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Dreams becomes reality: the game that can make an artist out of anyone

Digital artist Dan Hett explores the Dreamiverse, a galaxy of games, music, art and ideas created by players in a limitless virtual art studioAs a digital artist and experimental games designer, I was one of the first in line to dive into Dreams – a PlayStation 4 game that aims to give everyone the ability to unlock the potential artist within – when the developer Media Molecule opened up limited early access in April. From the breadth of its artistic toolset to the community of creators it is e...
Tags: Art, Games, Technology, Playstation, Culture, Art and design, Sculpture, Playstation 4, Digital Video, Dan Hett

Banksy Strikes Again in Venice

Juxtapoz writes: "Never invited to be the part of Venice Biennale, Banksy once again invited himself to showcase his work. Using a typical pop-up stand that usually sells tacky paintings and souvenirs, he assembled a selection of 9 works that collectively built an image of a massive cruise ship blocking the city." In recent years, the flood of massive cruise ships into Venice has created tensions between Venetians and tourism companies. It's pretty clear on what side the street artist co...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, College, Current Affairs, Venice, William Shatner, Facebook Twitter, Forces the Mayor City Council, Juxtapoz, Venice Time Machine, Big Data Pink Floyd Plays, Banksy Strikes Again, Venice Biennale Banksy

Book Arts Guide to Vermont Open Studio Weekend

Welcome to your Book Arts guide for Spring Open Studio Weekend 2019! Vermont Open Studio Weekend is coming up this weekend (May 25 & 26)! I like supporting other book artists when I can, so I dedicate a blog post to them during every open studio event. There are four book artsy studios participating (besides mine) this spring. I created the Google map at the bottom of this post which includes all of the studios to help you plan your travels. I wish I could say that the book arts studios are clo...
Tags: Google, Art, Vermont, Elissa, Kelly, San Francisco Center, MONTPELIER, Kelly McMahon, Vermont Crafts Council, Artisans Hand Craft Gallery, Meta Strick, Carolyn Shattuck, Ken Leslie Ken

The Bauhaus Bookshelf: Download Original Bauhaus Books, Journals, Manifestos & Ads That Still Inspire Designers Worldwide

The Bauhaus, Barry Bergdoll writes in the New York Times of the German design school founded a century ago last month, "lasted just 14 years before the Nazis shut it down. And yet in that time it proved a magnet for much that was new and experimental in art, design and architecture — and for decades after, its legacy played an outsize role in changing the physical appearance of the daily world, in everything from book design to household lighting to lightweight furniture." Celebrations of the B...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, Design, College, Nazis, History, New York Times, Paul Klee, Seoul, Facebook Twitter, Laszlo Moholy Nagy, Walter Gropius, Colin Marshall, New York s Museum of Modern Art, Riegel

Google Has Been Tracking Just About Everything We Buy Online

You know how many vendors want us to leave email addresses when we buy online? Well, Google knows all about that. It says it doesn’t do anything with the data. Maybe! “Google offers users a compromise that involves trading products and web services in exchange for data that the company will collect through a variety of means you may not know about and have little to no control over. That data is then used to help Google target ads, a division of its business that’s largely responsible for it be...
Tags: Google, Art, Issues, 05.17.19

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Insight into the Whitney Biennial, a win for sex-tech, tips for ethical tourism and more Lora DiCarlo’s Pleasure Toy Award Reinstated at CES Earlier this year, sex-tech company Lora DiCarlo was awarded a Robotics Innovation Award at CES, then the award was revoked. Now, CES has again changed their collective minds, and reinstated the women-centric Osé pleasure toy the honor, with the Consumer Technology Association …
Tags: Health, Art, Gender, Design, Medicine, Animals, Tech, Cta, Ces, Wildlife, Tourism, Robots, Disease, Sex Toys, Art Shows, Linkaboutit

