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Duolingo swipes Tinder in a Clash Royale

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. For this week’s deep dive, Alex and Danny unpacked Natasha‘s latest project: The Duolingo EC-1. The 12,000 word four-part series was published last week and is worth a read. But, until you get to it, enjoy our podcast that doubles-clicks into its most interesting bits. Duo, Duolingo’s mascot, flying around. Image Credits: Duolingo Here’s how it went, after we g...
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The human-focused startups of the hellfire

Disasters may not always be man-made, but they are always responded to by humans. There’s a whole panoply of skills and professions required today to respond to even the tiniest emergency, and that doesn’t even include the needs during pre-disaster planning and post-disaster recovery. It’s not a very remunerative industry for most and the mental health effects from stress can linger for decades, but the mission at the core of this work — to help people in the time of their greatest need — is wha...
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How Duolingo became a $2.4B language unicorn

At the heart of Duolingo is its mission: to scale free education and increase income potential through language learning. However, the same mission that has helped it grow to a business valued at $2.4 billion with over 500 million registered learners, has led to tensions that continue to define the business. How do you survive as a startup if you don’t want to charge users? How do you design a startup that isn’t too hard to lose people, but isn’t too easy to compromise education? How do you bala...
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Extra Crunch roundup: How Duolingo became an edtech leader

The pandemic has just pushed edtech mainstream, but language-learning startup Duolingo had already spent the past decade figuring out how to build a successful edtech app. In our latest installment of the EC-1 series, Natasha Mascarenhas goes deep with the company to understand how it found product-market fit, then figured out how to grow like a consumer tech startup and monetize like a SaaS startup. After a record 2020, the Pittsburgh-based company also opened up about its plans for the future,...
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StudySmarter books $15M for a global ‘personalized learning’ push

More money for the edtech boom: Munich-based StudySmarter, which makes digital tools to help learners of all ages swat up — styling itself as a ‘lifelong learning platform’ — has closed a $15 million Series A. The round is led by sector-focused VC fund, Owl Ventures. New York-based Left Lane Capital is co-investing, along with Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen (ex WhatsApp, Uber and Dropbox; now GP at Balderton Capital), and existing early stage investor Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures (aka DvH Ventures). T...
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The Daily Crunch: Tech stocks hammered after US Treasury Secretary speculates on hiking interest rates

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Are startup valuations about to fall? Hello, friends! Alex here to talk to you for a hot second about money. Then we’ll get into startups, venture capital, what Big Tech is up to and more. I promise. But hang with me for a moment. Tech stocks got hammered today: The tech-heavy Nasdaq fell by more than 2%. Cloud stocks endured twice the damage. What happened? The ...
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The Daily Crunch: TechCrunch’s parent company sold for $5B, Duolingo’s origin story

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. TechCrunch’s new home The original plan was to spend a minute today explaining that the Daily Crunch is now being put together by a new and expanded team. I, your friend Alex, will be writing and collecting the main sections from here on out. We’ll also have input from Walter and Annie on the Extra Crunch side of things (like today’s Exchange column!), along with...
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The product-led growth behind edtech’s most downloaded app

Duolingo CEO and co-founder Luis von Ahn was tired of the gray and dreary design aesthetic edtech companies used to emulate universities. Instead, he and the company’s early team sought inspiration from games like Angry Birds and Clash Royale, looking to build a class that screamed more cartoon anarchy than lecture hall. From that frenetic creativity came the company’s distinctive mascot: a childish and rebellious evergreen-colored owl named Duo. Duolingo didn’t just throw out the old colors tho...
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How Duolingo became fluent in monetization

As its meandering route to monetization will demonstrate, Duolingo isn’t mission-oriented, it’s mission-obsessed. Co-founders Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker never wanted to charge consumers for access to Duolingo content, a purpose imbued throughout the company’s culture. For years in order to work at Duolingo, you had to be comfortable with joining a company in Pittsburgh that was in no rush to make money. The startup, filled with education enthusiasts and mission-driven employees, became “ver...
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Duolingo can’t teach you how to speak a language, but now it wants to try

Duolingo has been wildly successful. It has pulled in 500 million total registered learners, 40 million active users, 1.5 million premium subscribers and $190 million in booked revenues in 2020. It has a popular and meme-ified mascot in the form of the owl Duo, a creative and engaging product, and ambitious plans for expansion.There’s just one key question in the midst of all those milestones: Does anyone actually learn a language using Duolingo? “Language is first and foremost a social, relatio...
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How a bot-fighting test turned into edtech’s most iconic brand, Duolingo

