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The European Copyright Directive: What is it, and why has it drawn more controversy than any other Directive in EU history?

During the week of March 25, the European Parliament will hold the final vote on the Copyright Directive, the first update to EU copyright rules since 2001; normally this would be a technical affair watched only by a handful of copyright wonks and industry figures, but the Directive has become the most controversial issue in EU history, literally, with the petition opposing it attracting more signatures than any other petition in’s history. How did we get here? European regulati...
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A digital tax will deny Europeans new innovation and progress

A digital tax will deny Europeans new innovation and progress Bureaucrats at the European Union steadily struggle for tax harmonization among EU member states. Unfortunately, they do not seek to relieve these nations’ tax burden but rather to warn against “tax havens.” Along these  lines, last year the European Commission (EC) came up with the idea of a “digital tax.” In the name of pursuing the “fair taxation of the digital economy,” the EC made two propo...
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EU gov’t and public health sites are lousy with adtech, study finds

A study of tracking cookies running on government and public sector health websites in the European Union has found commercial adtech to be operating pervasively even in what should be core not-for-profit corners of the Internet. The researchers used searches including queries related to HIV, mental health, pregnancy, alcoholism and cancer to examine how frequently European Internet users are tracked when accessing national health service webpages to look for publicly funded information about se...
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EU gov’t and public health sites lousy with adtech, study finds

A study of tracking cookies running on government and public sector health websites in the European Union has found commercial adtech to be operating pervasively even in what should be core not-for-profit corners of the Internet. The researchers used searches including queries related to HIV, mental health, pregnancy, alcoholism and cancer to examine how frequently European Internet users are tracked when accessing national health service webpages to look for publicly funded information about se...
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Ardian invests in Eloquant

Ardian said March 18 it acquired a minority stake in Eloquant. Financial terms weren’t announced. The investment was part of an owner buyout (OBO) alongside its existing investors and management. Eloquant is a SaaS software publisher specializing in multichannel customer relations management. PRESS RELEASE ARDIAN  SUPPORTS ELOQUANT IN ITS GROWTH   Paris, 18 March 2019  –  Ardian, a world-leading private investment house, today announces the acquisition of a minority stake in Eloquant, a SaaS...
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The creative coder adding color to machine learning

Machine learning is already revolutionizing the way we solve problems across almost every industry and walk of life, from photo organization to cancer detection and flood prediction. But outside the tech world, most people don’t know what an algorithm is or how it works, let alone how they might start training one of their own.Parisian coder Emil Wallner wants to change that. Passionate about making machine learning easier to get into, he came up with an idea that fused his fascination with mach...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 March 2019

Stones (in both foreground and background) and sheep (everywhere) – we’ll see these in Kilmartin Glen, on our Scotland’s Highland Highlights Tour this September. Good morningWow, what a wild and crazy week this one has been, with the added dimension, for me personally but hopefully not for you, of (hopefully just) experiencing another kidney stone event.  These seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.The extraordinarily dysfunctional nature of Obamacare was driven home to me.  When it bec...
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Silicon Valley is erecting a monument to itself. Will it be a giant robo-phallus? | James Felton

How will today’s noble tech titans honour their achievements in a single statue? We run through the obvious optionsEvery city has a landmark that celebrates what its people love. France has the Eiffel Tower, which is both astonishingly beautiful and admittedly a bit penisy. New York has the Empire State Building, which is the same but bigger. Rome has the Colosseum, to celebrate an oiled-up Russell Crowe.Now Silicon Valley power-brokers want to honour the thing they truly love, by building their...
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Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in ~60 markets

In an update to the chromium engine, which underpins Google’s popular Chrome browser, the search giant has quietly updated the lists of default search engines it offers per market — expanding the choice of search product users can pick from in markets around the world. Most notably it’s expanded search engine lists to include pro-privacy rivals in more than 60 markets globally. The changes, which appear to have been pushed out with the Chromium 73 stable release yesterday, come at a time when...
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'It would be an epic change': Marketers say Elizabeth Warren's plan to break up Google and DoubleClick could destroy digital advertising

Sen. and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposed unwinding tech mergers including that of Google and DoubleClick, which, respectively, control billions of spend from marketers and provide the ad infrastructure for much of the publishing industry. Marketers say a split would be hard because the companies are deeply integrated into most products that marketers touch. Since renamed Google Ad Manager, DoubleClick would be difficult to untie from Google's massive search bus...
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Canal+ launches streaming service in France for €7 per month

