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Facebook Unveils AI Model That Copies Text Style From Images Using a Single Word

The past few years have taught us that our faces, voices, and lips can be copied and replicated with artificial intelligence. Now, an AI model created by Facebook researchers can imitate, edit, and replace handwritten and scene text using just a single word in an image.Read more...
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The rise of robotaxis in China

AutoX, Momenta and WeRide took the stage at TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 to discuss the state of robotaxi startups in China and their relationships with local governments in the country. They also talked about overseas expansion — a common trajectory for China’s top autonomous vehicle startups — and shed light on the challenges and opportunities for foreign AV companies eyeing the massive Chinese market. Enterprising governments Worldwide, regulations play a great role in the development of aut...
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A quantum physics lullaby to ward off your killer robot nightmares

The reports of humanity’s imminent demise at the hands of sentient killer robots have been greatly exaggerated. Based on the current state of artificial intelligence – that is, it’s really good at sifting through data and it can usually tell the difference between a dog and a cat – we don’t have to worry about “conscious” AI anytime soon. I put “conscious” in quotes because, as every article you’re likely to read on the subject will point out, we don’t really understand consciousness. There’s a ...
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AI-powered construction supervisor app ensures buildings are earthquake safe

“It’s not an earthquake that kills people, but the collapse of a poorly built building.” Build Change, a foundation dedicated to preventing housing loss caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and windstorms, is announcing the “Intelligence Supervision Assistant for Construction” (ISAC-SIMO) app. It’s an open-source, AI-powered quality assurance tool for construction. And it could save countless lives. Meet ISAC-SIMO: The tool utilizes machine learning to help people ensure they’re using...
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Atomic-backed Jumpcut uses data to advance diversity in film

Jumpcut founder Kartik Hosanagar is a professor at the Wharton School, but about ten years ago, he spent his summer in an unlikely way: he wrote a screenplay. Set in India, his script garnered some interest from producers, but no one took the plunge to fund a film by a first-time Indian director. Now, films featuring diverse casts are gaining traction – this year, Chloé Zhao became the first woman of color, and only the second woman ever, to win the Academy Award for Best Director. At the previo...
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Decades-old ASCII adventure Nethack may hint at the future of AI

Machine learning models have already mastered Chess, Go, Atari games, and more, but in order for it to ascend to the next level, researchers at Facebook intend for AI to take on a different kind of game: the notoriously difficult and infinitely complex Nethack. “We wanted to construct what we think is the most accessible ‘grand challenge’ with this game. It won’t solve AI, but it will unlock pathways towards better AI,” said Facebook AI Research’s Edward Grefenstette. “Games are a good domain to...
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Contentstack raises $57.5M for its headless content management system

Contentstack, a startup that offers a headless content management system (or a ‘content experience platform’ in marketing speak), today announced that it has raised a $57.5 million Series B round. The round, which the company says was oversubscribed, was led by Insight Partners, which also led its Series A round. New investor Georgian and existing investors Illuminate Ventures and GingerBread Capital also participated. With this, the company has now raised a total of $89 million. “In the last ye...
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ISEE brings autonomy to shipping hubs with self-driving yard trucks

Robotaxis may still be a few years out, but there are other industries that can be transformed by autonomous vehicles as they are today. MIT spin-off ISEE has identified one in the common shipping yard, where containers are sorted and stored — today by a dwindling supply of human drivers, but tomorrow perhaps by the company’s purpose-built robotic yard truck. With new funding and partnerships with major shippers, the company may be about to go big. Shipping yards are the buffer zone of the logis...
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ISEE brings autonomy to shipping yards with self-driving container trucks

Robotaxis may still be a few years out, but there are other industries that can be transformed by autonomous vehicles as they are today. MIT spin-off ISEE has identified one in the common shipping yard, where containers are sorted and stored — today by a dwindling supply of human drivers, but tomorrow perhaps by the company’s purpose-built robotic yard truck. With new funding and partnerships with major shippers, the company may be about to go big. Shipping yards are the buffer zone of the logis...
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Croatia’s Gideon Brothers raises $31M for its 
3D vision-enabled autonomous warehouse robots

Proving that Central and Eastern Europe remains a powerhouse of hardware engineering matched with software, Gideon Brothers (GB), a Zagreb, Croatia-based robotics and AI startup, has raised a $31 million Series A round led by Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), the venture and growth arm of Koch Industries Inc., with participation from DB Schenker, Prologis Ventures, and Rite-Hite. The round also includes participation from several of Gideon Brothers’ existing backers: Taavet Hinrikus (co-founde...
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Art app SketchAR to allow artists to list their artworks on NFT marketplaces directly

