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Leonardo DiCaprio takes a stake in Struck Capital to fund the future of LA’s tech ecosystem

Leonardo DiCaprio is making a significant commitment to the Los Angeles-based investment firm, Struck Capital, as part of the actor’s commitment to building LA into a tech development powerhouse. It’s part of what Struck Capital founder Adam Struck called a vision of making Los Angeles “a leading hub for innovation to save the world.” Struck Capital, which is currently investing out of a $55 million second fund, would not disclose the size of DiCaprio’s stake, but said that the investment ...
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Impact, a YC-style accelerator for the entertainment industry, spins out from Imagine Entertainment with backing from Benchmark

Hollywood has been better known for making films and TV shows about the tech industry than it has been for being a part of it, but today a new enterprise is launching, backed by a major Silicon Valley venture firm, that hopes to hit pause on that image. Imagine Impact, a content accelerator that launched two years ago under production powerhouse Imagine Entertainment to impart a “Y Combinator” approach to sourcing new work and connecting it with production opportunities, has raised a Series A ro...
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David Lynch Tries to Make a List of the Good Things Happening in the World … and Comes Up Blank

David Lynch's weather report for Sunday September 13th: "Here in LA, grey. Again, smoke-filled sky. Very still right now. 61 degrees fahrenheit. Today I'm making a list of all the good things that are happening in the world. [Pause.] I'm still thinking... No blue skies, no golden sunshine today." Maybe David Byrne, creator of the “Reasons to Be Cheerful” web site, would have a better shot at filling out the page. Have your own list of good things happening in the world? Add them to the c...
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Employees won't return to Google's offices like its restored World War II-era hangar in LA until summer 2021 — take a look inside the massive space

Google's LA office is in an old airplane hangar. Google Images by Connie Zhou Last year, Google moved into the historic Spruce Goose airplane hangar in LA.The Spruce Goose was the largest wood plane ever built, and flew only once, in 1947.Google restored the hangar into a 450,000-square-foot office and event space, preserving the original construction and adding to the interior, creating an unusual mix of old and new.Google announced in July that employees would be asked to work remotel...
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Tarform unveils Luna e-moto for folks who may not like motorcycles

Brooklyn-based EV startup Taform unveiled its Luna electric motorcycle in New York last week—a model designed for an audience that may not actually like motorcycles. Tarform’s first street legal entrant, the Luna, starts at $24,000, does 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds, has a city range of 120 miles, top-speed of 120 mph, and charges to 80% in 50 minutes—according to company specs. The model was hatched out of the company’s mission to meld aesthetic design and craftsmanship to environmental sustainab...
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Join us Wednesday, September 9 to watch Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator Demo Day live

The 2020 class of Techstars’ Starburst Space Accelerator are graduating with an official Demo Day on Wednesday at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET), and you can watch all the teams present their startups live via the stream above. This year’s class includes 10 companies building innovative new solutions to challenges either directly or indirectly related to commercial space. Techstars Starburst is a program with a lot of heavyweight backing from both private industry and public agencies, including from N...
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Why established venture firms should court emerging managers

Noramay Cadena Contributor Share on Twitter Noramay Cadena is co-founder and general partner at Make in LA, an early-stage accelerator and fund created to support technology-enabled hardware companies. More posts by this contributor Confronting the ‘imposter syndrome’ Typically, institutional investors favor managers who’ve spun out of an established firm over those who’ve broken into venture from out...
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The rise of private members' clubs, reimagined by a virus

SoHo Works members have access to work amenities like printers, phone booths, meeting rooms, and podcast equipment that they might not have at home. Soho Works Water Street Loft As people seek out safe, hygienic, and private places to work and socialize amid office closures and citywide shutdowns, private members’ clubs stand to be a rare winner on the current hospitality scene. Chateau Marmont, the André Balazs-owned LA hotspot, is being transformed into a members-only hotel. Zero Bond, f...
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The Trump administration's mission to wall off the Chinese internet has officially killed a US-Hong Kong undersea cable project from Facebook and Google

Operators handle an undersea fiber optic cable. Ander Gillenea/AFP/Getty Images Google and Facebook on Thursday withdrew plans to connect LA and Hong Kong with an 8,000-mile internet broadband cable.The cable is already laid and was built to be part of the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), a project announced in 2016 to connect the US with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines.A DOJ committee formally recommended in July that the Hong Kong part of the network be iced on national security...
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LA-based The Skills is launching a MasterClass for athletes featuring Michael Phelps, Maria Sharapova and more

A new Los Angeles startup is betting that enough consumers are interested in paying between $69 and $149 per year to receive lessons in life and sports from celebrity athletes like Maria Sharapova and Shaun White to make a billion-dollar business. That’s the gamble that Maveron, Global Founders Capital, and 8VC are taking on  The Skills , which launches today. Founded by E. Omer Atesman, a former renewable energy entrepreneur whose last company Clean Energy Experts was acquired by SunRun f...
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LA gets a big SAAS exit as Fastly nabs the Culver City-based Signal Sciences for $775M

