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New Funding for Workplace Software Firms Skedulo and Scope AR

Two young San Francisco companies on Wednesday announced fundraisings to bolster their online services aimed at improving workforce efficiency.—Skedulo, which helps managers schedule assignments for field service personnel, says it raised $28 million in a Series B funding round led by M12, Microsoft’s corporate venture arm. Joining in the round were previous investors Blackbird, a venture capital firm based near Sydney, Australia, and Palo Alto, CA-based Costanoa Ventures. M12 principal Priya S...
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Pilot Who Hitched a Ride Saved Lion Air 737 Day Before Deadly Crash

As the Lion Air crew fought to control their diving Boeing 737 Max 8, they got help from an unexpected source: an off-duty pilot who happened to be riding in the cockpit. Bloomberg reports: That extra pilot, who was seated in the cockpit jumpseat, correctly diagnosed the problem and told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system and save the plane, according to two people familiar with Indonesia's investigation. The next day, under command of a different crew facing what inv...
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Full moon patents: Uber’s pick-up AR, Microsoft’s crime scene AI, and Boeing’s toilet

Ugh, the Gregorian calendar is so boring. That’s why we’re disrupting monthly series with a lunar cycle-based series about the best patents of the last synodic month, picked by the PatentYogi team. Get ready when that moon gets gibbous, y’all. This March-ish roundup lands on the icky Worm Moon ! Since my last post, the US patent office issued over 13,028 patents and published over 13,113 patent applications. Each patent asset adds a little something new to the human knowledge base. As I cannot l...
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Business briefly: Apple refreshes iPad lineup, with larger entry-level model

Apple is refreshing its 7.9-inch iPad Mini, seen here, for the first time in more than three years. The Mini will have the same chip as the Air, along with support for the Apple Pencil stylus. But the Mini won’t have an optional keyboard attachment, unlike the new Air and Pro models. It will cost $399, more expensive than the larger, but older 9.7-inch iPad. (Courtesy of Apple) Apple has unveiled a new iPad that’s thinner and slightly larger than its current entry-level tablet.The new iPad Ai...
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Flawed Analysis, Failed Oversight: How Boeing, FAA Certified the Suspect 737 MAX Flight Control System

In one of the most detailed descriptions yet of the relationship between Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration during the 737 Max's certification process, the Seattle Times reports that the U.S. regulator delegated much of the safety assessment to Boeing and that the analysis the planemaker in turn delivered to the authorities had crucial flaws. 0x2A shares the report: Both Boeing and the FAA were informed of the specifics of this story and were asked for responses 11 days ago, before t...
Tags: Indonesia, Tech, Faa, Boeing, Federal Aviation Administration, Lion Air, Seattle Times, Europe Canada, MCAS, Boeing FAA, System Safety Analysis for MCAS

Report: Ethiopian Transport Official Says 737 Max 8 Jet Crash Has 'Close Similarities' to 2018 Crash

Ethiopian Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said that black box data shows the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 jet shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa on March 10, 2019, killing 157 people, bears close resemblances to the crash of another Boeing 737 Max 8 flying with Lion Air that was lost in…Read more...
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Are We Getting Close To Flying Taxis?

An anonymous reader quotes a report from public news station KNPR about how close weare flying taxi services: The dream of flying cars is as at least as old as the automobile itself. Bell, which makes attack helicopters for the U.S. Navy, is working on this new project with another high-profile partner, Uber. The prototype, the Bell Nexus, was unveiled earlier this year. Boeing and Airbus also have prototypes of these flying cars in the works. Uber has become the face of the aerial mobility mov...
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Mention of jackscrew in Boeing 737 MAX crash evokes memories of Alaska Flight 261, but key differences exist

In the crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in January 2000, federal investigators found that jackscrew failed from excessive wear. In the Ethiopian crash, there’s no suggestion that the jackscrew on the Boeing plane failed.
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 March 2019

