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10 things in tech you need to know today

Hi there. A price increase may be on the way for Amazon Prime, and our writer test-drove two best-selling electric SUVs. Ready? Let's get started. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. Download Insider's app – click here for iOS and here for Android. Amazon missed sales estimates in its Q2 earnings.Tom Williams/Getty Images 1. Will Amazon hike the price of its Prime membership this year? Given rising shipping costs, rampant inflation, and the expanding perks included with Prime, ...
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NASA Scientists Estimate Tonga Blast At 10 Megatons

According to NASA researchers, the power of a massive volcanic eruption that took place on Saturday near the island nation of Tonga was equivalent to around 10 megatons of TNT. "That means the explosive force was more than 500 times as powerful as the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, at the end of World War II," reports NPR. From the report: The blast was heard as far away as Alaska and was probably one of the loudest events to occur on Earth in over a century, according to Michael Pola...
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Scientists Warn that Sixth Mass Extinction Has 'Probably Started'

Over the past 450 million years, life on Earth has been devastated by at least five mass extinctions, which are typically defined as catastrophes that wipe out more than 75 percent of species in a short amount of time. Many scientists have proposed that we are entering a Sixth Mass Extinction, this time driven by human activity, though debates still rage over the validity and consequences of this claim. From a report: Now, a team led by Robert Cowie, research professor at the University of Hawai...
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NASA's Curiosity Rover Measures Intriguing Carbon Signature On Mars

After analyzing powdered rock samples collected from the surface of Mars by NASA's Curiosity rover, scientists today announced that several of the samples are rich in a type of carbon that on Earth is associated with biological processes. From a report: While the finding is intriguing, it doesn't necessarily point to ancient life on Mars, as scientists have not yet found conclusive supporting evidence of ancient or current biology there, such as sedimentary rock formations produced by ancient ba...
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Giant Lasers Simulate Exoplanet Cores, Prove They're More Likely to Have Life

Slashdot reader vikingo9 writes, "By smashing a piece of iron to insanely high pressures, using a laser the size of a football stadium, a team of scientists led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered that exoplanets 4-6 times larger than Earth have an increase chance of harboring biological life." The thinking goes that a molten core "is probably required for life to develop on a planet," Popular Science points out — and this experiment suggests that molten cores of larger r...
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New Study of 1980s Mars Meteorite Debunks Proof of Ancient Life On Planet

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: A four billion-year-old meteorite from Mars that caused a splash here on Earth decades ago contains no evidence of ancient, primitive Martian life after all, scientists have said. In 1996, a NASA-led team announced that organic compounds in the rock appeared to have been left by living creatures. Other scientists were skeptical and researchers chipped away at that premise over the decades, most recently by a team led by the Carnegie Institut...
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Space Anemia Is Tied To Being In the Void and Can Stick Around Awhile

fahrbot-bot shares a report from Ars Technica: Space isn't easy on humans. Some aspects are avoidable -- the vacuum, of course, and the cold, as well as some of the radiation. Astronauts can also lose bone density, thanks to a lack of gravity. NASA has even created a fun acronym for the issues: RIDGE, which stands for space radiation, isolation and confinement, distance from Earth, gravity fields, and hostile and closed environments. New research adds to the worries by describing how being in sp...
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Astronomers Have Found Another Possible 'Exomoon' beyond Our Solar System

Astronomers say they have found a second plausible candidate for a moon beyond our solar system, an exomoon, orbiting a world nearly 6,000 light-years from Earth. Scientific American reports: Called Kepler-1708 b-i, the moon appears to be a gas-dominated object, slightly smaller than Neptune, orbiting a Jupiter-sized planet around a sunlike star -- an unusual but not wholly unprecedented planet-moon configuration. The findings appear in Nature Astronomy. Confirming or refuting the result may not...
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The Best Movies Streaming Right Now: The Last Duel, Eternals, And More

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a weekly column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)As another week draws to a close, it's time to stream some movies. And I gotta say, this is the best Now Stream This in a while. No, I don't mean because it features more brilliant, unparalleled writing from me, your humble author. I mean the line-up is pretty damn solid, folks! Some great stuff awaits you on various streaming services this we...
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Expect Sonic Booms In Central Florida As Falcon 9 Booster Lands At Cape Canaveral, SpaceX Warns

SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 rocket Thursday from Florida's Space Coast with a scheduled booster landing back at Cape Canaveral, which means there could be sonic booms heard in the area. From a report: As the first stage of the Falcon 9 booster plummets back to Earth just under 10 minutes after launch, it creates shockwaves that make a thunderous sonic boom -- which can be heard across Central Florida depending on weather conditions. Usually SpaceX lands its Falcon 9 booster out at sea. Bu...
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Ground Temperatures Hit 129F as Argentina Suffers Blackouts

Ground temperatures climbed above 129 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees Celsius) in parts of Argentina this week as the country suffers through a shockingly hot start to summer. Air temperatures were equally suffocating, leading to widespread blackouts as the Southern Cone attempts to beat the heat. From a report: Copernicus's Sentinel 3 satellite recorded the extreme ground temperatures. Those temperatures are different than air temperatures, which is our usual way of conveying how hot a place is....
Tags: Australia, Tech, Earth, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Copernicus, Sentinel, Southern Cone, Reuters Read, Lucas Berengua

