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ScoutRFP Scores $33M to Compete in Supplier Management Sector

ScoutRFP, whose software is designed to help businesses streamline the process of ordering goods from suppliers, announced that it raised $33 million in a Series C fundraising round led by Scale Venture Partners.San Francisco-based Scout, part of a tech sector dubbed supplier relations management, or SRM, aims to free businesses from painstaking traditional methods of seeking bids from various suppliers and comparing their merits. Some companies are still doing this by laboriously creating spre...
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A map of London's most toxic breathing spots

Dirty air is an invisible killer, but an effective one.More than 9,000 people die prematurely in London each year due to air pollution, a recent study estimates.This map visualizes the worst places to breathe in Central London. The Great Smog of 1952 London used to be famous for its 'pea-soupers': combinations of smoke and fog caused by burning coal for power and heating. All that changed after the Great Smog of 1952, when weather conditions created a particularly dense and persistent layer...
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A VC’s Take: Global Volatility Hurts U.S. Venture Ecosystem

As Xconomy’s editors looked back at the year just passed, we asked technology leaders to comment on the trends they’d observed in 2018, and the developments they expected in 2019. Some leaders responded with their views on the business impact of the Trump era, pointing to specific policy positions such as tax code revisions, curbs on immigration, and the decision by federal regulators to roll back net neutrality requirements on telecom carriers.Alex Niehenke, a partner at Foster City, CA-based ...
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Better Gene Editing than CRISPR

George Church describes going beyond cutting DNA to precise editing. 1. Phage Integrases (Protein and DNA) 2. TAL Deaminases (custom Protein) 3. Chemical Targeting (custom polymer) 4. lambda (λ)-red... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Science, Technology, Medicine, Dna, World, Innovation, Crispr, Gene Editing, George Church, Genome Editing, Better Gene Editing, Phage Integrases Protein

Austin’s Localeur, Millennial-Focused Travel Startup, Hits 100 Cities

Austin—Localeur, a travel recommendation startup, is celebrating its (nearly) fifth anniversary by announcing its 100th city.The Austin startup focuses on recruiting a group of local residents who can provide insider information on each travel destination. The “localeurs”—a portmanteau of local and connoisseur—are millennials catering to the tastes of their own. Localeur made its debut in 2013 at South By Southwest with Austin as its first city and then expanded to San Francisco, New York, and ...
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This Could Be the World’s Single Largest Industry By 2050. Are You Ready For It?

Every so often an innovation comes along that becomes a watershed for the next 100 years. For the 21st Century, this is it. Few things are getting as much attention as driverless cars. Google’s Waymo spinoff recently announced that its driverless cars have driven over 3 million miles, rumors are floating about Apple patents for ...
Tags: Apple, Google, Future, Innovation, Autonomous Vehicles, Waymo

Hybrid Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML, Containers, and DevOps… Oh My!

When it rains it pours. It seems regarding Enterprise IT technology innovation,  it is common for multiple game-changing innovations to hit the street simultaneously. Yet, if ever the analogy of painting the car while its traveling down the highway is suitable, it’s this time. Certainly, you can take a wait and see approach with regard to adoption, but given the association of these innovations toward greater business agility, you’d run the risk of falling behind your competitors. Let’s take...
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Want your kid to cut down screen-time? Put away your phone, study suggests

A recent study tracked the media habits of families with preschool-age children.The results found that the screen-time of mothers was positively associated with the screen-time of their children, and that offering screens as a reward for good behavior is also linked to increased screen-time among kids.It's important to study the effects of technology on preschool-age children because they're at a stage in development when it's especially easy to form habits and routines that carry on into adulth...
Tags: Health, Science, Technology, Parenting, Mental Health, Canada, Innovation, BMC Obesity, Paediatrics Child Health

The effectiveness of Inter Partes Review against Patent Trolls

Apple is probably one of the biggest producers of electronics to date. There’s no doubt that Apple generates a substantial amount of revenue with products such as the iPhone, Macbook, and iPad. However, when you generate alot of money, you’re gonna attract some unwanted eyes. Apple, like many other large tech companies, constantly have to […] The post The effectiveness of Inter Partes Review against Patent Trolls appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Cop...
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Baidu and Udelv Will Test Driverless Trucks for Walmart in the USA

Baidu, who is China’s version of Google, has entered a partnership deal with California-based autonomous delivery start-up Udelv that will see self-driving vans powered providing delivery... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Google, Usa, California, China, Walmart, Innovation, Baidu, Udelv

