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Apple considering TikTok purchase, report Axios and others

Apple is reportedly looking to purchase TikTok, though the company denies it. From Axios' Dan Primack: As we report in Axios Pro Rata today, Apple has expressed serious interest in buying TikTok. — Dan Primack (@danprimack) August 4, 2020 Cupertino says nope, Primack adds: State of play: Apple spokesperson tells Axios that there are no discussions about buying TikTok and the company isn't interested. Other outlets have been reporting the same rumor. Report: Appl...
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6 Marketing Strategies That Will Never Go Out of Style

Marketing is a lot like fashion. Every day, there’s a new marketing trend that surfaces. And as an entrepreneur wanting your business to succeed, it can be tempting to try out all of the new trends that come to light. Sure, trends are important to monitor. However, there are also oldies but goodies that never go out of style. Sometimes the best marketing strategies you can use are the ones that aren’t fresh, crazy, or fancy. Sometimes the best tactics are the evergreen marketing strategies th...
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Demystified: B2B Sales Growth Strategy

2/ EVERY B2B company ends up building a sales team –– even if they started bottom-up. This includes @Atlassian, @SlackHQ, @Dropbox, @segment, @twilio, etc. 3/ Most companies kick-started growth with founder-led sales, e.g. “In the early days of Figma, we talked with practically every designer we knew … I cold emailed / found introductions to many of these people and showed them Figma.” – @zoink 4/ If you’re starting bottom-up, you don’t need to launch with a paid plan. 7 of the ...
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All things SAAS : This report by Nasscom sums it all

Some Global Stats – Globally, 12000 SaaS companies – Global revenue is at $100bn – Top 5 companies own 51% of that (MSFT, Oracle, Adobe, SalesForce & SAP) – Growing at 23% CAGR – Americas at 60%, EMEA 30% Some more Vertical Market breakup: BFSI 15-20%, Retail 10-15%, Health 10-15%, Education 10%, Others 30-40% Horizontal market breakup: CRM 25%, ERP 23%, Content/communication/collaboration 22%, BI 9% HCM 8% SCM 4% Projections for 2025 – – $400 bn addressable global market b...
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China will not accept 'theft' of TikTok by Trump and the U.S, reports state-run China Daily

China isn't prepared to accept the “theft” of Chinese technology company TikTok, and has the capability to respond to Trump's move to push ByteDance to sell short-video app TikTok’s U.S. operations to Microsoft, state-controlled China Daily newspaper said on Tuesday. From Reuters: The United States’ “bullying” of Chinese tech companies was a consequence of Washington’s zero-sum vision of “American first” and left China no choice but “submission or mortal combat in the tech realm”, the state-...
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FTC probing Twitter's use of sensitive data for ad targeting

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is investigating Twitter over claims the social media company violated a federal law that bans the use of personal data provided for security purposes to target ads, Twitter disclosed on Monday. In a regulatory filing made public today, Twitter disclosed it received a draft FTC complaint that claims violations between 2013 and 2019. From Reuters: Twitter said it estimates probable loss of between $150 million and $250 million in settlement charges, and has a...
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TikTok ponders HQ in London after Donald Trump's hostility

Video app’s owner ByteDance already has 800 of its European workforce in UK and IrelandThe Chinese firm behind the TikTok video app is weighing up plans to open a headquarters in London, with Boris Johnson reportedly prepared to risk Donald Trump’s anger by rolling out the red carpet for the company.The US president has been openly hostile to TikTok, amid widespread concern in the country about Chinese companies’ ties to the Communist party and the risk posed to customers’ personal information. ...
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Microsoft confirms it’s seeking to buy U.S. arm of TikTok

Microsoft confirmed Sunday it is in talks with Chinese company ByteDance to acquire the U.S. arm of its popular video app TikTok and has discussed with President Donald Trump his concerns about security and censorship surrounding such an acquisition. In a statement, Microsoft said Microsoft and ByteDance have provided notice of their intent to explore a deal resulting in Microsoft owning and operating the TikTok service in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The company said it expects ...
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The Impact Of Coronavirus Outbreak On SEO

The global economy is estimated to suffer a loss of $2.7 trillion due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries have been in a complete lockdown for weeks, and it is easy to see the impact that this virus has on all aspects of business, including SEO and ad spend. Businesses and individuals have feared a massive economic downturn, so sales and marketing have been going through a significant decline as customers focus on saving money for a rainy day.  According to the Federal Reserve, in the ...
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Design Docs at Google of the key elements of Google’s software engineering culture is the use of defining software designs through design docs. As software engineers our job is not to produce code per se, but rather to solve problems. Unstructured text, like in the form of a design doc, may be the better tool for solving problems early in a project lifecycle, as it may be more concise and easier to comprehend, and communicates the problems and solutio...
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Facebook usage and revenue continue to grow as the pandemic rages on people at home means more people on Facebook. Daily users of Facebook increased 12 percent year over year, to 1.79 billion. Monthly usage across its family of apps, which also include Instagram and WhatsApp, rose 14 percent, to 3.14 billion. And Facebook’s mostly ad-based based business rose along with them: the company’s revenue was up 11 percent year over year, to $18.69 billion. The post Fa...
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Microsoft pursuing TikTok purchase by September 15th, may invite U.S. investors to deal

