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Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution 'Cold Chain,' Though Motives Remain Unknown

Hackers “assumed to be state agents” have been waging a phishing campaign against pharmaceutical firms and other institutions involved in the forthcoming distribution of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus, IBM announced on Thursday.Read more...
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Big wave of applicants crashes LA County restaurant aid website

A surge of applicants has crashed a Los Angeles County website used to process  restaurant assistance grant applications on Thursday, Dec. 3, as county officials say they are working to solve the problem and get the site back online. The Keep L.A. County Dining Program application portal crashed on Thursday morning, hours after it initially opened. The $5.6 million program is meant to provide $30,000 grants to 2,500 Los Angeles County restaurants — just a fraction of the tens of thousands of eat...
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Facebook to remove false claims about Covid vaccines

Move marks strongest push yet to prevent platform being used for anti-vaccination rhetoricCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFacebook is to begin removing false claims about Covid vaccines, the company has announced, as the UK prepares to roll out the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.It is the strongest move yet by Facebook to prevent its platform from being used to promote anti-vaccination rhetoric. Continue reading...
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Cyberspies target Covid vaccine 'cold chain' distribution network

Tech firm IBM says it has uncovered global phishing campaign with hallmarks of being state-backedCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageA global phishing campaign targeting organisations working on the “cold chain” for Covid vaccines has been uncovered by researchers at IBM, who say it bears the marks of a nation-state attack.From September 2020, organisations across six countries were sent emails purporting to be from Haier Biomedical, a member company of a long-running Uni...
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Airbnb may actually be undervalued ahead of IPO: Study

A new analysis by consumer analytics company ValueChampion found that the coronavirus pandemic has actually helped Airbnb achieve greater dominance over the travel booking industry.
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The future of work will be 'hot offices' where employees can reserve a desk, according to Amazon's cloud boss

Amazon headquarters. Elaine Thompson/AP The future of work will be "hot offices" where employees reserve a desk, AWS CEO Andy Jassy told CNBC. Jassy, who oversees Amazon's cloud business, said he expects that once offices can safely reopen, people will likely adopt a hybrid model rather than being in an office 100% of the time.  The coronavirus pandemic has affected Amazon's approach to meetings as well as hiring: The company is more open to remote employees now than it was in the past, Ja...
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The UK approves the BioNTech/Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use

The UK government has approved the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 for emergency use, following the recommendation of the national medicines regulator. The UK is the first country to approve the vaccine for widespread use — paving the way for some of the most “high risk” citizens, such as elderly care home residents and front-line healthcare workers, to get the jab before the end of the year. The BBC reports that the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has sa...
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RoboDoc: how India’s robots are taking on Covid patient care

The pandemic has spurred on robotics companies building machines to perform tasks in hospitals and other industriesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageStanding just 5ft tall, Mitra navigates around the hospital wards, guided by facial recognition technology and with a chest-mounted tablet that allows patients and their loved ones to see each other.Developed in recent years by the Bengaluru startup Invento Robotics, Mitra costs around $13,600 (£10,000) and – due to the red...
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A North Carolina scientist says chocolate, tea fight COVID-19

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola pandemic pals, Let’s dive right in. I was researching for this newsletter this morning when I came across this glorious headline from WRAL TechWire:Eager to get schooled, I read the article then did some research on the professor making the recommendations.Dr. Deyu Xie, a plant microbiology expert from North Caro...
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Biodiversity is crucial for South Africa’s food security

Farming must embrace sustainable, regenerative agriculture practices to secure our future The post Biodiversity is crucial for South Africa’s food security appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Moderna claims 94% efficacy for COVID-19 vaccine, will ask FDA for emergency use authorization today

Drugmaker Moderna has completed its initial efficacy analysis of its COVID-19 vaccine from the drug’s Phase 3 clinical study, and determined that it was 94.1% effective in preventing people from contracting COVID-19 across 196 confirmed cases from among 30,000 participants in the study. Moderna also found that it was 100% effective in preventing severe cases (such as those that would require hospitalization) and says it hasn’t found any significant safety concerns during the trial. On the basis ...
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Yes, Virtual Santa Claus Meet and Greets Are Happening on Zoom

