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Despite the pain, COVID-19 offers hope for change

SACRAMENTO — “The weeks go by in a meaningless blur,” my wife complained. “What difference does it make if it’s Thursday, or Tuesday or Saturday?” She expressed the frustration most of us feel as we hunker down at home, venturing out only to buy necessities and living without human contact. I bumped into a friend the other day and he instinctively stuck out his hand to shake — as I shuddered at that once-common greeting. My occasional errands reflect the new, post-apocalyptic universe. The post ...
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China Telecom Should Be Barred in US as Threat, Agencies Say

A group of U.S. security agencies is urging the Federal Communications Commission to revoke China Telecom's permission to operate in the United States. From a report: "This recommendation reflects the substantial and unacceptable national security and law enforcement risks" associated with China Telecom's access to the U.S. telecommunications network, the agencies said in a filing at the FCC. The U.S. and China are at odds over a suite of issues such as the spread of the novel coronavirus, trade...
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Trump administration urges regulators to stop China Telecom working in US

Justice department cites ‘malicious cyber activity’Move underlines effort to keep China out of US telecomsThe Trump administration has recommended that US regulators block China Telecom from operating in the US and warned that the China-backed company was creating “substantial and unacceptable” national security and law enforcement risks for the US. Related: US ‘very concerned’ over Huawei’s role in UK 5G network Continue reading...
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Microsoft says video calls in Teams grew 1,000% in March

With the COVID-19 pandemic making work from home the default for those companies that are able to do so, it’s no surprise that we are seeing a massive rise in the usage of video chat tools like Zoom, Google Meet and Teams . We’d already heard some updates from Zoom and Google, but today Microsoft joined the parade with a new report on how its Teams users have adapted to the rise of remote work. Back on March 16, the company reported 900 million meeting minutes in Teams . Now, less than...
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A startup backed by Goldman Sachs is measuring shadows from space to track the world's oil supply — and it's yielding shocking numbers that no one else has

The world is awash in oil that nobody wants, causing storage tanks around the world to fill up at historic rates.  Knowing exactly how much oil is in those tanks is worth a lot — because the more supply, the cheaper the oil.   Orbital Insights, a startup backed by heavyweights like Alphabet's GV and Goldman Sachs, has an unusual way of figuring it out involving satellite imagery, radar, and computer vision.  The result is one of the largest oil inventories, which shows an increase of a stunnin...
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Nearly Half of Global Coal Plants Will Be Unprofitable This Year, Report Says

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: China and other countries could be planning to build more coal plants to stimulate their economies in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic but nearly half of global coal plants will run at a loss this year, research showed on Wednesday. China has over 1,000 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired power, accounting for about 60% of the country's total installed generation capacity and around 100 GW under construction. London-based environmental think t...
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Sony invests $400M in Chinese entertainment platform Bilibili

Sony said on Thursday that it is investing $400 million to secure a 4.98% stake in Chinese entertainment giant Bilibili. 10-year old Bilibili started as an animation site, but has expanded to other categories including e-sports, user-generated music videos, documentaries, and games. The service, which has amassed over 130 million users, has attracted several big investors over the years, including Chinese giants Tencent and Alibaba. The announcement pushed Bilibili’s share up by 7.6% in pre-m...
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Google subsidiary agrees to pursue internet “diversification” in Asia to block China access to U.S. market

The global internet continues to disintegrate into regional internets. Yesterday, the FCC authorized a Google subsidiary, GU Holdings, to open a submarine fiber optic link between the U.S. and Taiwan, while continuing to block the company’s expansion of the cable to Hong Kong. The cable, operated by Pacific Light Data Communication, has faced years of delays over its ties to the Chinese mainland. The Trump administration, through the Team Telecom review process, has placed an exacting magnifying...
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The US Senate reportedly advised members to stop using Zoom

US senators have been advised against using videocall app Zoom, according to the Financial Times. Zoom has seen a huge uptick in usage because of the coronavirus pandemic, but this has been accompanied by a host of privacy issues and bad press. Most recently the company apologized after "mistakenly" routing some of its calls through China. The Pentagon told the FT it will continue to allow its staff to use Zoom. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. US senators have been advised...
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Apple Pay's Express Transit Feature Now Supported in 275 Chinese Cities

From today, iPhone users across China can set up their T-Union cards for Express Transit, Apple's contactless transit payment system. The new support is a result of a partnership between Apple and China T-Union, a contactless transit card currently used in 275 Chinese cities. Express Transit is an Apple Pay feature that allows users to pay fares with a swipe of their ‌iPhone‌ or Apple Watch at the turnstile without having to unlock their device first with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. Ho...
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Outrunning COVID-19 twice

