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The Trump administration in a new lawsuit accused Facebook of reserving over 2,600 high-paying jobs for foreign workers instead of hiring Americans

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears before a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019. Andrew Harnik/AP The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, accusing the company of reserving over 2,600 high-paying jobs for foreign workers with temporary work visas instead of hiring US residents. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook did not adequately advertise the positions before hiring foreign workers. Trump administratio...
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Zoom is Apple's most downloaded app of 2020, while multiplayer smash hit 'Among Us' has topped its games list. Here's how they rank.

Facebook and Instagram also made the list. OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images Apple released its list of the most downloaded apps and games in 2020, and it reflects what a weird year it has been. Zoom's popularity has soared during the pandemic as people looked for ways to stay connected while stuck at home.  With major film and TV releases delayed, people have increasingly turned to streaming services, but Disney+ ranked much higher than Netflix. DoorDash came in at 14th, while Uber didn't m...
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Zoom is Apple's most downloaded app of 2020, while multiplayer smash hit 'Among Us' has topped its games list

Facebook and Instagram also made the list. OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images Apple released its list of the most downloaded apps and games in 2020, and it reflects what a weird year it has been. Zoom's popularity has soared during the pandemic as people looked for ways to stay connected while stuck at home.  With major film and TV releases delayed, people have increasingly turned to streaming services, but Disney+ ranked much higher than Netflix. DoorDash came in at 14th, while Uber didn't m...
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Biden said he'd 'end forever wars,' but he's shown few signs that he won't repeat the mistakes of the past, human rights groups warn

Vice President Joe Biden meets with U.S. troops in Maidan Wardak province January 11, 2011. Omar Sobhani/Reuters President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to "end forever wars," but human rights groups are concerned by a lack of specifics behind this vow.  "Withdrawing troops in itself does not end those wars, or US involvement in them, if the US continues to conduct air strikes, whether by drones or by piloted aircraft," Daphne Eviatar of Amnesty International told Insider.  Biden has been fa...
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Trump To Congress: Repeal Section 230 Or I'll Veto Military Funding

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: President Donald Trump has long been an outspoken foe of big technology companies. And in recent months, he has focused his ire on Section 230, a provision of the 1996 Communications Decency Act that shields online platforms from liability for content posted by their users. In May, Trump called on the Federal Communications Commission to reinterpret the law -- though it's not clear the agency has the power to do that. Since then, he has twee...
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'Reactionary giving' was all the rage from the 'Trump bump' after 2016 — but the coronavirus has changed giving like everything else

Samantha Lee/Business Insider High-net-worth individuals are still cutting the biggest checks. Crystal Cox/Business Insider Today is Giving Tuesday, which is devoted to charitable giving. Like everything else in 2020, giving is a little bit different this year. The general pattern of "reactionary giving" around elections, turbocharged in the Trump era, coincided with pandemic-related giving, both bolstered by smaller donors. In 2016, contributions to liberal nonprofits increased ...
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The Trump administration will add SMIC, China’s largest chipmaker, to its defense blacklist: report

SMIC, one of largest chip makers in the world, is among several companies that the Department of Defense plans to designate as being owned or controlled by the Chinese military, reports Reuters. Earlier this month, President Donald Trump signed an executive order, set to go into effect on January 11, that would bar U.S. investors from buying securities from companies on the defense blacklist. In a statement to Reuters, SMIC said it continues “to engage constructively and openly with the U.S. gov...
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What happened to J. Walter Thompson, the world's oldest ad agency

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for November 30. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Inside ad agency J. Walter Thompson's rise and fall, which digital media companies could get acquired next, and Fox News' Trump backlash. Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images The rise and fall of J. Walter Thompso...
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Conspiracy Theorists Who'd First Popularized QAnon Now Accused of Financial Motives

QAnon "was first championed by a handful of people who worked together to stir discussion of the 'Q' posts, eventually pushing the theory on to bigger platforms and gaining followers — a strategy that proved to be the key to Qanon's spread and the originators' financial gain..." reports NBC News, in an article shared by long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo . "NBC News has found that the theory can be traced back to three people who sparked some of the first conversation about Qanon and, in doing ...
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Apple is reportedly moving iPad production out of China for the first time ever because of Trump's trade war