Los Angeles was always more than a one industry town, even when it comes to technology startups, but media and entertainment (and social networking) were always the big draws in tinseltown. Now the city’s enterprise tech scene can claim a really big winner with Signal Sciences, the security monitoring and management company that is getting bought by Fastly, a provider of content delivery networking services, for $775 million. “Our team couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to join Fastl...
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Amazon opens its first Amazon Fresh physical grocery store, in LA

The shift to online shopping has accelerated in the COVID-19 pandemic, but today Amazon made a bold move that underscores its belief that physical stores will remain a key component of how consumers shop. In the Los Angeles neighborhood of Woodland Hills, the e-commerce giant today opened its first Amazon Fresh supermarket, the first of seven Amazon Fresh that it plans to set up in California and Illinois in the coming weeks and months. A blog post from James Helbling, the head of Amazon Fres...
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Peter Thiel's grudge match with Silicon Valley reflects the tech industry's civil war

Hello, and welcome to the Wednesday edition of  Insider Tech's newsletter, where we break down the biggest news in tech. To subscribe to this newsletter click here , and you'll be well informed of all the latest developments — from the serious to the absurd — that make tech such a fascinating business. This week: Peter Thiel's grudge match with Silicon Valley and the tech industry's civil war Thiel stole the show at the Republican National Convention. Note the banner: "Make America One Agai...
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At a Sylmar teacher’s maternity room, school is in session

A room at the maternity ward at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills is full of the sound of third-graders’ voices. They’re echoing from the speakers in Janet Udomratsak’s laptop. “I’m not finished yet,” says a forlorn but honest voice, clearly in the middle of deep thought on the issue of “3 x 4.” Rows. Arrays. Columns. Answer… Computing….. Computing… and the chats start coming in. A collective answer. A collective “12.” And with that, a small victory for Udomratsak. “Good job!...
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Porsche experiments with subscription pricing, expands to Los Angeles

Porsche is rolling out a less expensive subscription plan in four U.S. cities as the German automaker experiments with different pricing and products in an effort to expand its customer base. Porsche now has three plans, or tiers, that are all housed under its newly rebranded Porsche Drive vehicle subscription program. This new plan, called Porsche Drive-single vehicle subscription, squeezes in between two other existing tiers. The most robust plan is Porsche Drive – Multi-Vehicle Subscriptio...
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UK immersive music startup MelodyVR buys Napster for $70M in reverse takeover

Napster, the pioneering digital music brand from way back when, is changing hands once more. Today, a UK startup called MelodyVR, which creates immersive live music experiences that you watch either through VR headsets or phones, announced that it has acquired Rhapsody International — the company that owns Napster and was most currently majority-owned by RealNetworks — for $70 million in a cash and share deal that MelodyVR is describing as a reverse takeover. MelodyVR is publicly traded on the L...
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UK immersive music startup MelodyVR acquires Napster from RealNetworks for $70M

Napster, the pioneering digital music brand from way back when, is changing hands once more. Today, a UK startup called MelodyVR, which creates immersive live music experiences that you watch either through VR headsets or phones, announced that it has acquired Rhapsody International — the company that owns Napster — for $70 million. MelodyVR is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange, and its market cap is currently around £74 million (about $97 million). MelodyVR said that Rhapsody, which ...
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Why is US facing a back-to-school laptop shortage?

By JOCELYN GECKER and MICHAEL LIEDTKE | Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO — Schools across the United States are facing shortages and long delays, of up to several months, in getting this year’s most crucial back-to-school supplies: the laptops and other equipment needed for online learning, an Associated Press investigation has found. The world’s three biggest computer companies, Lenovo, HP and Dell, have told school districts they have a shortage of nearly 5 million laptops, in some cases exacerb...
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Valley’s high school coaches, teachers wearing many hats during pandemic

The San Fernando Valley’s teachers and students are already adjusting to the new normal of distance learning as the 2020 fall semester begins. But some must also keep their pandemic-idled sports teams sharp and focused — while also teaching all those students on the other end of those computer screens from their homes or empty classrooms. Taft High’s new football coach Aron Gideon has been coaching for 21 years. He’s carried the title of teacher for just as long. “The biggest challenge is provid...
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As it adds Jeremy Milken to the partnership, Watertower Ventures nears $50 million close for its new fund

Derek Norton and Jeremy Milken have known each other for twenty years. Over their longtime personal and professional relationship, the two Los Angeles-based serial entrepreneurs have invested in each other’s companies and investment firms, but never worked together until now. Milken is taking the plunge into institutional investing, joining Norton as a partner in Watertower Ventures just as the firm prepares to close on a $50 million new fund. It’s an auspicious time for both Los Angeles-based b...
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Joe Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris has held prominent roles in California politics since 2004. Here are the tech moguls and A-list Hollywood bigwigs who have supported her over the years.

