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Feds probing how personal Medicare info gets to marketers

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, The Associated Press A government watchdog is launching a nationwide probe into how marketers may be getting seniors’ personal Medicare information aided by apparent misuse of a government system, officials said Friday. The audit will be formally announced next week said Tesia Williams, a spokeswoman for the Health and Human Services inspector general’s office. It follows a narrower probe which found that an electronic system for pharmacies to verify Medicare coverage...
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Tinder founder funds sex tips app Lover

Want to spice up the bedroom without paying for pills or awkward visits to a sex therapist? A new app called Lover lets you take a sexual personality quiz, explore carnal knowledge tutorials, and discretely figure out which turn-ons you share with your partner. Built by board certified sexual medicine clinical psychologist Dr. Britney Blair, Lover launches today on iOS with $5 million in seed funding from Tinder founder Sean Rad and other investors. “It is strange that there are such taboos aro...
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How to Keep Safe from the 2019-nCoV

As our history reveals, the human population is no stranger to pandemics. The cholera, Black Death, and the HIV pandemic are just a handful of outbreaks that have swept across nations and even changed history. Currently, the 2019-nCoV is shaping up to be another unforgettable pandemic with over 40,000 confirmed cases and 1,000 deaths worldwide. Government-imposed regulations aside, an essential part of preventing the virus from spreading comes from people’s vigilance and prudence. Basic protecti...
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China Using Drones in Increasingly Dystopian Ways to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

Authorities in China have deployed drones to combat the spread of coronavirus in a variety of ways since the outbreak began, including disinfectant drones and drones that fly around with a loudspeaker to tell people they should keep their masks on. But there’s another way that police in China have started to use…Read more...
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I’ve gone plant-based for a month, here’s my experience

While this blog is normally about startups and venture capital, I wanted to share a personal experience. If you don’t care about nutrition, you can stop reading now… A couple of weeks ago, I watched Game Changers on Netflix. Produced by James Cameron and narrated by James Wilks, a former UFC fighter and martial arts trainer, the movie includes an all-star team of co-producers (Arnie, Hamilton Lewis, Serena Williams, etc). The documentary features several top athletes (runners, weight lifters,...
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Innovaccer wants to be the service that unifies all healthcare data

The holy grail for technology companies working in the healthcare industry is becoming the gateway for all healthcare data. Big legacy providers like Epic and Cerner are trying to reach out to hospital networks to hoover up all of their data. Google is interested in it. Salesforce is interested in it. Everyone wants to be the resource that organizes and manages healthcare data for physicians and hospital providers — everyone including the San Francisco-based startup Innovaccer, which has r...
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Elizabeth Holmes Gets Theranos Conspiracy Charges Thrown Out, Not Off the Hook Yet

A judge in the sprawling case against Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and former company president Ramesh Sunny Balwani has thrown out some of the charges after her defense team argued prosecutors’ case was too broad and too vague, SFGate reported on Wednesday.Read more...
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ePharmacy Ro launches doc-approved WebMD rival Health Guide

‘Whatever your symptom, WebMD says you have cancer.’ It’s a long-running joke that underscores the distrust of perhaps the top source of medical advice, stemming from a confusing site clogged with ads that’s been criticized for questionable information and pushing pills from its sponsors. Health Guide is the new medical handbook for the internet where 30% of content is written by doctors and 100% is reviewed by them. On a single clean, coherent page for each condition, it lays out a tl;dr sum...
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Coronavirus emergency is 'Public Enemy Number 1,' says World Health Organization

• UPDATE from WHO: China has reported 42,708 confirmed cases of "COVID-19" (coronavirus disease 2019), and 1,017 deaths • Fewer than 400 cases reported in 24 other countries, one death • World leaders must “wake up and consider this enemy virus as public enemy number one,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said today The global outbreak of Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV represents a “very grave threat for the rest of the world,” and should be seen as a global “Public Enemy Number 1”, the head o...
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Robots steady breast cancer surgeon's hands in first human trial

It is hoped delicate procedure to divert 0.3mm vessels could benefit more patientsDoctors have used a robot to perform extremely delicate surgical operations on breast cancer patients in the first human trial of the technology.Eight women had the robot-assisted procedure at Maastricht University Medical Center, in the Netherlands, to alleviate a common complication of breast cancer surgery. Continue reading...
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Tampon wars: the battle to overthrow the Tampax empire