Microsoft has posted a statement today on its corporate blog that says it will continue discussions on a potential TikTok purchase in the U.S.. As a part of the statement, it says that it may invite other “American investors” to participate on a minority basis. The company says that this is a result of conversations between CEO Satya Nadella and President Trump. That is, basically, the ‘news’ here. Previous reports and our own digging pointed to the situation being totally in the hands of ...
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Wikipedia is asking for donation – but does it really need *that much of* money? Find out #ThreadMiller

First off, notice the tone of the appeal. They say that this is the “sixth appeal”, all they ask is ₹150 and also that 98% of their readers don’t donate. If this makes you feel they *need* the money, it’s by design – they have a 8 people team to manage fundraising conversions. For nonprofits, having an year’s worth of spending money at hand is generally advisable. As per their last earnings report, WMF have $176m worth of assets, out of which a whopping $152m is in cash and cash-equi...
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‘After Boris Johnson’s Zoom call, all hell broke loose’: inside the world's favourite video app

Ten years ago, Silicon Valley had written off Zoom. Now it’s used by everyone from princes to piano teachersOn 6 January, a day after the World Heath Organization first reported a strange cluster of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan, China, a party invitation dropped online. “Mark your calendars”, read the invite sent out by Zoom, a video-conferencing company based in California, “for Zoomtopia 2020!” Innocently enough, Zoom was announcing a real-world get-together for its most ardent clients and fa...
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WATCH: Astronauts prepare for rare splashdown in SpaceX capsule, target is 7:34 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 1

WATCH THE SPLASHDOWN EVENT LIVE HERE, the SpaceX video embed in this post will go live with pre-event content sometime before 7pm EDT on Saturday August 1. NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken are about to make the first splashdown return in 45 years. “SpaceX and NASA are targeting 7:34 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 1 for Crew Dragon and the two astronauts to depart the orbiting laboratory and return to Earth,” tweeted SpaceX late Friday evening. From SpaceX, here is the timeline for...
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3 Tips For A Woman Entrepreneur Looking To Make Home Life & Business Life Easier

When you are a business woman who also takes care of her family and household chores, life can become a little too challenging. And those challenges can come to you from any direction — from your parents, partner, kids or even your clients & employees. But we can’t afford to neglect any of them, right? In this blog post, we are discussing a few tips that can make life easier for you as a woman entrepreneur, so you can refresh your home office and maintain the house as well. So, let’s...
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4 Digital Marketing Hacks to Survive and Thrive During the COVID Era

In the early days of the COVID-19 lockdowns, there seemed to be one question on everyone’s minds: How will we stay productive amid a global pandemic? I’m not talking about making sourdough bread or launching a personal podcast (though these are undoubtedly worthy pursuits if that’s your thing). I’m talking about the employees, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who can admittedly count themselves lucky because they still have a steady stream of work coming in. The drive to stay productive and, ...
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Atlassian acquires asset management company Mindville

Atlassian today announced that it has acquired Mindville, Jira-centric enterprise asset management firm based in Sweden. Mindville’s over 1,700 customers include the likes of NASA, Spotify and Samsung. Image Credits: Atlassian With this acquisition, Atlassian is getting into a new market, too, by adding asset management tools to its lineup of services. The company’s flagship product is Mindville Insights, which helps IT, HR, sales, legal and facilities to track assets across a company. It’...
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Self-employed landlords battle harder for home-loan approvals

All Fullerton residents Scott and Tina Foley, longtime clients of mine, wanted to do was refinance a rental property. They did it before. Easy, right? After an exhausting process, they thought they were finally at the mortgage funding finish line when one more phone call came. One more question. The loan funder asked if Tina was currently employed at their jointly owned construction firm. “Why would you ask?” the Foleys incredulously asked. “Oh, let me look,” said the funder. “You got stuck with...
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Amazon says police demands for customer data have gone up

Amazon has said the number of demands for user data made by U.S. federal and local law enforcement have increased during the first half of 2020 than during the same period a year earlier. The disclosure came in the company’s latest transparency report, published Thursday. The figures show that Amazon received 23% more subpoenas and search warrants, and a 29% increase in court orders compared to the first half of 2019. That includes data collected from its retail storefront, Amazon Ech...
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How Can a Small Business Compete Against Big Brands With SEO?

