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20 years of the iPod: how it shuffled music and tech forever

In October 2001, the music industry was riven by piracy and had no idea how to solve it. Enter Steve Jobs, whose new device created a digital music market – and made Apple into a titanIn 2001, the record business was in freefall due to digital piracy, and the best way out of this accelerating crisis came in the shape of a white device the size of a deck of cards. The iPod, launched 20 years ago this week, was also how Apple’s Steve Jobs was able to prey on a failing business in order to avenge h...
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Will Ireland’s corporation tax rise see tech companies leave Dublin?

Analysts question if Dublin’s reputation as a leading tech hub could be undermined by new 15% tax rate Continue reading...
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How NFTs can completely reshape mobile gaming

Something @cdixon and I have been discussing: how NFTs can completely reshape mobile gaming. Most arcade-style mobile games monetize through in-game purchases or in-game ads, which primarily function to extend gameplay. This is of course disruptive for players, but on an even more ironic level, it’s actually bad for developers. The way the current ad ecosystem works: a game will use a platform like Unity or Applovin to connect it with potential advertisers (other games) who pay to display ...
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Apple updates its App Store Guidelines to permit developers to contact customers about other payment methods

The agreement included a few items, but the biggest was that developers would be able to share information with their users about how to pay for purchases outside their iOS app and the App Store. Specifically, Apple deleted a clause from guideline 3.1.3 that had previously said developers were not permitted to use information obtained within their app to target individual users outside of the app to use purchasing methods other than Apple’s own in-app purchases. Though the case is now under app...
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Lyft admits it recorded 4,000 sexual assault claims in long-awaited report

Company reveals figures, promised in 2019, as ride-hailing companies face growing safety scrutinyThe ride-hailing app Lyft received more than 4,000 reports of sexual assaults during rides from 2017 to 2019, the company revealed in a new report, including 1,800 reports in 2019 alone.Lyft revealed the numbers on Thursday, after having pledged in 2019 to do so. In its report, the company said the number of sexual assault reports collected through its app had risen from 1,096 in 2017 to 1,255 in 201...
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Google now wants to teach you a new word daily with this new feature

Google Search has a new feature that will help you learn new words easily. The new feature is quite similar to the app that shares a new word daily for users to learn about. This feature is available through the Google app on Android and iOS. In addition to the usual search for word meanings on Google, users can now opt to receive daily notifications about new words. [Via]
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Google quashed 1.6 mn cookie-theft phishing attacks targeting YouTubers

Google’s Threat Intelligence Group said that it has blocked about 1.6 million phishing emails since early 2019. The major malware in question are Cookie theft Malware, which Google said it has been mitigating since late 2019. After initially winning the confidence of the victim, a malware landing page disguised as a download URL or PDF on Google was sent to the victim. [Via]
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Startup body slams Google’s fee cut, calls for more reforms

  The industry organization had filed a plea with the CCI earlier, asking the antitrust regulator to stop Google from bringing its Play Store fee policies into practice till the CCI’s probe into the company had finished. The 30% Play Store commission charged by Google had become a bone of contention between Google and app developers in India and abroad. This had brought Google on the radar of regulators. [Via]
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I’ve raised over $150,000,000 as a founder, simply by being a good storyteller. Here is how [Justin Kan]

I’ve raised over $150,000,000 as a founder, simply by being a good storyteller. Here’s how to get VC’s to throw money at you: A big mistake founders make is thinking that the purpose of a deck is to get people to invest. The truth is that whoever is reading your deck is likely distracted/not interested. Your job is to stand out, and make them excited. Figure out ways to communicate things in very simple ways – it could be through simple language, numbers, clear visualization elements, o...
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Google reduces Play Store fees to 15% for subscription services

After widespread pushback from developers, tech giant Google has decided to reduce Play Store commission for apps that offer subscription services. The tech giant requires developers using the Google Play store to use its own built-in payments services, and pay a 30% commission for in-app purchases, including selling digital items and subscription services. Last year, the company said Indian developers will get till March 31, 2022 till developers are forced to use Google payments or be kicked o...
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Google in talks to invest in Facebook-backed Indian social commerce Meesho