For decades, one company has ruled the world of tampons. But a new wave of brands has emerged, selling themselves as more ethical, more feminist and more ecological.By Sophie ElmhirstThe Queen of Tampons, one of several nicknames, is a jubilant woman called Melissa Suk. Four years on the throne as the associate brand director of Tampax, Suk holds court at the head office of the multinational consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) in Cincinnati, Ohio. From there, she oversees an empire spann...
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Lawyers for Elizabeth Holmes Try to Have Theranos Case Thrown Out, Saying Indictment Too Diluted

Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the disastrously failed blood testing/scam startup Theranos, is trying to have charges against her and former company president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani thrown out on the grounds they’re “too vague” and leave prosecutors too much room to cherry pick evidence, Bloomberg reported on Monday.Read more...
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CurieMD is using telehealth to plug the menopause support gap

U.S. femtech startup CurieMD is offering menopause diagnosis and treatment prescription via a telehealth platform — beginning in California, where it launched late last year. Founder Dr Leslie Meserve says the goal is to widen access to treatment and support services for mid-life women, spying a business opportunity in offering an auxiliary digital service targeting an area of women’s health which she says is often overlooked within standard health service provision and suffers from a lack of tr...
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Tangerine’s pretty self-care app combines habit and mood tracking

Millennials’ interest in self-care has helped to fuel an entirely new market for mobile apps focused on health and wellness. Last year alone, the top 10 meditation apps pulled in $195 million — a 52% increase from 2018, for example. A newcomer to the self-care app market is Tangerine, an app that focuses on habit and mood tracking with the goal of offering users a way to better organize their routines and achieve personal goals. According to Tangerine’s creator Pedro Marques, he and fellow co-fo...
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Nvidia is the First U.S. Company to Pull Out of Mobile World Congress Over Coronavirus Risks

The Mobile World Congress (MWC), the wireless industry’s premiere event of the year, has lost its first U.S. attendee. Nvidia has announced that it will not attend MWC in Barcelona, Spain due to concerns over coronavirus, making it the fourth exhibitor to withdraw or scale back its participation in the event.Read more...
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As top exhibitors pull out of MWC, organizers implement stringent safeguards

A couple of weeks out, Mobile World Congress organizer, the GSMA, has issued some fairly sweeping safeguards over growing concerns around the coronavirus. After a number of high profile back outs, including ZTE, LG, NVIDIA and Ericsson, the company issued a new list, including a ban of visitors originating from the Hubei province, whose capital Wuhan is believed to be the origin of the epidemic. Per GSMA CEO John Hoffman, All travelers from the Hubei province will not be permitted access ...
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Ongoing Coronavirus Outbreak Postpones Reopening of Apple Stores in China

Apple told its Chinese employees that although it would be working on reopening its corporate offices and contact centers in the country next week, retail stores would remain closed until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. Read more...
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First American coronavirus death confirmed

On Saturday, February 8, the United States Embassy in Beijing confirmed that a 60-year-old American national died of the new coronavirus last Thursday at Jinyintian Hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan. A U.S. State Department spokesperson says this is the first known American death from Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV. The Chinese government today offered condolences for the death of "a Chinese-American." Also on Saturday, a Japanese national suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus...
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Coronavirus: China blocks Apple supplier Foxconn from restarting factories as outbreak spreads

Japan's Nikkei business daily reported on Saturday that Chinese authorities have blocked a plan by Apple supplier Foxconn to resume production at China factories on Monday, as Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV continues to spread. In mainland China, 86 more people died of the virus on Saturday, according to authorities, bringing the official number of dead to 722. From Reuters: Public health experts carried out inspections at Foxconn’s factories in the southern city of Shenzhen and told the com...
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42 Hours of Ambient Sounds from Blade Runner, Alien, Star Trek and Doctor Who Will Help You Relax & Sleep

Back in 2009, the musician who goes by the name "Cheesy Nirvosa" began experimenting with ambient music, before eventually launching a YouTube channel where he "composes longform space and scifi ambience." Or what he otherwise calls "ambient geek sleep aids." Click on the video above, and you can get lulled to sleep listening to the ambient droning sound--get ready Blade Runner fans!-- heard in Rich Deckard's apartment. It runs a good continuous 12 hours. You're more a Star T...
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Verana Health aims to organize and analyze doctors’ clinical data sets, whether patients like it or not