Eye Candy for Today: Emilio Sánchez-Perrier landscape

Boating on the River, Emilio Sánchez-Perrier Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable image on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga, which also has zoomable & downloable images. Sánchez-Perrier’s landscapes have a wonderful visual softness. They exhibit a masterful use of soft edges that is somehow different than that of Inness and the American Tonalists. For me, it creates a feeling of quiet and contemplation. There appears to be a band of ...
Tags: Google, Art, Eye Candy For Today, Gallery And Museum Art, Perrier, Inness, Emilio Sánchez Perrier, River Emilio, Museo Carmen Thyssen

A New Archive Transcribes and Puts Online the Diaries & Notebooks of Women Artists, Art Historians, Critics and Dealers

While one is still comparatively young, one has many more thoughts & certainly sentiments than one is able to make use of. It seems as if these might be stored up so that in old age or when one became less prolific one could find matter to use. Every thought or suggestion could be of use. - Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, sculptor, collector, founder of the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1906 There are very few moral defenses for rummaging inside another’s private diary or sketchbook, until that ...
Tags: Google, Art, College, France, Life, New York City, History, Museums, Whitney, Facebook Twitter, Theodore Roosevelt, Ethel, Frida Kahlo, Whitney Museum of American Art, Patti Smith Laurie Anderson, Ayun Halliday

Vermont Open Studio Weekend – Montpelier/Worcester Artists

Vermont’s 27th Spring Open Studio Weekend is coming up this Memorial Day weekend, May 25 & 26! Artists across the state are busy creating work and cleaning their studios just for you. Most Vermont craftspeople work in studios located in or close to their residences. These are places of production and inspiration located in downtowns as well as at the ends of dirt roads. They are exciting places to visit because they reflect the dynamic yet organized process that is used to produce the finished ...
Tags: Google, Art, Worcester, Vermont, Elissa, Washington County, MONTPELIER, Elissa Campbell, Chris Eaton, Kelly McMahon, Montpelier Worcester Artists, Montpelier Print, Vermont Crafts Council, Artisans Hand Craft Gallery, Annie Tiberio Photography, Annie Tiberio

A Complete Digitization of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus, the Largest Existing Collection of His Drawings & Writings

No historical figure better fits the definition of “Renaissance man” than Leonardo da Vinci, but that term has become so overused as to become misleading. We use it to express mild surprise that one person could use both their left and right hemispheres equally well. But in Leonardo’s day, people did not think of having two brains, and the worlds of art and science were not so far apart as they are now. That an individual in the Renaissance would be able to combine fine arts and fine engineerin...
Tags: Google, Art, Milan, Congress, College, France, History, Vienna, Victoria, Archives, Napoleon, Tuscany, Atlantic Ocean, Facebook Twitter, Leonardo, Leonardo da Vinci

Executive Director – Ballet Des Moines

Reporting to and working closely with the board of directors, the Executive Director (ED), in partnership with the Artistic Director, will be responsible for the overall success and creative growth of Ballet Des Moines. OrganizationBallet Des Moines was founded in 2002 as the Ballet Theatre of Iowa. Its inaugural season included The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Divertimento. In 2005 Serkan Usta was named Artistic Director and the company was renamed Ballet Des Moines. In 2012 Ballet Des Moin...
Tags: Apple, Art, Jobs, Time, Iowa, John, Ed, Forbes, Midwest, Board, Des Moines, Greater Des Moines, Sculpture Park, Microsoft Facebook, Meredith Corporation, Downtown Des Moines

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Designing an Italian icon, a mirrored hot air ballon, 3D-printed organs and plenty more inspiration and oddities The Impending Death of the Password Thanks to companies like MobileIron, device passwords (believed to date back to the 1960s, thanks to an MIT time-shared computer) may be on their way out once and for all. Since most people use weak passwords for the majority of their logins …
Tags: Psychology, Coffee, Art, Music, Science, Design, Technology, Internet, Cars, Tech, Computers, Architecture, 3d Printing, Italy, Public Art, Linkaboutit

