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Intel ZombieLoad

Any Computer That Has “Intel Inside” from 2007 Until Now Is Hackable! Intel ZombieLoad Transcript Oh my goodness, we’ve had various Intel vulnerabilities over the last year, a...
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Intel Has A Problem and So Do You

Wow! Wow! Wow!  What a week it has been for Intel.   It turns out that a massive vulnerability in their CPUs that they have been distributing since 2007.  Yes, you heard me right. It is a security flaw called “Zombieload” and if left unpatched would allow attacks similar to those in...
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China’s largest chipmaker is delisting from the Nasdaq

The U.S-China trade war is increasingly influencing tech. Huawei has suffered a turbulent past week with key suppliers pausing work with the company, and now China’s largest chipmaker is planning to delist from the New York Stock Exchange. Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) announced in a filing published Friday that it plans to delist next month ending a 15-year spell as a public company in the U.S. The firm will file a Form 25 to delist on June 3, which is likely to see it l...
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ThinkComputers Podcast #178

This week on the podcast we talk about our review of the Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB Case, our predictions for Computex and more! The post ThinkComputers Podcast #178 appeared first on
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Automakers have a choice: Become data companies or become irrelevant

Jeff Peters Contributor Share on Twitter Jeff Peters, PhD is a principal at Autotech Ventures, investing in transportation startups. He has published academic and media articles on transportation, optimization, autonomous driving and AI. More posts by this contributor Will self-driving cars kill parking? The AI in your non-autonomous car While Bezos amassed billions, Apple took over our culture,...
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Here are the Huawei products at risk thanks to Trump's ban and the brewing tech Cold War

Huawei's placement on the US government's trade blacklist will likely require the Chinese tech giant to rethink the way it develops key products across its smartphone, laptop, and wearable lines. Since the US government added Huawei to the list, companies such as Google, Qualcomm, and Intel have suspended business with the Chinese company. Here's a look at the Huawei product lines that could be affected. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The US government recently placed the...
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Here are all the Huawei products that could be in jeopardy now that major US companies have cut ties with the Chinese tech giant

Huawei's placement on the US government's trade blacklist will likely require the Chinese tech giant to rethink the way it develops key products across its smartphone, laptop, and wearable lines. Since the US government added Huawei to the list, companies such as Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and others have suspended business with the Chinese firm. Here's a look at the Huawei product lines that could be impacted. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  The US government recently plac...
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I tried Huawei's MacBook Air competitor before the company was blacklisted in the US. Here's what it was like to use.

I tried the Huawei MateBook 13 laptop in January, well before Huawei was banned from doing business with US companies.  The MateBook 13 offers great specs for a great price, but a drawback is that it only has two USB-C ports, and no traditional USB ports.  The MateBook 13, astoundingly, does not support Thunderbolt 3, in what could be a major deal-breaker. Regardless, it will be tough to justify MateBook laptops if Huawei is unable to do business with Microsoft — all Huawei laptops run on Wind...
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Study of Large Companies Finds More than One Quarter of General Counsel Are Women

A study conducted by the law firm Fenwick & West LLP found that in 2018, women comprised more than one quarter of all general counsel at large public technology companies such as Apple and Intel in the Silicon Valley 150 (SV150), and in major companies in the Standard and Poor’s 100 (S&P 100). In its review of the study’s findings, Corporate Counsel, a publication of LawNow, reported that “S&P 100 companies were more likely to have a woman general counsel than their SV150 counterparts, 29.8 perc...
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Here are all the companies that have cut ties with Huawei, dealing the Chinese tech giant a crushing blow

Last week the US government blacklisted Huawei. Major US companies like Google, Qualcomm, and Intel were quick to sever business ties with the company to comply with the order. Firms outside of the US have also decided to cut ties with Huawei, including in the UK and Japan. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Since the US government blacklisted Chinese tech giant Huawei, a slew of companies have cut ties with the firm. Last week President Donald Trump signed an executive order...
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Coolmuster Mobile Transfer: Your Ultimate Solution to Transfer Files from One Phone to Another