If the two-year old healthcare startup Verana Health has its way it could become the Google for physician generated healthcare data. The company has raised $100 million from GV (one of the corporate investment arms of Alphabet, the parent company of Google), Bain Capital Ventures, Casdin Capital and Define Ventures and counts the famous life sciences investor, Brook Byers, as the chairman of the company’s board. The company offers products like Verana Practice Insights, which provides aggrega...
Tags: Health, Google, TC, Technology, San Francisco, Chief executive officer, Tech, Getty Images, Multiple Sclerosis, United States, Disease, Machine Learning, Medicare, Epilepsy, Medicaid, Chairman rejected a police warrant to access user DNA records on a technicality

DNA profiling company has narrowly avoided complying with a search warrant in Pennsylvania after a search warrant was rejected on technical grounds, a move that is likely to help law enforcement refine their efforts to obtain user information despite the company’s efforts to keep the data private. Little is known about the demands of the search warrant, only that a court in Pennsylvania approved law enforcement to “seek access” to Utah-based’s database of more than 15 m...
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Hinge Health, the digital solution for chronic back and joint pain, closes $90M Series C

Hinge Health, the San Francisco-based startup that offers a digital solution to treat chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions — such as back and joint pain — has closed $90 million in Series C funding. The round is led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with participation from Lead Edge Capital. All of Hinge’s existing institutional investors followed on: Insight Partners (which led the Series B), Atomico (which led the Series A), 11.2 Capital, Quadrille Capital and Heuristic Capital. Founded in ...
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China opens virus hospital, market plunges as toll grows

By KEN MORITSUGU BEIJING — China opened a new hospital built in 10 days, infused cash into its tumbling financial markets and further restricted people’s movement in sweeping new steps Monday to contain a rapidly spreading virus and its escalating impact. Japanese officials, meanwhile, were deciding whether to quarantine more than 3,000 people on a cruise ship that carried a passenger who tested positive for the virus. Chinese health authorities reported 361 deaths and 17,205 confirmed cases, an...
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Sharing medical records won’t work

A major goal of MIPS is to increase the sharing of information between providers and eliminate so-called data silos. Central to this goal is the implementation of fast health care interoperability resources (FHIR). FHIR allows one EHR to directly query and pull information from another EHR, and is based on the belief that medical charts […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Uber Suspends 240 Accounts in Mexico Over User Suspected of Having Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak rages on, its effects are being felt around the world. In Mexico, Uber felt compelled to act when it learned that its drivers had possibly come into contact with a person suspected to have coronavirus. Consequently, it temporarily deactivated the accounts of 240 users who had also travelled…Read more...
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Apple Is Closing All of Its Stores and Corporate Offices in China Because of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple announced that it would close its official stores, corporate offices and contact centers in mainland China until Feb. 9 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The company stated that it was taking this action “out of an abundance of caution.”Read more...
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Legacy, a sperm testing and freezing service, just raised $3.5 million to send the message to men: get checked

Legacy, a male fertility startup, has just raised a fresh, $3.5 million in funding from Bill Maris’s San Diego-based venture firm, Section 32, along with Y Combinator and Bain Capital Ventures, which led a $1.5 million seed round for the Boston startup last year. We talked earlier today with Legacy’s founder and CEO Khaled Kteily about his now two-year-old, five-person startup and its big ambitions to become the world’s preeminent male fertility center. Our biggest question was how Legacy and...
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Newly funded Legacy, a sperm testing and freezing service, conveys a message to men: get checked

Legacy, a male fertility startup, has just raised a fresh, $3.5 million in funding from Bill Maris’s San Diego-based venture firm, Section 32, along with Y Combinator and Bain Capital Ventures, which led a $1.5 million seed round for the Boston startup last year. We talked earlier today with Legacy’s founder and CEO Khaled Kteily about his now two-year-old, five-person startup and its big ambitions to become the world’s preeminent male fertility center. Our biggest question was how Legacy and...
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Doctors, a tech revolution is coming

What if I told you just a few years ago that Amazon — a budding e-commerce startup — would come to disrupt the multi-billion dollar retail industry. I seriously doubt that anyone could have given it a serious thought. At least not in the magnitude that will force a slew of big-box retailers to shut […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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