An update to an existing art app that allows artists to access NFT marketplaces directly, could have the potential to democratize access to the NFT world for artists not currently in crypto. SketchAR, is an existing mobile app that allows artists to turn photos into illustrations using its AI-based computer vision. It is now is launching a new feature that allows users to turn their art into NFTs directly inside the app, and then sell it. Content produced on the app can also include a public com...
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Whatfix nabs $90M to help workers onboard and get the most out of their IT stacks

“Digital transformation” has been on the mind of many an organization in the last year: the pandemic and the shift it’s brought to how we work are speeding up investments in new apps, infrastructure and work practices to improve productivity regardless of where we sit all day. Now, it looks like we’re on to the next stage of that journey: actually figuring out how to adopt and run with all that new tech. In a sign of the times, today a startup called Whatfix — which has built a platform that hel...
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Google Hit With $268 Million Fine Over Unfair Ad Practices

Google was fined a hefty 220 million euros (or roughly $268 million) on Monday after France’s competition authority found the company abusing its outsized role in the world of digital advertising. Read more...
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Why the dream of truly driverless cars is slowly dying

We were told there’d be fully-autonomous vehicles dominating roadways across the globe by 2018. When that didn’t happen, we were told they’d be here by the end of 2020. And when that didn’t happen, we were told they were just around the corner. It seems like now the experts are taking a more pragmatic approach. According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, many computer science experts believe we could be at least a decade away from fully-driverless cars, and some believe they may n...
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Apple’s Live Text lets you interact with text in your photos

Apple has introduced a new feature to its camera system that automatically recognizes and transcribes text in your photos, from a phone number on a business card to a whiteboard full of notes. Live Text, as the feature is called, doesn’t need any prompting or special work from the user — just tap the icon and you’re good to go. Announced by Craig Federighi on the virtual stage of WWDC, Live Text will be arriving on iPhones with iOS 15. He demonstrated it with a couple pictures, one of a whiteboa...
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Global AI market predicted to reach nearly $1 trillion by 2028

The financial outlook for the global artificial intelligence market looks pretty good in 2021. But that’s nothing compared to the expansion experts expect to see over the next seven years. According to a recently released analysis report from Grand View Research, the AI market is expected to reach nearly $100 billion in 2021 and nearly ten times that by 2028. Per a report from Grand View Research: The global AI market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 40.2% from 2021 to 202...
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Mendel raises $18M to tease out data structure from medicine’s disparate document trove

The medical industry is sitting on a huge trove of data, but in many cases it can be a challenge to realize the value of it because that data is unstructured and in disparate places. Today, a startup called Mendel, which has built an AI platform both to ingest and bring order to that body of information, is announcing $18 million in funding to continue its growth and to build out what it describes as a “clinical data marketplace” for people not just to organize, but also to share and exchange th...
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AI cybersecurity provider SentinelOne files for $100M IPO

SentinelOne, a late-stage security startup that helps organizations secure their data using AI and machine learning, has filed for an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In an S-1 filing on Thursday, the security company revealed that for the three months ending April 30, its revenues increased by 108% year-on-year to $37.4 million and its customer base grew to 4,700, up from 2,700 a year prior. Despite this pandemic-fueled growth, SentinelOne’s net losses more than doubled from $26.6 mil...
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Rebranded Toyota Ventures invests $300 million in emerging tech and carbon neutrality 

Toyota AI Ventures, Toyota’s standalone venture capital fund, has dropped the “AI” and is reborn as, simply, Toyota Ventures. The fund is commemorating its new identity by investing an additional $300 million in emerging technologies and carbon neutrality via two early-stage funds: the Toyota Ventures Frontier Fund and the Toyota Ventures Climate Fund.  The introduction of these two new funds, each worth $150 million, brings Toyota Ventures’ total assets under management to over $500 million....
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The Legal Tech-To-English Dictionary: Law Practice Management Software

Read on for the second installment, where we translate legal practice management software-related topics to plain English.
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China’s ‘Wu Dao’ AI is 10X bigger than GPT-3, and it can sing