On August 11, Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his choice for vice president on his 2020 ticket. Harris, a Democratic senator for California, has also held positions as district attorney for San Francisco and attorney general for the state. She has homes in both LA and San Francisco. California Gov. Gavin Newsom campaigned for Harris in Iowa in December 2019. Forbes reported that an overwhelming majority of her 2019 donors came from California and she unsurprisingly has a fan base in the two...
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The 24 power players using TikTok to transform the music industry, from marketers and record execs to artists

TikTok has transformed the music industry in recent months as tracks that go viral on the app have taken over the Billboard 100 and Spotify Viral 50 charts. TikTok's music-friendly interface and its users' penchant for dance challenges have made it an indispensable promotional tool for the music industry. Business Insider compiled a power list of the 24 music marketers, artists, digital creators, record labels, and other industry insiders who are using TikTok to help define popular music in 20...
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If Harris heads to DC, Southern California could loom large in the scramble to fill her seat

Now that Democrat Joe Biden has chosen Rep. Kamala Harris as his running mate, it hasn’t dampened the political stakes in Southern California. Far from it. The political drama will likely be profound, especially if the ticket ultimately snags the White House. That would mean a U.S. senator would need replacing — with a poignant tumbling of political dominoes to follow. Perhaps the most Google’d question in the state on Tuesday — how would the U.S. Senate seat get filled? Should the Democrats win...
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Von den 70s zu TikTok: Der Roller-Girl-Style feiert ein Comeback

Wenn es etwas gibt, worauf wir uns verlassen können, dann darauf, dass uns die sozialen Medien wirklich immer mit neuer Inspiration versorgen werden – selbst während einer globalen Pandemie! Und einer der coolsten Trends des Sommers ist meiner Meinung nach das Revival des Skater-Girl-Looks aus den 70ern – inklusive der passenden oldschool Rollschuhe, versteht sich. Vielleicht besitzt du ja sogar selbst ein Paar. Vielleicht träumst du nur davon, wieder die ungehemmte Freude zu spüren, an die du d...
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Share Ventures, an LA-based studio for company creation, is MoviePass co-founder Hamet Watt’s next act

Nearly eight years ago, Hamet Watt and Stacy Spikes launched MoviePass, the subscription-based movie ticketing service that captured the minds and dollars of investors and brought thousands of cinephiles a too-good-to-be-true deal for all-you-can watch movie passes. Watt, who came to MoviePass as an entrepreneur in residence at True Ventures, previously founded the brand and product placement startup NextMedium and also spent time as a board partner at Upfront Ventures. Now, the serial ent...
Tags: TC, Entrepreneurship, La, Los Angeles, Tech, Bill Gross, True Ventures, Upfront Ventures, Moviepass, Watt, Pasadena Calif, Stacy Spikes, Hamet Watt, Hamet Watt and Stacy Spikes, Upfront Ventures Alpha Edison, Share Ventures

Rio Linda Man Finds Lost Journal With Heartfelt Letters From Grandma To Granddaughter

RIO LINDA (CBS13) – A Rio Linda man says he found a lost journal filled with emotional letters from a grandmother to her granddaughter. “People can look at it and be like oh it’s just book; it’s just a diary; it’s just pages. But it’s what’s written in it,” Luis Martinez said. Martinez found the journal a couple of weeks ago in a truck set for the auction block at the car auction facility he works. “There was a bunch of trash in it and this was sitting right there on the seat. I grabbed it and s...
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Unagi, the iPhone of scooters, now has a subscription service

Unagi, the portable and design-forward electric scooter company that made a splash with celebs and pop stars, has launched a subscription service. The service, called Unagi All-Access, will be offered in New York City and Los Angeles. The company said it plans to expand to additional markets as it gathers customer feedback and refines the service. Customers will be able to choose from two plans. There will be pay-as-you-go monthly plan that costs $39 per month and a discounted annual plan for $3...
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This startup scored $10 million to build homes like Apple builds phones. Here's how it won over a Founder's Fund VC and one of the country's top home construction companies

When Alexis Rivas and Jamuel Joseph launched Cover, they recruited top engineering talent and created a "Henry Ford assembly line for homes" by manufacturing their own components, such as wall panels. Delian Asparouhov, a principal at Founders Fund, was initially captivated by the idea, but needed some convincing first before deciding whether his firm should invest.  After visiting the LA-based homes and speaking with experts in the home-construction world, the VC said he was convinced Cover w...
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Apple sees growth in Mac and iPad sales owing to global work from home restrictions

Apple had a strong June quarter, and Mac and iPad sales, aided by the global shelter-in-place rules, were a major contributor: iPad revenue grew, sequentially, by over 50%, while revenue from Macs increased by over 30% in the same period. iPhone sales, meanwhile, grew marginally over last year, but fell down by as much as nearly 9% compared to the March quarter. The Services category, which had done really really well for Apple in the March quarter, more or less remained unaffected, as Apple loo...
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Zoom and Slack made remote work possible, but the next wave of tech innovations will make it an easy, sustainable, and widespread option, Accel partner Rich Wong says

Accel's Rich Wong believes that remote work will be the new normal even after the coronavirus threat recedes. But he sees the current batch of WFH products like Zoom and Slack as messy and difficult. That's why he believes there will be a second wave of startups aimed at making remote work not just possible, but also easy. His first entry into this field is an investment in Australian startup Pyn, which reduces the deluge of messages employees get from the various programs they use while worki...
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