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successfully installed Google Play Books

We all know that Nook Glowlight 3 is android 4.4.2 based, and many of us have installed various apps on it. I was wondering whether it's possible to install Google Play Books. Since I have purchased many books using Play Books, but I don't like to read on phone or tablet. Therefore I have spent some time to figure out how to do it. The steps are as follows: 1. install TWRP by Ryogo 2. install gapps, I use open gapps arm 4.4 pico version, this version contains Google Play Store 3. Sign in wi...
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A map of London's most toxic breathing spots

Dirty air is an invisible killer, but an effective one.More than 9,000 people die prematurely in London each year due to air pollution, a recent study estimates.This map visualizes the worst places to breathe in Central London. The Great Smog of 1952 London used to be famous for its 'pea-soupers': combinations of smoke and fog caused by burning coal for power and heating. All that changed after the Great Smog of 1952, when weather conditions created a particularly dense and persistent layer...
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A Week In Amsterdam On A $55,542 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Women over age 45: We want to read your Money Diaries! Submit here.Today: a digital planner working in advertising who makes $55,542 per year and spends some of her money this week on fries with mayo.Occupation: Digital PlannerIndustry: AdvertisingAge: 32Loc...
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Everything You Need to Know About the New Call to Action Extensions for YouTube Ads

Last month, Google announced that the current . Instead of the overlays, YouTube advertisers will now have to use the new call-to-action extensions. Let’s take a look at how the new extensions look. The extension will appear just under the video ad with a larger, more visible call-to-action button advertisers will now have to drive traffic to your website. Even after the user skips your video ad or watches the entire thing, the call-to-action extension will be visible on the YouTube video p...
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Leaked memo spells out Facebook’s new ‘ground rules’ restricting employee discussions about politics and religion (FB)

Facebook is bringing in new rules about how employees can discuss politics and religion internally. In an internal memo obtained by Business Insider, CTO Mike Schroepfer said the company had drawn up new guidelines for internal discussions. Much of the rules apply to Workplace, Facebook's internal communication app, and the company is investing in stronger moderation tools for it. The changes comes amid falling employee morale and some employee criticism of Facebook's political culture. You ca...
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Best Buy is running a huge sale on Apple Watch Series 3 models today

If you want the latest and greatest new Apple Watch models and you don't want to pay full price, your options are severely limited. Apple Watch Series 4 discounts are still very rare. In fact, the only place you have to turn at the moment is Amazon, which is still offering small discounts on the Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS (the 40mm model is also discounted right now) as well as the Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS + Cellular. If you want bigger discounts than that, you're probably out of...
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Slashdot Asks: How Do You Manage Your Inbox?

Being one of the oldest forms of electronic messaging, users have come up with all sorts of different approaches to managing emails. Some people follow the "Inbox Zero" method of filing and deleting emails religiously, while others embrace the "Inbox Infinity" method of letting email messages pile up, replying to what they can and ignoring the rest. Taylor Lorenz, a staff writer at The Atlantic, suggests users embrace the latter for 2019. Lulu Garcia-Nevarro writes via NPR: In a recent piece in ...
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Podcast: A Bipolar and a Schizophrenic Talk Self-Sabotage

 Most of us are to blame for our failures, believe it or not. We didn’t practice enough, plan ahead, or work hard enough. If we are honest, we could have done more to succeed, but something stopped us. In this episode, our hosts discuss why people sabotage their own success and fess up to whether or not they are sabotaging their own.   SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW “People would rather fail because they didn’t try rather than fail because they weren’t good enough.” – Gabe Howard   ...
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Americans Want To Regulate AI But Don't Trust Anyone To Do It

An anonymous reader shares a report: In 2018, several high-profile controversies involving AI served as a wake-up call for technologists, policymakers, and the public. The technology may have brought us welcome advances in many fields, but it can also fail catastrophically when built shoddily or applied carelessly. It's hardly a surprise, then, that Americans have mixed support for the continued development of AI and overwhelmingly agree that it should be regulated, according to a new study from...
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Weekend reading: British passport no longer rules the waivers

What caught my eye this week. G ot your passport ready and your bag packed for the last flight out of Heathrow when Britain goes all 21 Days Later on Brexit Day? The good news is even I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’ll be more in for months of Dad’s Army amateurism should we leave with no-deal on the 29th March. But the reviled metropolitan elites will immediately put their brains towards sorting out the mess foisted upon them, and anarchy will be avoided.1 The bad news is Britain has...
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CES Report 2019

