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The Station: CES trends and Uber plots another spinoff

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every weekend in your inbox. Hi friends and new readers, welcome back to The Station, a newsletter dedicated to all the present and future ways people and packages move from Point A to Point B. Before I launch into the news of the week, let’s take care of some housekeeping. First, you might have noticed that The Station landed in your email inbox on Sunday, not Saturda...
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Goama lets developers integrate a social gaming platform into their apps

Goama (also known as Go Games) lets developers quickly integrate social games into their apps. Some of Goama’s clients have used it for promotional campaigns, while others rely on the platform, which introduces new games every week, to add a full-fledged gaming function to their app. The startup, which recently took part in SOSV’s accelerator program, presented last week during CES at the Taiwan Tech Arena pavilion. The event is over, but Goama’s virtual booth is still up. Some of Goama’s client...
Tags: Startups, TC, Asia, Tech, Ces, Latin America, Social Gaming, SOSV, Rappi, Taiwan Tech Arena, CES 2021, Go Games, Goama

Startups at CES showed how tech can help elderly people and their caregivers

The COVID-19 pandemic shined a harsh spotlight on the challenges many elderly people face. Older adults are among the highest-risk groups for developing cases that need hospitalization and nursing homes were especially vulnerable to outbreaks. While dealing with COVID-19, the elderly have also faced many other problems, including the difficulty of accessing medical care for chronic conditions during lockdowns and isolation. Many of these issues won’t go away after the pandemic. According to the ...
Tags: Apple, Health, Startups, TC, Aging, Tech, Ces, United Nations, Virtual Reality, Seniors, AARP, FallCall Solutions, Folia Health, Embleema, CES 2021, Nobi

The pandemic was top of mind in the tech of CES 2021

Of course COVID-19 was bound to be an unavoidable topic during the first-ever all-virtual CES. After all, the topic is at front of mind regardless of the topic these days. Close to a year into the pandemic, presenters still understandably feel obligated to address the always-present elephant in the room. Sometimes it was as simple as acknowledging the strangeness of moving from the Las Vegas Convention Center to a Microsoft-powered virtual venue. Other times it felt far more forced. When it come...
Tags: Hardware, Microsoft, Tech, Ces, Portland, Dell, Razer, East Asia, Hazel, Las Vegas Convention Center, UBTech, Targus, Ao Air, CES 2021, Ava Robotics, LG UBTech

The biggest tech show of the year usually provides a glimpse into the future. But CES 2021 was all about the past year of pandemic life.

Razer Project Hazel Razer The biggest theme at CES 2021 was adapting to the changes in life brought on by COVID-19. Smart masks with built-in microphones, robots that can disinfect with UV light, and laptops that are better equipped for Zoom calls were among the highlights. That represents a departure for CES, which is usually about envisioning the future of tech, transportation, health, and the home than reflecting on the past year. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The ...
Tags: Amazon, New York City, Trends, Tech, Hp, Ces, Analysis, Robots, Dell, Las Vegas, Lg, Razer, Lenovo, Laptops, Hazel, Targus

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro are a solid AirPods alternative

I suspect it will be a while before I get excited over wireless earbuds. It’s not for a lack of trying on the part of manufacturers. In fact, quite the contrary. The category actually matured quite quickly, compared to various other verticals in the consumer electronics space. The truth is, most major hardware makers have gotten pretty decent at making a pair of wireless buds — many for pretty cheap. Samsung’s been in that category for a while now. I’ve liked the last several models I’ve tried f...
Tags: Apple, Wearables, Hardware, Samsung, Tech, Ces, Headphones, Sony, ANC, Bixby, Brian Heater, Wireless Earbuds, CES 2021, Harman AKG

11 best home appliances and fixtures of CES 2021

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. LG The 2021 CES tech show was completely virtual, but there were plenty of interesting new appliances for the home.  To address our new normal, there was an emphasis on bathroom and kitchen tech that keeps things clean and calm. Some of the products we're most interested to try out are LG's InstaView oven, Roborock's S7 mopping robot vacuum, and Kohler's spa-like bathtub.Visit Business Insider's ho...
Tags: Reviews, Google, Japan, US, Samsung, Trends, Siri, Ces, Panasonic, Las Vegas, Lg, Smart Home, Philips, Alexa, Home And Kitchen, Kohler

7 new tech products every agent should know about

Held virtually, the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show revealed the latest in home and business technology, including a home recycling solution, wearable joysticks for hands-free control and even a "smart tub" from Kohler.
Tags: Gadgets, Technology, Electronics, Smartphones, Ces, Radio, Recycling, Aerial Photography, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics Show, Smarthome, Luxury Homes, Kohler, Lasso, Select, News Brief

