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Google Set To Win EU Approval For Fitbit Takeover Next Week

According to Bloomberg, Google is set to win conditional European Union approval for its $2.1 billion takeover of Fitbit this month. From the report: The deal could be approved as soon as next week after national competition authorities give their opinion, said the people who asked not to be named because the procedure isn't public. The EU usually consults the so-called advisory committee on mergers days before it issues approval. Google announced its plans to buy Fitbit in November 2019, noting...
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'Dirty methods' in Brexit vote cited in push for new laws on Europe's elections

Sites such as Facebook will have to publicly disclose identity of people and entities funding such advertisingThe “dirty methods” of the Brexit referendum have been cited as a reason for new EU laws aimed at tackling disinformation and forcing online platforms including Facebook to publicly disclose the identity of people and entities funding political adverts.Věra Jourová, a vice president of the European commission, said the EU rule-book needed to be updated to deal with on-line political camp...
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Draft EU legislation seeks to counter 'dirty methods' in Europe's elections

Sites such as Facebook will have to publicly disclose identity of people and entities funding such advertisingEurope’s elections should not be a competition of “dirty methods”, a European commission vice-president has said as she unveiled draft legislation aimed at forcing online platforms including Facebook to publicly disclose the identity of people and entities funding political adverts.Věra Jourová said consumers should know why they are being targeted and by whom. The commission will also l...
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Europe to put forward rules for political ads transparency and beef up its disinformation code next year

New rules for online political advertising will be put forward by European Union lawmakers next year, with the aim of boosting transparency around sponsored political content. The Commission said today that it wants citizens, civil society and responsible authorities to be able to clearly see the source and purpose of political advertising they’re exposed to online. “We are convinced that people must know why they are seeing an ad, who paid for it, how much, what microtargeting criteria were use...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Protesters at the 2018 Google walkout. REUTERS/Stephen Lam Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Thursday. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning.Have an Amazon Alexa device? Listen to this update by searching "Business Insider" in your flash briefing settings.And for the biggest stories in politics, sign up here for 10 Things in Politics You Need to Know Today — launching soon!Google is in trouble over labor laws. The National Labor Relations Board f...
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Europe will push to work with the US on tech governance, post-Trump

The European Union said today that it wants to work with US counterparts on a common approach to tech governance — including pushing to standardize rules for applications of technologies like AI and pushing big tech to be more responsible for what their platforms amplify. EU lawmakers are anticipating rebooted transatlantic relations under the incoming administration of president-elect Joe Biden. The Commission has published a new EU-US agenda with the aim of  encouraging what it bills as “...
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Apple is facing a slate of lawsuits in the EU over intentionally slowing down old iPhones, just weeks after the firm settled a similar suit in the US for $113 million

Apple chief design officer Jony Ive (L) and Apple CEO Tim Cook inspect the new iPhone XR during an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theatre on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Apple is facing a slate of new lawsuits in Europe that are seeking $217 million over the company's past practice of intentionally slowing down old iPhones. In a statement to Business Insider, an Apple representative said: "We have never — and would never — do anything to ...
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Consumer Group Sues Apple in Belgium and Spain Over iPhone Throttling

An EU consumer advocacy group has filed class-action lawsuits against Apple in both Belgium and Spain for "unfair and misleading commercial practices" related to the iPhone performance management system it introduced in iOS 10.2.1 without informing customers. Brought by Euroconsumers, which describes itself as the "world's leading consumer cluster organization," the suits allege that the system introduced via iOS update in order to preserve battery life amount to "planned obsolescence." In a...
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The splinternet — mankind’s fight over the internet

Is the splinternet coming — or is it already upon us? The splinternet is the idea that the internet “splinters” into several different internets that aren’t connected to each other in any meaningful way. “The splinternet (also referred to as cyber-balkanization or internet balkanization) is a characterization of the Internet as splintering and dividing due to various factors, such as technology, commerce, politics, nationalism, religion, and divergent national interests.” Source: Wikipedia...
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EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Down 24% Since 1990

Greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union have been reduced by 24% compared to 1990 levels, according to the bloc's annual climate report, but the EU said Monday it still needs to intensify efforts to keep to its target of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by mid-century. The Associated Press reports: The EU's executive arm said Monday that emissions in the 27-nation bloc have decreased by 3.7% in 2019 compared to the previous year, while gross domestic product rose 1.5% ove...
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The FTC and state attorneys general are reportedly aiming up to 4 new antitrust lawsuits at Facebook and Google as talk of regulation continues to heat up