Stones (in both foreground and background) and sheep (everywhere) – we’ll see these in Kilmartin Glen, on our Scotland’s Highland Highlights Tour this September. Good morningWow, what a wild and crazy week this one has been, with the added dimension, for me personally but hopefully not for you, of (hopefully just) experiencing another kidney stone event.  These seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.The extraordinarily dysfunctional nature of Obamacare was driven home to me.  When it bec...
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M:Bility Conference: Panel Talks Factors Fueling Future of AV Industry

At AutoWorld’s M:Bility conference in Dearborn, MI, this week, a wide variety of topics pertaining to the mobility industry and the development of driverless technology were covered in keynote and panel discussions, including mapping and sensors, artificial intelligence, automotive data, mobility-as-a-service, electrification, and 5G connectivity.However, running through all topics was a measure of caution as industry insiders worked to adjust expectations as to when fully autonomous (or nearly...
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Boeing 737 Max Crashes 'Linked' By Satellite Track Data, FAA Says

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency order grounding all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on March 13, citing new data that showed a possible link between the March 10 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight and the crash of a Lion Air flight off the coast of Indonesia last October. In an interview with NPR's David Greene this morning, acting FAA Director Dan Ewell said that "newly refined satellite data" from a flight telemetry syst...
Tags: Europe, Indonesia, US, Tech, Npr, Faa, Boeing, Federal Aviation Administration, Malaysian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Lion Air, David Greene, Dan Ewell, Aircraft Communications Addressing

When is an Airplane (ie B737 MAX) Too Dangerous to Fly?

Remains of the Ethiopian Airlines B737 MAX 8, in the crater caused by its crash. This question, very similar to “how high is up” has been much in people’s thoughts this week with the Boeing 737 MAX and its two recent crashes.In an interesting duality that reflects how public debate has not flourished in the social media era, there was first a clamor of people demanding all 737 MAX planes be grounded, and then, as each successive national authority duly did so, even more pressure was felt by the ...
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A Worry For Some Pilots: Their Hands-On Flying Skills Are Lacking

An anonymous reader shares a report: Pilots now spend more time learning automated systems than practicing hands-on flying, so newer pilots are less comfortable with taking manual control when the computer steers them wrong, according to interviews with a dozen pilots and pilot instructors at major airlines and aviation universities around the world. "The automation in the aircraft, whether it's a Boeing or an Airbus, has lulled us into a sense of security and safety," said Kevin Hiatt, a former...
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"Boeing executives sat down last November with pilots at the Allied Pilots Association’s low-slung brick headquarters in Fort Worth."

"Tensions were running high. One of Boeing’s new jets — hailed by the company as an even more reliable version of Boeing’s stalwart 737 — had crashed into the ocean off Indonesia shortly after takeoff, killing all 189 people on board the flight operated by Lion Air. After the crash, Boeing issued a bulletin disclosing that this line of planes, known as the 737 Max 8, was equipped with a new type of software as part of the plane’s automated functions. Some pilots were furious that they were not t...
Tags: Technology, Law, Indonesia, Airplanes, Boeing, Fort Worth, Lion Air, Allied Pilots Association, Ann Althouse, Dennis Tajer

Boeing 737 Max Jets Grounded By FAA Emergency Order

President Trump announced an emergency order from the Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday grounding Boeing 737 Max jets in the wake of an Ethiopian Airlines crash Sunday and a Lion Air accident in October that together killed 346 people. The emergency order comes two days after the FAA said the Boeing 737 Max planes are still airworthy. NBC News reports: Trump's announcement came as the FAA faced mounting pressure from aviation advocates and others to ban flights of the planes pending t...
Tags: Indonesia, Nbc News, Tech, United States, Faa, Boeing, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration, Max, Trump, Ethiopian Airlines, Lion Air, Steven Gottlieb, Boeing MAX, FAA Emergency Order

Daily Crunch: Spotify files complaint against Apple

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Spotify files a complaint against Apple with the European Commission over ‘Apple tax’ and restrictive rules Spotify is taking off its gloves in what has up to now been a behind-the-scenes tug-of-war with Apple — it competes against Apple Music but also relies heavily on the company for distribution of its...
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Verizon, Motorola, Twitter, Europe, Media, Microsoft, Minneapolis, Tech, Chicago, Paris, European Commission, Boeing, Daniel Ek, Jakarta

