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India’s ban on Chinese apps eases just a little as PUBG blasts back onto Google Play, maybe Korean Stock market too

Fragfest adds green blood, Azure cloud, shirts, and detailed rules about how to kill people politely to satisfy regulators PUBG, one of the highest-profile China-linked apps India banned in 2020, has been allowed back into Google’s Indian Play store despite India's previous insistence its bans are permanent.…
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Interview: Dimitri Logothetis Discusses Future of Kickboxer and Jiu Jitsu Series

Martial arts films have seen a resurgence lately, partially due to the popularity of mixed martial arts and the advent of streaming. Dimitri Logothetis has helped revive the legendary Kickboxer film franchise and released Jiu Jitsu starring Nicolas Cage to Netflix. Now Logothetis is looking to continue both franchises with films, comic books, and television series. ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to Logothetis about the future of the Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxer franchises. Check it ou...
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Hit game PUBG Mobile returns to India with scores of questions

Krafton, which filed for an IPO earlier this week, has built a gigantic gaming empire. If the firm is able to raise the target $5 billion from the IPO it will be the largest public offering in its home country, South Korea. The firm has something to celebrate elsewhere in the world, too. On Thursday, it pulled off another feat that no other firm has been able to achieve: Its sleeper hit title, PUBG Mobile, has made a return to India, which banned the title more than nine months ago. The world’s ...
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This AI wants to play with your garbage so we don’t all die

Saving the world keeps getting harder every year. Not so long ago we were told that we had the power to make a difference if we all just sorted our recyclables. Unfortunately, that hasn’t quite panned out the way we were led to believe it would. The big problem is people. We suck at sorting, most of us don’t have access to proper bins and recycling services, and there’s just too much garbage for us to properly manage each day. We need help. Enter AI: There are few problems perfectly suited for r...
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China launches 3 astronauts to its new space station core module

Three Chinese astronauts have docked at China’s space station core module, named Tianhe, for the first time. The three astronauts flew to space as part of the Shenzhou 12 mission, China’s first crewed mission since 2012. They will call the core module of the Tiangong space station home until September, making it the longest crewed space mission in China’s history. The three men, Commander Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, arrived to their final destination just over seven hours after tak...
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US, EU Forge Closer Ties on Emerging Technologies To Counter Russia and China

The U.S. and European Union plan to cooperate more on technology regulation, industrial development and bilateral trade following President Biden's visit, in a bid to help Western allies better compete with China and Russia on developing and protecting critical and emerging technologies. From a report: Central to the increased coordination will be a new high-level Trade and Technology Council the two sides unveiled Tuesday. The aim of the TTC is to boost innovation and investment within and betw...
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LinkedIn told a China expert remove all mention of the Tiananmen Square massacre from his profile or they would block it in China

"Tank man," a protester who stood in front of a column of tanks and became an enduring image of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. AP Photo/Jeff Widener LinkedIn told a writer his profile has "prohibited content" and would be be blocked in China. Jojje Olsson's profile mentioned the Tiananmen Square massacre, an event China works to suppress. LinkedIn told Insider that it needs to enforce Chinese censorship to provide "value" to users there. See more stories on Insider's busin...
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Russia And China Versus US And Its Partners In New Tech-Focused Space Race? Bring It On

The budding international space rivalry isn’t without its thorns.
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Polestar to build its first all-electric SUV in the United States

Polestar, Volvo Car Group’s standalone electric performance brand, will manufacture its first all-electric SUV in the United States. The automaker said Wednesday that the Polestar 3 will be assembled at a plant shared with Volvo Cars at a factory in Ridgeville, South Carolina. The Polestar 3 follows the all-electric Polestar 2 sedan and the hybrid grand tourer Polestar 1. Production of Polestar 3 is expected to begin globally in 2022. Polestar COO Dennis Nobelius said production in the U.S. will...
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US Warns EU Against Anti-American Tech Policy

The US has warned the EU against pursuing "protectionist" technology policies that exclusively target American companies, ahead of Joe Biden's first presidential visit to Brussels. From a report: The National Security Council, an arm of the White House, wrote last week to complain about the tone of recent comments about the EU's flagship tech regulation, as debates are about to begin in the European parliament. "We are particularly concerned about recent comments by the European Parliament rappo...
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China says its fighter pilots are battling AI aircraft in simulated dogfights, and humans aren't the only ones learning

