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Tier Mobility acquires Coup’s electric moped scooters

Tier Mobility operates a scooter service, the kick-scooter-with-a-motor kind. And it has acquired assets from Coup, a now defunct scooter service, the moped kind. Coup shut down late last year, and Tier Mobility plans to take over and start its own shared moped service. To be clear, Coup is over but its mopeds will stick around. As part of the deal, Tier Mobility now has around 5,000 mopeds and a charging infrastructure. It plans to launch its own moped service in Berlin in May. Both the scoo...
Tags: Startups, Europe, Berlin, Tech, Madrid, Gogoro, Scooter, Coup, Berlin Paris, Moped, Tier, Tier Mobility, Lawrence Leuschner

B-Social, the UK fintech building a ‘social bank’, raises additional £7.8M ahead of rebrand

B-Social, the London-based fintech building what it calls a “social bank,” is announcing that it has raised a further £7.8 million in seed funding. Once again the injection of capital comes from “high-net-worth” individuals. They include Rudy Karsan from Karlani Capital, although most of the investors remain undisclosed. It brings the total capital raised by B-Social to £13.25 million, as the company continues the journey to becoming a fully licensed bank. It also plans to re-brand next month...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Europe, UK, London, Tech, Rudy Karsan, Karlani Capital, Nazim Valimahomed, Valimahomed, B-social

Stonly grabs $3.5 million to make customer support more interactive

Stonly is building a service for customer support teams so that they can share step-by-step guides to solve the most common issues. The startup just raised a $3.5 million funding round led by Accel with business angels also participating, such as Eventbrite CTO Renaud Visage and PeopleDoc founders Jonathan Benhamou and Clément Buyse. The startup isn’t building a chatbot for customer support — chatbots usually don’t understand what you mean and you end up contacting customer support anyway. Stonl...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, Europe, New York, Enterprise, Tech, France Newsletter, Dashlane, Accel, Zendesk, Stonly, Eventbrite CTO Renaud Visage, Jonathan Benhamou, Intercom Zendesk Freshdesk, Devialet Happn, David Rostan acquires payment optimization startup ProcessOut, the quiet London-based payment platform, has acquired its first startup, ProcessOut. surprised everyone last year when it announced a gigantic $230 million Series A round. It turns out the payment processing boom is not over yet. focuses on enterprise clients with customers all around the world. It provides a full-stack payment service, from accepting transactions, processing them and detecting fraud. It helps with reconciliation thanks to an API and a rep...
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AI chatbot maker Babylon Health attacks clinician in PR stunt after he goes public with safety concerns

UK startup Babylon Health pulled app data on a critical user in order to create a press release in which it publicly attacks the UK doctor who has spent years raising patient safety concerns about the symptom triage chatbot service. In the press release released late Monday Babylon refers to Dr David Watkins — via his Twitter handle — as a “troll” and claims he’s “ targeted members of our staff, partners, clients, regulators and journalists and tweeted defamatory content about us”. It also w...
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Facebook’s latest ‘transparency’ tool doesn’t offer much — so we went digging

Just ago Facebook switched on global availability of a tool which affords users a glimpse into the murky world of tracking that its business relies upon to profile users of the wider web for ad targeting purposes. Facebook is not going boldly into transparent daylight — but rather offering what privacy rights advocacy group Privacy International has dubbed “a tiny sticking plaster on a much wider problem”. The problem it’s referring to is the lack of active and informed consent for mass sur...
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Dow plunges again, extending losses after worst drop in 2 years

By Damian J. Troise, The Associated Press U.S. stocks fell in midday trading Tuesday, a day after the market’s biggest drop in two years, as traders worry that the spreading coronavirus will threaten global economic growth. More companies warned that the outbreak will hurt their finances, including United Airlines and Mastercard. Meanwhile, new cases are being reported in Europe and the Middle East, far outside the epicenter of China. The latest cases have raised fears that the virus could sprea...
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Cityscoot raises another $25.6 million for its electric moped service

French startup Cityscoot is raising a $25.6 million (€23.6 million) funding round from Allianz France, Demeter as well as existing investors Groupe RATP and Banque des Territoires. The startup is also raising at least $6.5 million (€6 million) in debt in order to finance its service. Cityscoot is a free-floating electric scooter service (moped scooters). Users can locate and unlock scooters using a mobile app. You can then park it and lock it again. The service is currently live in Paris, Nic...
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App Samurai closes a $2.4M Series A funding round led by 212 Ventures

