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Here’s everything Google just announced at the Made By Google 2019 event

  Google held its annual “Made By Google” hardware event this morning in New York City, where they launched all sorts of new gear back to back to back. Didn’t have time to watch the whole stream, but still want to know the bulletpoints of what’s new? We’ve got you covered. Stadia Launch Stadia, Google’s cloud video game streaming service, will launch on November 19th. Pixel Buds Google went back to the drawing board with its answer to the AirPods. Shipping sometime in “Spring 2020”, the new...
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Nest Mini brings twice the bass and an upgraded Assistant

It’s only been two years, but already, millions of you have received hands-free help from the Google Assistant in any room in your home, all thanks to Google Home Mini. And now, we’re bringing you the second-generation Nest Mini, which is completely re-engineered to make everything you love about the original even better. Back in May, we brought together the Google Home and Nest teams under the Google Nest brand, and Nest Mini is the next step as we build the helpful home.  A new speaker wit...
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Boost your home's signal and style with Nest Wifi

Homes weren’t built for Wi-Fi, so when we introduced Google Wifi in 2016, we built it to work for any home. With Nest Wifi, we’re taking everything you love about the original and making it even better, with a powerful router and a Wifi point that includes the Google Assistant, bringing you more help at home. Whole home coverage The Nest Wifi system is actually two separate devices: The Nest Wifi router plugs directly into your modem, forming the basis for a strong and powerful home network,...
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Google unveiled a new version of its $49 smart speaker named the Nest Mini

Google just announced the Nest Mini, a $49 smart speaker with a built-in Google Assistant. Nest Mini will be sold at major retailers starting on October 22. The Nest Mini is a follow-up to the Google Home Mini, rebranding the smart speaker under Google's Nest family of smart home devices. The Nest Mini has the same fabric design as the Google Home Mini and comes in four colors: chalk, charcoal, coral, and sky. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google unveiled its latest smar...
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Keep an eye (and ear) on your home with the new Nest Aware

To make your home more helpful, we want to make it easier for you to stay up to date about what’s happening in your home, giving you peace of mind wherever the day takes you. For the last few years, we’ve been delivering on that goal through our Nest Aware service, which, combined with our Nest Cams, provides intelligent alerts and camera history. Today we’re announcing the new Nest Aware, which will soon offer whole home awareness across more of your Nest devices at one affordable monthly rate....
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Google just announced a $270 Nest WiFi system that doubles as a smart speaker

Google just announced the new Nest WiFi system, which includes a router and WiFi access points with Google Assistant. Google says Nest WiFi is up to 25% stronger than the Google WiFi System released in 2016 — a single router and access point can cover up to 3,800 square feet. Nest WiFi will be on sale on November 4. You can get the two-pack with one router and one point for $269, or a three-pack with one router and two points for $349. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Googl...
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Google’s changes to its Nest Aware subscription aim to enhance simplicity, value

The once-confusing Nest Aware has gone through a revamp and now has more features and a simplified pricing plan. The new version of the service will start early next year in all 19 countries Nest Aware is now available.
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Google’s Nest Aware subscription is simplified, will be a better value

The once-confusing Nest Aware has gone through a revamp and now has more features and a simplified pricing plan. The new version of the service will start early next year in all 19 countries Nest Aware is available.
Tags: Google, News, Trends, Social Media, Smart Home, Google Home, Nest Aware, Madebygoogle2019

'What is Google Assistant?': How to use and customize Google's smart assistant on any compatible device

Google Assistant is a smart assistant, designed by Google, that's available on a wide range of devices. Android phones and Google Homes come with Google Assistant installed by default, but it's also available for non-Android systems like the iPhone as well. You can customize Google Assistant through your device's settings, and allow it to automate a number of tasks. Visit for more stories. It's safe to say that we're in the midst of a smart assistant revolution. Sin...
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Watch Google unveil the Pixel 4 live right here

