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Google-Fitbit deal to be scrutinized in Europe over data competition concerns

In a set-back for Google’s plan to acquire health wearable company Fitbit, the European Commission has announced it’s opening an investigation to dig into a range of competition concerns being attached to the proposal from multiple quarters. This means the deal is on ice for a period of time that could last until early December. The Commission said it has 90 working days to take a decision on the acquisition — so until December 9, 2020. Commenting on opening an “in-depth investigation” i...
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Amazon’s 16% bite of Deliveroo finally clears UK competition probe

It’s official: Days after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was peppered with awkward questions by US lawmakers concerned about the market power of his ecommerce empire, the UK’s competition regulator has confirmed it’s happy for the tech giant to take a 16% bite out of local on-demand food delivery app, Deliveroo. The CMA had been investigating the planned stake for some 15 months, completing phase one of its scrutiny in December. At the time it decided it had enough concerns to move to a phase 2 pro...
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Yotpo raises $75M for its e-commerce marketing cloud

“Marketing Cloud” has become an increasingly popular concept in the world of marketing technology — used by the likes of Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle and others to describe their digital toolsets for organizations to identify and connect with customers. Now, a startup that is building its own take on the idea aimed specifically at e-commerce companies is announcing some funding after seeing a surge of business in the last few months. Yotpo, which provides a suite of tool to help direct-to-comsumer ...
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TaxScouts raises £5M Series A to expand to Europe, first stop Spain

TaxScouts, the U.K. tax preparation startup founded by TransferWise and MarketInvoice alumni, has raised £5 million in Series A funding for European expansion. Leading the round is Octopus Ventures, with previous investors SpeedInvest, Seedcamp and Finch Capital, following on. Also participating is Clocktower Technology Ventures, the U.S. venture capital firm specialising in financial technology. Aiming to build a “pan-European” tax filing service, first stop outside the U.K. is Spain, with TaxS...
Tags: TC, Europe, UK, Tech, Spain, Madrid, Marketinvoice, Octopus Ventures, Transferwise, U K, Finch Capital, Mart Abramov, Taxscouts

Microsoft confirms it’s seeking to buy U.S. arm of TikTok

Microsoft confirmed Sunday it is in talks with Chinese company ByteDance to acquire the U.S. arm of its popular video app TikTok and has discussed with President Donald Trump his concerns about security and censorship surrounding such an acquisition. In a statement, Microsoft said Microsoft and ByteDance have provided notice of their intent to explore a deal resulting in Microsoft owning and operating the TikTok service in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The company said it expects ...
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Y Combinator’s Kuleana is making an animal-free substitute for raw tuna

Companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat that are making vegetable-based meat substitutes have captured the imagination and wallets of consumers, but so far, there’s been no real corollary for the seafood industry. Now, a startup coming from Y Combinator’s summer cohort, Kuleana, is hoping it can swim in those waters. While new businesses like Wild Type, Finless Foods, and Shiok Meats are all developing cell-based alternatives to using live tuna, salmon, and shrimp and Good Catch and Ocea...
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Chinese internet users brand ByteDance CEO a ‘traitor’ as TikTok seeks US buyer

ByteDance is not backing down from its ambitions to become a global technology powerhouse, even as TikTok loses its largest market India and faces insurmountable challenges in the US. But some in China are blasting the Beijing-based company as too accommodating and yielding to US demands. ByteDance said it will “remain committed to our vision to become a globalized company” despite the flurry of challenges thrown at it, it said in a statement posted late Sunday. Following months of efforts...
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Sequoia has hired a second partner in Europe: Revolut product lead George Robson

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital recently set up shop in Europe after hiring Luciana Lixandru away from Accel’s London office. Now, according to a tweet by Revolut product lead George Robson — and since confirmed by Sequoia — the VC has recruited a second European partner. Robson, who also previously co-founded Kickstart London, a student-run accelerator programme in the U.K. and has worked at Morgan Stanley as an analyst, announced via Twitter last week that he has joined ...
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It looks like Sequoia has hired a second partner in Europe: Revolut product lead George Robson

Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital recently set up shop in Europe after hiring Luciana Lixandru away from Accel’s London office. Now, according to a tweet by Revolut product lead George Robson, the VC has recruited a second European partner. Robson, who also previously co-founded Kickstart London, a student-run accelerator programme in the U.K. and has worked at Morgan Stanley as an analyst, announced via Twitter last week that he has joined Sequoia’s burgeoning European operati...
Tags: TC, Twitter, Europe, London, Tech, Silicon Valley, Sequoia Capital, Morgan Stanley, Accel, Revolut, Sequoia, Robson, UiPath, Luciana Lixandru, George Robson, Revolut Metal

COVID-19 lockdown is unleashing people's creativity

While staying at home, many are exploring their creative sides to unprecedented levels, sharing their creations with the world in similarly novel, and sometimes collaborative, ways.People are finding amazing ways to create and to share from the safety of their homes using apps designed to promote expression and not simply distract users.Creative professionals are also stuck at home, facing unemployment, and a lack of access to their usual creative outlets. In the mess of bad news surrounding...
Tags: Motivation, Art, Europe, Technology, Pinterest, Los Angeles, Social Media, Creativity, Brooklyn, Paris, Innovation, Cambridge, Isaac Newton, Newton, Lightricks, Personal Growth

Startups Weekly: Qualtrics IPO to be even more exciting this time around

Editor’s note: Get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7am PT). Subscribe here. German software giant SAP bought experience management platform Qualtrics for $8 billion days before the unicorn’s IPO, back in November of 2018. But last weekend it decided to spin out the experience management provider to finally go public on its own. The analysts Ron Miller talked to speculated about strategic issues on the SAP side, and concluded thi...
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A New Lyme Disease Vaccine Is Showing Promise

An anonymous reader quotes a report from IFLScience: Promising results have come out of the only active clinical trial for a vaccine against Lyme disease. Valneva, a French biotech company, recently announced its first Phase 2 clinical trial has shown that its vaccine against Lyme disease is both safe and effective. The vaccine works by triggering the body's immune system to produce antibodies for the six common serotypes of the disease that are found in North America and Europe. It does this by...
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Lifestyle Changes Could Delay Or Prevent 40% of Dementia Cases, Study Says

Excessive drinking, exposure to air pollution and head injuries all increase dementia risk, experts say in a report revealing that up to 40% of dementia cases worldwide could be delayed or prevented by addressing 12 such lifestyle factors. The Guardian reports: The report from the Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention and care builds on previous work revealing that about a third of dementia cases could be prevented by addressing nine lifestyle factors, including midlife hearing ...
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Argos To Stop Printing Catalogue After Almost 50 Years

Argos is to stop printing its catalogue after almost 50 years, as the buying bible once found in three-quarters of British homes becomes yet another victim of the inexorable move to online shopping. From a report: More than 1bn copies of the bi-annual catalogue have been printed since its launch in 1973, and at its height it was Europe's most widely printed publication, with only the bible in more homes across the UK. However, Argos is to stop printing the title, with the retailer saying that on...
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Australia now has a template for forcing Facebook and Google to pay for news

Australia is closing in on a legally binding framework to force adtech giants Facebook and Google pay media companies for monetizing their news content when it’s posted to their social media platforms or otherwise aggregated and monetized. Back in April the country’s government announced it would adopt a mandatory code requiring the tech giants to share ad revenue with media business after an attempt to negotiate a voluntary arrangement with the companies failed to make progress. Today Austra...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Europe, Australia, US, Tech, Spain, Australia New Zealand, ACCC, Rod Sims, Consumer Commission ACCC, Google News Google, William Easton, Google Australia, Johannes Reck, Mel Silva