Luis von Ahn, an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to scaling free education, has probably annoyed you more than once. In fact, you’ve likely been annoyed by his work dozens and maybe hundreds of times over the years. A decade before he co-founded the whimsical and language-learning app Duolingo, one of the most popular education apps in the world with over 500 million downloads and 40 million active users, he was building the technology that would become CAPTCHA, those human-annoying bu...
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The Duolingo EC-1

Education may well be the most important activity we conduct as a society — and it may also be the hardest space to build a startup in. Selling to school districts and universities is notoriously difficult, but enticing consumers is even harder. Learning takes focus, patience, tenacity and resources, and most consumers would prefer to watch some lip-sync videos on TikTok than stare at math equations (not to mention that such entertainment is free). Engagement and education feel aggressively at o...
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Two weeks left to score a $99 pass to TC Disrupt 2021

Building and sustaining a startup is as challenging as it is fulfilling. Doing it during a global pandemic takes unprecedented (oy, there’s that word again) ingenuity, support and expert insight. You’ll find all of that and more at TC Disrupt 2021 on September 21-23. A shut-the-front-door moment: Want to access all the expert advice, networking, community connection and potential growth opportunities for less than $100? Heck yeah. You have just two left weeks to score the super early-bird price....
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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature has arrived — here’s what you need to know

iOS 14.5 — the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system — is launching today, and with it comes a much-discussed new privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency. The feature was first announced nearly a year ago, although the company delayed the launch to give developers more time to prepare. Since then, support for the feature has already gone live in iOS and some apps have already adopted it (for example, I’ve seen tracking requests from Duolingo and Venmo), but now Apple says it...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Apple AirTags Apple Good morning and welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here.Let's get started.1. Apple's long-awaited location-tracking gadget, AirTags, will launch on April 30. The $29 AirTags attach to your stuff - like your keys - enabling you to track them if they get lost. Check them out here. Apple also debuted a handful of other new products during it's event, which you can see here. 2. A leaked Facebook memo shows how the company plan...
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Discover how Duolingo started with CEO Luis von Ahn at Disrupt 2021

Before Luis von Ahn co-founded Duolingo, a gamified language-learning app used by hundreds of millions around the world, he was fixated on squiggly letters. The entrepreneur was a co-inventor of CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA, or those security prompts you get while browsing the web to verify if you are a human or if you are a robot. And while von Ahn often jokes that his early inventions were considered annoying (it causes friction when consumers have to decipher letters before logging into their email)...
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The best language-learning apps for 2021

Learning a language can be tough. Fortunately, we've found the best apps to help make learning a foreign tongue fun with lessons, quizzes, and other activities.
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5 takeaways from the Coursera IPO filing

Coursera’s S-1 dropped last Friday, giving us a glimpse of the financial impact that COVID-19 had on a large edtech company. We worked through the numbers on the day the filing happened, but here are the core data points: Coursera’s 2020 revenue came to $293.5 million, up 59% from the year prior. During the same period, Coursera had a net loss of nearly $67 million, up 46% from the previous year’s $46.7 million net deficit. The company is still unprofitable, despite the pandemic’s general lift t...
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Preply raises a $35 million Series B as demand for language learning grows

Preply, a tutoring marketplace for language learning, has raised a $35 million Series B co-led by Full In Partners and Owl Ventures, an edtech fund that has backed Byju’s and Newsela. The raise comes nearly a year after the company landed a $10 million Series A. Investors in Preply include Point Nine Capital, Hoxton Ventures, EduCapital, All Iron, Diligent Capital and Evli Growth Partners. Preply’s recent growth, as well as a global boom in language learning, explains the current investor intere...
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SmartHop raises a $12M Series A to ease trucking logistics

If you are a founder and launched a startup last February of 2020 just before the pandemic hit, then you may have felt like you were living the ultimate business nightmare. But if your company serves to stabilize the supply-chain business, then, in fact, you may have hit the ground running at just the right time. So is the story of Miami-based startup SmartHop, an AI-powered app that helps interstate truckers make their routes more efficient and lucrative, while removing a lot of the administrat...
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There are two main types of social distancing messages. Here's why one is more persuasive than the other, according to a marketing researcher.