Google is about to unveil its new smartphone lineup, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. And if you’re an Android fan, you know that the Pixel is one of the most interesting Android phones out there thanks to a bloatware-free operating system and some incredible cameras. The conference starts at 10 AM Eastern Time (7 AM Pacific Time, 3 PM in London and 4 PM in Paris). You can watch it live right here. Rumor has it that Google isn’t just going to announce some new phones. You can also expect som...
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Hey Google, talk like Issa

Here's a trivia question for you. Which actress is also a writer and producer, started a web series on YouTube, translated common insecurities into a hit show, gives a great pep talk and makes a cameo as a voice on the Google Assistant? It's Issa Rae! Starting today, Issa Rae’s voice is available as a cameo on the Google Assistant, in English for a limited time in the U.S. To switch to Issa’s voice, simply say “Hey Google, talk like Issa," or go to your “Assistant voice” in Assistant Settings. Y...
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The voice of Insecure’s Issa Rae is coming to Google Assistant

Google's added another celebrity voice to its lineup. Now you can also make actress and director Issa Rae your new Google Assistant voice.
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Google lets you move music around its smart speakers with 'Stream Transfer' feature

New feature is being rolled out for use on Google Home speakers, Nest Hub video monitors and Chromecast enabled TVs. "Hey, Google, move the music."         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Google Makes It Easier To Move Music and Video Streams Between Devices

Google is finally introducing a way for users of its smart speakers and streaming adapters to move media between those devices. From a report: The company introduced a new feature called Stream Transfer Tuesday that makes it possible to move an ongoing music stream, podcast or YouTube video from one compatible device to the next. At launch, these devices include Google Home and Nest smart speakers as well as Google Nest smart displays and Chromecast-equipped TVs. The transfer of a stream can be ...
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Google Stream Transfer lets you move music and video streams between Chromecast, Google Home and Nest devices

Google first launched Chromecast in 2013 and has been steadily adding  features to it ever since. In 2016, it introduced a feature to enable streaming of music via the command — “OK Google, play music.” The feature made it effortless to stream music onto any Chromecast enabled speaker in the house. The newest feature to be announced is Stream Transfer. It allows the user to move videos, music, podcasts and more between compatible devices in your home using your voice, the Google Home app or t...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday. WeWork cofounder Adam Neumann personally invested $30 million in a startup and loaned money to its CEO — who was then fired for alleged gross misconduct. Neumann personally loaned $110,000 to Andrew Scobie, who was later dismissed from his role as CEO of energy tech company Faraday Grid. California-based game company Blizzard has banned a pro esports player and revoked his prize money after he voiced support for Hong Kong pro...
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Stream transfer feature moves your music around the house using Google Assistant

This new Google Assistant feature lets you move podcasts, music and videos from one Google device to another throughout your home.
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Google makes moving music and videos between speakers and screens easier

Google today announced a small but nifty feature for the Google Assistant and its smart home devices that makes it easier for you to take your music and videos with you as you wander about the different rooms in your home. ‘Stream transfer’ as Google prosaically calls it, allows you to simply ask the Assistant to move your music to a different speaker, or — if you have the right speaker group set up — to all speakers and TVs in your home. All you have to say is “Hey Google, move the music to ...
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Google Makes It Easier to Move Music and Video Streams Between Devices

At long last, Google is finally introducing a way for users of its smart speakers and streaming adapters to move media between those devices. The company introduced a new feature called Stream Transfer Tuesday that makes it possible to move an ongoing music stream, podcast or YouTube video from one compatible device to the next. […]
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Move your music between rooms with stream transfer

Since 2013, we’ve been working to make it easier for people to play music and watch their favorite shows and videos at home.  It started when we first launched Chromecast, which lets people get content from their phones to their TVs through a simple dongle. It continued with Google Home in 2016, which let people stream music effortlessly with a simple command — “OK Google, play music.” And with the newest member of our family, Nest Hub Max, users now have the ultimate smart display for streaming...
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4 Ways Voice Interaction Makes Us Better Marketers

