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A new Senate bill would ban corporations from using facial recognition without people's explicit consent

A new bill in the Senate would curtail the use of facial recognition by private companies, requiring them to obtain people's consent before scanning them with facial recognition tech. It would also ban companies from selling people's biometric identifiers, like face ID or fingerprint. If passed, the bill would wipe out much of the business of controversial facial recognition companies like Clearview AI.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A new bill introduced in the Senate T...
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Netflix's new CMO handled crises for Uber and Papa John's with ease. The biggest 'badass' in marketing could be its secret weapon in the streaming wars.

Bozoma Saint John, Netflix's newly named chief marketing officer, has climbed the corporate-marketing ranks over 20 years using her celebrity connections and ability to tie brands like Pepsi and Apple to cultural trends. She's also known as unapologetically outspoken and a role model for women of color — who are notoriously underrepresented in the C-suites of corporations.  Netflix has long been synonymous with streaming video, but it needs to convince people to keep subscribing as new options...
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Trump’s TikTok meddling means we’ll never be able to escape Big Tech

Holding a huge competitor hostage only makes them more powerful
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Facebook moderators say companies should avoid a 'PR stunt' by extending the ad boycott against the company (FB)

Facebook moderators have called for the ad boycott against the company to be extended, according to The Guardian. Companies such as Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Unilever have participated in the boycott, which began in response to the company's decision not to take action against controversial posts from President Trump regarding the George Floyd protests. Despite the boycott, Facebook's ad revenue still grew in the second quarter of 2020, although its growth rate was lower than that of the first...
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Facebook doubles down on work-from-office with massive NYC lease near Penn Station

We’ve had huge debates about the future of work — are we going to be working from home, working from the office, or perhaps, working from anywhere? Work From Home is dead, long live Work From Anywhere Well, Facebook has put its wager down, and it’s work from office. In a flurry of articles in the local press overnight, the New York Times and others confirmed that Facebook has secured the main office lease on the James A. Farley Building, located one block south of Penn Station in west...
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Google-Fitbit deal to be scrutinized in Europe over data competition concerns

In a set-back for Google’s plan to acquire health wearable company Fitbit, the European Commission has announced it’s opening an investigation to dig into a range of competition concerns being attached to the proposal from multiple quarters. This means the deal is on ice for a period of time that could last until early December. The Commission said it has 90 working days to take a decision on the acquisition — so until December 9, 2020. Commenting on opening an “in-depth investigation” i...
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How much TikTok is paying for key roles as it goes on a hiring spree

Hi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for August 4. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every weekday. Send me feedback or tips at [email protected] Before we get to today's news, two pieces of housekeeping: Tomorrow, reporter Amanda Perelli is hosting a webinar about how influencers are adapting to the pandemic with YouTube stars like Shelby Church. Register and get more information here. W...
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WhatsApp launches factcheck feature aimed at viral messages

Users will be able to check truthfulness of messages that have come via five or more peopleWhatsApp has introduced a feature allowing users to check the contents of viral messages in the latest move to root out disinformation and fake news being spread on the Facebook-owned service.The feature, which is being piloted in six countries including the UK from Tuesday, allows users to perform a Google search on content they have been forwarded to factcheck claims and information. Continue reading...
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China Refuses to Accept 'Theft' of TikTok if US Acquisition Goes Ahead

Yesterday we reported on Microsoft's accelerated efforts to purchase TikTok in the United States before President Trump follows through on a threat to ban the Chinese-owned app in the country. On Tuesday, Reuters reported that China's ruling Communist Party blasted those efforts via an editorial in the China Daily newspaper, saying it will not accept the "theft" of a Chinese tech company and is ready to respond if needed. The United States' "bullying" of Chinese tech companies was a consequ...
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Facebook has been barely impacted by big advertisers’ boycott — here’s why

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism over the years for failing to moderate hate speech. Its policies have come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks thanks to the Stop Hate for Profit campaign. Started by civil rights groups in the US, the campaign has led to some of Facebook’s biggest customers pulling their ads from the social media platform for the month of July. As much as 99% of Facebook’s US$70.7 billion (£55 billion) in revenues come through advertising and the boycott initially res...
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WhatsApp pilots new feature to fight misinformation: Search the web

WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging platforms on the planet, has rolled out a new feature in select markets that makes it easier for users to verify whether the assertions made in messages they have received on the app are true. The Facebook -owned service has enabled users in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US to click on a magnifying glass-shaped icon next to frequently forwarded messages — those that have been forwarded at least five times — to search the w...
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Trump Admin Moves to Boot GOP FCC Commissioner Who Hinted Its Social Media Order Is 'Gibberish'