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 line arrives with camera bumps, price drops and S Pen compatibility

Samsung wasted no time this year. With Mobile World Congress pushed back six or so months, the hardware maker hitched its wagon to the tail end of the CES whirlwind — though unlike its press conference earlier in the week, the company is very much on its own for the latest Unpacked. And why not? In spite of broader issues with the mobile industry (certainly not helped by the COVID-19 pandemic), the Galaxy line is still very much a draw. People may not be as eager to buy a flagship as they were a...
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Hardware, Congress, Samsung, Tech, Smartphones, Ces, States, Ultra, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Roh, CES 2021, Samsung Galaxy S21, Ultra S Pen, Samsung Software

Samsung answers Apple with the $199 Galaxy Buds Pro

Even before the leaks, we all saw the Galaxy Buds Pro coming. It was a given that the company was planning to deliver its own take on Apple’s AirPods Pro, with improved sound quality and active noise canceling. The real secret weapon here, however, may be the price. This morning’s S21 announcement found Samsung dropping $200 off the price of its flagship smartphone, and here the Galaxy Buds come in at $50 cheaper than the AirPods’ asking price. It’s not clearance-bin pricing exactly, but $199 is...
Tags: Apple, Hardware, Samsung, Tech, Ces, Dolby, ANC, Wireless Earbuds, Bixby Voice, Samsung Galaxy Buds, AirPods Pro, CES 2021

CES Daily: New adventures in the new normal

Today is the final day of CES 2021. First billed as a virtual conference that would replicate, to the best of its ability, the camaraderie and awe that define its annual in-person Las Vegas event, many attendees have been left divided as to whether this year’s show hit the spot or missed the mark. In reality, CES was more akin to a series of back-to-back Zoom calls—one that cost exhibitors hefty sums that aren’t too far off from the price of showcasing themselves at the real event. You may be yo...
Tags: Apple, Microsoft, Washington, Advertising, Ces, Nvidia, Dell, Las Vegas, Lg, Barry, Esports, Cannes, Cannes Lions, Las Vegas Strip, Trump, Miramax

Origami Labs’ OFLO is a smart walkie talkie for frontline workers

OFLO is a voice communication system designed to replace traditional walkie talkies. Its hardware is more compact and lightweight, with a bone conduction headset, and capable of covering unlimited distances and multiple channels. Created by Origami Labs, OFLO is also connected to software that features auto logging and productivity tools for teams who don’t have access to screens while they are working. The startup, whose clients include property management company JLL and luxury hotel chain The...
Tags: Startups, TC, Gadgets, Asia, Hong Kong, Microsoft, Tech, Ces, Taiwan, Walkie Talkie, Peninsula, Wong, JLL, Peter Wong, Orii, Origami Labs

3Drens helps fleet operators use their vehicles more efficiently

3Drens’ IoT mobility management platform not only lets fleet operators track where their vehicles are, but also produces data that helps them make business decisions. The company began operating in Taiwan, where it is based, before expanding into Southeast Asia. Currently presenting at CES’ Taiwan Tech Arena, 3Drens is focused on the increased demand for logistics during COVID-19. For example, its tech can potentially be used to enable smaller e-commerce retailers to rent unused capacity on deli...
Tags: Startups, TC, Asia, Southeast Asia, Tech, Ces, Taiwan, Mobility, Iot, CES 2021, 3Drens

Tresl’s Segments Analytics gives small online stores the same data analytics as large sellers

Tresl’s flagship product, e-commerce intelligence platform Segment Analytics, is designed to give small brands on Shopify access to the same kind of analytics larger online retailers have. Founded by former LinkedIn data scientists, Tresl is currently exhibiting at CES’ Taiwan Tech Arena. Segments Analytics analyzes a Shopify store’s data and then automatically sorts visitors into more 30 pre-built customer segments based on their browsing habits, spending and how likely they are to make repeat ...
Tags: Startups, TC, Facebook, Linkedin, Tech, E-commerce, Ces, Marketing Analytics, CES 2021, Segments Analytics, Tresl, Tresl 's Segments Analytics, CES ' Taiwan Tech Arena Segments Analytics, Google Tresl

Robotic exoskeletons promise increased mobility and job assistance

The last several years have seen a substantial increase of ability for robotic exoskeleton technology. Completely understandable. For one thing, it’s that rare technology you encounter that really feels like it’s going to change lives for the better the first time you see it. I’ve had a number of demos with companies that frankly took my breath away — watching someone walk across the room for the first time in years while their spouse stands by you crying will do that. For another thing, there a...
Tags: Japan, Hardware, Samsung, Tech, Ces, Delta Airlines, Robotics, Exoskeleton, Sarcos, Sarcos Robotics, Esko Bionics, CES 2021, Archelis Inc