Highlights From CES 2019

At the annual event we found health-improving tech, mobility-driven innovation and everything between This year at the Consumer Electronics Show—CES—there was significant chatter about acclimating the public to the future of technologies like virtual assistants and autonomous vehicles. But, while it seems that nearly every company in the industry is working on, integrating or supporting one or the other, there was plenty of technology on display …
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Online Tech Expands Cloud, Data Services with Neverfail Acquisition

Online Tech, the Ann Arbor, MI-based provider of cloud services, beefed up its capabilities last month when it acquired the infrastructure-as-a-service and data protection businesses of Neverfail, an IT company located in Austin, TX. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.Online Tech CEO Brad Cheedle says his company offers managed services around cloud computing. The company’s service include assessing if a customer is cloud-ready or migrating their data to the cloud, Cheedle says. “Companie...
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China 80 Gigapascal Carbon Nanotube Bundles Were Part of a Prediction from 2006

In 2006, I made about 156 predictions. One of the predictions was that carbon nanotube fiber would be inexpensive and with over 50GPa tensile strength around 2014-2018. Relative to 2006, there is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Science, Technology, China, Future, Materials, Innovation, Carbon Nanotubes, Predictions

Stronger and Faster Horses Will Be Made in 2019 Using CRISPR Gene Editing

Kheiron Biotech using clones thoroughbred horses and announced in 2017 that they would use CRISPR gene editing to create super horses. They plan to perform myostatin inhibition to boost the muscles... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Science, Technology, Sports, World, Innovation, Crispr, Gene Editing, Kheiron Biotech

LG Has 20X65 Foot Curved TV Waterfall Display at CES

LG Electronics has an immersive exhibit of flexible commercial displays at CES® 2019. The “LG OLED Falls” display features 260 LG OLED digital signage screens, in curved and flat configurations. It... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Why The Future Will Always Surprise Us

When Peter Drucker first met IBM’s visionary CEO, Thomas J. Watson, he was somewhat taken aback. “He began talking about something called data processing,” Drucker recalled, “and it made absolutely no sense to me. I took it back and told my editor, and he said that Watson was a nut, and threw the interview away.” ...
Tags: Future, Innovation, Ibm, Watson, Thomas J Watson, Peter Drucker, Drucker, Forecasting

Income equality is getting worse. Can the co-op model solve this problem?

The cooperative model accounts for $154B every year in America.America leads the world with cooperatives, with over 30,000 businesses operating under this model. Co-op advocate Nathan Schneider believes this model can help level the economic playing field. What is a Co-operative? Nathan Schneider plays a game at strip malls. The activist-journalist and University of Colorado Boulder media studies professor tries to guess how many businesses were directly or indirectly inspired by co-ops. Th...
Tags: Work, Home Depot, Technology, Congress, Colorado, America, Investment, Bank Of America, Innovation, Manufacturing, Consumerism, Derek, Schneider, America America, Nathan Schneider, Dee Hock

How to be a good parent to artificial intelligence

Until we can design a mind that's superhuman and flawless, we'll have to settle for instilling plain old human values into artificial intelligence. But how to do this in a world where values are constantly evolving?Many of our life choices today would be considered immoral by people in the Middle Ages — or even the 1970s, says Ben Goertzel, whose family personally experienced the sad state of LGBTQ acceptance in Southern New Jersey 50 years ago.Raising an A.I. is a lot like raising kids, says Go...
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The Power Combo of A.I. Devices with Cloudlets Comes with Cyber Risks

When we have a chance to view it from a distance, the year 2018 may be seen as a period when innovations in a number of technological fields came together to transform not only the future of computing, but also the very structure of the Internet.First, entrepreneurs vying to invent self-driving vehicles, virtual assistants, and intelligent industrial machines created a hunger for more powerful semiconductors that could enable scattered devices to take over sophisticated calculations powered by ...
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It’s 2019, When Will Sex Toys Deliver on Their High-Tech Promises?

It’s 2019. We’ve reached the age of Back to the Future and Blade Runner. But if you take a look outside, it looks nothing like those dystopian movies have promised. And while we don’t know what the sex toys of the fictional future are supposed to look like, I can’t help but wonder if it would measure up. I know that I personally am a bit disappointed at how sex toys have failed to reach their potential by now. Why? I’m glad you asked. Bluetooth Isn’t Body Compatible As long as we rely on wirel...
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What would it take to create a fully immersive virtual reality?