Each of us has a large amount of personal information stored on the mobile phone, some of which are very important to us. However, sometimes it is inevitable that there is one reason or another to urge us to switch to a new mobile phone. So how to transfer the contact information, or text messages, documents and other files to the new mobile phone? You won’t save it one by one, which is too much trouble and wastes time and energy. Also, what if two phones are using different OS? Is there any eff...
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Intermittent Fasting – Microsoft Warning About Patches – Israel Responded To Hacking By Bombing: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [05-22-19]: AS HEARD ON -The WGAN Morning News

Intermittent Fasting – Microsoft Warning About Patches – Israel Responded To Hacking By Bombing: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [05-22-19] document.createElement('audio'); DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT...
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7 reasons you should buy the standard 13-inch MacBook Pro instead of Apple's new 8-core monster laptop (AAPL)

Apple debuted new-and-improved MacBook Pro models this week. The 15-inch MacBook Pro can now be configured with an eight-core processor, which is beefier than the six-core chips from previous MacBook Pro models. But if you're in the market for a professional Apple laptop, it's wise to forget about the new eight-core MacBook Pro and choose Apple's standard 13-inch MacBook Pro instead. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple has unveiled an eight-core MacBook Pro for the very ...
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A 90-day reprieve from the US government helps Huawei avert almost certain disaster

In the wake of the US Commerce Department's decision to place Huawei on an "Entity List," which prevents US companies from selling components to the Chinese telecom without a government license, the agency has issued a 90-day "temporary general license" to allow some companies to continue working with Huawei,   according to   CNBC. The new "temporary general license" allows US companies to supply Huawei with the products necessary to perform software updates on existing Huawei devices and those...
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Tencent CEO warns companies must keep innovating to survive amid US-China tensions

On Tuesday, Tencent’s usually low-profile founder and CEO Pony Ma made rare comments to weigh in on escalating tensions between the United States and China, calling domestic tech companies to build more self-reliance in a bid to stay competitive. “China has come to the forefront of development. There is less and less room for taking the best from outside and improving on them. As the ZTE and Huawei cases have intensified recently, we are also constantly watching whether the trade war will ...
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Apple refreshes MacBook Pro with updated keyboard, 8-core 9th-gen Intel CPUs (ars technica)

Enlarge / The 2017 and 2018 15-inch MacBook Pros side by side. Each has a butterfly keyboard. (credit: Samuel Axon) In the second update to the current crop of MacBook Pros since they were released in July 2018, Apple this week has expanded the available CPU options for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. The 15-inch MacBook Pro has moved to Intel's 9th generation CPUs and offers 8-core options for the first time in the product line's history. The 13-inch saw a more modest CPU specifications ...
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The New Updated 8-Core MacBook Pro Is Apple's Fastest Laptop Yet

When Intel announced a new line of 9th-gen CPUs a few weeks ago, it was sort of expected that those processors would find their way into a wide range of new and refreshed laptops like those from Asus and Razer. However, since Apple sometimes skips over entire generations of silicon, being able to get those chips in a…Read more...
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Apple Updates Top-End MacBook Pros With Tweaked Keyboard and Faster Processors

Apple is refreshing its top laptops again by announcing newly updated specs for its 15-inch and 13-inch MacBook Pro models. It's bringing faster Intel processors and some slight changes to the much-maligned keyboard that Apple says should reduce issues. From a report: The biggest changes are coming to the 15-inch model, which is getting Intel's 9th Gen Core processors. The base model now starts with a 2.6GHz, 6-core i7 processor, which can turbo boost up to 4.5GHz. The next-step-up model is gett...
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Apple’s updated MacBook Pro may be twice as fast, but can it handle the gains?

Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup, delivering up two twice the performance improvements. The 15-inch model tops out with an eight-core ninth-generation Intel processor and discrete AMD graphics alongside a slightly tweaked keyboard. The post Apple’s updated MacBook Pro may be twice as fast, but can it handle the gains? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Maxing out Apple's latest MacBook Pro will cost you over $6,500 (AAPL)