Marvel's 'Eternals,' starring Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan, is now streaming at home — all Disney Plus members can watch without paying extra

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Brian Tyree Henry leading the group as Phastos in "Eternals."Marvel Studios Marvel's "Eternals" is now streaming on Disney Plus. The superhero film focuses on a group of immortal beings who have lived on Earth for centuries. A Disney Plus subscription costs $8 a month or $80 per year. Disney Plus Monthly Subscription Service $7.99 FROM DISNEY+ ...
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Future Hurricanes Will Roam Over More of the Earth, Study Predicts

A new, Yale-led study suggests the 21st century will see an expansion of hurricanes and typhoons into mid-latitude regions, which includes major cities such as New York, Boston, Beijing, and Tokyo. Phys.Org reports: Writing in the journal Nature Geoscience, the study's authors said tropical cyclones -- hurricanes and typhoons -- could migrate northward and southward in their respective hemispheres, as the planet warms as a result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. 2020's subtropical stor...
Tags: Tech, Earth, Yale, Connecticut, Portugal, Tokyo, Hadley, United Nations Intergovernmental Panel, Nature Geoscience, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Studholme, Nature Geoscience Read, Pliocene, New York Boston Beijing, Joshua Studholme, Yale s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Meme Coins Return To Earth as Gloom Overtakes Crypto Fanatics

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who piled into meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu amid the long-time industry rallying call of "to the moon" are finding this year's journey back to earth pretty painful. From a report: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and other tokens associated more with online jokes rather than actual software products have been hit harder than sector originals Bitcoin or Ethereum during the recent retreat from the record price levels reached late last year. Doge is off nearly 80% from it...
Tags: Tech, Earth, Musk, Shiba, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Tesla Inc, Dogecoin Shiba Inu, Messari Trading, Shiba Inu Baby Shiba Inu

Signal's Cryptocurrency Feature Has Gone Worldwide

A beta "payments" feature now lets users of the popular encrypted messaging app send MobileCoin around the globe. From a report: In the spring of 2021, the encrypted communications app Signal announced that it would add a payments feature in beta for its users in the UK, testing out an integration with a relatively new, privacy-focused cryptocurrency called MobileCoin. But a much broader phase of that experiment has quietly been underway since mid-November. That's when Signal made the same featu...
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2029 Will be the Perfect Year to Launch a Mission to Sedna

  Image Credit: Nasa Object 90377 Sedna - a distant transneptunian object best known  for its highly elliptical, 11,390-year-old orbit - is currently en-route to perihelion (its closest approach to the Sun) in 2076. After that, Sedna will return to the 'space. deep  and will not return for millennia, making this overview a unique (or, once in ~ 113 lifetimes) opportunity to study an object from the far reaches of our solar system. There are no Sedna missions  in the works  y...
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Will There Be A Sequel To Love And Monsters? Here's What We Know

To put it lightly, the ongoing pandemic has thrown a few major wrenches into the world's plans over the past few years. For the entertainment industry, that means a whirlwind of rescheduled release dates or shifts to digital debuts. And though the theatrical experience is still sacred to many, more and more people are choosing to stay home to enjoy a movie these days. So unfortunately, unless the box office buzz is projected to be out of this world, studios have relegated smaller and lesser know...
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Japan on Tuesday revised the timetable for its space exploration plans  to land a Japanese  on the moon by the second half of the 2020s.  "Space is not just a border that gives people hope and dreams of economic society in terms of our economic security," Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said at a meeting to finalize the plan. According to the preliminary schedule of the plan, Japan intends to participate in the Artemis program, one of U.S. led initiative aimed at bringing astronauts back to...
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With Its Single 'Eye,' NASA's DART Returns First Images From Space

Just two weeks after launching from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft has opened its "eye" and returned its first images from space -- a major operational milestone for the spacecraft and DART team. Phys.Org reports: After the violent vibrations of launch and the extreme temperature shift to minus 80 degrees C in space, scientists and engineers at the mission operations center at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in La...
Tags: Dart, California, Tech, Nasa, Earth, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Auriga, Messier, Laurel Maryland, Draco, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Vandenberg Space Force Base

What's Next After the International Space Station?