Meesho – which counts Facebook, B Capital, SoftBank, Sequoia Capital India, Y Combinator and Elevation Capital among its earliest investors – operates a three-sided marketplace that connects suppliers and resellers with customers on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Google, which has committed to invest $10 billion in 1India in the next couple of years, has also backed Indian startups Glance and DailyHunt. YouTube acquired social commerce startup SimSim in July th...
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Intel faces double trouble from Apple and AMD

Intel faces a bigger problem: Its lineup isn’t competitive. According to Mercury Research, Intel lost about four percentage points of share to AMD in the server processor market for the second quarter, compared with the prior year. This week, Apple Inc. announced it will replace Intel chips in its high-end MacBook Pro laptops with the latest versions of its own in-house-designed processors. [Via]
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3 bonding exercises to help strengthen your team dynamics amid the Great Resignation

Scheduling game nights is one way to improve team bonds at work. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images At a time when workers are quitting in record numbers, bonding activities are important to strengthen company culture. Some companies schedule regular 'anything but work' check-ins to connect on a more personal level. Game nights, trivia contests, and welcome lunches can also help improve team dynamics. It's cheesy, but it works. So says Frank B. Mengert, founder and CEO of ebm, a North ...
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Store, Spend and Swap Crypto currencies using Lead Wallet

Lead Wallet is the simplest and most secure multi cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store, spend, stake, and swap cryptocurrencies seamlessly at any time, and also support easy DeFi and NFT access. Most crypto wallets are just doing the same thing but we want our wallet to be much simpler to use without extra learning curve and still cater to the same audience of multi-chain crypto wallet traders (as well as dapp browser and swap feature). USA GET IT NextBigWhat profiles inter...
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Apple: Will test unvaccinated corporate staff each time they enter office

Vaccinated staff will be required to take rapid tests once per week. Apple is asking employees to report their vaccination status by October 24, which is a delay compared to its previous deadline of September. The new requirements will all go into effect on November 1. Employees will be able to pick up at-home rapid tests from Apple offices and retail stores. Apple has thus far resisted implementing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its employees, instead focusing on ramping testing for those who ...
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Pinterest shares soar amid reports of $39bn takeover by PayPal

Pinterest approached about possible deal, Bloomberg reportsFinancial firm PayPal has benefited from online shopping boom​​PayPal is reportedly exploring the acquisition of social media company Pinterest, according to Bloomberg News.PayPal, the financial technology company based in San Jose, California, recently approached Pinterest about a potential deal that would value Pinterest at roughly $39bn, according to Bloomberg. The price is close to its market value on Wednesday. PayPal has a market c...
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New logo? Call itself ‘FCBK’? Bring back poking? How Facebook could rebrand

Can the social media giant rebrand itself without alienating users? Here are five suggestionsFacebook’s proposed rebrand comes at a crucial time for the company. On one hand, Mark Zuckerberg’s increasing focus on the “metaverse” seems to hint that he has ambitions far beyond simply destroying every non-Facebook industry on the planet. But at the same time, he also has to unveil this new unstoppable machine of death without scaring off too many regular Facebook users. How will he be able to manag...
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How to Find the Right Business Startup for You

There are many reasons to start your own business. You might want the freedom of working on something you’re passionate about, or maybe you need an escape from a job that’s not giving you enough satisfaction. Whatever your reason is for wanting to go into business for yourself, there are some questions that you should ask before leaping. In this blog post, we will explore essential questions that will help guide your decision-making process to find the right businesses you should start. Fact...
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PhonePe topples GPay as top digital payment platform

Bengaluru-based digital payments company, PhonePe, consolidated its top position with a market share of 46.7% of the aggregate value of UPI payments made during the April-September 2021 period while Google Pay’s share fell to an average of 37.6% in the same period – H1FY22, a 670-basis-point drop from 44.3% during April-September 2020. With around 44% of all the UPI payments taking place on Google Pay in H1FY21, the digital wallet platform was leading in terms of market share by 2-3 percentage ...
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Apple drops Intel in biggest MacBook Pro overhaul in years

With the new processors and devices, Apple is aiming squarely at the high-end chips that Intel has provided for the MacBook Pro and other top-end Macs for about 15 years. It held about 9% of the global personal-computer market in the third quarter, with shipments rising 10% from the period a year earlier, according to data from IDC. That made Apple the second-biggest gainer in the PC market, after Dell Technologies Inc. One challenge Apple may face with its new MacBook Pro is the ongoing chip s...
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At least 13 phone firms hit by suspected Chinese hackers since 2019, say experts

