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How to Play Roblox on a Chromebook

Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world, but it’s currently limited to a handful of platforms. Chrome OS isn’t on the “supported” list, but thanks to the Google Play Store, Roblox is a few clicks away. What Is Roblox? Roblox is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game creation platform where you can design, share, and play games with other players. The platform—which initially released in 2006—hosts games and virtual worlds in a variety of genres, such as simulations, puzzles, ...
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Daily News Roundup: Getting Windows 10’s May 2019 Update

Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update to everybody, Wyze announced an affordable smart light bulb, and Huawei won’t be able to use new ARM processors anymore. Getting Windows 10’s May 2019 Update If you’ve missed our past coverage, the May 2019 Update introduced several notable features. For Pro users, the most exciting feature is, without a doubt, the Sandbox. But everyone should appreciate the new Light theme, speed improvements, a cleaner start menu, a...
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How to Split Text in Google Sheets

Often, you need to split the content of a cell in your spreadsheet that is separated by a comma or space, such as the first and last names of a contact. Luckily, Google Sheets provides a simple, straightforward approach to dealing with merged datasets. How to Split Text in Google Sheets Fire up your browser, open up a document, and select all the cells you want to split up. Warning: Make sure the cells to the right don’t already have data in them. This feature overwrites those cells withou...
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Daily Deals: A $250 iPad, a $50 JBL Link Speaker, a $115 Galaxy Tab E, and More

JBL, Apple, Samsung Memorial Day’s right around the corner, but you can get most of your shopping done today. Right now, the internet’s full of early Memorial Day deals, and as always, we’ve picked out a few favorites. If you need a cheap Bluetooth speaker, now’s your chance to buy a JBL Link for just $50. The JBL Link has excellent sound quality, and it’s one of our favorite Bluetooth speakers with Google Assistant built-in. If you aren’t interested in a new speaker, you might want to chec...
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Daily News Roundup: T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Inches Closer to Approval

T-Mobile and Sprint have been talking about getting together and making 5G babies since April of last year, and with a preliminary nod from the FCC, it looks like the pair might be getting closer to approval for the merger. FCC chairman Ajit Pai gave his approval for the merger after T-Mobile made significant promises for the growth of 5G in a post-merger world. He claims this will create a “unique opportunity to speed up the deployment of 5G throughout the United States and bring much faster m...
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How to Save a Web Page in Chrome

Google Chrome lets you download full web pages for offline viewing. You can save just the basic HTML or additional assets (like pictures) to completely re-assemble a page without the need for an internet connection. How to Save a Web Page Go ahead and fire up Chrome, and then navigate to a web page that you want to save. Click the menu button, and then click on More Tools > Save Page As. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+S (Command+S in macOS) to open the “Save as…” dialog. Choose a folder to ...
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Daily Deals: A $51 Fitbit Alta, a $67 Google Nest Hub, a $100 Mesh Wi-Fi Kit, and More

Fitbit, Google, TP-Link Bored of all your old gadgets and gizmos? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. The internet’s full of wild deals and discounts today, but as always, we’ve picked out a handful of favorites. Right now, you can grab a Fitbit Alta fitness band for just $51 (coupon code MEMORIAL15). The Alta has a built-in touchscreen with some smartwatch features, and it’s one of our favorite fitness bands. You could also grab a Google Nest Hub for just $67, or upgrade to a TP-Link Deco Mesh...
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Five of the Best Premium iOS Games with No In-App Purchases

Love mobile gaming but don’t love advertisements or irritating in-app purchases? We feel you. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite pay-once-and-play premium iOS games to share. There are thousands of games on Apple’s App Store, which we can split into roughly two categories: games you pay for, and free-to-play games you “don’t” pay for. The latter, of course, will cost you time as your cup runneth over with ad breaks, and money (which is equal to time) for in-app purchases. Nobody likes a...
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How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password Between iPhones

iOS has a built-in feature that lets you quickly share Wi-Fi passwords between devices by bringing them near each other. It uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and each user’s Apple ID to securely share the password between devices. Sharing your Wi-Fi password can be a frustrating endeavor. If you have you have a complicated Wi-Fi password with letters, numbers, and special characters, that can be a real pain for your Aunt Edna coming to visit on Thanksgiving. But as of iOS 11, Wi-Fi sharing between iPhones...
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Daily News Roundup: Carriers Promise They Stopped Selling Your Location… Again

Last year it was discovered that Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile were all selling your real-time location data to third-party companies. They offered no oversight of what the companies did with the data whatsoever, and if that’s not disturbing enough, those third-parties turned around and sold the data to yet other parties like LocationSmart. That access made it easier for the government to track citizens without going through a full warrant process, was a veritable gold mine for advertiser...
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Daily News Roundup: Google Kills the Project to Bring Windows to Chromebooks