Apple CEO Tim Cook. MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images Major Apple supplier Foxconn is moving some production of the iPad and Macbook from China to Vietnam, a source told Reuters. The source said Apple requested the move as a way of making its supply chain less reliant on China, following the trade war between the nation and President Donald Trump's administration.  This will be the first time the iPad has been manufactured outside of China. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories...
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Facebook's AI-fueled attempt to block bad ads is hurting legitimate small business owners — and its 'pay-to-play' customer support is leaving them stranded ahead of the holiday shopping season

Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters Facebook's efforts to crack down on violations of its ad policies are mistakenly penalizing advertisers over selling benign products like dog posters and women's jewelry, Business Insider has learned. Facebook has relied more heavily on AI to police its platform during the pandemic, but hundreds of advertisers say they've had ads — and even entire accounts — banned despite not violating any policies. Seven business owners, all of whom run ads for small businesses,...
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France to Tech Giants: Pay Up, Buttercup

The French Ministry of Economy and Finance has warned tech companies that it expects them to pay the nation’s new 3% digital service tax starting in December, Reuters reported on Wednesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Taxes, France, Joe Biden, Tax Avoidance, Trade, OECD, Donald Trump, Reuters, Tech Giants, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Death And Taxes, Digital Services Tax

France starts collecting tax on tech giants

France is going forward with its plan to tax big tech companies. The government has sent out notices to tech giants, as reported by the Financial Times, Reuters and AFP. There could be retaliation tariffs on French goods in the U.S. For the past couple of years, France’s Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has been pushing hard for a tax reform. Many economy ministers in Europe think tech companies aren’t taxed properly. They generate revenue in one country, but report to tax authorities in anoth...
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Talking tech’s exodus, Twitter’s labels, and Medium’s next moves with founder Ev Williams

Earlier today, we had the chance to talk with Twitter and Medium cofounder Ev Williams, along with operator-turned investor James Joaquin, who helps oversee the day-to-day of the mission-focused venture firm they separately cofounded six years ago, Obvious Ventures. We collectively discussed lot of venture-y things, some of which we’ll publish next week, so stayed tuned. In the meantime, we spent some time talking specifically with Williams about both Twitter and Medium and some of the day...
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YouTube just suspended OANN after it said the conservative media outlet promoted a fake cure for COVID-19

A reporter with One America News Network works at a campaign rally with President Donald Trump on September 25, 2020 in Newport News, Virginia. Drew Angerer/Getty Images YouTube has suspended the conservative media outlet OANN from posting videos and monetizing its content for a week after it posted a video promoting a fake COVID-19 cure. The site's policies prohibit users from posting content that claims there is a guaranteed cure for the coronavirus disease. The suspension comes as misin...
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Ignore the social media echo chambers

Bernard Moon Contributor Share on Twitter Bernard Moon is co-founder and partner at SparkLabs Group, a graduate of Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs and is an alumni of the Coro Fellowship. More posts by this contributor Cultivated data is the next Gold Rush Dilution: The good, the bad and the ugly After Election Day, NPR, The Washington Post and various blogs described Amer...
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Elon Musk is now the world's second-richest person. Here's how the billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO went from getting bullied as a child to becoming one of the most successful and controversial men in tech.

Elon Musk. Steve Nesius/Reuters Elon Musk has had a tumultuous yet successful life.  He was bullied as a child but ultimately attended an Ivy League university before going on to become the CEO of two companies, Tesla and SpaceX, and the founder of three more. He's also been married three times and has triplets and twins. He recently had another baby with his girlfriend, the musician Grimes.  But Musk also courts controversy, especially on Twitter. The tech billionaire has been outspoken a...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Apple CEO Tim Cook speak to the press during a tour of the Flextronics computer manufacturing facility, with US President Donald Trump, where Apple's Mac Pros are assembled in Austin, Texas, on November 20, 2019. MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Tuesday. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning.Have an Amazon Alexa device? Listen to this update by searching "Business Insider" in your flash briefing settings.And ...
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Foxconn Plant Championed By Trump Lands Google Server Contract

Foxconn plans to assemble key components for Google servers from its plant in Wisconsin, people familiar with the matter said, finally breathing life into a factory Donald Trump hailed as crucial to bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. Bloomberg reports: The Taiwanese company has decided to locate production for this new contract at the existing complex rather than make the components at home or in China, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing a sensitive move. The under-util...
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The sweet smell of fame and success: Doug McIntyre

For more than a hundred years the high cheek-boned and tapered-waisted have flocked to Southern California seeking wealth and fame, but mostly fame. In my own extremely limited way, I too took the bait. Granted, my bathroom mirror did not suggest a career on the big screen — at best a tiny blurry photo in the Sunday paper to accompany 600 words of rambling opining on subjects I am only marginally competent to discuss. Still, as far-fetched as my dreams of superstardom may have been, at no time d...
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Weekend reading: Terror of Tesla