The annual CES event was held in Las Vegas this week. Ever since 1967, the first week in January has seen the enormous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  This year was no exception, with over 180,000 attendees from over 150 countries and over 4,500 exhibiting companies meeting in an enormous 2.5 million square foot exhibition, sprawling over the Las Vegas Convention Center and spilling into other nearby hotels and locations too. We’ve been occasionally attending CES since the mid/late 198...
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The Top Consumer Electronic Products and Concepts of 2018

As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is upon us, we thought that now would be the best time to review what trended in 2018, as we also take a look at how that may shape our 2019. Phones have always played a massive part of the consumer electronic showcase, and this year is no different. We tried to kill the bezel this year, and are one step closer to an all-screen phone. We’re also seeing 5G make its way into our lives. Along with phones, wireless chargers have taken off (except Apple’s AirPow...
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Peter Sciretta’s Top 15 Movies of 2018

2018 has come to a close and I have finally been willing to commit to a list of this year’s best movies. Unlike the rest of the /Film staff, I decided to post a top 15 instead of a top 10, and I’ll explain why. I don’t think this was a great year for movies, but it was a very good one. Many of the films in this list are on nearly equal footing. I recently went back and rated and ranked films through the last decade and a half, and that gives me some perspective. If you were to look at my rating...
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Local Lawyers Search: How to Set up Your Local SEO for Your Law Firm

by Robert Clough Local lawyers need local clients: it sounds obvious, but is your marketing strategy targeted for your practice region? Many law practices are guilty of using standard marketing techniques without focusing on local clients. Without a regional marketing strategy, your practice could miss out on business opportunities. While it might sound complicated to set up a specific local SEO strategy, in reality, it's easy to do. Keep reading to discover what you should - and s...
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The best neckband Bluetooth headphones you can buy

The   Insider Picks   team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. A great pair of neckband headphones should look good, be relatively comfortable, and sound great — which is exactly why we've chosen the V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless headphones as our top pick. Headphones are getting better and better. Gone are the days when getting good private audio meant having to buy bulky and expensive o...
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10 Incredible Digital Marketing Strategies to Put Your Hotel on the Map

by Robert Clough 35% of American families will go on at least one vacation during any given year. Given that the total American population is over 300 million, that represents a ton of opportunities for your hotel to book guests. The bullish economy we've been enjoying as of late has created a lot of competition in the hotel niche though... Buildings are going up faster than during previous years. Deals are getting better. Guests have more choices. Amidst that increased clutter, how can y...
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The Single Biggest Change Shaping Business Today (Thinks Out Loud Episode 257)

Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. The Single Biggest Change Shaping Business Today (Thinks Out Loud Episode 257) – Headlines and Show Notes Speed is the single biggest change shaping business today. The pace of change, the speed at which customers experience and accept new innovation dramatically shifts customer behavior and business models alike. Customers expect quick, frictionless interactions with your business, which means that today, “Instant gratifi...
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A scary type of scam call causes Apple's logo and phone number to pop up on your iPhone lock screen, but there's a way to protect yourself (AAPL)

Phone phishing scams that pretend to be Apple are getting more advanced. The newest technique is that attackers sometimes pretend to call from Apple's help line. Because iPhones come with the number for Apple's help line pre-loaded in contacts, that means that Apple's logo and name pops up on the iPhone caller ID when an attacker manages to successfully fake the call's origins. The best way to protect yourself is if you get a suspicious call, hang up, and call Apple (or your bank, carrier) dir...
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IBM unveils the world's first quantum computer that businesses can actually use to solve previously impossible problems (IBM)

IBM unveiled the IBM Q System One on Tuesday, billed as the world's first quantum computer that businesses will actually be able to buy and use. Previously, quantum computers have only been confined to research labs — Microsoft, Google, IBM, and lots of others have been racing to bring a viable quantum computer to market.  Now IBM will partner with commercial clients to give them access to this technology, which can allow businesses to model complicated data such as investments and risk. Qua...
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5 Key Insights into 2019’s Hotel Marketing Tech Trends

Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. A client recently asked for some high-level insights into the hotel marketing tech trends available to drive more direct business this year. While this is a bit of a laundry list, the following offers a number of significant opportunities to help you increase your hotel direct business. Check out the list below and let me know your thoughts: Make your website work. Obviously, most hoteliers at the chain and property level ar...
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Here’s everything Google announced at CES 2019