$100 billion was spent building the International Space Station — including 42 different assembly flights, reports Recode. Yet "after two decades in orbit, the International Space Station will shut down," as NASA re-focuses on sending humans back to the moon. While they plan to keep it functioning as long as possible, NASA "has only technically certified the station's hardware until 2028 and has awarded more than $400 million to fund private replacements." (Which they estimate will save them $...
Tags: China, Russia, India, Tech, Nasa, Earth, International Space Station, Lockheed Martin, Jeff Bezos, Iss, Roscosmos, China Russia, Tiangong, The European Space Agency, SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Robyn Gatens

Scientists Finally Solve the Mystery of Why Comets Glow Green

A team of chemists just solved the mystery of why comets' heads -- but not their tails -- glow green, which had puzzled researchers for decades. From a report: Studying an elusive molecule, which only fleetingly exists on Earth, was the key. Comets are speeding chunks of ice and dust left over from the formation of the solar system, which occasionally venture from the system's cold outer reaches to pass by Earth. Back in the 1930s, Gerhard Herzberg, who later won the Nobel prize for his research...
Tags: Tech, Earth, Sydney, University of New South Wales, National Academy of Sciences, SCHMIDT, Tim Schmidt, Herzberg, Gerhard Herzberg

In a Boston Court, a Superstar of Science Falls To Earth

A jury found the Harvard chemist Charles Lieber guilty of lying to the federal government about his participation in China's Thousand Talents recruitment program. From a report: Charles Lieber, one of the country's top research chemists, sat miserably in a chair at the Harvard Police Department, trying to explain to two F.B.I. agents why he had agreed to partner with a lesser-known Chinese university in a relationship that had soured and landed him in trouble with the U.S. government. The univer...
Tags: China, Tech, Earth, Harvard, Boston Court, Charles Lieber, Lieber, Harvard Police Department

No Mountain High Enough: Study Finds Plastic in 'Clean' Air

From Mount Everest to the Mariana Trench, microplastics are everywhere -- even high in the Earth's troposphere where wind speeds allow them to travel vast distances, a new study has found. From a report: Microplastics are tiny fragments -- measuring less than 5mm -- that come from packaging, clothing, vehicles and other sources and have been detected on land, in water and in the air. Scientists from the French national research institute CNRS sampled air 2,877 metres above sea level at the Pic d...
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“Ted Lasso” Lessons — “BELIEVE” In Your Social Media Strategy

This year was huge for the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso, which dropped a successful second season over the summer, pulled in seven Emmys, including the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, and just released a surprise holiday stop-motion short called “The Missing Christmas Mustache.”  If you haven’t tuned in yet, it’s a delightful show about an American football coach named Ted Lasso who’s hired by an English soccer (football!) team to inspire the players and lead them to new heights. It’s full of...
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Asteroid Sample Could Reveal Our Solar System's Origin Story

Just over a year after Japan's Hayabusa2 mission returned the first subsurface sample of an asteroid to Earth, scientists have determined that the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu is a pristine remnant from the formation of our solar system. From a report: This was the first material to be returned to Earth from a carbon-rich asteroid. These asteroids can reveal how our cosmic corner of the universe was formed. The organic and hydrated minerals locked within these asteroids could also shed light on the...
Tags: Japan, Australia, Tech, Earth, Nature Astronomy, Ryugu, Toru Yada

10 things in tech you need to know today

Happy Monday, readers. Facebook is paying employees more to make up for its deteriorating reputation, and TikTok is launching its own ghost kitchens.Let's dive in.If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. Download Insider's app – click here for iOS and here for Android. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the US SenateAlex Wong/Getty Images 1. As Facebook's reputation sinks, it's paying even more to hire and retain talent. The company used to be a place people rarel...
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Scientists Discover Seaweed Species That Stops Cows from Emitting Methane

"Globally, methane is responsible for 30% of global warming. Of that, livestock, such as cattle, account for about one-third of all methane emissions," reports CBS News. But researchers discovered that feeding seaweed to cattle would reduce greenhouse gases by as much as 40%, they're told by a Canadian farmer named Joe Dorgan who first discovered the connection: Digesting roughage requires extra digestion from cows and causes cows to burp more. Those burps emit methane, a heat-trapping greenh...
Tags: Australia, Cbs News, Tech, Earth, Goldman, Dorgan, Josh Goldman, Kinley, Joe Dorgan, Futurefeed Rob Kinley, Asparagopsis

Why NASA Is Trying to Dodge the Moon

If the James Webb Space Telescope were to leave Earth at the wrong time, our very own satellite could thwart the mission.
Tags: Tech, Nasa, Earth, James Webb Space Telescope

Scientists Just Found a 'Significant' Volume of Water Inside Mars' Grand Canyon

Scientists have discovered a world-historic discovery on Mars: "significant amounts of water" are hiding inside the Red Planet's Valles Marineris, its version of our grand canyon system, according to a recent press release from the European Space Agency (ESA). And up to 40% of material near the surface of the canyon could be water molecules. Interesting Engineering reports: The newly discovered volume of water is hiding under the surface of Mars, and was detected by the Trace Gas Orbiter, a miss...
Tags: Tech, Earth, Esa, Mars, Musk, European Space Agency ESA, Red Planet, Valles Marineris, Space Research Institute, ESA Roscosmos, Mars Grand Canyon, Igor Mitrofanov, Russian Academy of Science, Alexey Malakhov

Scientists Urge Creating Strategic Forest Reserves To Mitigate Climate Change, Protect Biodiversity

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: The United States should immediately move to create a collection of strategic forest reserves in the Western U.S. to fight climate change and safeguard biodiversity, according to a scientific collaboration led by an Oregon State University ecologist. Bev Law, her College of Forestry colleague William Ripple and other scientists from around the West argue that climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked and that strategic forest reser...
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