What caught my eye this week. A las my co-blogger The Accumulator is too recumbent passive to bother with anything so energetic as sorting through the several hundred spam emails we get to Monevator each week in order to dig out reader messages. That means the readers who asked for our thoughts on the upcoming inclusion of $470bn electric car maker Tesla into the S&P 500 don’t get his comfy and sanguine words. Instead they get my snark. Let me first stress then that we’re flattered when anyone...
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The Trump Admin Is Refusing to Give Full Cybersecurity Support to Biden's Transition Team

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is using a “standard, paid Google workspace network” with only limited support from the federal government thanks to Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 elections and efforts to hobble the inbound Democratic administration, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.Read more...
Tags: Google, Security, Elections, Science, Technology, Joe Biden, Cybersecurity, Transition, General Services Administration, Biden, Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal, GSA, 2020 Election

Social media platform Parler wins over millions as some raise red flags about the site

Ann-Cherie Harden opened an account on Parler a year ago, long before the social media platform became a big hit, particularly among conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump. “I did that then so I would have a means of communication if Facebook and Twitter decide to monitor or censor private posts and try to control what I can share,” the Whittier woman said, adding that she now sees many others have joined her on the platform billing itself as “the world’s town square.” Harden is ...
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Facebook, Twitter, and Google are uniting to stop vaccine misinformation from spreading online

A clinical trial volunteer participates in Johnson & Johnson's study to test a coronavirus vaccine. Janssen Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all teaming up, in partnership with Canada and the UK, to stop misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine from spreading online.  British fact checking charity Full Fact convened the group, and plans to launch an initial framework in January 2021. According to polls, some Americans are skeptic about getting a coronavirus vaccine.  Dr. Anthony F...
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Great, We're at the '8kun's Admin Is an Election Security Expert' Stage of This Bullshit

Since his loss in the Nov. 3 elections, Donald Trump has largely dipped out of public view and occupied his time in some gold-plated panic room, issuing a ridiculous series of tweets claiming victory in various states and ordering his cartoon parody of a campaign legal team to sally forth and step on rakes while…Read more...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Karl Mondon/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning.Have an Amazon Alexa device? Listen to this update by searching "Business Insider" in your flash briefing settings.And for the biggest stories in politics, sign up here for 10 Things in Politics You Need to Know Today — launching soon!Apple settled a lawsuit centered on iPhone throttling. The firm wi...
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Daily Crunch: Apple cuts App Store fees

Apple is making a big shift in App Store fees, Duolingo raises more funding and Pfizer releases updated vaccine results. This is your Daily Crunch for November 18, 2020. The big story: Apple cuts App Store fees Apple is cutting the 30% fee it normally charges for App Store transactions to 15% for some developers — specifically, those who, after Apple’s commission, earn less than $1 million per year. The company estimates that this will impact the “vast majority” of apps, with more details a...
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Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are caught in the Congressional time warp again — but where's Parler?

Hello, and welcome to this Wednesday's edition of the Insider Tech newsletter, where we break down the biggest news in tech. Did someone forward this newsletter to you? Get Insider Tech straight in your inbox by subscribing here. Soundtrack: for maximum enjoyment of this newsletter, we recommend listening to "Time Warp," from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" while you read. This week: The time warp, featuring Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg ... again Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-May...
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Trump will lose protected Twitter status after his presidency

Twitter has at various times acknowledged that Donald Trump isn’t bound by the same rules that govern the rest of us. This executive privilege has allowed him to continue posting comments that could have long ago gotten any normal person banned from the platform. More recently, the service has sought to balance misinformation/disinformation with warning labels that alternately sit below or obscure the text. Twitter was adding these at a frenetic pace in the lead-up to the November 3 election....
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Obama said he couldn't afford to look soft on terrorism as a 'liberal president,' but that he 'took no joy' in ordering people killed

President Barack Obama speaks about his administration's counterterrorism policy at the National Defense University at Ft. McNair in Washington, May 23, 2013. Larry Downing/Reuters Former President Barack Obama in his new book discussed his ambivalence over the killings he ordered while president as part of counterterrorism operations. "I took no joy in any of this. It didn't make me feel powerful," Obama wrote.  Obama said he often felt as though he wanted to "save" young men who'd be...
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