How to Reduce AI Bias Like Google Does

Social movements of the past year have helped shine a light on the many ways in which human bias can creep into the algorithms that influence a growing portion of our everyday lives--despite the developer's own lack of malicious intention. During a panel at CES on Tuesday, Google's head of product inclusion, Annie Jean-Baptiste, shared...
Tags: Google, Advertising, Ces, Annie Jean Baptiste

The best laptops of CES 2021

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. The HP Elite Dragonfly Max HP At CES 2021, many laptop makers are introducing new models tailored for working from home.Laptops from HP, Lenovo, and others have better cameras and microphones to improve the video conferencing experience, for example.Some of our favorite laptops from CES 2021 include the HP Elite Dragonfly Max, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga, and new LG Gram 17.Visit Business Insid...
Tags: Reviews, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Asus, Samsung, Trends, Hp, Intel, Ces, Features, Usb, Chromebook, Ram, Acer, Nvidia

Numbers Protocol’s blockchain camera Capture App safeguards the integrity of photos

The spread of misinformation and fake news online has a dangerous impact on public well-being. Misinformation is difficult to fight, and 73% of Americans surveyed by Pew Research ahead of the presidential election expressed little or no confidence in the ability of major tech companies to keep their platforms from being misused. The open-source Starling Framework for Data Integrity was launched to protect the veracity of online content using blockchain technology, creating “birth certificates” f...
Tags: Google, Startups, TC, Facebook, Apps, Asia, Tech, Ces, Taiwan, Numbers, Stanford University, Blockchain, Reuters, Taipei Taiwan, Yang, Pew Research

Yo-Kai Express introduces Takumi, a smart home cooking appliance

Yo-Kai Express is known for autonomous restaurant technology for venues like office campuses, malls and hotels. As people continue staying home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is introducing a smart home cooking appliance with multiple functions. Called Takumi, it includes a coffee maker, high induction cooktop and a steamer for sanitizing utensils and baby bottles. Takumi is connected by RFID to an app with preprogrammed recipes, which also sends alert when its water container is ...
Tags: Cooking, Startups, TC, Gadgets, Asia, San Francisco, Tech, Ces, Taiwan, Smart Home, Bay Area, San Francisco International Airport, Metreon, Takumi, Yo-Kai Express, CES 2021

Nobi’s smart lamp alerts caregivers when a fall is detected

As expected, this year’s (virtual) CES has brought with it a new flood of smart home gadgets. The technology has been a major presence over the last several CES events, and with a world stuck at home for the foreseeable future, a lot of this tech has become all the more appealing. Nobi stands out from the pack, not so much because of any flashy features, but rather a kind of practicality it brings to the table. Created by a Belgian startup of the same name, the ceiling-mounted smart light featur...
Tags: Gadgets, Hardware, Tech, Ces, CES 2021, Nobi

Companies rush to replace the gym at CES

The year of the first-ever all-virtual CES is, unsurprisingly, the year of the virtual gym. The past 12 months have seen most of our fitness routines completely transformed — speaking for myself, my Apple Watch step count shows two big empty spots where March and April are. Fitness startups have seen unexpected windfall in all of this. In June, Lululemon announced plans to acquire Mirror for $500 million, while competitors like Tonal saw a 7x increase in sales for the year. In December, Apple la...
Tags: Apple, Health, Apps, Samsung, Tech, Ces, Apple Watch, Crossfit, Lululemon, Peloton, Amanda Cerny, Johannes Bartl, Pelotons, CES 2021, Jillian Michaels Ultrahuman, Kara Saunders

Sono Motors plans to license the tech that powers its solar electric car

Sono Motors wants to bring technology it developed for its solar electric car to the masses. And it’s starting with autonomous shuttle startup EasyMile. The German-based startup said Tuesday during a presentation at the virtual 2021 CES tech trade show that it will license its solar body panel technology to other companies. EasyMile, which provides electric autonomous shuttle buses to governments, universities and other companies, will be the first to integrate the solar body panels onto its veh...
Tags: TC, Transportation, Germany, Tech, Ces, Munich, Automotive, Sion, Ramakrishnan, Hahn, Sono Motors, Laurin Hahn, CES 2021, Arun Ramakrishnan