"Stay healthy" messages were more successful when focused on individuals, whereas "keep safe" messages resonated more when focused on groups. Noam Galai/Getty Images During the pandemic, many messages from local and state governments pushed for social distancing for the individual, while others emphasized a broader societal impact.  Though the resounding messages across the nation promoted social distancing and safety, Kellogg marketing professor Angela Lee says these slight differences in...
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I'm a 17-year US postal worker who has never witnessed such bad mail delays or heard management admit 'we can't handle volume' until now

Management and postal workers are left in the dark about delayed mail and packages during the holidays, one worker told Insider. Keith Birmingham/Digital First Media/Pasadena Star-News/Getty Images Chris (not his real name), 41, is a veteran postal worker in Massachusetts who talked to Insider about the extreme delays he's seeing with the mail since the holidays, which were unusually slow. The delay in packages is just one of the many obstacles the US Postal Service faced in the past year,...
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6 business strategies to stay profitable during an economic downturn

During a recession, it can help to invest in long-term strategies to help you prepare for the next economic downturn. Getty Images If you want to turn an economic downturn into an opportunity for growth, here's how to pivot your strategy to generate more revenue.  Maintain a positive cash flow by staying on top of finances, diversifying revenue streams, focusing on your core competencies, and strengthening your brand to differentiate your business from competitors.  Make the "right" budget...
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I went into labor with my son five weeks early. It showed me why the US needs a nationally funded PTO policy to support families and businesses, especially during a pandemic.

Families without access to paid sick leave may be left to work while sick during the pandemic. Halfpoint Images/Getty Images Heather Whaling is an author, founder of PR agency Geben Communication, and an advocate for innovative workplace policies and paid family leave programs. With the expiration of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, many employers in the US will now no longer offer paid sick leave benefits for workers, Whaling explains. This will result in nearly 90 million Ame...
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This Week in Apps: Apple bans party app, China loses 39K iOS games, TikTok births a ‘Ratatousical’

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry is as hot as ever, with  204 billion total downloads and $120 billion in global consumer spend in 2019. Not including Chinese third-party app stores, iOS and Android users in 2020 130 billion apps and spent a record $112 billion. In 2019, people spent three hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Due to COVID-...
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Fluent Forever raises $4.9M for its language learning system

Fluent Forever, a startup that uses a novel learning system to help its users master a new language faster, has raised a $4.9 million funding round led by Denver-based Stout Street Capital. Other investors in this round include The Syndicate, LAUNCH, Mana Ventures, Noveus VC, Flight.VC, Insta VC, UpVentures, Firebrand Ventures, Cultivation Capital, Spero Ventures and Lofty Ventures. In many ways, Fluent Forever is a direct competitor to Duolingo, Babbel and similar online language learning...
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As edtech grows cash rich, some lessons for early stage

Last week, Udemy, an online learning marketplace, raised $50 million at a $3.32 billion valuation, up from a $2 billion valuation earlier this year. Language learning app Duolingo raised $35 million on a $2.4 billion valuation, up from a $1.65 valuation from earlier this year. The valuation bumps for both Duolingo and Udemy underscore just how much investor confidence there is in edtech’s remote learning boom. Today, let’s examine some lessons early-stage startups can learn from late-stage edtec...
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Daily Crunch: Apple cuts App Store fees

Apple is making a big shift in App Store fees, Duolingo raises more funding and Pfizer releases updated vaccine results. This is your Daily Crunch for November 18, 2020. The big story: Apple cuts App Store fees Apple is cutting the 30% fee it normally charges for App Store transactions to 15% for some developers — specifically, those who, after Apple’s commission, earn less than $1 million per year. The company estimates that this will impact the “vast majority” of apps, with more details a...
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Language learning app Duolingo confirms it has raised $35M on a $2.4B valuation

Last week, we reported that popular language learning app Duolingo, with 500 million total app downloads​, was raising $35 million on a valuation of at least $2.21 billion — the latest chapter in what has become a long book on how e-learning and other education startups are raking in big audiences and significant funding, a byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic driving more people indoors and on to screens for all of their interactions. (Fittingly, Duolingo’s details were part of a bigger scoop ...
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The best language-learning apps for 2020

Learning a language can be tough. Fortunately, we've found the best apps to help make learning a foreign tongue fun with lessons, quizzes, and other activities.
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