Late last year, details surfaced about a new project Google was working on to bring Windows to some Chromebooks. As of now, however, it looks like that’s never going to happen—the project is deprecated. Known as Project Campfire (or “AltOS” in the source code), the goal was to bring a dual-boot setup with Windows to select Chromebooks. As far as we know, it was in testing on the Pixelbook but would have likely shown up on other high-powered Chromebooks as well. When news about Campfire first dr...
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Only New CPUs Can Truly Fix ZombieLoad and Spectre

RMIKKA/Shutterstock Current CPUs have design flaws. Spectre exposed them, but attacks like Foreshadow and now ZombieLoad exploit similar weaknesses. These “speculative execution” flaws can only truly be fixed by buying a new CPU with built-in protection. Patches Often Slow Down Existing CPUs The industry has been frantically scrambling to patch “side-channel attacks” like Spectre and Foreshadow, which trick the CPU into revealing information it shouldn’t. Protection for current CPUs has ...
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The Best Accessories for Your AirPods

We love Apple’s AirPods, and judging by the number we see on the street, so do lots of other people, too. There’s a thriving AirPod accessory market out there but which ones are worth looking at? Here are our favorites. The beauty of AirPods is their simplicity and minimalistic approach, but sometimes an accessory or two makes a good thing even better. Maybe you love your AirPods but wish they would just fit inside your ears a little better. Or perhaps you would like to carry your AirPods aroun...
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Daily News Roundup: ZombieLoad is the Latest Threat to Intel PCs

Last year saw the release of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, but researchers warned that this pair of flaws was just the start of something bigger. ZombieLoad is the newest vulnerability to leverage a similar type of attack. While there isn’t a lot to say about ZombieLoad that hasn’t already been said, here’s what you need to know. First off, it affects nearly every Intel processor made since 2011. Secondly, since it directly affects the processor, it’s OS agnostic—this flaw is presen...
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Daily Deals: Vegas Pro 15 for $25, a $30 Google Home Mini, a $100 Robot Vacuum, and More

Google, MAGIX, ECOVACS Hump day just got a lot better. The internet’s full of wild deals and discounts, ranging from a $140 pair of AirPods to a $265 Nintendo Switch console. But as always, we’ve picked out a few favorites. Right now, you can grab a Vegas Pro 15 bundle for just $25. This bundle contains seven pieces of software, many of which retail for over $100. Of course, if you aren’t into video editing, then you may be more interested in the fantastic $30 Google Home Mini deal or the $...
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Daily News Roundup: Apple’s App Store Monopoly

As of late, Apple has been under fire for its App Store practices. Specifically, the fact that it takes a 30% cut of all app sales, causing developers to raise prices, leaving users no other choice but to pay up. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled iPhone owners could proceed with a suit against Apple for the practice. Since Apple only allows apps to be downloaded directly from its App Store on iOS, the claim is that it has a monopoly over app distribution. It’s an interesting angle because iOS ...
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Why Android Users Need Windows 10’s “Your Phone” App

Windows 10’s Your Phone app links your phone and PC. It works best for Android users, letting you text from your PC and wirelessly transfer photos back and forth. Notification sync and screen mirroring features are on the way, too. Android Users Get the Best Integration The Your Phone app is a powerful and often overlooked part of Windows 10. If you’re an Android user, you can use it to text right from your PC, see all your phone’s notifications, and quickly transfer photos. If you have the r...
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How to Add Accessibility Features to Google Chrome

If you have trouble reading text on websites, seeing specific colors, or have dyslexia, Google Chrome has accessibility features that can help. You manage them individually through various Chrome extensions available in the Web Store. Official Google Accessibility Extensions Google offers four official accessibility extensions that you can add to your browser from the Chrome Web Store: Color Enhancer: A customizable color filter applied to webpages that improve the perception of colors for p...
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What Is Inbox Zero, and How Can You Achieve It?

Marie Maerz/Shutterstock Inbox Zero is a staple of digital productivity advice. “Achieving Inbox Zero” is the knowledge worker’s equivalent of “reaching enlightenment.” But Inbox Zero doesn’t mean having an empty inbox—it’s all about reducing the stress of email. Why Inbox Zero Matters Let’s deal with the second part of the question first: Why should you care what Inbox Zero is? If you’ve got any interest in taming your inbox or more generally in being efficient and productive, Inbox Zer...
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How to Stop Your Google Home From Recording All Your Conversations

Josh Hendrickson Google may be storing everything you say to your Google Home and keeping the recordings forever, just as Alexa does. Google recently changed the default behavior not to keep the recordings. But that change only affected new users—not existing ones. Google Home Records What You Say The second result is a false positive. A TV character said: “Ok people, we’ll do even better! Scientific!” Your Google Home spends most of its time listening for its wake words, “Hey Google...
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Daily News Roundup: Android Pie Is on 10% of Devices

Google recently updated its Android distribution numbers after six months of silence. Things are looking pretty good—10 percent of all Android devices are now running the latest version, which puts adoption ahead of schedule. It’s no secret that full Android OS updates are slow to roll out to devices beyond a select few like Pixel and Essential, so seeing Pie at 10 percent adoption eight months after release is a bit surprising. For comparison, it took Nougat and Oreo ten months each to hit the...
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How Much RAM Does a Chromebook Really Need?

