounds was one ...
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Google Basically Pays Apple to Stay Out of the Search Engine Business, Class Action Lawsuit Alleges

Apple has an agreement with Google that it won't develop its own internet search engine so long as Google pays it to remain the default option in Safari, a new class action alleges. Filed in a California court earlier this week against Apple, Google, and their respective CEOs, the lawsuit alleges the two companies have a non-compete agreement in the internet search business that violates US antitrust laws. Specifically, the complaint charges Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai of...
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Top marketing and advertising salaries: What you can make at companies including Apple, Google, and Spotify

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Insider analyzed salary data for marketers, ad, and PR professionals at some of the hottest companies. We crunched the numbers for Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Spotify, and others. They're hiring top ad experts to fine-tune their image and promote their products. See more stories on Insider's business page. Even as many industries laid off people in the pandemic, companies from Apple to WPP are hiring top ad and marketing talent to fine-tune their image and...
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S.Korea Lawmaker Says Apple, Google Not Doing Enough to Comply With App Store Law

By Joyce LeeSEOUL (Reuters) - Apple Inc and Alphabet's Google are not doing enough to comply with South Korea's law barring dominant app store...
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Apple Software Exec Warns European App Store Regulation Would Open 'Pandora's Box'

Proposed European regulation that could force Apple to allow iPhone users to install software from the web would open '"Pandora's box" and could pose threats to entire networks of computers, Apple software senior vice president Craig Federighi said in a speech on Wednesday. From a report: The remarks at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal represent an escalation in Apple's rhetoric about what could go wrong if Apple is forced to change its App Store policies. [...] "European policymakers have often b...
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How to log into Tinder, the popular dating app, using a computer or mobile device

Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images A Tinder login requires you to enter your mobile phone number. You can also link your account to your Apple ID, Google, or Facebook account to log in quickly. You can access your Tinder account from a web browser on your computer, in addition to the popular mobile app. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Tinder, the app that popularized the concept of swiping right or left to sort through potential dating ...
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Users are more concerned about their data privacy, but many companies are still hesitant to invest in data protection

Users are becoming more aware of data collection and are picking companies based on their privacy policies. Isabel Pavia/Getty Images Customers are growing more concerned about the privacy of their data online. Companies are often unmotivated to protect data because leaks hurt consumers more than companies. But, businesses should know that not all privacy measures are costly and some will not impact revenue. As consumers in today's digital world, we're used to giving away huge a...
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Coinbase and UnitedMasters have partnered to pay artists in cryptocurrencies for their music

Coinbase. SOPA images UnitedMasters will now offer artists an option to be paid in the cryptocurrency of their choosing. Coinbase partnered with UnitedMasters to provide the offering, the two companies announced. UnitedMasters has backing previously from Apple and Google parent Alphabet. Coinbase and music distributor UnitedMasters have partnered to pay artists in cryptocurrency for their music, the companies said Tuesday. Artists can choose to be paid in US dollars in full, partly in US...
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Ireland, the low-tax European home of Apple, Facebook, and Google, will raise its corporate tax rate to 15%, joining a global agreement

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Nick Wass/Associated Press/Apple Ireland has agreed to set a 15% corporate tax rate for large multinational companies. Ireland has been the low-tax European headquarters for tech giants including Apple, Google, and Facebook. Ireland said on Thursday it would give up its 12.5% rate for large firms. Ireland said on Thursday it would join an international agreement to set a minimum corporate tax rate of 15%.The country dropped its oppositio...
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Google Executive Wants to Help Apple Make Texts Between Android and iPhone Users More Secure

A Google executive is extending an open hand to help Apple adopt RCS, a new communication protocol called Rich Communication Services to iPhone and iPad, that would replace standard SMS and offer improved cross-platform messaging capabilities. In a tweet, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's senior vice president of Android, said that "group chats don't need to break this way," referring to a sub-tweet about the inconvenience Android and ‌iPhone‌ users have in communicating via messages. Alluding to ...
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Navalny knocks Apple, Google for removing voting app

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny knocked Apple and Google in a series of tweets criticizing the companies for removing a voting...
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Apple, Google Raise New Concerns by Yanking Russian App

Apple’s and Google’s cooperation with the Russian government’s efforts to suppress an app opposed to the ruling regime is escalating concerns about whether Big Tech’s pursuit of ever-higher profits has trampled their commitment to protecting civil rights.
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Apple, Google yank opposition voting strategy app from Russian software stores

Oh, sorry, we thought you wanted us to obey the law?! – Silicon Valley A tactical-voting app built by allies of Vladimir Putin’s jailed political opponent Alexei Navalny is now unavailable in Russian Apple and Google app stores following threats of fines from the Kremlin.…
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Daily Crunch: Apple, Google bow to Russian pressure

Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for Friday, September 17th! What a week, ya’ll. It is now just days before Disrupt, which means the TechCrunch hive is buzzing. I’ll leave it by noting that Reid Hoffman is coming, which is going to be a treat. See you next week! — Alex The TechCrunch Top 3 Profits > Ethics: Apple and Google have removed a “tactical voting app created by the organization of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny” from their marketplaces, we reported. TechCrunch notes that “the ...
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Apple, Google remove opposition app as Russian voting begins

By DARIA LITVINOVA and KELVIN CHAN MOSCOW (AP) — Facing Kremlin pressure, Apple and Google on Friday removed an opposition-created smartphone app that tells voters which candidates are likely to defeat those backed by Russian authorities, as polls opened for three days of balloting in Russia’s parliamentary election. Russian authorities are seeking to suppress the use of Smart Voting, a strategy designed by imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The election is widely seen as an important ...
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Top marketing and advertising salaries: What you can make at companies including Apple, Google, and Spotify

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Insider analyzed salary data across some of the hottest companies to reveal how much marketers, ad, and PR professionals make. We crunched the numbers for Apple, Google, Microsoft, WPP, and Spotify, and others. US companies report the data in visa applications for foreign workers. See more stories on Insider's business page. Even as many industries laid off people in the pandemic, companies from Apple to WPP are hiring top ad and marketing talent to fine-tun...
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Bitcoin millionaire has high hopes for his Freedom Phone that's loaded with conservative-friendly apps like Parler

Erik Finman is seen on the set of Candace Owen's "Candace" on July 19, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee holding up his Freedom Phone. Jason Davis/Getty Images Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman has big hopes for his conservative-friendly Freedom Phone. "I see it absolutely as one of the ultimate political tools," Finman told The New York Times. The Freedom Phone "does everything your current phone does, except censor you and spy on you," Finman has said. See more stories on Insider's bus...
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Lawsuits Accuse Siri, Alexa, and Google of Listening When They're Not Supposed To

"Tech companies have long encouraged putting listening devices in homes and pockets..." reports the Washington Post. "But some are growing concerned that these devices are recording even when they're not supposed to — and they're taking their fears to the courts." (Alternate URLs here and here.) On Thursday, a judge ruled that Apple will have to continue fighting a lawsuit brought by users in federal court in California, alleging that the company's voice assistant Siri has improperly recorded p...
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Apple announces new settlement with Japan allowing developers to link to external websites  

Apple has made a settlement with Japanese regulator that it will allow developers of “reader” apps link to their own website for managing users account. The change goes to effect in early 2022. This settlement comes after the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) has forced Apple to make a change its polices on the reader apps, like Netflix, Spotify, Audible and Dropbox, that provide purchased content or content subscriptions for digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, and video. “We ha...
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They've only gone and done it – South Korea forces Apple, Google to allow alternative app store payment systems

Big Tech warns favoring SK players won't go down well – yet South Korea loves its software South Korea's parliament has passed a law that requires Apple and Google to offer third-party payment options in their app stores.…

South Korea passes ‘Anti-Google law’ bill to curb Google, Apple in-app payment commission

After a number of delays, South Korea’s National Assembly today voted to approve the passage of its “Anti-Google law.” Nicknamed after the search giant but more wide-ranging, the law will prevent Google and Apple from forcing developers to use their in-app billing systems when building apps for their two market-dominating app stores . This is the first time globally that a government has intervened to prevent Google and Apple from imposing on their own payment rails on in-app purchases. Google a...
Tags: Apple, Google, TC, South Korea, Australia, US, Tech, Policy, National Assembly, Apple Google, Google Apple, Consumer Commission ACCC

Apple, Google Mobile Dominance Faces Tough Test in South Korea

(Bloomberg) -- South Korea is expected to become the first country to pass a law ending Apple and Google’s domination of payments on...
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10 Things in Politics: Biden vows to hunt down terrorists after attacks

Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics. Sign up here to receive this newsletter. Send tips to [email protected] or tweet me at @BrentGriffiths.Here's what we're talking about:Biden vows to hunt down those responsible for killing 13 US troops in AfghanistanSupreme Court throws out attempt to extend evictions banFederal prison workers are burned out by the pandemic and heading for the exitsWith Phil Rosen. President Joe Biden. Drew Angerer/Getty Images 1. A DEADLY END TO THE US&...
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Daily Crunch: Copenhagen-based Leapwork lands $62M Series B co-led by KKR and Salesforce Ventures

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. ‘Ello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 26, 2021. Or as someone called it recently, Friday Jr. We have lots and lots of news today, with a slight bias toward big items from Big Tech companies. But first, do note that we’re going to spend a lot of time talking fintech at Disrupt this year, and TechCrunch just announced that Techstars’ Saba Karim is coming. It’s...
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