After FAA doubles down on 737 decision, Canada grounds the planes amid reports of complaints from U.S. pilots

After the Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement late yesterday doubling down on its decision to keep the Boeing 737 Max planes at the heart of two accident investigations flying, Canada has become the latest nation to ground the plane. “There are — and I hasten to say not conclusive — but there are similarities,” said Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau, in a statement broadcast on Canadian television. Garneau noted that the similarities “exceed a certain threshold in our...
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Boeing To Make Key Change in 737 MAX Cockpit Software

Boeing is making an extensive change to the flight-control system in the 737 MAX aircraft implicated in October's Lion Air crash in Indonesia, going beyond what many industry officials familiar with the discussions had anticipated. From a report: The change was in the works before a second plane of the same make crashed in Africa last weekend -- and comes as world-wide unease about the 737 MAX's safety grows. The change would mark a major shift from how Boeing originally designed a stall-prevent...
Tags: Indonesia, Africa, Tech, Boeing

Boeing is moving to address potential issues in new 737s as Europe bans its plane

In the wake of the second fatal crash in six months involving Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes, the European Aviation and Safety Administration is grounding the planes as Boeing said it was taking additional steps to address an issue that may have contributed to the crash. On Sunday, a Boeing 737 Max 8 plane operated by Ethiopian Airlines crashed just minutes after takeoff killing all 157 on board the flight. Last October, a Lion Air flight departing from Jakarta crashed in similar circumstances ki...
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Business briefly: Tech leads US stocks broadly higher; Boeing drops

A broadly rally led by technology companies drove U.S. stocks sharply higher Monday, giving the S&P 500 its biggest increase since late January. Nvidia was the S&P 500′s strongest performer after agreeing to buy chipmaker Mellanox. Apple benefited from an analyst upgrade. A sharp decline in Boeing stemmed the gain for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The S&P 500 gained 40.23 points, or 1.5 percent, to 2,783.30. The Dow rose 200.64 points, or 0.8 percent, to 25,650.88. The average bounced back a...
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FAA Says Boeing 737 MAX Planes Are Still Airworthy

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The Boeing 737 MAX, the type of plane involved in a deadly crash in Ethiopia over the weekend, is still airworthy and the Federal Aviation Administration plans to issue a notice to the international aviation community later Monday, a person familiar with the matter said. "The FAA continuously assesses and oversees the safety performance of U.S. commercial aircraft," the FAA said in a statement. "If we identify an issue that affects safety, the FAA w...
Tags: Indonesia, China, Tech, Ethiopia, Aviation, Faa, Boeing, Cnbc, Jakarta, Federal Aviation Administration, Ethiopian Airlines, Lion Air Boeing

Apple is now one of the biggest investors in research and development, and critics are wondering what it's getting for its money (AAPL)

Apple has been massively ramping up its spending on research and development in recent years. It now spends nearly $15 billion a year, giving it one of the biggest corporate R&D budgets in the world. Analysts and investors have begun to question that spending, because the company seems to have gotten little payoff from it so far. Apple is still heavily dependent on the iPhone and its new products haven't come close to making up for shortfalls in its phone sales. Analysts attribute the company'...
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Boeing acquires ForeFlight

Boeing has acquired Houston-based ForeFlight, a provider of mobile and web-based aviation applications. No financial terms were disclosed. ForeFlight was backed by Silver Lake Sumeru. PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO, March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] completed the acquisition of ForeFlight, a leading provider of innovative mobile and web-based aviation applications. ForeFlight has partnered with Boeing for the past two years to bring aviators Jeppesen’s aeronautical data and charts through Fo...
Tags: Trends, Tech, Chicago, M&a, Houston, Boeing, Houston Texas, Ken Sain, Jeppesen, Silver Lake Sumeru, Digital Solutions and Analytics, Tyson Weihs

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon makes historic landing in Atlantic Ocean