SEO and What You Need to Know In this digital age, every business has an online presence and competes with each other for top positions on the search engine results pages (SERPs).  Big brands who have more budgets and resources seem to be dominating the game. How can a small business with limited experience and resources survive and thrive?  Thankfully, search engine optimization (SEO) is not all about size. Search engines use their algorithms to bring searchers the most relevant results. T...
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How to Use Machine Learning in Business?

Machine learning plays a significant role in the current advancement of technology. Most artificial intelligence applications and systems taking over the tech industry implement machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are designed to understand correlations in massive volumes of data to identify trends. The data includes numbers, phrases, pictures, clicks, and any available electronic data. As this data is digitally processed, it’s easily fed into a machine-learning system. Exploring ML ...
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YC is great but this startup turned down YC #ThreadMill

Stepping back, it’s helpful to understand how YC helps companies. I participated in YC S14 as an employee. YC helped us with: Coursework — The basics of starting a company, hiring, fundraising, marketing. Accountability — You’re forced to deliver results every week. Network — I made friends with smart, ambitious founders. Branding — YC is cool. It made it easier to hire, sell customers, etc. Sales Leads — If you sell to startups, YC has a lot of them. Fundraising — Demo Day allowed us ...
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InterDigital Files Patent Infringement Actions Against Xiaomi in India

Actions Brought Subsequent to Years of NegotiationWILMINGTON, Del., July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC), a mobile and video technology research and development company, has filed two patent infringement actions in India against Xiaomi. One complaint involves infringement of five of InterDigital’s cellular 3G and 4G Indian patents and the other complaint involves infringement of three of InterDigital’s H.265/HEVC Indian patents. The claims were filed after years of...
Tags: Business, News, India, Xiaomi, Delhi High Court, New Delhi India, InterDigital Inc, InterDigital, William J Merritt, FRAND, Samsung Apple Huawei, Research and Innovation Unit, Patrick Van de Wille

Congress fumbles through antitrust hearing with big tech CEOs

The four horseman of the techpocalypse – the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google – joined the US House of Representatives today for an antitrust hearing. We watched every second of the more than five and a half hours of Congress’ grilling of some of the richest men in the world so you wouldn’t have to. Let’s start with the ending. House Antitrust Committee Chairman David Cicilline closed today’s hearing with the following statement: This hearing has made one fact clear to me: these compa...
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Best Tech Stocks to Invest In During the Pandemic

Investing in the technology sector may require you to enter periods when some of your stock picks are struggling. This was the case during the early days of the pandemic when the share price of several tech stocks took a significant hit. Focusing on the long-term is usually the best method to take when you’re choosing stocks to buy in this sector. Consider How COVID-19 Impacts Companies Shutdowns do not affect all businesses negatively. With more people working from home, software as a servic...
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‘This should never have happened’: lawmakers condemn Facebook’s Instagram acquisition – as it happened

Jerry Nadler unimpressed with Mark Zuckerberg’s answer on Instagram deal, while Amazon boss Jeff Bezos accused of hypocrisyBillionaire bosses to feel the heat from CongressUS sees deadliest day of coronavirus summer – live 12.03am BST Antitrust Hearings, a summaryMore than five hours after they commenced, the historic hearings of the biggest tech companies in the world over antitrust concerns have come to an end. Here are some highlights from the long day: 11.44pm BST Whew boy, we are do...
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Heat goes on Big Tech: Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon chiefs grilled by US Congress

US politicians are grilling America's tech chiefs in an unprecedented hearing hailed as Silicon Valley's "Big Tobacco moment". The chief executives of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are facing tough questioning from a Congressional... [Author: [email protected]]
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‘This should never have happened’: lawmakers condemn Facebook’s Instagram acquisition – live

Jerry Nadler unimpressed with Mark Zuckerberg’s answer on Instagram deal, while Amazon boss Jeff Bezos accused of hypocrisyBillionaire bosses to feel the heat from CongressUS sees deadliest day of coronavirus summer – live 9.22pm BST Representative Jerry Nadler addresses the issues Facebook and Google have caused in the media industry. “Facebook and Google have greatly threatened journalism in the United States. Reporters have been fired, local newspapers have been shut down,” he said. “This...
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‘This should never have happened’: lawmakers condemn Facebook’s Instagram merger – live

Jerry Nadler unimpressed with Mark Zuckerberg’s answer on Instagram acquisition, while Amazon boss Jeff Bezos accused of hypocrisyBillionaire bosses to feel the heat from CongressUS sees deadliest day of coronavirus summer – live 8.29pm BST In a strange exchange, yet another congress member has targeted the tech executives over supposed anti-conservative bias. Representative Greg Steube asked Sundar Pichai why his campaign emails are being sorted into the Spam inbox on his parents’ Gmail acc...
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