Cameron Summerson Chrome is known for being a RAM hog, but most Chromebooks come with only 4 GB of RAM. Chrome OS manages RAM differently than Windows or Mac computers, so it can do more with less. Chromebooks Don’t Need That Much RAM First of all, just because Chrome is a RAM glutton on your Windows machine or Mac, that doesn’t mean it’s a Chrome issue across the board. Chrome OS is very different than a traditional computer, and so is the way it handles RAM. Without getting overly comp...
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Daily Deals: An $80 iPhone 6, a $270 PlayStation 4 Slim, a $780 Google Pixel 3 XL, and More

Google, Sony, Apple Right now, the internet’s full of wild deals and discounts. These deals range from a $265 Nintendo Switch console to a $60 ASUS ZenFone 3, but as always, we’ve picked out a few favorites. If you’ve been waiting to buy the PlayStation 4, now’s your chance to get one at a discount. Newegg is selling the PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB console for just $370 (coupon code EMCTATE27) and the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console for just $360 (coupon code EMCTATE27). If you aren’t into games, ...
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What the End of “Works With Nest” Means For You

Google If your smart devices or services talk to your Nest products through Works with Nest, they’ll lose that capability after August 31st. Any integration you set up, such as a door lock telling your Nest camera to record, will stop working. Read the remaining 13 paragraphs
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9 Awesome Mother’s Day Tech Gifts

Denys Prykhodov/ Keen to buy your beloved mom a great gadget for Mother’s Day? We’ve rounded up the best tech gifts for her so she’ll be delighted with whatever you buy her. We’ll be the first to say, it was pretty tough to narrow things down to a manageable number for this list. ReviewGeek has thousands of gift ideas across multiple reviews and product roundups—and it was tough to pick just our favorites. If you don’t see something that feels like a perfect fit in the list...
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How to Automate Google Sheets With Macros

Google Sheets lets you automate repetitive tasks with macros, and you can then bind them to keyboard shortcuts to execute them quickly. They work using Google Apps Script to capture your actions for later use. RELATED: Learn How to Use Excel Macros to Automate Tedious Tasks What are Macros? A macro—or macroinstruction—is a specific sequence of actions that let you automate a series of steps to increase productivity. They work by recording your actions and saving them into a file that’s bound ...
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Daily News Roundup: The Best Stuff From Google I/O So Far

Google’s yearly developer conference started yesterday, and the keynote was chock-full of announcements, demos, and some utterly mind-blowing tech. From Assistant to Android, here’s some of the best stuff to come out of I/O 2019 so far. Pixel 3a and 3a XL: As expected, Google officially unveiled the long-rumored and more affordable Pixel 3a lineup. Just like the more expensive Pixel 3, it comes in two sizes, the $399 5.6-inch 3a, and the $479 6-inch 3a XL. They’re both very much Pixel phones, w...
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The Google Home Hub Is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Google When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts things can be a bit hit or miss, but pictures of kids and grandkids are always a slam dunk hit. The Google Home Hub, with its beautiful picture mode and ease of use, is a perfect gift for mom. A quick note before we dive in: Yesterday announced the Google Home team is merging with Nest and the Google Home Hub is now known as the Google Nest Hub—we don’t make the name changes, we just report them. Nobody but Google itself has updated their storefro...
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What Is Android’s Project Mainline, and When Will My Phone Get It?

Google’s Project Mainline, announced at I/O 2019, will deliver security updates to Android devices through the Play Store. Google is bypassing the traditional, slower update channels dependent on device manufacturers and carriers. Here’s what this means for you. Before we can look at what Project Mainline means for the future, however, it’s probably best to consider Android’s troubled past when it comes to updates. Android “Fragmentation” Has Long Been an Issue You can hardly hear anything ab...
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Daily News Update: The Biggest Stories from Microsoft Build 2019

Microsoft’s annual Build conference started yesterday, and per the norm, a bunch of new announcements and cool stuff came with it. Here’s a quick look at some of the best things that we’ve seen so far. Windows 10 is getting a built-in Linux kernel. Probably the most significant announcement yesterday was the announcement of the Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2—WSL 2—which brings a full Linux kernel to Windows. We have all the details if you’re interested. It’s cool. A real command line is ...
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