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Ericsson Renews Legal Action Against Apple Over 5G Patents

Ericsson has filed a further set of patent infringement lawsuits against Apple, Reuters reported Tuesday. It is part of an ongoing legal battle between the two firms centered on royalty payments for 5G patents used in iPhones. Ericsson – Apple Legal Battle Escalates Commenting, an Ericsson spokesperson said: Since the prior agreement has expired, and we have been unable to reach agreement on the terms and scope of a new license, Apple is now using our technology without a license. Apple had no...
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Apple Schedules 2022 Shareholder Meeting

Recently, Apple announced it will hold its annual shareholder meeting for 2022 in a virtual format. The Cupertino-based company will host its 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders ay 9 a.m. PST (12 p.m. EST) on March 4, 2022. There are a number of business items planned for the meeting, and proxy voting is available now. Voting on Proposals at Annual Shareholder Meeting The most interesting aspect of the announcement lies in the proxy vote recommendations. Cupertino is suggesting shareholders vo...
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Phone Noise Cancellation on iPhone 13 Canceled

Since the iPhone 13’s release, a number of owners have discovered a feature missing from their devices that they used to have. The Accessibility features on iOS offers up a Phone Noise Cancellation feature to help you better hear phone calls. Unless your device is an iPhone 13, that is. A Feature Apart from Noise-Cancelling Headphones If you use AirPods or AirPods Pro, those still offer active noise cancellation. This feature, found in Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual, is distinct from ...
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Apple Clarifies iCloud Private Relay Wording in iOS 15.3 to Prevent Confusion Over Carrier Support (mac rumors)

In today's iOS 15.3 beta, Apple has updated the wording that people see when iCloud Private Relay is disabled for a cellular or WiFi network, clarifying that when it's off, it's not always because of a lack of carrier support. The new message says that Private Relay is turned off, but it explains that either a cellular plan does not support it or that it has been deactivated in Cellular Settings. In iOS 15.2 and prior iOS 15.3 betas, if ‌iCloud‌ Private Relay was disabled for a cellular ...
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Microsoft poaches Apple chip expert for custom silicon

Cupertino loses second chip guru Apple's having a problem retaining top chip personnel, with the latest defection being CPU architect Mike Filippo going to Microsoft.…
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Fresh Report Focuses on 48MP Camera in iPhone 14 Pro

Apple hasn’t increased the resolution of the iPhone’s main camera in quite a few years. In fact, this has only happened twice before, but it seems the Cupertino-based company is ready to do it again. A new report coincides with earlier suggestions that the iPhone 14 Pro will arrive this year with a 48MP main camera. The History of the iPhone Camera When Apple released the iPhone 4S, that marked the first time the main camera got bumped up in resolution. Cupertino moved from 5MP to 8MP. The nex...
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Apple Outlines $30M Bag Check Lawsuit Settlement on Legal Website

Apple in November settled a long-running lawsuit over employee bag checks, with the Cupertino company agreeing to pay $29.9 million to employees who were subjected to off-the-clock bag searches, and now details about the settlement are available on Apple's website. California employees first sued Apple in 2013, and in 2015, the case escalated into a class action lawsuit. Employees claimed that Apple subjected them to mandatory bag checks that were "embarrassing and demeaning," with those chec...
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Apple Clarifies iCloud Private Relay Wording in iOS 15.3 to Prevent Confusion Over Carrier Support

In today's iOS 15.3 beta, Apple has updated the wording that people see when iCloud Private Relay is disabled for a cellular or WiFi network, clarifying that when it's off, it's not always because of a lack of carrier support. The new message says that Private Relay is turned off, but it explains that either a cellular plan does not support it or that it has been deactivated in Cellular Settings. In iOS 15.2 and prior iOS 15.3 betas, if ‌iCloud‌ Private Relay was disabled for a cellular plan...
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Korean Suppliers Create Apple Car Task Forces

Following a visit by Apple executives to Korea, a number of suppliers there have formed Apple Car task forces. The news hints the tech giant is edging even closer to making its autonomous vehicle a reality. These Apple Car task forces would seem to make the project more than just rumors and speculation. Meeting with Electronic Parts Manufacturers According to Korea IT News, Apple visited South Korea in December 2021 with a specific focus on batteries for the vehicle. Rather than using existing...
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Apple Glass Patent Suggests Vision Correction

People who wear eyeglasses often have a love-hate relationship with VR headsets, leaning mostly towards hate. Fitting the headsets over eyeglasses is usually a challenge. I’m in that camp, so I haven’t been able to get too excited about the rumored Apple Glass product, as . That is, until now. An Apple Glass patent hints that the Cupertino-based company might have a solution by way of including vision correction in the wearable. The Struggle of Spectacles The whole idea of smart glasses sound...
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Apple Announces 745 Million Paid Subscriptions, Primephonic Features Coming to Apple Music