If you, like me, ever asked yourself, “What’s next? Santa Claus on Zoom?” during the coronavirus pandemic, let me just say: 2020 is the year of virtual hangouts. It’s now clear that anything can happen on video chat, from work meetings to birthday parties. I can personally attest that I gave my maid of honor speech…Read more...
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November linkfest

It’s Word of the Year season, and two British dictionaries are leading the pack. Collins picked lockdown – a word we threw around here in the US but never experienced the way they did in the UK and elsewhere. (A friend of mine is literally confined to her London apartment after spending a month in France: she can’t go outdoors at all.) And Oxford Languages, publisher of the Oxford dictionaries, chose a phenomenon instead of a single word: the impact of the COVID-19 on language. “What struck the...
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AstraZeneca says it will likely do another study of COVID-19 vaccine after accidental lower dose shows higher efficacy

AstraZeneca’s CEO told Bloomberg that the pharmaceutical company will likely conduct another global trial of the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine trial, following the disclosure that the more effective dosage in the existing Phase 3 clinical trial was actually administered by accident. AstraZeneca and its partner the University of Oxford reported interim results that showed 62% efficacy for a full two-dose regimen, and a 90% efficacy rate for a half-dose followed by a full dose – which t...
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As the pandemic shatters Americans' mental health, the FDA, psychiatrists, and developers are betting on smartphone apps to treat them directly

A woman seen walking past a charity's shopfront in Stoke-on-Trent, England, on October 28, 2020. Nathan Stirk/Getty Images The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the US mental-health crisis, with apps like Calm and Headspace booming as people try to cope. Now, a new cohort of apps are working to directly treat mental illness, rather than just help people get by. Three such companies told Business Insider their programs can drive similar results as medication, and said they believe in-pe...
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Ableist capitalist individualism

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola pandemic pals, I saw an elderly gentleman selling face masks outside of a convenience store today. He shook hands with almost everyone who spoke to him as they passed.I paused for a long moment and watched, unable to stop myself from wondering if he’d still be alive come Christmas. If he quits selling masks he ma...
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YouTube suspends and demonetizes One America News Network over COVID-19 video

YouTube today confirmed that it has suspended right-wing cable channel One America News Network (OAN or OANN for short). The penalty comes after a violation of YouTube’s stated COVID-19 misinformation guidelines. As a result, the network will be barred from posting new videos for a week, while its existing videos will also be demonetized for that period. A spokesperson for the Google-owned video service offered the following statement to TechCrunch: Since early in this pandemic, we’ve worked ...
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Elon Musk has surpassed rival Bill Gates as the world's second-richest person. Here's where their simmering feud began and how it's escalated amid the pandemic.

Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Susan Walsh/AP; Mike Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times Elon Musk and Bill Gates have been feuding over everything from the coronavirus to electric vehicles. The two moguls don't see eye to eye on electric-car technology. Musk has said Gates doesn't know what he's talking about, and Gates has said he bought a Porsche electric car over a Tesla. This year, Gates and Musk have feuded over the coronavirus. Gates called Musk's comments on the outbreak "outrageou...
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Uber refused permission to dismiss 11 staff at its EMEA HQ

Uber has been refused permission to dismiss 11 people at its EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam by the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), the ride hailing company has confirmed. The affected individuals did not take up an earlier severance offer as part of wider Uber layoffs earlier this year. Uber announced major global layoffs of around 15% of its workforce in May — which included around 200 staff based in Amsterdam — blaming the cuts on changes to demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic....
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The architects behind Apple Park are using Boston Dynamics' lifelike $75,000 Spot robot in construction — see how

Boston Dynamics Spot robot. Reuters Robotics company Boston Dynamics announced that its robot dog, Spot, is now for commercial sale Canada, the EU, and the UK, following earlier release in the US. The robot retails for $74,500, with a lead time of 6-8 weeks. Spot has already been used in hospitals, agriculture, and most recently by architecture firm Foster and Partners. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories Spot, Boston Dynamics' famous four-legged robot, is officially availab...
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Which countries and hackers are targeting Covid vaccine developers?