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning. Amazon reported a record quarterly profit and 40% sales growth backed by strong COVID-related demand. Amazon had $5.2 billion in net profit, after having warned it would spend all of the $4 billion it was expecting to make for the quarter on COVID-related initiatives. Facebook shrugged off the pandemic to beat expectations for revenue, profits, and user growth, sending ...
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Is Your Chip Card Secure? Much Depends on Where You Bank

A recent series of malware attacks on U.S.-based merchants suggest thieves are exploiting weaknesses in how certain financial institutions have implemented the technology in chip-based credit and debit cards to sidestep key security features and effectively create usable, counterfeit cards. Brian Krebs reports via Krebs on Security: Traditional payment cards encode cardholder account data in plain text on a magnetic stripe, which can be read and recorded by skimming devices or malicious software...
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The Great TechCrunch Survey of Europe’s VCs — Be featured in our survey

TechCrunch is embarking on a major new project to survey the venture capital investors of Europe. 
Over the next few weeks, we will be ‘zeroing-in’ on Europe’s major cities, from A-Z, Amsterdam to Zurich, and many points in-between. It’s part of a broader series of surveys we’re doing to help founders find the right investors.  Our survey will capture how each European startup is fairing, and what changes are being wrought amongst investors by the Coronavirus pandemic. We’d like to know how yo...
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We’ve updated The TechCrunch List with 116 new VCs ready to write first and lead checks into startups

We asked, and you have delivered. We first launched The TechCrunch List two weeks ago to help founders find VCs who are ready to write first and lead checks into 22 specific market verticals like enterprise applications or digital biotech. We based that initial list of 391 investors on direct recommendations from more than 1,200 founders, who often supplied a great level of detail about the investors who helped them on their journeys to build their startups. I’m pleased to report that since tha...
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Brand Moves for Thursday July 30

Twenty-two weeks ago, when the gravity of the situation became clear, we started daily reporting on how brands were dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. What’s now becoming clear is that the current climate is one of near-perpetual disruption. So we made the decision to keep on telling the stories of inspiring brand leadership and strategy amid the latest crises in an anxious world. Our goal remains the same: to provide an up-to-the-minute source of information, inspiration and insight on brand mo...
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Huawei shipped more smartphones than any other company last quarter — making it the first to dethrone Apple and Samsung in 9 years (AAPL)

Chinese tech giant Huawei shipped more phones than any other company in Q2 2020, according to research firm Canalys. That makes it the first time in nine years that a company other than Samsung or Apple led the quarter, the report says. Huawei's dominance was largely fueled by its growth in China, which has seen better recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic than other markets like the US'.  But Canalys warns that Huawei's spot at the top might be short lived, as growth in China likely won't be en...
Tags: Apple, Google, Europe, China, US, Samsung, Trends, United States, Huawei, Strategy Analytics, Leslie Odom Jr, International Data Corporation, Ben Stanton, Canalys, Europe Huawei, Canalys Huawei

Telegram hits out at Apple’s app store ‘tax’ in latest EU antitrust complaint

Apple has another antitrust charge on its plate. Messaging app Telegram has joined Spotify in filing a formal complaint against the iOS App Store in Europe — adding its voice to a growing number of developers willing to publicly rail against what they decry as Apple’s app “tax”. A spokesperson for Telegram confirmed the complaint to TechCrunch, pointing us to this public Telegram post where founder, Pavel Durov, sets out seven reasons why he thinks iPhone users should be concerned about the...
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PayPal and Venmo QR Code checkout is coming to 8,200 CVS stores in Q4

PayPal has struck a deal with CVS Pharmacy to offer the ability to check out using PayPal’s payment services, including both PayPal and Venmo, at the register. The company announced this morning CVS will become the first nationwide retailer to allow customer to pay using either their PayPal or Venmo QR code at the register without fees. The payment will pull from funds available in the customer’s existing account balance, bank account, or from their debit or credit card, just as it would online....
Tags: Apple, TC, Europe, Tech, Paypal, Cvs, CVS Pharmacy, Venmo, Revel Systems, InComm, John Kunze, Venmo Rewards CVS, NCR PayPal