LightBasin hackers were able to obtain subscriber information and call metadata, says CrowdStrikeAt least 13 phone companies around the world have been compromised since 2019 by sophisticated hackers who are believed to come from China, a cybersecurity expert group has said.The roaming hackers – known as LightBasin – were able to “search and find” individual mobile phones and “target accordingly”, according to CrowdStrike, a group regularly cited by western intelligence. Continue reading...
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A look at Apple’s history with CPUs; and how its vertical integration helped beat Intel, Qualcomm, and others

4/ An unlikely partnership was formed between IBM, Apple, Microsoft. This followed the breakup of the alliance known as AIM between Apple, IBM, and Motorola. Recall, Moto was the provider for all Apple’s chips going back to the start. 5/ Apple relied on Motorola including the launch of the PowerBook. But even in the latest 680030 was woefully far behind Intel. Many at Apple, such as @gassee firmly believed Apple needed to gain full control of computing, but becoming a Chip maker cost billio...
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A lesson in product development from Apple new MacBook Pros fix laptop problems from the last five years

Apple listened to its pro users and let go of many ‘fancy’ features, including the touchbar. Users and developers never embraced the Touch Bar, and touch typists complained you needed to look at it in order to pick a button. Apple’s new MacBook Pro models, announced on Monday, conspicuously lack many of the least popular features from the 2016 design. There’s no Touch Bar touchscreen on the new Macs. It’s replaced by traditional function keys that can control screen brightness, media playback, ...
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Facebook to create 10,000 jobs in EU to help build ‘metaverse’

Social network says it wants to ensure virtual world is built responsiblyFacebook is creating 10,000 jobs in the EU as part of its push to build a virtual world for its users.The company has trumpeted the “metaverse” as the next big phase of growth for large tech companies and recently announced a $50m (£36m) investment programme to ensure that this metaworld is built “responsibly”. Continue reading...
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Apple reveals new MacBook Pro with a notch, redesigned AirPods and new music plan

Apple fans were eagerly watching the company's "Unleashed" event to see which rumours about the new MacBook Pro were true.Most of them were, which got the thumbs up from commentators as it added a "notch" and an M1 processor and... [Author: [email protected]]
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apple: Apple fired leader of #AppleToo movement, here’s what she has to say on her sacking and more

Apple employees started a ‘movement’ and had working to find out if fellow employees had faced any harassment or discrimination at work. Parrish has spoken to The Verge on her sacking, Apple’s investigation and more. A few days later Apple fired her for deleting the files. [Via]
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Apple Offers 20% Bonus In India For Adding Money To Apple ID

Users are being notified about a 20 percent bonus when adding funds to an Indian Apple ID account, citing a developer on Twitter, 9To5Mac reported. As the tech giant is asking developers to promote payments using the Apple ID balance, Apple is now giving a 20 percent bonus to Indian users who add funds to their Apple ID. According to Apple, the offer is valid through October 31 and is available when adding Rs 100 to Rs 15,000 to the Apple ID balance. [Via]
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Google’s biggest moonshot is its search for a carbon-free future

Google envisions its latest campus as the embodiment of a grander ambition to run its operations entirely free of carbon. In 2007, Google installed a 1.6MW solar array atop its headquarters and started a program to fund a slate of renewable projects with the aim of driving their costs below coal-they named the project REC. That year, Google also claimed it had offset all its carbon emissions, though it shared little data. Google lists greener options in Maps and carbon emissions for flights in ...
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Apple to earn $5B from its ads business this fiscal year; Is responsible for 58% of all iPhone app downloads

Apple’s advertising business has more than tripled its market share in the six months after it introduced privacy changes to iPhones that obstructed rivals, including Facebook, from targeting ads at consumers. Apple’s in-house business is now responsible for 58 per cent of all iPhone app downloads that result from clicking on an advert. A year ago, its share was 17%. Apple said its privacy features were designed to protect users. [Via]
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Apple hires new HomePod software head as it takes on Amazon Echo

Apple Inc. has hired a new engineer to lead software efforts for its HomePod smart speaker, aiming to turn the product into a bigger hit. Apple typically updates the HomePod’s software on an annual basis, alongside its major iPhone and iPad software updates. Eventually, Apple plans to merge its HomePod and Apple TV hardware. [Via]
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