Why Knights Fought Snails in Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts

The snail may leave a trail of slime behind him, but a little slime will do a man no harm... whilst if you dance with dragons, you must expect to burn. - George R. R. Martin, The Mystery Knight As any Game of Thrones fan knows, being a knight has its downsides. It isn’t all power, glory, advantageous marriages and gifts ranging from castles to bags of gold. Sometimes you have to fight a truly formidable opponent. We’re not talking about bunnies here, though there’s plenty of documentati...
Tags: Google, Art, Books, College, New York City, History, Italy, Reddit, Randall, Macclesfield, Random, Lombardy, Facebook Twitter, Rex Harrison, George R R Martin, Dolittle

Eye Candy for Today: Christen Købke landscape

The Garden Steps Leading to the Artist’s Studio on Blegdammen, Christen Købke Oil on paper laid on canvas, roughly 9 x 13 inches (22 x 33 cm). Link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable version on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the National Gallery of Denmark. I love the odd angle at which he’s approached the building, the compressed indication of the sunlit side and the curve of the bush cradled in the curve of the stairs. There is just something pleasingly gestural ab...
Tags: Google, Art, Denmark, Eye Candy For Today, Gallery And Museum Art, Christen Købke

Is the Leonardo da Vinci Painting “Salvator Mundi” (Which Sold for $450 Million in 2017) Actually Authentic?: Michael Lewis Explores the Question in His New Podcast

Journalist and bestselling author Michael Lewis (Liar's Poker, Moneyball, The Big Short) has a new podcast, Against the Rules, that "takes a searing look at what’s happened to fairness—in financial markets, newsrooms, basketball games, courts of law, and much more. And he asks what’s happening to a world where everyone loves to hate the referee." That is, what happens when we, as a society, lose confidence in the arbiters of truth and fairness? In Episode 5, Lewis focuses on “Salvator Mundi,” a...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, Podcasts, College, Michael Lewis, Jesus Christ, Trump, Lewis, Facebook Twitter, Leonardo, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi

Discover Frida Kahlo’s Wildly-Illustrated Diary: It Chronicled the Last 10 Years of Her Life, and Then Got Locked Away for Decades

When we admire a famous artist from the past, we may wish to know everything about their lives—their private loves and hates, and the inner worlds to which they gave expression in canvases and sculptures. A biography may not be strictly necessary for the appreciation of an artist’s work. Maybe in some cases, knowing too much about an artist can make us see the autobiographical in everything they do. Frida Kahlo, on the other hand, fully invited such interpretation, and made knowing the facts of...
Tags: Google, Art, College, The New York Times, Communist Party, Diego Rivera, Facebook Twitter, Rivera, Abrams, Jean Michel Basquiat, Solomon, Josh Jones, Mondrian, Frida Kahlo, Kathryn Hughes, Fuentes

Google’s New AI App Generates Poetry

“The idea behind the app” — PoemPortraits — “which was jointly conceived by artist and stage designer Es Devlin and the creative technologist Ross Goodwin, is for users to ‘donate’ a single word to an ongoing, collective poem. The word you enter will be integrated in a randomly, or rather, algorithmically-produced couplet based on a scanning of more than 20 million words of 19th-century poetry.” – Literary Hub
Tags: Google, Art, Words, Es Devlin, Ross Goodwin, 05.06.19

How David Bowie Used William S. Burroughs’ Cut-Up Method to Write His Unforgettable Lyrics

Why do David Bowie's songs sounds like no one else's, right down to the words that turn up in their lyrics? Novelist Rick Moody, who has been privy more than once to details of Bowie's songwriting process, wrote about it in his column on Bowie's 2013 album The Next Day: "David Bowie misdirects autobiographical interpretation, often, by laying claim to reportage and fiction as songwriting methodologies, and he cloaks himself, further, in the cut-up." Anyone acquainted with the work of Wil...
Tags: Google, Art, Music, London, College, Bbc, David Bowie, Jim Jarmusch, Brian Eno, Seoul, Bowie, Facebook Twitter, Moody, Rick Moody, William S Burroughs, William Burroughs