Editor’s note: Our writer Rita’s journey from China to the US and back again was planned months before the coronavirus pandemic descended on the world. That descent ended up turning a simple trip home into a kind of epic journey. The changes in her location — which we reference, but do not dwell on, to help anchor the story — gave her a unique perspective on the changing landscape — and outlook — of the world as COVID-19 infections spread. We’re publishing a diary of that period here in part to ...
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Foxconn and Other Chinese Factories Implement Strict Measures to Prevent Another Outbreak

Foxconn and other factories in China have implemented stringent measures to prevent the another viral outbreak in the country, according to an overview of the practices shared today by The Washington Post. Pages from a manual issued by Foxconn that covers rules employees must follow. Image from The Washington Post. Apple iPhone supplier Foxconn, for example, has organized workers into teams of 20 who stick together day and night for health tracking purposes. "The same group of employees work...
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Zoom is making its security features easier to access, as it moves to improve the privacy of its app and stop all the 'Zoombombing' (ZM)

Zoom is making its security features easier to access by consolidating them in a single button that users can access during a video call. This is part of Zoom's plan to address the privacy and security of its app after facing massive criticism, as it saw a huge wave of new users due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new security feature is meant to stop so called "Zoombombing" incidents, where hackers or trolls will enter random Zoom calls to share indecent messages or other spam. Earlier Wedne...
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The post-coronavirus office: more air purifiers, less open floor plans

In the past few weeks, demand for air purification systems has jumped in an effort to provide safer work environments for employees. A shift away from open-concept offices may not be far behind.
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Zoom sued by shareholder for ‘overstating’ security claims

Zoom has been served with another class action lawsuit — this time by one of its shareholders, who says he lost money after the company “overstated” its security measures, which led its share price to tank. The video conferencing giant has seen its daily usage rocket from 10 million users to 200 million since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced vast swathes of the world to stay and work from home. As its popularity rose, the company also faced a growing number of security and ...
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Zoom could be the next great video chat app, but rampant security concerns have left room for Microsoft to swoop in (ZM, MSFT)

Video conferencing app Zoom has exploded in popularity over the past month as people have been looking for ways to stay in touch virtually while social distancing. But a number of security issues have come to light in recent weeks, including a new form of harassment known as "Zoom-bombing." This recently caused the NYC Department of Education to shift away from Zoom as a tool for distance learning. Zoom faces a number of competitors in the market, but some analysts think Microsoft is in a stro...
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Chinese Retailers Slashing iPhone 11 Prices to Entice Reluctant Customers

Multiple third-party resellers in China are offering discounts on the iPhone 11 lineup this week, with savings up to an equivalent of $227 off a high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max, according to the South China Morning Post. On, the 64GB version of the basic ‌iPhone 11‌ now costs 4,999 yuan (US$708), 500 yuan (US$70) cheaper than the original price. The more expensive iPhone 11 Pro has an even steeper price cut that shaves off 1,200 yuan (US$170). And the top-tier ‌iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ is selling f...
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The largest iPhone maker in China has reopened, and it's taking extreme lengths to stop the spread of coronavirus, like barring workers from facing each other in the cafeteria (AAPL)

Foxconn Technology Group, Apple's largest manufacturing partner, has reopened its factories in China and is imposing strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Taiwanese company is determined to stay on schedule for a fall iPhone launch, according to a Washington Post report.  Foxconn produces 2 million surgical masks per day to be used by its workforce of over 1 million employees. Workers are barred from facing each other while eating, and have their temperature checked daily. The...
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Research: How location-tracking apps could stop the spread of coronavirus

Nearly half of the world’s population is now locked down in their homes to avoid spreading the coronavirus. With a vaccine likely still many months away, many countries are looking for ways they can get their people and economies moving again without risking further deaths. New research suggests that using an app to track people’s movements and identify and isolate anyone who has come into contact with an infected person could be critical in avoiding or leaving lockdown. This kind of contact-tra...
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Call for common EU approach to apps and data to fight COVID-19 and protect citizens’ rights

The European Commission has responded to the regional scramble for apps and data to help tackle the coronavirus crisis by calling for a common EU approach to boost the effectiveness of digital interventions and ensure key rights and freedoms are respected. The European Union’s executive body wants to ensure Member States’ individual efforts to use data and tech tools to combat COVID-19 are aligned and can interoperate across borders — and therefore be more effective, given the virus does n...
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China and Taiwan aren't great friends. Zoom sends chats through China. So Taiwan’s banned Zoom

