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As Bitcoin surges, hackers rush to spread cryptocurrency malware on Google Play

An unfortunate consequence of Bitcoin’s price revival in recent weeks is the resurgence of cryptocurrency malware on Google Play. ESET security researchers, have verified that there were at least two apps on Google Play specifically designed to steal users’ coins. One such app, called Trezor Mobile Wallet, was masquerading as an app version of the popular hardware wallet, Trezor. After analyzing the app, researchers found that it can’t actually do any harm to Trezor users. But it is connected to...
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These startups are locating in SF and Africa to win in global fintech

To become a global fintech player, locate your company in San Francisco and Africa. That’s the approach of payments company Flutterwave, digital lending startup Mines, and mobile-money venture Chipper Cash—Africa-founded ventures that maintain headquarters in San Francisco and operations in Africa to tap the best of both worlds in VC, developers, clients, and the frontier of digital finance. This arrangement wasn’t exactly coordinated across the ventures, but TechCrunch coverage picked up the...
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How to Think Like a Futurist

Being a futurist means paying attention to new patterns or trends that are slowly percolating up through the market and/or society that have the potential to catch on in a major way. It's about coming up with possible scenarios for the future given these developments.For me, the ideal timeframe for futurist thinking is 5-10 years, because although no one can successfully predict the future, in this window you are more likely to be able to clearly see where things are going according to curre...
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‘Crypto exchange’ Goxtrade caught using other people’s photos on its staff page

Alleged cryptocurrency exchange Goxtrade bills itself as a “trusted platform for trading bitcoins,” but its staff page is filled with photos of people of pulled seemingly at random from the internet. The alleged exchange, which claimed to debut in 2017 yet its website is only a little more than a week old, used photos taken from social media profiles and other company websites not associated with the company. Bizarrely, the alleged exchange didn’t bother to change all of the names of the people ...
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Openfinance opens up US trading of third-party digital assets

Openfinance, the secondary market for trading digital alternative assets, announced it will be opening up trading of third-party digital securities to US Investors, making it the first trading platform to do so. The company already supported the trading of third-party digital securities (securities that have been migrated onto the blockchain that are now traded on Openfinance’s blockchain-based platform) in Europe, but was unable to provide the same capability in the US due to minimum holding pe...
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Coinbase expands USDC stablecoin support to 85 countries

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is ramping up stablecoin support around the world. Customers can now trade USD Coin (or USDC for short) in 85 countries — USDC support was only available in the U.S. excluding NY. You can trade USDC on both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. The company has been aggressive when it comes to international expansion. Coinbase is currently available in over 100 countries — 85 out of 103 countries support USDC. But there’s a trick. Many countries can only exchange crypto a...
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MassChallenge, Funds for Innowatts, Liveoak, Data Gumbo & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Innowatts, an AI-focused energy tech company in Houston, has closed an $18.2 million Series B funding round, according to a press release. The investment was led by Energy Impact Partners and included existing investors Shell Ventures, Iberdola, and Energy and Environment Fund (EEI Japan), as well as new investor Evergy Ventures. Innowatts’ technology is designed to help utilities provide a more personalized experience for their customers...
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HTC’s new $300 blockchain phone will double as a Bitcoin node

Taiwainese mobile phone manufacturer HTC is launching a more affordable blockchain phone with full Bitcoin node capabilities. Originally announced last month, the Exodus 1S will be launching in Q3 this year and will have an extra SD card to support its blockchain capabilities. For what it’s worth, HTC was gunning to include node capabilities in the Exodus 1, but the company ultimately decided to drop the functionality for the device’s first iteration – perhaps due to Google’s updated Play store ...
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HTC introduces a cheaper blockchain phone, opens Zion Vault SDK

Happy Blockchain Week to you and yours. HTC helped kick off this important national holiday by announcing the upcoming release of the HTC Exodus 1s. The latest version of the company’s intriguing blockchain phone shaves some of price off the Exodus 1 — which eventually sold for $699 when the company made it available in more traditional currency. HTC’s being predictably cagey about exact pricing here, instead simply calling it “a more value-oriented version” of the original. Nor is the com...
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

A Better Mousetrap Is Always Around The Corner The world saw cracks in the armor of Google this week when Alphabet’s earnings reported below analyst estimates. It looks like Amazon and others have found weaknesses in the search-based advertising model — golden geese are mortal after all. So, if Google is vulnerable to disruption, then we […]
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Coinbase loses its first CTO after just one year in the job

Coinbase, the $8 billion-valued crypto exchange, has lost its CTO after Balaji Srinivasan announced his departure from the company. Srinivasan became the U.S. company’s first CTO one year ago after it acquired, where he was CEO and co-founder. Given the tenure — one year and one day — it looks like Srinivasan’s departure comes after he served the minimum agreed period with Coinbase. A high-profile figure in the crypto space who has also spent time with Coinbase and Earn investor A16z...
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Microsoft launches a fully managed blockchain service

