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The 40th Annual Telly Awards Celebrate Multi-Screen Winners

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Huawei CEO says China shouldn't punish Apple

Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder of embattled Chinese tech company Huawei, is defending US rival Apple.

Artist Ai Weiwei is suing Volkswagen because of an ad: Thursday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. You can get an audio version of this briefing on your Alexa device; sign up here. What people are talking about today Ai Weiwei is suing Volkswagen, and to show just how he feels about the car company, the Chinese artist posted a photo on Instagram: It shows him giving Volkswagen the finger. Ai, who took his case to court in Denmark, wrote in The Guardian that the automaker used his art as...
Tags: Google, Advertising, Nike, Cnn, Denmark, Jordan, Ai, Volkswagen, Copenhagen, Philip Morris, Ai Weiwei, Forrester, Reuters, Anish Kapoor, Copenhagen Denmark, Bloomberg News

Maps show how CNN lost America to Fox News

Map details dramatic shift from CNN to Fox News over 10-year period Does it show the triumph of "fake news" — or, rather, its defeat? A closer look at the map's legend allows for more complex analyses Dramatic and misleading Over the course of no more than a decade, America has radically switched favorites when it comes to cable news networks. As this sequence of maps showing TMAs (Television Market Areas) suggests, CNN is out, Fox News is in.The maps are certainly dramatic, but also a bit misl...
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Tariffs and Hardware Startups

If the majority of your understanding of how tariffs work is from Twitter, CNN, or Fox News, I encourage you to go read Trump’s China Tariffs Hit America’s Poor and Working Class the Hardest. And, if you think China is paying the U.S. directly for the tariffs, well, no … We have a lot of hardware companies in our portfolio so I’ve been living in the world of “what to do about tariffs” for several quarters. My fantasy at the beginning was “ignore and hope they go away.” This quickly evolved th...
Tags: Startups, Hardware, Government, China, Trends, Cnn, Shipping, Tariffs, Fox News, Feld, Trump 's China Tariffs Hit America

Apple's new MacBook Pro updates troubled keyboard

Apple has another fix for its troubled butterfly keyboards.
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The US just warned that drones made in China could be used as a way to spy, but not in the way you think

The US Department of Homeland Security is concerned that China-made drones and the data they can collect could potentially get into the hands of the Chinese government, according to a DHS alert obtained by CNN.  No manufacturer is singled out in the alert, but industry analysis claims that Chinese drone manufacturer DJI holds up to 80% of the drone market share in North America. The DHS alert comes a week after President Donald Trump banned the sale of Huawei telecoms equipment in the US. Visi...
Tags: Google, China, US, Trends, Dhs, Cnn, North America, Donald Trump, Huawei, US Army, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Homeland Security DHS, Huawei China

Grumpy Cat is dead, but will live on through AI

Grumpy Cat — the angry-looking celebrity feline who launched countless internet memes — died on Tuesday. The beloved cat leaves behind her owner Tabatha Bundesen, a small empire of books and merchandise bearing her unique face, movie and TV appearances, and millions of Google hits.
Tags: Google, Cnn, Tabatha Bundesen

Spotify is testing a voice-controlled gadget for cars

The announcement suggests Spotify has some interest in creating hardware devices that may compete with Amazon's line of Echos, Google Home and Apple's HomePod.
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Cnn

Credder offers Rotten Tomatoes-style ratings for the news

In an age of online misinformation and clickbait, how do you know whether a publication is trustworthy? Startup Credder is trying to solve this problem with reviews from both journalists and regular readers. These reviews are then aggregated into an overall credibility score (or rather, scores, since the journalist and reader ratings are calculated separately). So when you encounter an article from a new publication, you can check their scores on Credder to get a sense of how credible they are. ...
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Why Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are investing in Africa

What if you could tell what was wrong with your plant by simply hovering your smartphone over it?
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Africa, Cnn

Scientists Invent Light-Activated Bio-Glue That Stops Bleeding In Seconds

hackingbear shares a report from CNN: A team of researchers from Zhejiang University School of Medicine in Hangzhou, China, created a gel composed of a network of proteins, inspired by the matrix composition of human connective tissues, and other molecules. The product, which requires ultraviolet light to activate, can adhere within seconds and then bond to wet biological tissue surfaces without suturing. In pigs, the bio-glue sealed a punctured carotid artery, a major blood vessel in the neck, ...
Tags: Tech, Cnn, World Health Organization, HANGZHOU China, Nature Communications Read, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Former Apple exec Angela Ahrendts joins Airbnb board

Angela Ahrendts, the high profile former Apple executive and once Burberry CEO, is joining Airbnb's board of directors.
Tags: Apple, Cnn, Airbnb, Angela Ahrendts

Thursday round-up

Adam Liptak reports for The New York Times that although “[a]bortion rights are at risk at the Supreme Court, … the short-term threat may not come from extreme laws like the one passed by Alabama lawmakers” this week: “The court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is more likely to chip away at the constitutional right to abortion established in 1973 in Roe v. Wade than to overturn it outright,” and “[i]t will have plenty of opportunities to do so.” Joan Biskupic writes at CNN that “in his ...
Tags: Apple, Florida, Justice, Supreme Court, Law, Washington Post, Alabama, Cnn, Pepper, Atlantic, New York Times, Louisiana, App Store, Usa Today, Hyatt, Round-up