Russia-aligned hackers running anti-Nato fake news campaign – report

‘Ghostwriter’ campaign said to involve replacing true stories with false ones on news sites in Poland and LithuaniaHackers “aligned with Russian security interests” have been engaged in a sustained campaign to compromise news websites in Poland and Lithuania to plant false stories aimed at discrediting Nato, according to a new report.Part of the campaign – labelled “Ghostwriter” – involved gaining access to news sites publishing systems, deleting stories and replacing them with false news that s...
Tags: Europe, Technology, Media, Internet, Russia, World news, Hacking, Digital Media, Nato, Poland, Espionage, Lithuania, Cyberwar

Huawei overtook Samsung in global smartphone shipments for Q2

Things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for Huawei in recent years. The company’s rapid trajectory has been disrupted by on-going battles with the U.S. government that have, among other things, blocked its access to Google apps and services. But a new report from Canalys paints a reasonably rosy picture as the hardware giant overtook Samsung to snag the top spot in global smartphone shipments for the second quarter of 2020. The news is a milestone for a number of reasons, not the least of...
Tags: Apple, Google, Mobile, Europe, Hardware, China, Samsung, Tech, Huawei, Canalys, Samsung Huawei, China Samsung, Mo Jia

Tim Cook defended the App Store's policies in Big Tech's blockbuster hearing, just as developers are piling on accusing Apple of abusing its power

Apple CEO Tim Cook was grilled alongside three other Big Tech chief executives at a congressional antitrust hearing on Wednesday. Cook was questioned on whether Apple abuses its power when dealing with app developers. Specifically he defended Apple's 30% commission it levies on in-app purchases, which is already the subject of an antitrust investigation in Europe. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple CEO Tim Cook found himself defending how Apple treats developers during...
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Europe wants to investigate Google's $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit, hot off CEO Sundar Pichai's congressional grilling

Google will face a full EU inquisition over its floated $2.1 billion purchase of fitness wearables maker Fitbit, Reuters reports. Regulators in Europe worry that Google will use its acquisition to hoover up even more personal data on users and use it to inform targeted ads. Google has denied this is the case. The news comes a day after Google CEO Sundar Pichai was grilled closely before Congress on Wednesday on issues of antitrust. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. EU antitr...
Tags: Google, Europe, UK, Congress, Australia, Trends, Eu, Britain, Labour, European Commission, Fitbit, Sundar Pichai, Fitbit Reuters, Foo Yun Chee Join

Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple With EU

Apple is facing another antitrust complaint in Europe, this time from the developers of encrypted messenger app Telegram. In a complaint to the EU Commission, the app's creators argue that Apple must give iOS users the opportunity to download software outside of the App Store. The Financial Times reports: In a complaint to EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager, Telegram, which has more than 400m users, said Apple must "allow users to have the opportunity of downloading software outside of...
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‘This Is a New Phase’: Europe Shifts Tactics to Limit Tech’s Power

The region’s lawmakers and regulators are taking direct aim at Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple in a series of proposed laws.
Tags: Apple, Europe, News, Censorship, Social Media, European Union, E-commerce, Apple Inc, Vestager, Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Margrethe, Law and Legislation, Computers and the Internet, Politics And Government, Regulation and Deregulation of Industry

Google’s “no choice” screen on Android isn’t working, says Ecosia — querying the EU’s approach to antitrust enforcement

Google alternative Ecosia is on a mission to turn search clicks into trees. The Berlin based not-for-profit reached a major milestone earlier this month, having used ad revenue generated by users of its privacy-sensitive search engine to plant more than 100 million trees across 25 countries worldwide — targeted at biodiversity hotspots. However these good feels have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Ecosia has seen its monthly revenues slashed by half since COVID-19 arrived in Eur...
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