Carsten Koall/Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images The Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general are gearing up to hit Google and Facebook with new antitrust lawsuits in the coming weeks, per a Monday report from The Wall Street Journal. The probes will focus on whether the companies have had unfair advantages in their domination of the search and ad market and social media. The DOJ and state attorneys generals have been probing aspects of Google's business, including its searc...
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EU lawmakers to push audio-visual sector on geoblocking

European Union lawmakers are considering whether current rules aimed at limiting the practice of geoblocking across the bloc should be extended to cover access to streaming audio-visual content. Access to services like Netflix tends to be gated to individual EU Member States, meaning Europeans can be barred from accessing libraries of content offered elsewhere in the region. So if you’re trying to use your Netflix subscription to access the service after moving to another Member State, or want t...
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Apple on the hook for €10M in Italy, accused of misleading users about iPhone water resistance

Apple’s marketing of iPhones as ‘water resistant’ without clarifying the limits of the feature and also having a warranty that excludes cover for damage by liquids has got the company into hot water in Italy. The Italian competition authority (AGCM) has informed the tech giant of an intent to fine it €10 million for commercial practices related to the marketing and warranty of a number of iPhone models since October 2017, starting with the iPhone 8 through to the iPhone 11, following an inves...
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Google-FitBit deal should go forward only with human rights due diligence, safeguards: Amnesty to EU

Global human rights NGO Amnesty International the European Commission to block Google’s acquisition of wearables company FitBit, unless it integrates meaningful safeguards. The letter comes as the Commission’s investigation into the deal for competition concerns is expected to close in early December.  addressed to the Commission’s competition policy chief Margrethe Vestager, the NGO said that the European Commission must ensure that the merger does not “proceed unless the two business en...
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UK to set up new Big Tech regulator to address Google, Facebook dominance

The United Kingdom (UK) government will set up a new body exclusively for the purpose of regulating Big Tech companies. The country’s competition regulator Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) new dedicated Digital Markets Unit (DMU) will enforce a new statutory code to ensure “acceptable behaviour” by technology companies such as Google and Facebook. It will begin operating from April 2021. The new code, the UK government claims, will support the sustainability of the news publishing indus...
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European Parliament Votes to Support Right to Repair

The European Parliament has this week voted to support the recommendations of the EU Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection on the "Right to Repair," including a system of mandatory labelling on consumer electronics to provide explicit information on the repairability and lifespan of products (via iFixit). The motion will compel the EU Commission to "develop and introduce mandatory labeling, to provide clear, immediately visible and easy-to-understand information to consumer...
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No Google-Fitbit merger without human rights remedies, says Amnesty to EU

Human rights NGO, Amnesty International, has written to the EU’s competition regulator calling for Google’s acquisition of wearable maker Fitbit to be blocked — unless meaningful safeguards can be baked in. The tech giant announced its intent to splash $2.1BN to acquire Fitbit a year ago but has yet to gain regulatory approval for the deal in the European Union. In a addressed to the blocs competition chief, Margrethe Vestager, Amnesty writes: “The Commission must ensure that the merg...
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UK to set up ‘pro-competition’ regulator to put limits on big tech

The UK is moving ahead with a plan to regulate big tech, responding to competition concerns over a ‘winner takes all’ dynamic in digital markets. It will set up a new Digital Market Unit (DMU) to oversee a “pro-competition” regime for Internet platforms — including those funded by online advertising, such as Facebook and Google — the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) announced today. It’s moving at a clip — with the new Unit slated to begin work in April. Although the ...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

The EU is in support of allowing consumers to repair their devices. praetorianphoto/Getty Images Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning.Have an Amazon Alexa device? Listen to this update by searching "Business Insider" in your flash briefing settings.And for the biggest stories in politics, sign up here for 10 Things in Politics You Need to Know Today — launching soon!Vietnam will make more iPads. Apple's ...
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Facebook’s latest ad tool fail puts another dent in its reputation

Reset yer counters: Facebook has had to ‘fess up to yet another major ad reporting fail. This one looks like it could be costly for the tech giant to put right — not least because it’s another dent in its reputation for self reporting. (For past Facebook ad metric errors check out our reports from 2016 here, here, and here.) AdExchanger reported on the code error last week with Facebook’s free ‘conversion lift’ tool which it said affected several thousand advertisers. The discovery of the...
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Objectionable images of rape victims on social media: Orissa HC makes a case for the right to be forgotten