The states and their hackers that security experts believe are targeting vaccine developersHackers try to steal Covid vaccine secretsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageRussia’s best-known hacker groups – Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear – are considered to be linked to the country’s intelligence organisations, according to western security agencies. Continue reading...
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This company says it makes the first FDA-approved transparent face mask and has sold more than 12.5 million since April — see why it's become so popular

The ClearMask transparent face mask. ClearMask ClearMask — the first US Food and Drug Administration-approved transparent surgical face mask, according to the company — has sold over 12.5 million see-through masks since April. Transparent masks help a wide variety of people, from those who are deaf and hard of hearing, to young children, to the neurodiverse population. ClearMask currently offers two types of face coverings: the FDA-approved medical mask and a non-medical iteration. "The Cl...
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More States Are Offering Contact-Tracing Apps—Now if Only They Could Get People to Use Them

Google and Apple rolled out their covid-19 contact-tracing APIs months ago for state officials to use in developing their own covid-19-tracking apps, but adoption has proceeded at a snail’s pace. Just 15 states and Washington, D.C. are currently employing the tech giants’ “exposure notification” tech while a handful…Read more...
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UCLA, UC Riverside test smartphone technology to warn users of coronavirus exposure

University of California students and staff are working to contain the coronavirus pandemic with their smartphones. The California Department of Public Health, Department of Technology and UC are pilot-testing technology that uses smartphones to identify and notify users of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. UC Riverside and UCLA are among the campuses in the trial. UC Riverside Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andres Gonzalez, who is overseeing a trial of a coronavirus contact tracing sma...
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In chaotic times, Zillow becomes the solution to doomscrolling

People in 2020 are treating the ubiquitous real estate portal as part social network, part salve amid a global pandemic and geopolitical chaos.
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Tech giants join with governments to fight Covid misinformation

Facebook, Twitter and Google part of working group targeting false claims about vaccinesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFacebook, Twitter and Google are working with a coalition of governments including the UK and Canada to fight misinformation and conspiracy theories around Covid vaccinations.Formed by the British fact-checking charity Full Fact, the new working group will aim to set cross-platform standards for tackling misinformation – as well as how to hold organi...
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Pfizer and BioNTech to submit request for emergency use approval of their COVID-19 vaccine today

Two of the companies behind one of the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates will seek approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization (EUA) of their preventative treatment with an application to be delivered today. Pfizer and BioNTech, who revealed earlier this week that their vaccine was 95% effective based on Phase 3 clinical trial data, are submitting for the emergency authorization in the U.S., as well as in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan and the U....
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Facebook, Twitter, and Google are uniting to stop vaccine misinformation from spreading online

A clinical trial volunteer participates in Johnson & Johnson's study to test a coronavirus vaccine. Janssen Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all teaming up, in partnership with Canada and the UK, to stop misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine from spreading online.  British fact checking charity Full Fact convened the group, and plans to launch an initial framework in January 2021. According to polls, some Americans are skeptic about getting a coronavirus vaccine.  Dr. Anthony F...
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Transfr raises $12M Series A to bring virtual reality to manufacturing-plant floors

The coronavirus has displaced millions of workers across the country. In order to recover, companies must focus on re-skilling their workforces in a measured and sustainable way. However, training and recruitment can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for companies, a heavy investment that is hard to explain during volatile times. To Bharani Rajakumar, the founder of Transfr, the dilemma of displaced workers is the perfect use case for virtual reality technology. Transfr leverages virtual rea...
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Feds Say Cash App, Venmo, and Other Payment Apps Being Used to Launder Stimulus Money

The U.S. Secret Service has some 700 pending investigations centering on Paycheck Protection Program and the Unemployment Insurance Relief fraud, CNBC reported on Wednesday, and a large number of them involve money laundering via Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and other payment apps.Read more...
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