App Samurai, a platform to market mobile apps, has closed an investment of $2.4 million in Series A funding, led by 212 Ventures and co-invested by Collective Spark, 500 Startups and Degerhan Usluel. It’s now raised a total of $4.6 million which will be used to develop the mobile advertising group’s product portfolio and global expansion.   Founded in 2016, the App Samurai Group is used by app makers to grow their apps by using a portfolio of products including a user acquisition platform (App S...
Tags: TC, Apps, Europe, Tech, Mobile Advertising, Adjust, Mobile App, Appsflyer, Kochava, App Samurai, Degerhan Usluel, App Samurai Group, Traffic Guard Scalarr Forensiq Machine

Insurance platform Collective Benefits raises £3.3M to give gig economy workers a safety net

The famous phrase “software eats the world” was originally coined to describe how technology gradually replaces the old industrial norms of production. But few realized that when Uber started to ‘eat’ the taxi industry it would also be among the first harbingers of a new wave of what it meant to be ‘employed’. As similar ‘gig economy’ platforms start to eat the old relationship between employer and employee — where some semblance of ‘duty of care’ had developed — the gig platforms have yet to de...
Tags: TC, Uber, Europe, UK, Articles, Tech, United Kingdom, Social Security, Pwc, Food Delivery, Deliveroo, Freelancer, Fred Destin, Business Models, Online Food Ordering, Insurtech Gateway

Speedinvest raises new €190M fund to continue backing early-stage European tech startups

Speedinvest, the European seed-stage VC that was started from Vienna but has since added offices in London, Berlin, Munich and San Francisco, has raised a new €190 million fund. It brings the firm’s total assets under management to more than €400 million. Describing its third fund as “oversubscribed” and ahead of schedule, SpeedInvest’s remit remains largely the same. The VC writes first cheques of between €50,000 and €1.5 million, but has also set aside €100 million of the fund for follow-on in...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Europe, France, San Francisco, Tech, Vienna, Speedinvest, London Berlin Munich, Oliver Holle, Luko Lemon Way Actiondesk

18 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

Updated: 02/24/20 | February 24th, 2020 I remember when I started planning my first trip around the world. I had no idea what I was doing. When I decided to quit my job and travel the world, I walked into a bookstore and bought Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on Shoestring. Buying that guidebook was my first step toward long-term travel. It made the trip seem more real, more tangilbe. It made it all seem possible. While helpful, the book didn’t exactly prepare me for planning a trip around the ...
Tags: Travel, Google, Facebook, Asia, Europe, UK, Travel Planning, Greece, Berlin, Southeast Asia, US, Colombia, Thailand, Travel Inspiration, Hawaii, Paris

VC firm Oxx says SaaS startups should avoid high-risk growth models

Oxx, a European venture capital firm co-founded by Richard Anton and Mikael Johnsson, this month announced the closing of its debut fund of $133 million to back “Europe’s most promising SaaS companies” at Series A and beyond. Launched in 2017 and headquartered in London and Stockholm, Oxx pitches itself as one of only a few European funds focused solely on SaaS, and says it will invest broadly across software applications and infrastructure, highlighting five key themes: “data convergence & refi...
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Revolut raises $500 million at $5.5 billion valuation

Fintech startup Revolut is raising a large Series D round of funding. TCV is leading the $500 million round, valuing the company at $5.5 billion. Over the past few years, Revolut has raised $836 million in total. Some existing investors are also participating in today’s funding round, but Revolut isn’t sharing names. Previous investors include DST Global, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital and many others. If you’re not familiar with Revolut, the company is building a financial service to repl...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Europe, Japan, Australia, Tech, Fintech, Revolut, Challenger Bank, TCV, Europe SINGAPORE, Revolut Metal, Nik Storonsky, Neobank, DST Global Index Ventures Balderton Capital