The Orissa High Court on Monday the need to recognise the right to be forgotten, noting that the presence of objectionable images and videos of rape victims on social media is a violation of their right to privacy. The High Court was hearing the bail application of a man accused of raping a woman, capturing her intimate pictures, and later uploading those on Facebook. LiveLaw first reported this. The court said that currently, there is no mechanism for a victim to be able to get their objectio...
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European Parliament Votes For Right To Repair

In a landmark move, the European Parliament voted today to support consumers' Right to Repair. The resolution was adopted with 395 in favor and just 94 against, with 207 abstentions. iFixit reports: "By adopting this report, the European Parliament sent a clear message: harmonized mandatory labelling indicating durability and tackling premature obsolescence at EU level are the way forward," said Rapporteur David Cormand, MEP from France. The vote calls for the EU Commission to "develop and intro...
Tags: Europe, France, Tech, Eu, European Parliament, EU Commission, European Parliament Votes For Right To Repair, David Cormand, Matthias Huisken

Vestager Seeks Patents Overhaul Amid Court Fights Over Cars

The European Union will seek to overhaul the system for key patents such as those that have fueled legal battles between car makers and technology companies, the EU's technology chief said Wednesday. From a report: Margrethe Vestager promised that regulators will weigh reforms to improve the framework in place for so-called standard-essential patents and work on industry-led initiatives "to reduce frictions and litigation." The EU move could help avoid repeats of lengthy legal battles such as No...
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As IBM shifts to hybrid cloud, reports have them laying off 10,000 in EU

As IBM makes a broad shift in strategy, Bloomberg reported this morning that the company would be cutting around 10,000 jobs in Europe. This comes on the heels of last month’s announcement that the organization will be spinning out its infrastructure services business next year. While IBM wouldn’t confirm the layoffs, a spokesperson suggested there were broad structural changes ahead for the company as it concentrates fully on a hybrid cloud approach. IBM had this to say in response to a requ...
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Europe sets out the rules of the road for its data reuse plan

European Union lawmakers have laid out a major legislative proposal today to encourage the reuse of industrial data across the Single Market by creating a standardized framework of trusted tools and techniques to ensure what they describe as “secure and privacy-compliant conditions” for sharing data. Enabling a network of trusted and neutral data intermediaries, and an oversight regime comprised of national monitoring authorities and a pan-EU coordinating body, are core components of the plan. T...
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EU Says It Could Be Self-Sufficient In Electric Vehicle Batteries By 2025

The European Union could produce enough batteries by 2025 to power its fast-growing fleet of electric vehicles without relying on imported cells, European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic said on Tuesday. Reuters reports: As part of its plan to become climate neutral by 2050, the EU wants to boost local production of the building blocks for green industries -- including hydrogen fuel to make low-carbon steel and batteries to power clean vehicles. "I am confident that by 2025, the EU will...
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Europe’s data strategy aims to tip the scales away from big tech

Google wants to organize the world’s information but European lawmakers are in a rush to organize the local digital sphere and make Europe “the most data-empowered continent in the world”, internal market commissioner Thierry Breton said today, setting out the thinking behind the bloc’s data strategy during a livestreamed discussion organized by the Brussels-based economic think tank, Bruegel. Rebalancing big data power dynamics to tip the scales away from big tech is another stated aim. Bret...
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Brexit’s data compliance burden could cost UK firms up to £1.6BN, says think tank

An of the total cost to UK businesses if the country fails to gain an adequacy agreement from the European Commission once it leaves the bloc at the end of the year — creating barriers to inbound data flows from the EU — suggests the price in pure compliance terms could be between £1BN and £1.6BN. The assessment of the economic impacts if the UK is deemed a third country under EU data rules has been carried out by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) think tank and UCL’s European Institute resea...
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Inside BuzzFeed and HuffPost's tie-up

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for November 23. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected]'s news: Inside BuzzFeed and HuffPost's tie-up, Bain & Co.'s bet on marketing, and Sports Illustrated-branded CBD cream. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage takes part in a BuzzFeed News and Facebook live EU referendum debate o...
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The architects behind Apple Park are using Boston Dynamics' lifelike $75,000 Spot robot in construction — see how

Boston Dynamics Spot robot. Reuters Robotics company Boston Dynamics announced that its robot dog, Spot, is now for commercial sale Canada, the EU, and the UK, following earlier release in the US. The robot retails for $74,500, with a lead time of 6-8 weeks. Spot has already been used in hospitals, agriculture, and most recently by architecture firm Foster and Partners. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories Spot, Boston Dynamics' famous four-legged robot, is officially availab...
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