Apple announced that it now 745 million paid subscriptions either to its services or connected to third parties via the App Sore. The company also revealed on Monday that some of the features of the Primephonic are set to be integrated into Apple Music later this year. Now 745 Million Paid Subscriptions, Apple Says Reflecting on the last year Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services revealed that the number of paid subscriptions through Apple.  “Apple’s world-class portfolio of serv...
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Getting Ready for the Next iPhone SE

As we get further into the new year, Apple’s next virtual event may be right around the corner. According to some sources, that’s going to happen in either March or April 2022, and the highlight of the event will be a new iPhone SE. Will it be a truly new design, though, or just a refresh? Most think refresh. The Beginnings of the Budget-Friendly Apple Smartphone At the beginning of the , Apple introduced us to the current iPhone SE. The budget-conscious handset featured the same design as th...
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Apple doesn’t care for the metaverse — and that’s totally fine

The big hot-off-the-presses Apple rumor right now is that the company is not building a metaverse. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, despite aiming to release a mixed reality headset this year, the Cupertino-based tech giant thinks the idea of craftings its own virtual environment is “off-limits.” “Here’s one word I’d be shocked to hear on stage when Apple announces its headset: metaverse. I’ve been told pretty directly that the idea of a completely virtual world where users can escape to — ...
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Apple loses lead Apple Silicon designer Jeff Wilcox to Intel

The Apple Park campus stands in this aerial photograph taken above Cupertino in October 2019.Sam Hall/Bloomberg via Getty Images Jeff Wilcox, Apple Silicon Leader and T2 security processor developer, left Apple to join Intel and oversee the architecture of all Intel System-ona-Chip (SoC) designs. As Apple heads to the end of its self-imposed two-year transition from Intel to its own Apple Silicon, the company  lost the head of his M1 development team.  Jeff Wilcox originall...
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Key Apple Silicon Director Rejoins Intel

A key figure in the development of Apple Silicon has left Cupertino. Jeff Wilcox is returning to his previous employer, Intel. Apple Silicon DirectorJeff Wilcox Leaves Mr. Wilcox was a Director, Mac System Architecture from November 2013 until the end of 2021. He led the transition from Intel chips to Apple Silicon and also developed the System on a Chip (Soc) and system architecture behind the T2 coprocessor. He  is now an Intel Fellow working on SoC architecture for the chipmaker’s clients. ...
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Apple’s now worth $3 hootin’ trillion — and half could be thanks to its services biz

Last night, Apple became the first US company to breach the mark of a $3 trillion market cap. The party lasted only a brief while, as the firm’s stock brought the valuation down to $2.99 trillion within a few hours. Over the years, the iPhone has been the major force behind the Cupertino-based tech giant’s bottom line. More recently, its services business has also become an important contributor. Last quarter, services generated $18.2 billion in revenue for Apple, with 25.6% year-on-year growth....
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The HomeKit Bug That Can Cripple Your iPhone

A bug found in Apple’s HomeKit could cripple your iPhone, along with that of anyone else with access to your Apple Home setup. Security researcher Trevor Spiniolas reported the vulnerability to Apple months ago, but the trouble remains in iOS 15.2. A HomeKit Device Name That’s Just Too Long Spiniolas discovered that changing a HomeKit device  name to a very large string, it breaks the iPhone. In testing, the researcher used a 500,000-character-long string,. Of course. it’s entirely possible th...
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Apple could surge 27% in bull-case scenario as new AR headset adds $20 to its stock price, Wedbush says

An Apple shop in Istanbul, Turkey.Dilara Senkaya/Reuters Apple's stock price could soar 27% to $225 in a bull-case scenario, according to Dan Ives of Wedbush.He laid out his case in a Sunday note for why Apple's services business is worth $1.5 trillion.Ives expects a summer 2022 launch of a new AR headset that could add $20 to Apple's stock price.Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell.Apple's record run in 2021 could spill over into 2022, based...
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Apple Briefly Becomes World's First $3 Trillion Company

Apple briefly became the world's first $3 trillion company today based on market capitalization, which is the total value of all of the company's outstanding shares. The milestone came after Apple's stock price rose over 40% in the last year. The impressive feat, which Apple achieved when its stock price reached the $182.86 mark during intraday trading, came just over 16 months after Apple became a $2 trillion company and less than three and a half years after Apple reached the $1 trillion ma...
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Apple Focuses on Cinematic Mode in Humorous New iPhone 13 Pro Campaign

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro allows aspiring filmmakers to have 'Hollywood in your pocket' according to their latest campaign directed by Ivan and Jason Reitman. The ad focuses on the smartphones very impressive 'cinematic mode,' which lets you highlight (i.e. using bokeh control) what you would like to have in focus vs. what you don't for cinematic effect.  In a rare move by Apple, there is actually quite a bit of humour in this advert, which features the two detectives having a conversation about ...
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Apple Engineering Manager Reveals Gift Celebrating M1 Transition