Crew Dragon has successfully completed its six-day mission designed to test whether the capsule is fit to transport humans to the ISS.SpaceX and NASA collaborated on the mission, which signals an end of U.S. reliance on Russian spacecraft to transport astronauts to the space station.Boeing also is working with NASA to execute missions to the space station, and plans to conduct similar tests in the coming months. None SpaceX's commercial astronaut capsule, the Crew Dragon, successfully landed in ...
Tags: Space, Spacex, Elon Musk, Florida, Technology, Nasa, Earth, International Space Station, Innovation, Sigourney Weaver, Iss, Boeing, Atlantic Ocean, Ripley, Jim Bridenstine, Bob Behnken

TX Tech: ForeFlight to Boeing, Osano Debut, Saranas’ FDA Nod & More

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Boeing (NYSE: BE) has acquired Houston-based ForeFlight, a mobile and web-based maker of aviation software, according to a press release. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. ForeFlight had already been partnering with the Chicago-based aeronautical company for the past two years through Boeing’s subsidiary Jeppesen by using the latter’s data and charts in ForeFlight’s mobile platform. “This acquisition also expands Boeing’s rapidly grow...
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SpaceX makes history by completing first private crew capsule mission

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule has safely splashed down in the Atlantic, making it the first privately built crew-capable spacecraft ever to complete a mission to the International Space Station. It’s one of several firsts SpaceX plans this year, but Boeing is hot on its heels with a crew demonstrator of its own — and of course the real test is doing the same thing with astronauts aboard. This mission, Demo-1, had SpaceX showing that its Crew Dragon capsule, an evolution of the cargo-bearing Dr...
Tags: Gadgets, Space, Spacex, Hardware, Government, Tech, Nasa, Atlantic, International Space Station, West Coast, Iss, Demo, Boeing, Falcon, Ripley, Commercial Crew

Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 March 2019

An Avro Lancaster and a Boeing B-17. See item below. Good morningHappy International Women’s Day.I’ve been struggling this week to write a review on what, in the opinion of many main stream media reviewers, have now become the very best set of noise cancelling headphones out there.  As longer time readers know, I’ve been reviewing noise cancelling headphones pretty much right since Day One, way back in 2001.During that time, I’ve reviewed the original Bose Quiet Comfort, and then just about ever...
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SpaceX Aces First Launch of Crew Dragon, Built to Carry Humans, and Falcon 9 Touchdown

"SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule, its first spacecraft designed to carry humans, took flight for the first time Saturday," reports CNN. Slashdot reader Applehu Akbar calls it "a perfect launch," noting the test flight is hauling a sensor-loaded dummy named "Ripley" -- plus a 400-pound cargo of essentials for the International Space Station. Crew Dragon will dock on Sunday, CNN reports, then return to earth five days later. "SpaceX's capsule is now en route to the International Space Station, which ...
Tags: Spacex, Florida, Russia, Tech, Nasa, Earth, Cnn, United States, International Space Station, Boeing, Falcon, Ripley, Applehu Akbar, CNN Slashdot

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon makes its first orbital launch tonight

After years of development and delays, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is ready to launch into orbit. It’s the first commercially built and operated crewed spacecraft ever to do so, and represents in many ways the public-private partnership that could define the future of spaceflight. Launch is set for just before midnight Pacific time — 2:49 Eastern time in Cape Canaveral, from where the Falcon 9 carrying the Crew Dragon capsule will take off. It’s using Launchpad 39A at Kennedy Space Center, which pre...
Tags: Gadgets, Space, Spacex, Hardware, Government, Russia, Tech, Nasa, Dragon, East Coast, Boeing, Falcon Heavy, Falcon, Cape Canaveral, Crew Dragon, Ripley

Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 March 2019

A section of the brightly colored houses and shops facing out to the harbor in the lovely little town of Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull. We’ll spend two nights here on the Scotland’s Highland Highlights tour in September. Good morningAnother week with a disrupted review – the product I was testing abjectly failed at the thing it was primarily intended for.  To be fair, I have to give the manufacturer a chance to respond – maybe it is a bad unit, for example.However, there’s lot we do have this w...
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