What Is Performance Art?: We Explain It with Video Introductions and Classic Performances

If you asked me to define performance art, I’d probably stumble into a couple of clichés—you know it when you see it, you kind of have to be there, etc. Such vague criteria could mean virtually any event can be called performance art, and maybe it can. But the precedents set in the art world over the course of the 20th century narrow things a bit. PBS’s The Art Assignment primer above tells us that performance art is “a term used to describe art in which the body is the medium or live ac...
Tags: Google, Art, College, Yoko Ono, Facebook Twitter, Durham NC, Josh Jones, John Cage Merce Cunningham, Joseph Beuys, Beuys, Chris Burden, Ulay, Marina Abramovi, Dada Bauhaus Antonin Artaud, Jennifer Hartley

Venerable Female Artists, Musicians & Authors Give Advice to the Young: Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson & More

To the Louisiana Channel and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, on behalf of mature women everywhere: Thank you. You have excellent taste. We’ve weathered invisibility and Mom jeans jokes, as representatives from our demographic are judged more harshly in categories that never seem to apply to their male counterparts in politics and the performing arts. You’ll find plenty of celebrated male artists contributing advice to emerging artists in the Louisiana Project’s video series, but the ...
Tags: Google, Art, Film, College, Life, New York City, Literature, Louisiana, Toni Morrison, Young, Laurie Anderson, Facebook Twitter, Yayoi Kusama, Lydia Davis, Louisiana Channel, Patti Smith Laurie Anderson

Skull fence-toppers for your haunt or garden

The Build Cave is a California-based prop-maker whose Etsy store is focused on decor for haunters with an emphasis on haunted, vintage elevators (!!), and which includes these delightful resin skull fence-toppers designed to be affixed to PVC pipe verticals and painted; they're $95/dozen. (via Creepbay)
Tags: Art, Gadgets, Post, Happy Mutants, Gift Guide, News, Makers, Etsy, Housewares, California, Themepunks, Haunters, Conan What Is Best In Life, Build Cave

53 Years of Nuclear Testing in 14 Minutes: A Time Lapse Film by Japanese Artist Isao Hashimoto

It’s strange what can make an impact. Sometimes a message needs to be loud and over-the-top to come across, like punk rock or the films of Oliver Stone. In other cases, cool and quiet works much better. Take the new time lapse map created by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto. It is beautiful in a simple way and eerie as it documents the 2,053 nuclear explosions that took place between 1945 and 1998. It looks like a war room map of the world, black landmasses surrounded by deep blue ocean. I...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, College, History, United States, Manhattan Project, Hiroshima, Kurt Vonnegut, Soviet Union, Facebook Twitter, Hashimoto, Isao Hashimoto, Los Alamos Just


[For some time, I’ve wanted to feature more comics artists from non-English speaking countries — particularly Belgian and French comics (bandes-dessinées) — but I’ve been put off by the challenges of providing links to images and information across language barriers. With this article, I’m going to try a method of providing both original language and Google Translate links to relevant sites and pages.] Li-An (Jean-Michel Meyer) is a French comics artist perhaps best known for his work on The T...
Tags: Google, Art, Comics, Illustration, Google Translate, Gauguin, Tahiti, Andr, Guy de Maupassant, Jack Vance, Franquin, Jean Giraud Moebius, Li An, Li An Jean Michel Meyer, Jean David Morvan Li An, Boule de Suif Translate

We’re In The Era Of ‘Post-Humor Comedy’ — These Days, The Jokes Aren’t Even Trying To Be Jokes