China is using artificial intelligence to hone the skills of Chinese fighter pilots. STR/AFP via Getty Images China has been pitting pilots against AI-driven aircraft in training simulations. A commander told the PLA Daily that the AI aircraft were "sharpening the sword" for Chinese pilots. The AI was also learning, highlighting the potential for AI systems in its armed forces. See more stories on Insider's business page. Chinese fighter pilots have been battling aircraft piloted by ar...
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Chinese startup plans to launch a driverless robotaxi service in California in 2022, the robotaxi startup that operates in China and the United States, has started testing driverless vehicles on public roads in California ahead of plans to launch a commercial service there in 2022. The company said the driverless vehicle testing, which means the autonomous vehicles operate without human safety drivers behind the wheel, is happening daily on public roads in Fremont and Milpitas, California. is also testing its driverless vehicles in Guangzhou, China. said...
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Extra Crunch roundup: TC Mobility recaps, Nubank EC-1, farewell to browser cookies

What, exactly, are investors looking for? Early-stage founders, usually first-timers, often tie themselves in knots as they try to project the qualities they hope investors are seeking. In reality, few entrepreneurs have the acting skills required to convince someone that they’re patient, dedicated or hard-working. Johan Brenner, general partner at Creandum, was an early backer of Klarna, Spotify and several other European startups. Over the last two decades, he’s identified five key traits shar...
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Europe’s tech leaders define a strategy to create tech giants

A group of 200 startup founders, investors, associations and government members are backing a manifesto and a set of recommendations in order to create the next wave of tech giants in Europe. Today, French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting an event in Paris with some of the members of this group called Scale-Up Europe. Companies, investors and associations that signed the manifesto include Alan, Axel Springer, Bpifrance, Darktrace, Deutsche Startups, Doctolib, Eurazeo, Flixbus, France Digital...
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Alibaba billionaire founder Jack Ma is 'lying low' after a roller coaster year in which China cracked down on his tech empire

Jack Ma. Wang HE/Getty Images Jack Ma is "fine," an Alibaba executive said after the Chinese billionaire's tumultuous year. China pulled Ma's record-breaking Ant IPO last fall after he publicly criticized the nation's banking system. Alibaba received a $2.8 billion antitrust fine, signaling an even greater crackdown on Ma's tech empire. See more stories on Insider's business page. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is "lying low right now" after the Alibaba and Ant Group found...
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Kai-Fu Lee’s Sinovation bets on Linux tablet maker Jingling in $10M round

Kai-Fu Lee’s Sinovation Ventures has its eyes on a niche market targeting software developers. In April, the venture capital fund led a $10 million angel round in Jingling, a Chinese startup developing Linux-based tablets and laptops, TechCrunch has learned. Other investors in the round included private equity firm Trustbridge Partners. Jingling was founded only in June 2020 but has quickly assembled a team of 80 employees hailing from the likes of Aliyun OS, Alibaba’s Linux distribution, Thunde...
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French Companies Admit Problems at Nuclear Plant in China

Unusual activity at a nuclear power reactor in China has drawn international attention, as two French companies involved in the plant acknowledged problems on Monday but said they could be handled safely. From a report: The companies were responding to a report by CNN on Monday that Framatome, one of the companies, had sought help from the United States, citing an "imminent radiological threat" at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong Province. EDF, France's main power utility and part ow...
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The Station: Robotaxi apps on the rise, an AI pioneer’s new startup and mobility event highlights

Hello and welcome back to The Station, a weekly newsletter dedicated to all the ways people and packages move (today and in the future) from Point A to Point B. Welp, the mobility event is over and we had loads of interesting interviews and anyone with an Extra Crunch subscription can access the videos. For instance, Rita Liao moderated a panel with executives from three Chinese robotaxi companies — WeRide, AutoX and Momenta — that also test and develop in Europe and the United States. One inter...
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Meet Milo, this year's Doodle for Google winner!

A few weeks ago we announced our five national Doodle for Google finalists. They all beautifully showed us their answers to this year’s contest prompt, “I am strong because…”. One young artist stood out to us with his words, symbolism and art. We’re excited to announce our 2021 winner is 11th grader, Milo Golding from Lexington, Kentucky! Milo’s Doodle titled “Finding Hope” spoke to the resilience and hope that lives in all of us. Let’s get to know this year’s  Doodle for Google winner: Has art ...
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G7 Nations Promise Decarbonization, 870 Million Covid-19 Vaccines

Slashdot reader Charlotte Web writes: The "Group of Seven" (or G7) nations are some of the world's largest economies — the U.S. and Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy, and Japan. On Sunday they pledged $2 billion to help developing countries pivot away from fossil fuels and pledged an "overwhelmingly decarbonized" electricity sector by 2030. The New York Times calls these "major steps in what leaders hope will be a global transition to wind, solar and other energy that does not produce...
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Are Transcontinental, Submarine Supergrids the Future of Energy?