Apple announced new MacBook Pro laptops on Tuesday. The 15-inch MacBook Pros can now be purchased with eight-core processors, which are more powerful than the six-core processors from the previous generation. Buying the most expensive version of the newest MacBook Pro costs over $6,500 — and that's without AppleCare. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple's newest MacBook Pro laptops, announced Tuesday, are more powerful than ever. But they don't come cheap.  While the 13-i...
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Behind the Naming of ZombieLoad and Other Intel Spectre-Like Flaws

secwatcher writes: There was a lot more to the name game behind choosing titles for ZombieLoad, Spectre and Meltdown than picking cool and edgy attack titles. If you have ever wondered why they were named what they were, Threatpost tracked down one of the researchers behind the naming convention (and discovery) and found out. Much like the funky titles of advanced persistent threat groups, these speculative execution attacks, which impact Intel CPUs, are often named to reflect the impact behind ...
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Apple just quietly released new MacBook Pro laptops that should fix some of the keyboard issues that were driving people crazy (AAPL)

Apple has released new versions of its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops with improved keyboards that it says will fix some issues customers have experienced. The company is also expanding its Keyboard Service Program to cover all devices with the butterfly mechanism keyboard at no additional cost. The new laptops will also have faster Intel processors. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  Apple is updating its 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro lines with a new keyboard th...
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Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei says the company is 'fully prepared' for a conflict with the US

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei told Chinese media on Tuesday that the company is "fully prepared" for a clash with the US, which he considers inevitable as the company works towards becoming a global tech leader. Ren's statements come as the US ramps up action against Huawei – the world's largest telecommunications equipment producer – over concerns that its technology may be used as a backdoor for spying by the Chinese government. The US last week placed Huawei on a trade blacklist, though on Monda...
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Trump delays Huawei ban by 90 days

After a horrid 24 hours, there’s finally some respite for Huawei. The US Commerce Department has given the company a 90-day extension to provide support for existing handsets and network components.  The department has issued a “temporary general license ” to the company “necessary to maintain and support existing and currently fully operational networks and equipment, including software updates and patches, subject to legally binding contracts and agreements” that expires on August 19.  To reca...
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Top chipmakers start to cut off Huawei’s supply even as US eases some restrictions for 90 days

Chipmakers Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Xilinx have told their employees that they will suspended shipments to Huawei until further notice, Bloomberg reports. Another Bloomberg report says Huawei has stockpiled chips from US suppliers to last it at least three months. The development comes even as... ...
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Intel Performance Hit 5x Harder Than AMD After Spectre, Meltdown Patches

Phoronix has conducted a series of tests to show just how much the Spectre and Meltdown patches have impacted the raw performance of Intel and AMD CPUs. While the patches have resulted in performance decreases across the board, ranging from virtually nothing to significant depending on the application, it appears that Intel received the short end of the stick as its CPUs have been hit five times harder than AMD, according to ExtremeTech. From the report: The collective impact of enabling all pat...
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The History of PC Hardware, in Pictures

We all use personal computers, and we all take them for granted in our everyday lives. It’s easy to forget that PCs have only been around for a couple of decades, and initially were nowhere near the powerhouses we have on our desks today. For example, did you know that the first “portable” computer weighed 25 kg (55 lb) and cost close to $20,000? Or that the first laser printer was big enough to fill up most of a room? Or even, that you basically had to build the first Apple computer yourself? T...
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US intelligence chiefs shared classified info with tech execs about doing business with China

The trade war with China has reached new heights in the past few weeks, as the Trump administration recently announced that US companies will be banned from buying equipment from certain Chinese companies. Huawei's name wasn't explicitly mentioned, but it was obviously implied that China's biggest tech company is included on the list. Separately, the US government also issued a ban that prevents Huawei from dealing with US tech companies, whether it's for parts procurement or so...
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Ring Doorbells Can Save Lives – Microsoft Monster Security Bug – Amazon Expanding Freight on NH Today WGIR-AM: [05/20/2019]

Ring Doorbells Can Save Lives – Microsoft Monster Security Bug – Amazon Expanding Freight on NH Today WGIR-AM: [05/20/2019] DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT Subscribe to iTune...
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US Tech Giants Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom Break Up With Huawei

Google has reportedly suspended all businesses with the world's second-biggest smartphone maker, Huawei, and revoked its Android license effective immediately—a move that will have a drastic impact on Huawei devices across the globe. Revoking Android license means Huawei future smartphones will no longer have access to Android updates and apps like Gmail or the Play Store, as well as Google [Author: [email protected] (Mohit Kumar)]
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