It appears those involved in the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon have been given a little memento by the company as a thank you for their efforts. One Senior Software Engineering Manager shared a picture of an M1 t-shirt commemorating the move. Commemorative M1 T-Shirt Sent As Thank You to Staff The gift features the M1 logo and came with an accompanying message thanking staff that read – “every so often, something comes along that changes everything. Andy Boretto posted the image on Tw...
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Apple Offering US$180,000 Bonuses to Keep Top Talent, Big Product Releases Set For 2022

Apple is offering some of its top engineers bonuses of up to US$180,000 to not leave the company for Meta, Bloomberg News’ Mark Gurman . The Facebook-parent company is said to have tried to tempt talent with both larger salaries and more work-from-home flexibility. Apple Offering US$180,000 Bonuses to Keep Top Engineers From Leaving For Meta The bonuses are said to be in the form of restricted stock units. They have been offered to 10-20% of Apple’s hardware and silicon engineers. The valuati...
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Apple Sold Over 40 Million iPhone 13 Models During the Holiday Season, Says Wedbush Analyst

Apple sold north of 40 million iPhone 13 models over the holiday period in a record number for the company, despite industry-wide chip shortages, according to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives. Last year, reports began emerging that demand for ‌iPhone 13‌ models was slowing ahead of the holidays as delivery estimates for ‌‌iPhone 13‌‌ models started to improve. However in a new note to investors, seen by MacRumors, Ives said demand remained strong for the current iPhone cycle going into 2022, wit...
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2021: Reviewing a Year of Apple Hardware

As happens each year, Apple launched a number of new or refreshed products in 2021. At the same time, a few offerings were discontinued. Let’s take a look at Apple hardware in 2021, the new and the retired. New and Refreshed Apple Products During 2021, the Cupertino-based company continued its transition away from Intel CPUs in its computers. We saw the M1 iMac launch, following 2020’s introduction of M1 MacBook and Mac mini products. Later in the year, Apple expanded with the 14-inch and 16-i...
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How to Stop the In-App Review Annoyance

You’re busily enjoying your iPhone, either working or just scrolling news or social media. Suddenly, a pop-up interrupts you to ask, “Loving our app? Give us a rating to let us know.” Sound familiar? Sound annoying? Let’s look at how you can disable these in-app review requests. Why Does Apple Allow In-App Review Requests? First, though, let’s look at why the annoyance is there in the first place. Asking you for your review inside an app is a legitimate option Apple allows developers. It helps...
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Apple Puts India iPhone Factory on Probation

Foxconn, one of Apple’s key assembly partners for iPhones and other products, has a lot of work to do. The company shut down its factory in southern India recently. Temporary employees there protested their living conditions. Now, Apple has put the India iPhone factory on probation until Foxconn fixes the problems. Substandard Living Conditions and Food Quality Temporary workers at the factory just outside Chennai, India, staged a protest on Dec. 18. The temporary employees, mostly women, cite...
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Silicon Valley is a breeding ground for rivalries. Here are the biggest feuds between some of the world's most powerful executives.

Elon Musk, left, and Jeff Bezos have one of the longest-running rivalries in tech.Lambert/Ullstein Bild/Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images; Blue Origin; Samantha Lee/Insider While there are many close friendships in Silicon Valley, there are also plenty of feuds. Some appear to be friendly rivalries, like Marc Benioff and Larry Ellison.  Others, like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, are more contentious. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for WIRED25; Francois Mori/AP ...
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5 Hidden iOS Features You Might Not Know

For some reason, Cupertino seems to love hiding features within iOS, so here are 5 of our favorites you might not know about. Maybe Apple wants to encourage exploration. Perhaps the tech giant just bakes so much into the operating system that it can’t possibly divulge every swipe or hidden feature. Whatever the case may be, here are a few hidden iOS features 1. Finding the Shuffle Button in the Music App as the First of Our Hidden iOS Features One of the most common questions we get asked here...
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Rumored Hire Hints Apple AR Headset Coming Soon

Reports are circulating that Apple has hired Andrea Schubert away from Meta. Schubert has been the head of communications and public relations for Meta’s AR products since 2016. The move could signal that the unveiling of the first Apple AR headset is right around the corner. Helping Fuel the Success of Oculus Communications and PR are crucial to product success, and Oculus has tons of that. On both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2021, Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 was one of the top-selling product...
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Dutch Regulator to Force Apple to Change App Store Policy for Dating Apps

It’s interesting that the focus of this order is on dating apps, when other assaults on Apple’s App Store payment policies approach different genres, or all apps as a whole. The decision comes on the heels of the tech giant agreeing to change its payment policies for “reader” apps and the ongoing Apple v. Epic dispute. It could be one more nail in the coffin of Apple’s monopoly on collecting payment for apps. The Cupertino-based company has, of course, appealed the decision. Some app providers a...
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