China’s going all in on deep learning. The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) recently released details concerning its “Wu Dao” AI system – and there’s a lot to unpack here. Up front: Wu Dao is a multi-modal AI system. That means it can do a bunch of different things. It can generate text, audio, and images, and, according to Engadget, it can even “power virtual idols.” The reason for all the hullabaloo surrounding Wu Dao involves its size. This AI model is huge. It was trained us...
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5 Reasons you need to attend TC Sessions: Mobility 2021

Get ready to spend a full day rubbing virtual elbows with the global mobility community’s best and brightest minds and makers. TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 takes place June 9, and we’ve packed the agenda with experts, interviews, demos, panel discussions, breakout sessions and a metric ton of opportunity. Pro tip: It’s not too late to book a ticket. Grab yours here and save with groups of 4+. If you’re still on the fence, here are five excellent reasons you should attend TC Sessions: Mobility 2020...
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Little Black Door launches app on iOS/Android allowing women to share wardrobes, online and off

Our relationship with fashion has changed, not just because of the pandemic. Months in lockdown means people are probably more aware of their fashion purchases and how they consume, given its been such a long time without socialising. But the oft-talked about ‘Clueless wardrobe’ which would allow women to both see into their collections, as well as share and potentially borrow from friends, has yet to go mainstream. Now a UK startup aims to change this. The Little Black door app, previously in c...
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Grimes Says AI Will Give Us Communism in Confusing New TikTok Video

Grimes, the musician and romantic partner of billionaire Elon Musk, is a big believer in artificial intelligence, according to a new TikTok video she posted late Wednesday. What can AI do for humanity? Grimes insists that AI is a way to achieve Communism, something she says is good, while avoiding “collective…Read more...
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Google hires former SiriusXM CPO/CTO to lead its Maps team

Almost exactly a year ago, Google announced a couple of leadership changes that saw Prabhakar Raghavan, who joined the company back in 2012, take over the lead of Search, Assistant and Maps. Now, sources familiar with the hiring tell us, the company has hired Christopher Phillips, who was previously the chief product and technology officer at SiriusXM, to lead its geo team, which is responsible for products like Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps Platform, the company’s enterprise busines...
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Here’s why the US continues to beat China in the AI race

The global AI race was supposed to be a sprint. Back in 2017 when driverless cars and domestic robots were thought to be just around the corner, the promise of deep learning made it seem like we were mere months away from living in an AI-powered utopia. As it turns out, the global AI race is more of a marathon. And the US has a huge lead that’ll be difficult to overcome for any country, but especially China. The setup It was easy to believe China would pull ahead a few years ago. US big tech com...
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OroraTech’s space-based early wildfire warnings spark $7M investment

With wildfires becoming an ever more devastating annual phenomenon, it is in the whole planet’s interest to spot them and respond as early as possible — and the best vantage point for that is space. OroraTech is a German startup building a constellation of small satellites to power a global wildfire warning system, and will be using a freshly raised €5.8M (~$7M) A round to kick things off. Wildfires destroy tens of millions of acres of forest every year, causing immense harm to people and the pl...
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Pentagram aims to cut through the noise of EV sound design

What does an electric vehicle sound like when it goes from 0 to 60, when it signals a turn, when it’s powered down for the night? EV motors have fewer parts and are therefore incredibly silent, which presents safety concerns for drivers who recognize speed by sound and pedestrians who can’t hear an approaching vehicle.  In 2019, regulators in Europe and the U.S. began requiring EVs to have warning sounds , but they left it up to the car manufacturers to choose those sounds. Many have t...
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Just one more week to go until TC Sessions: Mobility 2021

Seven days, 168 hours or 10,080 minutes — no matter how you count it, there’s just one week left until the global mobility tech community gathers on June 9 for TC Sessions: Mobility 2021. If you’re one of the brilliant minds focused on changing the future of transportation, grab your pass and join your tribe of revolutionaries. Whether you’re into AI, AVs, EVs, robotics (not everything’s an acronym around here) or hunting potential unicorns, you’ll gain insight from the leading voices in mobilit...
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How Expensify hacked its way to a robust, scalable tech stack

Take a close look at any ambitious startup and you’ll find pugnacity nestled in its core. Stubbornness and a bullheaded belief in the worth of what a company wants to bring to fruition is often the biggest driver of its success, and the people at such companies also tend to share this quality. So it wouldn’t be too far off the mark to say the people at Expensify are a stubborn lot — to the company’s ultimate benefit. This group of P2P pirates/hackers that set out to build an expense management a...
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