Microsoft didn’t rush to bring blockchain technology to its Azure cloud computing platform, but over the course of the last year, it started to pick up the pace with the launch of its blockchain development kit and the Azure Blockchain Workbench. Today, ahead of its Build developer conference, it is going a step further by launching Azure Blockchain Services, a fully managed service that allows for the formation, management and governance of consortium blockchain networks. We’re not talking c...
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New York Attorney General probes crypto exchange Bitfinex over alleged $850M fraud

In what seems like a historic moment in crypto, New York State Attorney General (NYSAG) office has announced that it is investigating iFinex, the company behind exchange Bitfinex and stablecoin Tether, over an alleged $850 million fraud. Attorney General Letitia James’ office said on Thursday that it is looking how the company (apparently) lost $850 million which is said to have gone missing through a deal with Panama-based Crypto Capital. iFinex reportedly selected Crypto Capital as a payment p...
Tags: New York, Crowdfunding, Tech, Taiwan, Ethereum, Panama, Blockchain, James, Wells Fargo, Letitia James, Bitfinex, NYSAG, Crypto Capital iFinex, Crypto Capital

5 Ways Blockchain will Change the Landscape of the Legal Sector

By Benny Henson You might be hearing some grumbles related to bitcoins–possibly it will fade in the coming years, but its foreground technology–Blockchain will be the most significant development that will continue to grow. Blockchain will be the transformative energy behind changes that are ready to take place within the legal industry. Businesses are heavily investing in Blockchain, which is enforcing law firms to take board this technology. Experts suggest that Blockchain will be as revolutio...
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Pinterest employee #1 launches blockchain art market MakersPlace

Pinterest is a great place to find digital art but a terrible place to sell it. The fact that anything online is infinitely copyable makes it tough for artists to establish a sense of scarcity necessary for their work to be perceived as valuable. Yash Nelapati saw this struggle up close as Pinterest’s first employee. Now he has started MakersPlace, where creators can generate a blockchain fingerprint for each of their artworks that proves who made it and lets it be sold as part of a limited e...
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NEC Accelerates Services Business Leveraging Network Strengths Under the New Brand “NEC Smart Connectivity”

TOKYO, Apr 24, 2019 – (JCN Newswire) – Under the new brand “NEC Smart Connectivity,” NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) will accelerate its services business throughout a wide range of new fields by leveraging its strengths in networking technologies and solutions. Read more… The post NEC Accelerates Services Business Leveraging Network Strengths Under the New Brand “NEC Smart Connectivity” appeared first on Guest Post, Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, PR |
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SPECIAL REPORT: 2019 Blockchain Outlook — Reality Check

After a breakout year in 2017, the blockchain sector suffered a series of blows in 2018, from crashing cryptocurrency prices to increased regulatory scrutiny of crypto ventures and deepening skepticism about whether the technology was actually useful. Now, the industry has entered a crucial phase where blockchain developers need to overcome the limitations of the technology and find use cases that will win widespread adoption by businesses and organizations.In this Xconomy Special Report, our v...
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Binance’s hotly-anticipated Singapore crypto exchange is now live — and underwhelming

Binance, the company widely seen as the world’s largest crypto exchange, has officially set up shop in Singapore after it launched a service in the country. The new Singapore service, however, bears more of a resemblance to U.S. rival Coinbase than a classic Binance exchange. Binance’s rapid ascent is thanks to a service that lets users trade a range of crypto tokens with very little verification or individual data required. It’s Singapore venture is quite the opposite: it allows customers to...
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ZenGo wants to become the crypto wallet for the masses

KZen is about to release ZenGo, a mobile app to manage your cryptocurrencies securely and more easily. There are already countless of crypto wallets out there, but the startup thinks they’re all either too complicated or too insecure. If you own cryptocurrencies, chances are they’re sitting on an exchange, such as Coinbase or Binance. If somebody manages to log in to your account, nothing is stopping them from sending those assets to other wallets and stealing everything. Worse, if somebody hack...
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Has Anyone Actually Seen A Blockchain?