Fresh from designing and deploying a new Alexa Skill, I am struck by three things: Designing for voice interaction requires a new set of skills and tools. It’s not as simple as “audio content.” Voice interaction is a relatively new behavior for which there are few real experts or templates to follow. The pressure to develop skills that people will actually use will make us better marketers.  To say that voice interaction will become big may be like saying the computer mouse would be big back ...
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You can finally make Duo calls with Google Home smart speakers

Smart speakers like Google Home, Home Max, Home Mini can now make calls using Duo and can also be used as an in-home intercom system.
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8 Voice Content Trends for 2020

Voice is the new interface that will soon surround us in many places and in many ways. Voice content for Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Samsung devices is being developed by brands large and small. We’re building voice-activated content strategies for our clients here at Convince & Convert — helping them take advantage of this fast-growing consumer interaction opportunity (for more on what we do in voice content, see Why The Time is Now for Voice-Activated Content). I recently attend Voice Summi...
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FCC filing reveals mysterious new Google device, but no one knows what it’s for

A new Google media device has appeared on the FCC's website, but so far no one is quite sure what the device is or what it will do. It is speculated to be a Google Home device because of its similarity to previous model numbers. The post FCC filing reveals mysterious new Google device, but no one knows what it’s for appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How to Take Your Smarthome Traveling

zhu difeng/Shutterstock Just because you’re leaving home doesn’t mean you can’t take smart home tech with you. Whether you’re camping, road tripping in an RV, or staying in a hotel, you can bring some of your smarthome tech with you. Put Google or Alexa in Your Vehicle Just because you aren’t home doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite voice assistant. Some cars manufacturers are baking Google Assistant and Alexa into the infotainment system, but even if you’re in an older car, you s...
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You might need to upgrade your WIFI router

My brother was having a ton of issues with his home WIFI network. One quick look and his 7 to 10-year-old WIFI router suggested he needed a new one. The number of packets we expected early generations of 802.11 wifi to push barely anticipated the huge amounts of internet traffic we currently sling around. Ten plus years later, a router that was perfectly fine for surfing early YouTube video and maaaaybe occasionally streaming a movie is no longer adequate. My brother is paying for a connection...
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Walmart Memorial Day sale: 4K TVs, Dell laptops, and Nintendo Switch deals

The Walmart Memorial Day sale is in full swing. With some pretty nice savings on Apple iPads, Samsung and Vizio 4K TVs, laptops, and Google Home devices, now is a great time to snag some electronics for cheap. The post Walmart Memorial Day sale: 4K TVs, Dell laptops, and Nintendo Switch deals appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Alexa, are you reinforcing gender biases?’ U.N. says yes.

A new U.N. report claims that virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, are reinforcing gender stereotypes.The report covers gender gaps in science, technology, and computer literacy.The reason why most virtual assistants are female may stem from the fact that consumers generally prefer the female voice. None From Siri to Alexa, or Cortana to Google, our virtual assistants almost always have a female persona. That's a problem, according to a new Unesco report, because it's reinforcing ideas th...
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Google is embracing third-party smart device makers — and it's helping it build out a wider ecosystem than Amazon (GOOGL, BOSE, LNVGY, SONO)

This is an excerpt from a story delivered exclusively to Business Insider Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To receive the full story plus other insights each morning, click here. Google's smart speaker ecosystem just got bigger and more diverse with two new announcements involving third-party manufacturers. Here's how device-manufacturing partners are embracing Google's smart home tools: Google Assistant is now available on select Bose and Sonos smart speakers.Previously, both...
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Alexa, why does the brave new world of AI have all the sexism of the old one?

Virtual assistants such as Google Home and Siri only encourage the attitude that women exist merely to aid men in getting on with more important things.When women are over-represented in the workforce, it tends be in industries of assistance – cleaning, nursing, secretarial work and, now, the world of virtual assistants. Research by Unesco has shown that using default female voices in AI – as Microsoft has done with Cortana, Amazon with Alexa, Google with Google Assistant and Apple with Siri – i...
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