Revolut raises $500 million at a $5.5 billion valuation

Fintech startup Revolut is raising a large Series D round of funding. TCV is leading the $500 million round, valuing the company at $5.5 billion. Over the past few years, Revolut has raised $836 million in total. Some existing investors are also participating in today’s funding round, but Revolut isn’t sharing names. Previous investors include DST Global, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital and many others. If you’re not familiar with Revolut, the company is building a financial service to repl...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Europe, Japan, Australia, Tech, Fintech, Revolut, TCV, Europe SINGAPORE, Recent Funding, Revolut Metal, Nik Storonsky, Neobank, DST Global Index Ventures Balderton Capital

Chattermill raises $8M Series A to enable companies to gain customer feedback insights ‘at scale’

Chattermill, the London startup that offers what it calls a “customer understanding” platform that uses machine learning to gain scalable insights into customer feedback, has raised $8 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is DN Capital, alongside Ventech and btov Partners. Silicon Valley Bank also participated, in addition to a number of angel investors including Matt Price (Senior Vice President at Zendesk), and Nilan Peiris (VP Growth at Transferwise). Existing investors Entrepreneur...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Europe, London, Tech, Salesforce, Medallia, Zendesk, Transferwise, EMEA, Nilan Peiris, Peiris, Chattermill, Partners Silicon Valley Bank, Mikhail Dubov

Dow Drops More Than 1,000 as COVID-19 Outbreak Threatens Economy

The Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped more than 1,000 points Monday in the worst day for the stock market in two years as investors worry that the spread of a viral outbreak that began in China will weaken global economic growth. Traders sought safety in U.S. government bonds, gold and high-dividend stocks like utilities and real estate. The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to the lowest level in more than three years. Technology stocks accounted for much of the broad market slide, whi...
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Intuit confirms that it is buying Credit Karma for $7.1B in cash and stock

The week is kicking off with a major piece of M&A in the world of financial technology startups. Today Intuit — the accounting, tax filing and financial planning software giant behind QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint, confirmed that it plans to acquire Credit Karma — the fintech startup with more than 100 million registered users, 37 million of them active monthly users, which lets people check their credit scores, shop for credit cards and loans, file taxes and more. Intuit said it would pay $7.1 ...
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Daily Crunch: Sony unveils its first 5G smartphone

Sony announces a camera-centric phone, Microsoft offers more details about the next Xbox and a liquid biopsy startup raises $165 million. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February 24, 2020. 1. Sony announces its first 5G flagship, the triple lens Xperia 1 II Sony has announced its first 5G smartphone: The Xperia 1 II — for the curious or confused, it’s pronounced “Xperia One, Mark Two.” As ever with Sony — a major B2B supplier of image sensors to other smartphone makers — it has made the camera a...
Tags: Mobile, Europe, Hardware, Microsoft, Israel, Tech, Paypal, Netflix, Sony, Xbox, Visa, AMD Zen, John Whitfield, Karius, Tess Hatch, Daily Crunch

Disney+ launches discounted annual subscriptions for European users

Disney is offering a discount on its new streaming service for select European markets ahead of its March 24th launch, the company announced on Monday. Customers who pre-order Disney+ before March 23rd will get £10 or €10 a full year’s subscription, bringing the cost down to around £49.99 or €59.99 per year (~$64 USD). The service initially debuts in the U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. Disney+ is already live in the Netherlands, which is not eligible for t...
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Coronavirus fears hit markets, bringing US shares down as tech and SaaS slip

Fears over the potential impact of the coronavirus spreading in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have sent stocks plummeting in Monday’s open — with tech stocks among the hardest hit. The reason for the declines is clear: The global response to the coronavirus (also known as Covid-19). Over the weekend, cases outside of China swiftly rose in Europe and other parts of Asia, indicating that hopes of containing the virus’ spread appear to be dashed. This widening contagion has rattled markets as i...
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Global markets fall sharply; Dow plunges 840 points

By Damian J. Troise, The Associated Press U.S. stocks fell sharply in early trading Monday, following a broad sell-off in overseas markets, as a surge in virus cases and a worrisome spread of the disease outside the epicenter in China sent investors running for safety. The Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped 840 points, or 2.9%, to 28,146 and gave up all of its gains for the year. The S&P 500 index skidded 2.7% and gave up most of its gains for 2020. The Nasdaq fell 3.2%. More than 79,000 peopl...
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Some of the World's Biggest Economies Are on the Brink of Recession