Government and local business told to buy local, but slum it with Google or Microsoft if you must A parliamentary order issued yesterday says the nation’s Department of Cyber Security (DCS) has decided that when government agencies, and some private entities, use videoconferencing: “The underlying video software to be used should not have associated security or privacy concerns, such as the Zoom video communication service.”…
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China and Taiwan aren't great friends. Zoom sends chats through China. So Taiwan has banned Zoom

Government and local business told to buy local, but slum it with Google or Microsoft if you must A parliamentary order issued yesterday says the nation’s Department of Cyber Security (DCS) has decided that when government agencies, and some private entities, use videoconferencing: “The underlying video software to be used should not have associated security or privacy concerns, such as the Zoom video communication service.”…
Tags: Google, Microsoft, China, Taiwan, Software, Department of Cyber Security DCS

Google is making the premium version of its workplace video chat tool free until the end of September, to help businesses and schools working remotely due to coronavirus (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google is making the premium paid features in its Hangouts Meet video-conferencing features free until September 30, extended from the previous date of July 1, to help businesses and schools keep operating remotely as they're impacted by the coronavirus. Those features include being able to have up to 250 participants per call, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain, and the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive.  "As more employees, educators, and students...
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Trump Threatens To Withhold Funding For World Health Organization

What better way to celebrate World Health Day than by threatening to withhold funding for the World Health Organization. That's exactly what President Trump said he was considering today at Tuesday's coronavirus press briefing. The New York Times reports: "We're going to put a hold on money spent to the W.H.O.; we're going to put a very powerful hold on it and we're going to see," Mr. Trump said, accusing the organization of having not been aggressive enough in confronting the dangers from the v...
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Apple to Announce Q2 2020 Earnings on April 30

Apple today updated its website to announce that it will share its earnings results for the second fiscal quarter (first calendar quarter) of 2020 on Thursday, April 30. Apple's second quarter earnings results will give us a better picture of how product sales have fallen due to the pandemic that has spread across the world. Apple's stores outside of China have been closed since March 14, and Apple's stores in China were closed for several weeks in February. In February, Apple announced that...
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In a First, China Knocks US From Top Spot in Global Patent Race

China was the biggest source of applications for international patents in the world last year, pushing the United States out of the top spot it has held since the global system was set up more than 40 years ago, the U.N. patent agency said on Tuesday. From a report: The World Intellectual Property Organization, which oversees a system for countries to share recognition of patents, said 58,990 applications were filed from China last year, beating out the United States which filed 57,840. China's ...
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Samsung earnings guidance stays upbeat despite global macro crisis

Samsung overnight released its earnings guidance for the first quarter of 2020, stating that it expected sales of $45.4 billion and an operating profit of roughly $5.3 billion. The company’s fiscal year is aligned to the standard calendar year, and it will announce official earnings results on April 23. Those numbers are slightly up from last year’s first quarter, which had sales of $43.3 billion and an operating profit of roughly $5.1 billion. Those sales and profits are in line with Samsung...
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Mysterious drone flies over New York park warning people to "maintain a social distance"

New Yorkers spending time at a park on Saturday were told to "maintain a social distance" by a mysterious drone flying overhead. “This is the Anti-COVID-19 volunteer drone task force. Please maintain a social distance of at least six feet. Again, please maintain social distancing," said the drone. "Please help stop the spread of this virus. Reduce the death toll and save lives. For your own safety and your family's safety, please maintain social distancing. Thank you for your cooperation. We are...
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Taiwan’s government bars its agencies from using Zoom over security concerns

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan issued an advisory on Tuesday barring the country’s government agencies from using Zoom and other video software with “associated security or privacy concerns.” Instead, the government said alternatives, including software from Google and Microsoft, should be considered. Many organizations have been relying on Zoom to holding meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the video conferencing app has also been criticized for security and privacy issues. Maybe we should...
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Taiwan's government bans official use of Zoom, days after the firm admitted to 'mistakenly' routing some calls through China

The Taiwanese government has banned all official use of Zoom, dealing yet another blow to the videoconferencing service. Zoom has faced myriad security concerns in the past week, including worries about how it encrypts user data; the potential theft of user data; leaked email addresses, and calls being routed through China. Taiwan has fraught relations with China, which claims the island is part of its own territory.  Zoom did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment. ...
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