That’s no excuse for not embracing new technologies.
Tags: Technology, Law, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Legal Operations, Mike Quartararo

Coinbase launches debit card in the UK

When you buy cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, many users simply don’t know what to do with them. Customers in the U.K. can now get a good old plastic card and spend cryptocurrencies in-store and on any online website. This is a Visa card so it should work with any merchant on the Visa network. The company is launching a separate mobile app called Coinbase Card to manage your cryptocurrency balances. For instance, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to use your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin...
Tags: Europe, UK, Tech, Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Coinbase Card

ShelterZoom’s Mithra Contract aims to make blockchain deals more accessible

Blockchain company ShelterZoom announced Monday the launch of Mithra, the "world’s first tokenized, industry-agnostic digital contract platform."
Tags: Technology, Radio, Ethereum, Tokens, Blockchain, Select, News Brief, Mithra, Smart Contracts, Ethereum Blockchain, Shelterzoom, Ricardian contracts

ShelterZoom’s Mithra aims to make blockchain deals more accessible

Blockchain company ShelterZoom announced Monday the launch of Mithra, the "world’s first tokenized, industry-agnostic digital contract platform."
Tags: Technology, Radio, Ethereum, Tokens, Blockchain, Select, News Brief, Mithra, Smart Contracts, Ethereum Blockchain, Shelterzoom, Ricardian contracts

Okta unveils $50M in-house venture capital fund

Identity management software provider Okta, which went public two years ago in what was one of the first pure-cloud subscription-based company IPOs, wants to fund the next generation of identity, security and privacy startups. At its big customer conference Oktane, where the company has also announced a new level of identity protection at the server level, chief operating officer Frederic Kerrest (pictured above, right, with chief executive officer Todd McKinnon) will unveil a $50 million ...
Tags: Security, Startups, Enterprise, Microsoft, Okta, Identity Management, Tech, Computing, Venture Capital, Machine Learning, Andreessen Horowitz, Symantec, Cryptocurrencies, Oracle, Blockchain, Khosla Ventures

Enterprise blockchain startup Offchain Labs scores $3.7M seed round

Two of the issues limiting blockchain adoption in the enterprise has been lack of scalability and privacy. Offchain Labs, a startup that spun out of research at Princeton, wants to help create more scalable smart contracts while shifting part of the process off of the public blockchain to increase privacy. Today, the company announced a $3.7M seed round led by Pantera Capital. Compound VC, Raphael Ouzan of Blocknation, Jake Seid, managing director at Stone Bridge Ventures and other unnamed inves...
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Google distributed malicious Chrome app designed to steal your cryptocurrency

Be wary if you come across ads that promote an airdrop, distributing tokens for popular cryptocurrency exchange desk Huobi: the offer might be fake, and you might be getting swooped into an elaborate ploy designed to steal your coins. Security researcher Harry Denley, who maintains popular anti-phishing database EtherscamDB, has unearthed a phishing campaign that tricks victims into downloading a malicious Chrome extension, programmed to get a hold of your wallet‘s private keys. What makes the a...
Tags: Google, Security, Startups, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Hard Fork, Harry Denley

Bitcoin gets slower, smaller and more like Ethereum

Editor’s Note: Our writer Galen Moore (who previously wrote an analysis of STOs) attended the MIT Bitcoin Expo this weekend. These are his field notes on his interviews with a bunch of the leading thinkers in the Bitcoin community, along with links to the full audio if you want to go deeper. ~ Danny Crichton The MIT Bitcoin Expo is not really about Bitcoin, per se. Many other cryptocurrencies are discussed. Sometimes, warring factions find themselves in the same room. On the Friday night before ...
Tags: Finance, Tech, Bitcoin, Lightning, Blockstream, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Welch, LaCroix, Prestwich, Danny Crichton, Stellar, Summa, Nic Carter, Galen Moore

Amun raises $4M to give stock-like buying options for crypto investors

Crypto represent a ‘border-less’ that anyone can own, but actually getting hold it isn’t easy for everyone. Amun, a company that wants to make buying crypto as easy as stock, has pulled in $4 million in funding to offer more established channels for crypto ownership. The startup currently offers punters an ETP (exchange-traded product) on the Swiss Stock Exchange that pulls together five of the most popular crypto assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP and Litecoin. ‘HODL’ — as it is calle...
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DOJ Arrests Chief of OneCoin, Says It Was Multi-Billion-Dollar Pyramid Scheme

Authorities on Friday announced the arrest of one of the founders of Bulgarian cryptocurrency business OneCoin, saying it was nothing more than a pyramid scheme designed to defraud users. While crypto scams are disturbingly common, according to a Department of Justice press release, prosecutors allege that this…Read more...
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Red Cat wants to track drone flight data on the blockchain

Red Cat, a startup that wants to store drone flight data on the blockchain to guarantee immutability, announced the second Beta of its drone data platform today. Jeff Thompson, CEO of Red Cat says in 2017 he was looking at what was holding back the commercial drone business and the need for a black-box kind of system became apparent to him. The so-called black box is really a flight recorder that tracks data about a flight. He believed he could create a platform to reproduce this capability for ...
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