Markets closed out last week on an anxious note. It's not difficult to see why: the coronavirus continues to spread, and there are signs that some of the world's top economies could slide into recession as the outbreak compounds pre-existing weaknesses. From a report: Take Japan: The world's third-largest economy shrank 1.6% in the fourth quarter of 2019 as the country absorbed the effects of a sales tax hike and a powerful typhoon. It was biggest contraction compared to the previous quarter sin...
Tags: Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, Indonesia, China, Germany, Singapore, India, Tech, Bank Of America, United States, Malaysia, HARRIS, Ethan Harris

Google In Europe Now Shows Other Local Search Providers

This comes as no surprise, Google has been testing it for a while after the EU has required them to do something for anti-competitive reasons. Now Google is showing other search providers for local results. They did this for other verticals as well in the past, at least testing, but now this is live.
Tags: Google, Europe, Seo, Eu, Google Search Engine

Leak shows EU police aim to create an international facial recognition database

EU police forces plan to build a network of national police facial recognition databases that spans across every member state, according to internal documents obtained by The Intercept. The report from national police forces of 10 EU member states, led by Austria, called for new EU legislation that would enable this interconnected database to be created “as quickly as possible.” The document was circulated among officials last November. The Intercept reports that preparatory work on the legislat...
Tags: Startups, Europe, Politics, Tech, Eu, Artificial Intelligence, Austria, Neural

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Monday. WeWork paid over $2 million in cash to a woman who threatened to expose claims of sex, illegal drugs, and discrimination in a horrifying 50-page document. With at least one external law firm, WeWork launched an investigation that would later find credible evidence of sexual relations between coworkers and drug use.  Huawei is downplaying coronavirus impact on its smartphone sales, but experts say it will suffer more than Apple. ...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Europe, London, Microsoft, Obama, US, Trends, Bloomberg, New York Times, WeWork, Sequoia Capital, Huawei, Wall Street Journal, Justice Department

Europe’s Target Global raises new €120M early-stage fund

Target Global, the pan-European venture capital firm headquartered in Berlin, has raised a new €120 million early-stage fund, following what it claims was only 3 months of fundraising. Dubbed “Early Stage Fund II”, the new vehicle will see the firm continue to back early-stage tech companies across Europe and Israel, leading and co-leading seed and Series A rounds. It also has a later-stage growth fund and a dedicated mobility fund, and in combination Target Global currently has over €800 millio...
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Spain’s Cobee raises €2.1M for its employee benefits app and payment card

Cobee, a Spanish fintech startup that has developed an employee benefit management app and accompanying card, has closed €2.1 million in “pre-Series A” funding. The round was co-led by Speedinvest, and Target Global. Other backers include Chris Bouwer (co-founder of Adyen) and existing investors Encomenda Smart Capital, BStartup (Banco Sabadell), Lanai Partners and Abac Nest. Founded in 2018 by Borja Aranguren and Daniel Olea, Cobee aims to help employees “leverage better economic performance” f...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Europe, Tech, Spain, Adyen, Speedinvest, Olea, Aranguren, Cobee, Chris Bouwer, Abac Nest Founded, Borja Aranguren, Daniel Olea Cobee, Willis Towers Watson Meanwhile Cobee

Nonprofit Argues Germany Can't Ratify the 'Unitary Patent' Because of Brexit

Long-time Slashdot reader zoobab shares this update from the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, a Munich-based non-profit opposing ratification of a "Unified Patent Court" by Germany. They argue such a court will "validate and expand software patents in Europe," and they've come up with a novel argument to stop it. "Germany cannot ratify the current Unitary Patent due to Brexit..." The U.K. is now a "third state" within the meaning of AETR case-law, [which] makes clear that: "E...
Tags: Europe, Germany, Tech, Munich, Brexit, Slashdot, Unified Patent Court, Nonprofit Argues Germany Can, Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure

Fintech startups raised $34B in 2019

Financial services startups raised less money in 2019 than they did in 2018 as VC firms looked to back late stage firms and focused on developing markets, a new report has revealed. According to research firm CB Insights’ annual report published this week, fintech startups across the world raised $33.9 billion* in total last year across 1,912 deals*, down from $40.8 billion they picked up by participating in 2,049 deals the year before. It’s a comprehensive report, which we recommend you read...
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