Immersion would consist of a complete perception of existing in another world. This idea has been the backbone of numerous stories and would be akin to The Matrix world. Our current VR technology is nowhere near close to giving us this science fiction experience. Immersive virtual reality is the theoretical holy grail of future technologies. A fully immersive VR world would be able to encompass every single sense and interact directly with the brain and nervous system. In some sense it could eve...
Tags: Science, Technology, Future, Innovation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, William Gibson

Here’s How To Keep Your Data Project From Running Of The Rails

We were told that “data is the new oil.” The Internet of Things combined with the ability to store massive amounts of data and powerful new analytical techniques like machine learning would help derive important new insights, automate processes and transform business models. It seemed like a massive opportunity. Yet Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker‏ estimates ...
Tags: Technology, Big Data, Data, Innovation, Gartner, Data Analytics, Nick Heudecker

Conscious Innovation

Readers of this column understand how the role of business itself is morphing. Technology has met customer preference and disrupted many categories. Think of Airbnb, Lyft and Uber, as well as UberEats. Look at the unimaginable growth of Apple and Amazon. Examine, too the function of innovation as a formal discipline and the rise of ...
Tags: Apple, Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Conscious Capitalism, Airbnb Lyft, Amazon Examine

5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Be in Tim Cook’s Shoes Right Now

Apple’s chief executive has enjoyed enormous success over his seven years running the company, but he’s likely to face tougher times ahead.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Cook, Jobs, News, China, Smartphones, Innovation, Tim Cook, Apple Inc, Trump, Company Reports, Donald J, International Trade and World Market, Timothy D, Wearable Computing

From Immigration to Taxes, Execs Talk Trump Effect on Innovation

When it comes to developing and promoting innovation, external factors beyond the control of company founders, investors, and other business leaders can also determine whether a startup succeeds or fails.In 2018, geopolitical events—in particular, President Donald Trump’s hard-line stances on trade and immigration, and the repeal of net neutrality rules—were top of mind for several business executives we interviewed recently. They shared their thoughts via e-mail with me, Xconomy’s national cor...
Tags: Startups, Mobile, Politics, Net Neutrality, Internet, Washington, China, Funding, Immigration, Trends, Tech, Investment, Tax, Web, People, Software

9 Trends shaping the future of marketing and CX in 2019 – Interview with Jeremy Korst

Today’s interview is with Jeremy Korst, President of GBH Insights, a leading marketing strategy, consumer behavior and analytics consultancy. Jeremy joins me today to talk about 9 trends shaping the future of marketing and CX in 2019, what we need to know and what we should be doing about them. This interview follows on from my recent interview – What The Great Escape can teach us about Future Fit leadership – Interview with Mike Perk – and is number 289 in the series of interviews with authors ...
Tags: Business, Technology, Interviews, Marketing, Business Growth, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Change, Innovation, Jeremy, Customer Experience Management, Business Development, Customer Journey, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Centric, Mike Perk

Humans take psychedelics. Should robots?

The illegal status of psychedelic substances is a terrible thing, says Ben Goertzel. With everything happening behind closed doors, our societies are not developing the right set of cultural institutions to guide people in the productive use of psychedelics.Once scientists have mastered artificial general intelligence (AGI), the psychedelic experience could be engineered for the modern world – it would be safer, less haphazard, and more meaningful. We would "trip" by jacking our brains into the ...
Tags: Science, Technology, Drugs, Future, Neuroscience, Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Innovation, Consciousness, Mind, Agi, Narcotics, Ben Goertzel, Goertzel

Tesla Increased Model 3 Production by 15% in Fourth Quarter and Will Drop Prices By $2000

Tesla produced and delivered at electric cars at the rate of nearly 1,000 vehicles per day. Production in Q4 grew to 86,555 vehicles, 8% more than their prior all-time high in Q3. This included:... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Energy, Elon Musk, Technology, Tesla, World, Innovation, Batteries, Electric Cars, Fourth Quarter

Oh No, Apple Probably Only Made $84 Billion Last Quarter

Tim Cook just issued a very curious warning: Apple is lowering its revenue guidance for the first quarter of 2019. In other words, Apple is not going to make as much money as it had previously anticipated, and it’s kind of China’s fault. How bad is the damage, you wonder? Apple now expects to earn just $84 billion in…Read more...
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The math problem that could change the world: Does P = NP?

The Millennium Prize Problems are a set of seven unsolved mathematical problems laid out by the Clay Mathematical Institute, each with a $1 million prize for those who solve them.One of these problems asks whether P = NP. Put simply, this asks whether computationally hard problems actually contain hidden, computationally easy solutions. This, however, is a major simplification.Proving that P does not equal NP would be a major milestone, and it's the result that most computer scientists expect. H...
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