A gunman slaughtered 11 Jews. Then people hunted for hate online

The deadliest attack on Jews in American history appears to have triggered a spike in anti-Semitic searches on Google, exclusive research by CNN shows.
Tags: Google, News, Cnn, Stories

Gunman killed 11 Jewish worshippers. Then people hunted for hate online

The deadliest attack on Jews in American history appears to have triggered a spike in anti-Semitic searches on Google, exclusive research by CNN shows.
Tags: Google, News, Cnn, Stories

We're getting closer to stopping tech giants like Apple from abusing their power

Like other tech giants, Apple is extracting revenue on terms of its own choosing because it lacks competition. And like other tech giants, just because Apple created the iPhone doesn't mean it should be allowed to take over all markets that touch its platform without competing fair and square, writes Sally Hubbard, director of strategic enforcement at the Open Markets Institute.
Tags: Apple, Cnn, Sally Hubbard

Anti-Semitic Google searches spiked after the killing of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue. In the darker corners of the internet, the comments were even worse.

The deadliest attack on Jews in American history appears to have triggered a spike in anti-Semitic searches on Google, exclusive research by CNN shows.
Tags: Google, News, Cnn, Stories, Pittsburgh, Anti Semitic Google

After synagogue massacre, an outpouring of online hate

The deadliest attack on Jews in American history appears to have triggered a spike in anti-Semitic searches on Google, exclusive research by CNN shows.
Tags: Google, News, Cnn, Stories

A gunman slaughtered 11 Jewish worshippers. Then people hunted for hate online

After 11 Jews were killed at a Pittsburgh synagogue, anti-Semitic searches on Google hit their highest number in a year, exclusive research by CNN shows. In the darker corners of the internet, the comments were even worse.
Tags: Google, Cnn, Pittsburgh

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. Intel has been impacted by a chip security flaw that affects every chip released since 2011. Called ZombieLoad, the flaw is made up of four bugs and lets hackers exploit design flaws. Apple, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Amazon all released patches for the flaw. The bug could leak sensitive data like passwords and messages. San Francisco became the first US city to ban the use of facial recognition software by police and ot...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Disney, US, San Francisco, Trends, Intel, Cnn, Comcast, Hulu, Alexa, McNeill, Amazon Alexa, Kent Walker

Boeing Jet Sales Have Tanked in the Wake of 737 Max Crashes

After two crashes in the Java Sea near Indonesia and Ethiopia involving Boeing’s 737 Max line of passenger jets killed a total of 346 people, sales of 737 Max models have plummeted, CNN reported on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Air Travel, Safety, Indonesia, Cnn, Airplanes, Ethiopia, Aviation, Airlines, Boeing, Boeing 737 MAX, 737 Max, Lion Air crash, Air Disasters, Ethopian Airlines Crash

40% of Americans support antitrust action against Facebook after a cofounder called for it to be broken up (FB)

40% of Americans want to see antitrust action taken against Facebook. That's according to a new Business Insider/INSIDER poll of US adults conducted by SurveyMonkey. Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes recently called for the Silicon Valley tech giant to be broken up, and the results may bolster these arguments. Facebook has pushed back against demands for anti-monopoly argument, calling for different regulation instead. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook cofounder Chris...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, Elizabeth Warren, US, Trends, Cnn, Nick Clegg, New York Times, Silicon Valley, Andreessen Horowitz, Chris Hughes, Hall, Signal, Bernie Sanders

The Real Statistics About Healthcare – Facebook Using Guns To Stop Competitors – New Google Feature: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [05-14-19]

The Real Statistics About Healthcare – Facebook Using Guns To Stop Competitors – New Google Feature: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [05-14-19] document.createElement('audio'); DOWNLOAD TRA...
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Sonos has put itself in the middle of the battle between Alexa and Google Assistant

Sonos now has yet another voice. The speaker company now offers products in the US with Google Assistant built in.
Tags: Google, US, Cnn, Alexa

5 things to know for May 14: China tariffs, plane accident, Apple ruling

Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.
Tags: Apple, China, Cnn

Trade fear fades; Monsanto hurts Bayer; Apple bear market

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.
Tags: Apple, Cnn, Monsanto, Bayer

Apple launches new TV app in over 100 countries

Apple released its newly redesigned TV app on Monday and it will be available in over 100 countries.
Tags: Apple, Cnn

iPhone owners can sue Apple over App Store monopoly

The Supreme Court ruled consumers who accuse Apple of violating antitrust rules with its App Store can sue the company. CNN's Brian Fung reports.
Tags: Apple, News, Supreme Court, Cnn, Stories, App Store, Brian Fung

IPhone owners can sue Apple for monopolizing App Store, Supreme Court rules

Supreme Court allows antitrust lawsuit against Apple to go forward
Tags: Apple, Supreme Court, Cnn, App Store Supreme Court

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