“Very often, they are simple statements of fact, with minimal humorous adornment. James Corden mentions that Google will soon allow you to store your driver’s license on your phone. ‘You have to admit,’ he says, ‘Google is definitely making it easier and more convenient — for your personal information to be stolen by Google.'” – The Atlantic
Tags: Google, Art, James Corden, Issues

Listen to Last Seen, a True-Crime Podcast That Takes You Inside an Unsolved, $500 Million Art Heist

In the early morning of March 18, 1990, two thieves entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and stole 13 pieces of precious art, including paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt. To this day, those paintings, valued at $500 million dollars, have never been recovered. The story of the bold heist and the various attempts to recover the paintings--they get told in a 10-part series of podcasts called Last Seen. Created by WBUR and The Boston Globe, the true-crime podcast "takes us ...
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, College, Boston, Rembrandt, Facebook Twitter, The Boston Globe, Gardner, Vermeer, WBUR, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Podcast Articles and Resources, Complete Works of Vermeer

Pianist Jörg Demus Dead At 90

While he tended to keep his performing career fairly close to home (especially in his later years), Demus became widely known through his more than 100 recordings. He’s especially remembered for his ahead-of-his-time interest in historic pianos and his work in chamber music, particularly with such great singers as Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. (in German; Google Translate version here) – Der Standard (Austria)
Tags: Google, Art, People, Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, 04.17.19, Demus

Enter, Explore, and Learn About Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson with a New Augmented-Reality App

More than 350 years after he painted them, the paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn still look real enough to step right into. Now, thanks to a new augmented reality app from the Mauritshuis museum, you can do just that through the screen of your phone, starting with Rembrandt's famed early canvas The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp. "The augmented reality experience, a first for a museum, allows the user to experience the anatomical theatre of 1632 digitally," says the Mauritshuis' press...
Tags: Google, Art, Technology, College, Amsterdam, Rembrandt, Seoul, Van Gogh, Rodney, Facebook Twitter, Hyperallergic, Mauritshuis, Colin Marshall, Surrealist Salvador Dalí Painting, Seph Rodney, Waag

Hendrick Goltzius, The Resurrection

The Resurrection, from The Passion of Christ, Hendrik Goltzius, Engraving, roughly 8 x 5 inches (20 x 13 cm), in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hendrick Goltzius was a German born Dutch printmaker, draftsman and painter active in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Among his other accomplishments was a folio of prints depicting The Passion of Christ, from which this is an instance of The Resurrection. Like most prints, there are multiple impressions of this one, the M...
Tags: Google, Art, Jesus, Christ, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Eye Candy For Today, Gallery And Museum Art, Pen & Ink, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Prints and Printmaking, Hendrick Goltzius, Christ Hendrik Goltzius Engraving, Goltzius, Goltzious

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The world's "weirdest" languages, spy planes spot archaeological sites, making museums more accessible and more from around the web Open-Source Software Making Museums More Accessible Oftentimes, the process of visiting a museum begins at an institution’s website, and not all of them are accessible to people with disabilities. In fact, several notable NYC institutions’ websites are not readable by visitors with loss of vision. Those …
Tags: Art, Apps, Science, Design, Privacy, Planes, Tech, History, Accessibility, Museums, Artists, Linguistics, Archaeology, English, Websites, Linkaboutit

Climate Change Gets Strikingly Visualized by a Scottish Art Installation

What does it accomplish to talk about climate change? Even those who talk about climate change professionally might find it hard to say. If you really want to make a point about rising sea levels — not to mention all the other changes predicted to afflict a warming Earth — you might do better to show, not tell. That reasoning seems to have motivated art projects like the giant hands reaching out from the waters of Venice previously featured here on Open Culture, and it looks even clearer in...
Tags: Google, Art, Science, College, Scotland, Earth, Antarctica, Venice, Seoul, Facebook Twitter, Andrews, Outer Hebrides, Colin Marshall, Aho, 21st Century Los Angeles, Designboom

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