Bloomberg Businessweek reports on "renewed interest in cables that can power consumers in one country with electricity generated hundreds, even thousands, of miles away in another" and possibly even transcontinental, submarine electricity superhighways: Coal, gas and even nuclear plants can be built close to the markets they serve, but the utility-scale solar and wind farms many believe essential to meet climate targets often can't. They need to be put wherever the wind and sun are strongest, w...
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China's 'Zhurong' Rover Takes a Selfie on Mars

The BBC reports: China's Zhurong rover has sent back a batch of new images from Mars — including a "selfie". The robot, which landed in May, positioned a wireless camera on the ground and then rolled back a short distance to take the snap. To Zhurong's right is the rocket-powered platform that brought the six-wheeled vehicle to a soft touchdown. Both display prominent Chinese flags... It weighs some 240kg. A tall mast carries cameras to take pictures and aid navigation; five additional instrum...
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This Week In Trailers: Wildland, Cryptozoo, Blind Ambition, Who Are You, Charlie Brown?

Trailers are an under-appreciated art form insofar that many times they’re seen as vehicles for showing footage, explaining films away, or showing their hand about what moviegoers can expect. Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: What better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? This week, we’re giving away psychiatric help for a nickel, go visit our off-the-rail relatives, opine while watching something magically anim...
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Weekend Cooking: 9 New Food and Cooking Books

Hello, my friends. Hope that all has been well with you. I'm still cooking and reviewing, but needed a little break. In today's post, I want to share with you a bunch of food-related books I have on my list to examine more closely. I haven't fully read or cooked from any of them yet, so the following thoughts are gleaned from a combination of skimming through the text, marking dishes I'd like to try, reading bits here and there, and (in some cases) actually trying a recipe. I'll let you know wh...
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Quick review of ATV Siri 2nd gen Remote

I received my ATV Siri 2nd gen Remote today. Over all I have to say it is a major improvement over the 1st gen remote! I find it is large enough to use even with my arthritic hand. It is about 3/8 inch thick and the surface area is metal but not that slippery. The 1st gen was like a sliver of a wet bar of soap and too thin. I definitely had to get a neoprene cover for the 1st gen remote, and it was still difficult to hold and use. I can use the 2nd gen remote right out of box, but it still needs...
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The rise of robotaxis in China

AutoX, Momenta and WeRide took the stage at TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 to discuss the state of robotaxi startups in China and their relationships with local governments in the country. They also talked about overseas expansion — a common trajectory for China’s top autonomous vehicle startups — and shed light on the challenges and opportunities for foreign AV companies eyeing the massive Chinese market. Enterprising governments Worldwide, regulations play a great role in the development of aut...
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Despite flat growth, ride-hailing colossus Didi’s US IPO could reach $70B

Didi filed to go public in the United States last night, providing a look into the Chinese ride-hailing company’s business. This morning, we’re extending our earlier reporting on the company to dive into its numerical performance, economic health and possible valuation. Didi is approaching the American public markets at a fortuitous moment. While the late-2020 IPO fervor, which sent offerings from DoorDash and others skyrocketing after their debuts, has cooled, valuations for public companies re...
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SoftBank, Uber, Tencent set to reap rewards from Didi IPO

After years of speculation, Didi Chuxing, China’s ride-sharing behemoth, finally unveiled its IPO filing for the U.S., giving a glimpse into its money-losing history. Didi didn’t disclose the size of its raise. Reuters reported the company could raise around $10 billion at a valuation of close to $100 billion. Cheng Wei, Didi’s 38-year-old founder owns 7% of the company’s shares and controls 15.4% of its voting power before the IPO, according to the prospectus. Major shareholder SoftBank Vision ...
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Macron says G7 countries should work together to tackle toxic online content

In a press conference at the Élysée Palace, French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated his focus on online regulation, and more particularly toxic content. He called for more international cooperation as the Group of Seven (G7) summit is taking place later this week in the U.K. “The third big topic that could benefit from efficient multilateralism and that we’re going to bring up during this G7 summit is online regulation,” Macron said. “This topic, and I’m sure we’ll talk about it again, is es...
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Here are 9 fascinating facts to know about BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager

BlackRock Chief Executive Larry Fink. AP BlackRock, the largest money manager, is an increasingly influential player in Washington, DC. Insider has rounded up a rundown of fast facts to know about BlackRock. Sign up for the Insider Finance daily newsletter. BlackRock, the world's largest investment manager, has become an increasingly influential Wall Street player in Washington, DC as a poster child of the revolving door between finance and politics.The firm has hired notable policy...
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