Lenovo’s bevy of new Legion gaming laptops go all-in on Ryzen 5000

Lenovo unveiled its refreshed Legion laptop lineup at CES, and the company is turning to AMD's latest Ryzen processors -- rather than Intel -- for gaming.
Tags: Gaming, News, Trends, Intel, Ces, Computing, Amd, Lenovo, Gaming Laptop, Legion, Gaming Laptops, CES 2021, Ces 2021 Product, Ces 2021 Audience Choice

Lenovo introduces a wireless charging mat for its e-ink sporting laptop

Lenovo keeps rolling out unique takes on familiar categories this year at CES. Last week it was the screen-swiveling all-in-one and some AR glasses, and today (the first official day of the show), the company’s got an interesting update to last year’s dual-display ThinkBook Plus. Like the original, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 i sports an e-ink display on the lid. Lenovo’s been experimenting with the technology for a number of form factors, and this one makes more sense than previous shots — esse...
Tags: Hardware, Tech, Ces, Dell, Lenovo, Wireless Charging, CES 2021, Energysquare

Rollables are the new foldables

Smartphone sales are bad — and have been for a couple of years now. Certainly this ongoing pandemic hasn’t helped. All the talk about how 5G and new form factors were going to cause a kind of bounce-back all fell by the wayside, as people put a pause on unnecessary luxuries. Samsung is the only company that’s seen some success with the foldable form factor, and that whole thing got off to a…rough start. There were plenty of technical issues at first, leading to a less than auspicious first impre...
Tags: Mobile, Motorola, Hardware, Samsung, Tech, Ces, Lg, Tcl, Ken Hong, Foldables, CES 2021, TCL LG

The Cadillac personal drone is the cadillac of personal drones

GM revealed Tuesday a Cadillac -branded electric vertical takeoff and landing drone concept that is designed — if it’s ever built — to let owners cruise the skies in isolated luxury. The single seat eVTOL, which was showcased alongside an autonomous vehicle during GM’s keynote presentation at the virtual 2021 CES tech trade show, is the automaker’s first foray into aerial mobility. This is a mere concept, which means it’s unlikely to become a real product. However, these concepts can signal...
Tags: Transportation, Tech, Ces, Automotive, Gm, Cadillac, Simcoe, Evtol, CESS 2021, Michael Simcoe GM

From crypto trading and home workouts to EV batteries and microLED displays, CES’ Taiwan startups cover a wide range of tech

For the past three years, the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has brought startups to CES . This year, its virtual pavilion, organized with Taiwan Tech Arena, is hosting 100 startups, organized into five categories: Smart Living, Tech for Good, Cybersecurity and Cloud, Healthcare and Wellness, and Mobility Tech. During two press events, 24 startups previewed their CES presentations, giving a sneak peek at what the pavilion will showcase. In a press conference on Sunday, MOST’s...
Tags: Startups, TC, Asia, Tech, Ces, Taiwan, Hud, Nfc, Qualcomm, National Taiwan University Hospital, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Pavilion, Koup, Binance, Taiwan Tech Arena, CES 2021

Sony reveals more details on its secretive Vision-S sedan

Sony’s Vision-S prototype sedan, one of the biggest surprises at CES last year, didn’t fade away after the tech trade show ended. The Vision-S is back in a series of new videos released by Sony during 2021 CES, which kicked off Monday. Two videos show the Vision-S prototype driving on a private track and then public roads in Austria. But it’s a third, longer video (included below) that sheds more light on how Sony designed and developed the prototype, its partners and some of the tech that...
Tags: Transportation, Tech, Ces, Austria, Automotive, Vodafone, Sony, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Continental, Bosch, Valeo, Stein, Magna, Magna Steyr, ZF Group

PopSockets announces its MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 accessories

In October, TechCrunch broke the news that PopSockets was developing its own line of MagSafe-compatible products that will support the new wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 12 devices. Today, at the (virtual) 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, the company formally introduced its upcoming products for the first time. The new line will include three MagSafe-compatible PopGrips, a wallet with an integrated grip, and two mounts. The first of these is the new PopGrip for MagSafe, which will m...
Tags: Iphone, Gadgets, Tech, Ces, Mobile Phones, Magnet, Apple Inc, Consumer Electronics Show, Magsafe, Apple Stores, Popsockets, Iphone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, CES 2021, PopMount Multi Surface, PopWallet

Sony unveils AirPeak, its camera-carrying video drone

When Sony teased the AirPeak late last year, it didn’t give us much to go one. We knew the consumer electronics giant was finally getting in the drone business — but beyond that, not much else. Just a dark image or two from some piece of the UAV. See the latest news from Sony unveiled at CES 2021, starting with the exclusive reveal of Airpeak. Learn more: #SonyCES — Sony (@Sony) January 11, 2021 At CES this week, the company’s fin...
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