Google made a flurry of announcements at CES this week, many of them coming rapid fire this morning. Don’t have time to dig through it all? That’s ok. Here’s the condensed version: Google says that Assistant, its voice-powered AI, will be on 1 billion devices around the world by the end of this month Meanwhile, Google is also rolling out an update today that brings Google Assistant into Google Maps on both iOS and Android. It’s a bit more powerful on the latter as Google has more flexibility...
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D-Link thinks 5G will cut your cords forever

Network gear maker D-Link just announced a 5G router that sends high-speed Wi-Fi through your house without cables. The router, called the DWR-2010, should allow users to get massive speeds over 5G networks without running cable. Don’t expect to pick this up at the local Best Buy, however, as the 5G router will probably ship from wireless service providers. The DWR-2010 also offers customization options for service providers, making it suitable for deployment on a range of network configurations...
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OtterBox and PopSocket teamed up and made an iPhone case with a built-in PopGrip

I have an OtterBox case on my phone, mostly because my five month old loves to knock my phone out of my hands. I also have a PopSocket on my phone, again, because my five month old loves to knock my phone out of my hands. It’s also nice to use the PopSocket as a little kickstand while I travel. So when TC colleague Brian Heater sent this to me and said “this is made for you”, he… was very much right. Just announced at CES, it’s an OtterBox with a built-in PopSocket. Called the “Otter + Pop” ...
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Top 25 Audio Product Designs from 2018

I’ll admit, I have an affinity for all things audio, so this list was bound to happen at some point! Audio isn’t, however, just a passion of mine… it’s also a massive industry that grows as the smartphone industry grows, because music and entertainment play a major role in the smartphone experience. We’ve seen a lot of growth in the truly-wireless audio wearable department (I even got my hands on the TicPods featured below… review pending) as well as the smart-speaker making its way into the hom...
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How To Make A Ring

Here is an easy tutorial that will teach you how to make a ring.  This easy DIY project can be completed in very little time.  Let’s get started you will be making fun projects in no time. This type of ring won’t require needle nose pliers it is so simple. Handmade Flower Ring Supplies for handmade flower ring High temp glue gun Mod Podge High Temp Mini Mod Melts Mod Podge Mod Molds Strong Adhesive like E600 Jewelry Findings (ring blanks, bookmark) Fill mold with the Mod Melts. Allow...
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'The age of technology is over': One market expert explains why tech stocks are doomed to keep crashing

The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index has taken a serious beating since reaching a record high in late August, falling 17% from its peak. And that includes Friday's big rally. Vincent Deluard, a macro strategist at INTL FCStone, explains why tech-sector pain is just getting started — and why the sector is "no longer special." Don't let Friday's torrid rally fool you. Tech stocks are in a whole heap of trouble. Sure, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index soared as much as 5% on Friday, but it'...
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Science Activities For Kids

Impress your kids with these fun science activities! Kids are stuck inside a lot this time of year, make it fun and teach kids all at the same time with these fun science activities for kids! Your kids will love doing them! Check these out if you are looking for more rainy day activities. Who knows maybe you will find your next science project. Science Activities For Kids Oobleck  is amazing. You will be totally taken with this goo. If you quickly smack oobleck with your hand it immediately ...
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Cyber Security: A Major Concern for Public Sector

Security breaches are booming and blooming all over the globe, dominating the headlines lately. This calls for taking adequate measures to future-proof oneself. Now just like banking, manufacturing, shopping, entertainment, even public sectors face endless challenges in regards to data security. In fact, the rise in mobility, cloud computing, and other tech has resulted in IT administrators becoming insomniac. Cyber-attacks are often found targeting government sectors, have you ever wondered why...
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Trump says Apple is 'going to be fine' despite bombshell earnings miss, incorrectly claims Apple stock has gone up 'hundreds of percent' since his election

President Donald Trump downplayed Apple's recent announcement that revenue was weaker than expected for the holiday quarter. Trump also seemed to blame Apple's revenue shortfall on the iPhone makers decision to manufacture their products in China. But according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the real reason was a slowdown in Chinese retails sales that he blamed in part by Trump's trade war with Beijing. Trump also claimed Apple's stock is up "hundreds of percent since I'm president." It's actually onl...
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These are the 50 richest people in the world right now

We put together a list of the world's richest people of 2019, using up-to-minute data from Bloomberg. The majority of the billionaires on the list are self-made billionaires who built business empires in tech, finance, fashion, and sports. A few of the billionaires inherited stakes in their family's companies. There's rich. And then there's world's richest people rich. To make it into the latter group, you now need a net worth of at least $17 billion. Using the calculations from the Bloomberg...
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