French premium TV channel Canal+ is facing increased competition from Netflix in France. The company is trying to reinvent itself with a new over-the-top offering called Canal+ Séries. The new service is launching today. As the name suggests, Canal+ Séries is focused on TV series — you won’t find any movie on the streaming service. In addition to original content, Canal+ has already signed distribution deals with American networks to distribute their shows in France (Showtime, FX, etc.) — those ...
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The responsibility for a sustainable digital future

Mounir Mahjoubi Contributor Share on Twitter Mounir Mahjoubi is the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs. On March 12, 2019, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “World Wide Web”, Tim Berners-Lee’s ground-breaking invention. In just thirty years, this flagship application of the Internet has forever changed our lives, our habits, our way of thinking and seeing the world. Yet, this anniversary leaves a bittersweet t...
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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Devices for your Small Business Revealed

Can your small business justify buying new devices? Consider new smartphones nowadays perform only slightly better than recently-released ones. You might sometimes buy refurbished devices for personal use. But can you afford such a risk for your business. Buying poorly performing devices for your team could quickly become an expensive mistake. Do you shy away from “refurbished” tech for your company? Well, other entrepreneurs do too. It’s true you can’t fully erase that risk. But new options no...
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Talent Garden raises €44M to expand in cities ignored by the WeWork-style spaces

Finding myself talking at a startup conference in Kosovo three years ago (as one does), I realized how close I was to Albania, a place which held some fascination for me. I managed to grab a lift with a friendly techie to Tirana, where they arranged for me to speak to the local tech community. That meetup was held in a small co-working space called Talent Garden. It gradually transpired that, while WeWork and other such coworking/offices spaces were concentrating on New York and London, Talent G...
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SDF Podcast 26: To regulate, or not to regulate, that is the question…

“We can have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.“ So the famous US Supreme Court Justice and ‘crusader for social justice’ and breaker-upper of Gilded Age monopolies, Louis D. Brandeis is said to have said, perhaps sometime in the early 1930s. Today, perhaps the best-known neo-Brandeisian anti-trust advocate is Tim Wu, Columbia law professor, ‘father of net neutrality’ and author of a series of books likening ...
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Transportation Weekly: Waymo unleashes laser bear, Bird spreads its wings, Lyft tightens its belt

Welcome back to Transportation Weekly; I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch . This is the fifth edition of our newsletter and we love the reader feedback. Keep it coming. Never heard of TechCrunch’s Transportation Weekly? Catch up here, here and here. As I’ve written before, consider this a soft launch. Follow me on Twitter @kirstenkorosec to ensure you see it each week. (An email subscription is coming).  This week, we explore the world of light detec...
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The other smartphone business

With the smartphone operating system market sewn up by Google’s Android platform, which has a close to 90% share globally, leaving Apple’s iOS a slender (but lucrative) premium top-slice, a little company called Jolla and its Linux-based Sailfish OS is a rare sight indeed: A self-styled ‘independent alternative’ that’s still somehow in business. The Finnish startup’s b2b licensing sales pitch is intended to appeal to corporates and governments that want to be able to control their own destiny wh...
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France’s tax on tech giants is happening

Is it happening? Is it not happening? After years of back and forth, it looks like the new tax on tech giants in France is about to become a law. Big tech companies that generate significant revenue in France will be taxed on their revenue generated in France. France’s Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has been lobbying for a new tax so that tech giants would stop optimizing their European corporate structure to lower their effective tax rate. Originally, Le Maire wanted to convince other European...
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Hear Patti Smith’s New Work With The Soundwalk Collective, a Tribute to the Avant-Garde Poet Antonin Artaud

The Soundwalk Collective has made music art out of found sounds since 2004. They recorded 2012’s Medea while traversing the Black Sea and fishing for sounds using a scanner and high powered aerial antennas; 2014’s Last Beat used contact microphones on the architecture of a music club to collect vibrations instead of music; 2017’s Before Music There Is Blood collaged deep echoing recordings of classical music played in various halls. This time, in their upcoming The Peyote Dance, they hav...
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Midem Names Midemlab Music Startup Competition Jury, Submission Deadline Nears