The White House has yanked its nomination to give GOP Federal Communications Commissioner Mike O’Rielly another term at the agency, offering no explanation as to why.Read more...
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Daily Crunch: Microsoft-TikTok acquisition inches closer to reality

A possible Microsoft -TikTok acquisition is causing plenty of drama, we review Google’s new budget Pixel and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon returns to Earth. Here’s your Daily Crunch for August 3, 2020. Microsoft-TikTok acquisition inches closer to reality This weekend, Microsoft confirmed reports that it’s in talks to acquire TikTok, the popular mobile video app currently owned by Chinese company ByteDance. It sounds like the outcome of those talks may ultimately have less to do with Microsoft and m...
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The Canceled 2020 Telluride Film Festival Announces Its Lineup Anyway, Including ‘Ammonite’, ‘Nomadland’, and More

Thanks to COVID-19, the 2020 Telluride Film Festival has been canceled. The festival organizers made that decision a few weeks ago. But just because the fest isn’t actually happening this year, doesn’t mean they can’t still shine a light on the movies that would have played there if this godforsaken pandemic hadn’t thrown the world into turmoil. “Though we aren’t able to present our program in-person as planned, we still want to announce the lineup to bring attention to these brilliant films,” ...
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FCC invites public comment on Trump’s attempt to nerf Section 230

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has decided to ask the public for its thoughts on an attempt initiated in Trump in May to water down certain protections that arguably led to the creation of the modern internet economy. The nakedly retaliatory order seems to be, legally speaking, laughable, and could be resolved without public input — but the FCC wants your opinion, so you may as well give it to them. You can submit your comment here at the FCC’s long-suffering electronic comment filing system, but before ...
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Why And How You Should Use SEO Proxy

An SEO proxy is the same as a regular proxy but is used to perform different search engine optimization tasks.SEO proxy allows you to see the SERPs in different locations in real-time. This proxy helps identify who you are competing with for your target keywords, enabling you to prepare better strategies. It also helps in web scraping, empowering you to extract data like keywords, link titles, content titles, and descriptions. All this while hiding your identity. This article will discuss what S...
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What Microsoft should demand in exchange for its ‘payment’ to the US government for TikTok

In one of the crazier news stories (and in 2020, that is saying something), President Donald Trump said today during a media availability event that in order for the U.S. government to sign off on a potential Microsoft/TikTok deal, “a very substantial portion of that price is going to have to come into the Treasury of the United States,” based on my colleague Alex Wilhelm’s rough transcript. Trump calls TikTok a hot brand, demands a chunk of its sale price That seems nearly impossible to a...
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This chart shows how a Microsoft acquisition of TikTok for $50 billion would stack up against tech's largest deals ever (MSFT)

Microsoft is in talks to purchase TikTok, the massively popular video app that's owned and operated by the Chinese company ByteDance. The purchase talks come amid threats from President Donald Trump to ban the app in the United States. Trump says the app funnels user information to the Chinese government, and must be operated by an American company to ensure the safety of user information. The cost to purchase TikTok could be as high as $50 billion, according to a recent valuation reported by...
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SaaS securitization will disrupt VC’s biggest returns this coming decade

SaaS investing has been on fire the past decade and the returns have been gushing in, with IPOs like Datadog, and acquisitions like Qualtrics (which is now being spun back out) creating billions of wealth and VC returns. Dozens more SaaS startups are on deck to head toward their exits in the same way, and many VC funds — particularly those with deep portfolios in the SaaS space — are going to perform well. Yet, the gargantuan returns we are seeing today for SaaS portfolios are unlikely to r...
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TikTok Accuses Facebook of 'Plagiarism and Smears'

hackingbear writes: TikTok owner ByteDance has accused Facebook of plagiarism and smears although it did not elaborate on the accusation. "ByteDance has always been committed to becoming a global company. During this process, we have faced all kinds of complex and unimaginable difficulties, including the tense international political environment, collision and conflict of different cultures and plagiarism and smears from competitor Facebook," it said in a statement late on Sunday posted on its o...
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ByteDance is looking outside of the US for its new TikTok headquarters

The viral video-sharing app TikTok is currently facing a potential ban in the US over national-security risks due to its ties to China through its parent company, ByteDance. To prevent the ban from taking place, TikTok has been weighing a number of options, including "divesting" its operations in the US. Microsoft has emerged as a potential buyer. In a statement Monday to Reuters, ByteDance said it's "evaluating the possibility of establishing TikTok's headquarters outside of the US" to demons...
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Comments on the Internet Association’s Empirical Study of Section 230 Cases

Elizabeth Banker of the Internet Association has posted “A Review Of Section 230’S Meaning & Application Based On More Than 500 Cases.” This complements Prof. David Ardia’s comprehensive empirical study of Section 230 caselaw from a decade ago. It’s great to have a fresh look at the cases. (I’ll discuss the methodology limitations in a bit). The report’s summary (bolded for emphasis): The importance of Section 230 is best demonstrated by the lesser-known cases that escape the headlines. These d...
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The Map of Quantum Physics: A Colorful Animation Explains the Often Misunderstood Branch of Science

In our time, few branches of science have taken as much public abuse as quantum physics, the study of how things behave at the atomic scale. It's not so much that people dislike the subject as they see fit to draft it in support of any given notion: quantum physics, one hears, proves that we have free will, or that Buddhist wisdom is true, or that there is an afterlife, or that nothing really exists. Those claims may or may not be true, but they do not help us at all to understand what q...
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Facebook, Google, and the US government each have their own reasons to make you believe that TikTok is scary — but they're all self-serving

President Trump and the US government have been considering a ban on TikTok over long-held concerns regarding its ties to China, and its access to user data and influence over content moderation. The threat of a TikTok ban would mean that the app's massive US userbase, estimated to be near 80 million, is up for grabs, and US tech companies are already capitalizing with new apps and formats borrowing from TikTok's viral short-form video format. Concerns over national and data security are level...
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Facebook launches commerce and connectivity-focused accelerator programs

Facebook launched two 12-week accelerator programs for startups on Monday as the social juggernaut looks for new ideas and solutions to expand its commerce and connectivity efforts. Facebook’s Commerce Accelerator will select 60 startups from the EMEA and LATAM regions for the program, the company said. The startups that make the cut will explore building shopping solutions to drive commerce inside Facebook’s family of apps. “Our goal is to make shopping seamless and empower anyone from an en...
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Google wants to be only destination for Search and digital advertising: 14 key takeaways from Pichai’s deposition before the antitrust subcommittee

Given that Google earns more than $100 billion, there is “a fundamental conflict of interest between serving users who want to access the best and most relevant information and Google’s business model, which incentivises Google to sell ads and keep users on Google’s own sites,” David Cicilline (D-RI), the chair of the subcommittee, said at the Big Tech CEOs’ hearing before the House subcommittee on antitrust on July 29 (available to watch here). But Google CEO Sundar Pichai clarified that ads ar...
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These two VCs were hobby Bitcoin miners a decade ago, and now they've raised $110 million for a second fund focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups

On Monday, venture firm Electric Capital announced that it had raised a $110 million fund focused on crypto technologies. The firm plans to invest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based businesses, fintech companies, and marketplaces. Avichal Garg and Curtis Spencer, Electric Capital's co-founders, said that their investments could reshape legacy banks, emerging markets, and even social networks.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In 2010, when Bitcoin seemed like just anothe...
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Nobody Accurately Tracks Health Care Workers Lost to COVID-19. So She Stays Up At Night Cataloging the Dead.

This story first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. When police discovered the woman, she’d been dead at home for at least 12 hours, alone except for her 4-year-old daughter. The early reports said only that she was 42, a mammogram technician at a hospital southwest of Atlanta and almost certainly a victim of COVID-19. Had her identity been withheld to protec...
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Facebook moderators call for advertiser boycott to be extended

Action needs long-term commitments to be is more than ‘PR stunt’, employees sayCurrent and former Facebook moderators have called for the unprecedented advertiser boycott of the site to be extended to prove that the action is more than a “PR stunt”.Speaking to the Guardian, one current moderator who asked to remain anonymous because they feared for their job, said that without long-term commitments, this was a “PR stunt that will pass when they get enough of the reports that they want”. Continue...
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Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos got $14 billion richer in a single day as Facebook and Amazon shrugged off the coronavirus recession (AMZN, FB)

Amazon, Apple, and Facebook all reported blowout earnings on Thursday.  The companies' stock prices all soared following the reports, helping executives continue their winning streak.  But as a whole, the US economy is reeling from record job losses and shrinking GDP figures.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. You'd never know there's a recession gripping the US economy by the looks of mega-cap tech stocks. On Friday alone, some of the wealthiest executives added billions to...
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