International music industry convention Midem has unveiled its jury for this year’s Midemlab music startup competition. Sponsored by Deezer and Recochoku,Midemlab showcases the most promising international music-related startups offering fresh opportunities to the music sector. The competition provides finalists with valuable exposure to industry decision-makers and potential investors. Previous participants have raised millions of dollars in funding including Soundcloud, The Echo Nest (ac...
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Employer and Employee Disagree About Right to Disconnect

In France, the right to disconnect was made law on January 1, 2017, “requiring employers to have clear policies in place regarding when employees engage in workplace communication outside of the office and when on vacation.” This law is because of a French Supreme Court Case in 2001 that “held that “the employee is under no obligation either to accept working at home or to bring there his files and working tools”. In 2004, this principle was confirmed again by the French Supreme Court which adde...
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Van Gogh’s Ugliest Masterpiece: A Break Down of His Late, Great Painting, The Night Café (1888)

Ask passersby to name a Vincent van Gogh painting off the top of their heads, and most will come up with works like The Starry Night, The Potato Eaters, one of his self-portraits (probably with his ear bandaged), or maybe the one with the smoking skeleton David Sedaris used for a book cover. How many will mention 1888's The Night Café, an interior, van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo from Arles (the town in the south of France where he had come in search of Japan-like surroundings), "of t...
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NAMA Digest: Developments at Spotify, RCom, Google, Paytm and more

A quick roundup of the developments in the Indian and international digital, tech and business ecosystem. Developments in the digital ecosystem Spotify has 1 million users in India across both free and premium within a week of its launch, reports Business Standard. SnapChat is beta-testing a... ...
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France unveils new tax for global internet giants

France on Wednesday introduced a bill to tax internet and technology giants such as Google and Facebook on their digital sales, putting it among a vanguard of countries seeking to force the companies to pay more in the markets where they operate. Speaking to reporters, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire described the levy as "a first step" in setting up "a 21st century taxation system". The tax, to be applied retroactively from January 1, sets a three percent levy on digital advertising, websites...
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Tech's tax bombshell: Internet giants face billions more in taxes in Europe as regulators demand 'justice'

Lawmakers in Europe are preparing to clobber big tech firms like Amazon, Facebook, and Google with new tax bills. Most recently, France on Wednesday unveiled plans for a tax on big-tech revenue that it said would raise about €500 million, or $565 million, a year. It follows similar plans in the UK, which last year said it was introducing a tech tax that could raise up to £400 million, or $510 million, a year starting in 2020. The European Union has been working on drafting similar internationa...
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Tech's tax bombshell: Internet giants will have to pay billions more in tax in Europe as regulators demand 'justice'

Big tech firms like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are about to be clobbered with new tax bills in Europe, as lawmakers demand they contribute more to the public purse. France unveiled plans for a tax on big tech revenues on Wednesday, which it said will raise about €500 million ($565 million) a year. It follows similar plans in the UK, which said last year that is introducing tech tax that could raise up to £400 million ($510 million) a year from 2020. The EU has been working on drafting simila...
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France unveils plan to tax internet giants revenue

PARIS (AP) — The French government unveiled plans Wednesday to slap a 3 percent tax on the French revenues of internet giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook. The bill outlines how digital companies with worldwide revenues over 750 million euros ($848 million), including French revenue over 25 million euros, will be taxed. In a news […]
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France to create a 3 percent tax on internet giants’ revenue

PARIS (AP) — The French government is unveiling plans to slap a 3 percent tax on the French revenues of internet giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire is presenting the bill during Wednesday’s weekly Cabinet meeting before it heads to Parliament. The bill outlines how digital companies with worldwide revenue […]
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Cinven to buy INSEEC U.

Cinven has agreed to acquire INSEEC U., a European institution of private higher education and research. No financial terms were disclosed. PRESS RELEASE International private equity firm, Cinven, today announces that it has agreed to the acquisition of INSEEC U. (‘the Group’), a leading European institution of private higher education and research. The consideration is not disclosed. Founded in 1975 in Bordeaux, France, today INSEEC U. operates 16 schools worldwide with campuses across France, ...
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France overhauls its special visa for tech talent

The French government has unveiled a complete overhaul of the French Tech Visa for employees working for a tech company. And France is taking a contrarian stance by making it easier to come and work in France. Let’s start with the big number. According to French Tech Mission director Kat Borlongan, there are over 10,000 startups that meet the requirements to access the French Tech Visa and hire foreign employees more easily. (And if you live in the European Union, you don’t need a visa, of cours...
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