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COVID-19 Special International Law Podcast [Sponsored]

On this special report, we explore how the international law community is coping with the massive impact of COVID-19 and how the crisis has sparked liberal acceptance of technology.
Tags: Technology, Law, Sponsored Content, COVID-19, COVID, Featured Podcasts, Wolters Kluwer COVID-19 Podcast

Dems And GOP Postpone Regularly Scheduled Knife Fight To Demand SCOTUS Join The 21st Century ONLINE

Will go back to trench warfare by close of business today.
Tags: Technology, Supreme Court, Law, Government, Courts, John Roberts

The New Normal: Face To Face With The Virtual Court Model

Some in-person elements cannot be replicated in the virtual court model landscape of floating heads in mismatched lighting.
Tags: Technology, Law, Courts, Megan E. McKenzie

Mark Zuckerberg’s Ridiculously Wrong, Misleading, And Self-Serving Statements Regarding Twitter Fact-Checking The President

Well, it looks like one guy is scurrying from the fight.
Tags: Mark Zuckerberg, Technology, Law, Social Media, Donald Trump, Section 230

How DLA Piper Moved Over 3,000 Staff To Working From Home In 36 Hours

The firm credits BigHand Now technology with helping to ease the way for it to completely transition to working from home in record time.
Tags: Technology, Law, Biglaw, Dla Piper, BigHand Now

Donald Trump Getting Blasted For Doing What Joe Biden Says He Wants To Do

Trump takes aim at Section 230. If only there were someone on the other side willing to protect it.
Tags: Technology, Law, Government, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, Section 230

Reopening Your Law Firm During COVID-19: There’s A Bar Association Guide (Or Two) For That!

Don't cut corners. A host of issues must be considered when reopening.
Tags: Technology, Law, Don, Nicole Black, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Reasonably Suspicious podcast back from hiatus: Austin police chief under fire, COVID in TX prisons and jails, Harris DA calls to overturn shady drug convictions, and other stories

After a three-month hiatus while your correspondent underwent throat-cancer treatment, here's the May 2020 episode of Just Liberty's Reasonably Suspicious podcast, co-hosted as always by me and Mandy Marzullo. Grits must admit, until I was editing all this together, I hadn't realized how much the radiation treatment had affected my vocal chords: I sound like a different person, decidedly heading in the raspy, Tom-Waits-ish direction. (Really that's wishful thinking; my singing voice is completel...
Tags: Google, Texas, Law, Austin, Tom Waits, HARRIS, Bryan, TX, Mandy, Texas AG, Gritsforbreakfast, Chas Moore, Austin Justice Coalition, Rosa Jimenez, Mandy Marzullo Grits

Weekly Legal Technology Roundup Focuses On Latest News

Honestly, why are law firms still falling for versions of the Nigerian Prince scam?
Tags: Technology, Law, Legaltech Week

"There’s a closed Facebook group... called Into the Unknown, 'for those of us who have decided or are considering — willingly or otherwise — to join the exodus from NYC to greener pastures, as it were'..."

"Faced with a June 30 deadline to renew the lease on their two-bedroom duplex in Brooklyn, Naomi Mersky, 44, and her husband decided to bail. 'We know we’re lucky that we have options,' she said, but they also couldn’t keep paying rent indefinitely if their kids, ages 5 and 9, didn’t feel safe. They’ve bought chickens and are looking into starting the next school year in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts, where they’re living in a summer cabin they own. Krista Sudol, 42, a mother ...
Tags: Google, Facebook, New York, Law, NYC, Massachusetts, Brooklyn, Chickens, East Village, Nancy Lee, City Life, Ann Althouse, Young Althouse, New York Lee, Berkshire Mountains, Coronavirus

Competent Lawyering in an Age When Everyone can be Groucho Marx

By David Hricik Mercer Law School I regularly present on legal ethics in patent practice at CLE conferences around the country, and, less often, on general ethics or other IP ethics areas, such as trademark practice.  While doing some research a couple of years ago for one of those, I ran into the phenomenon of “trademark bullying,” which is when a powerful trademark owner sends a C&D letter to a small business, threatening a tour of the pits of misery (wait for it) if the small business doesn’t...
Tags: Google, Law, Groucho Marx, Ethics, Starbucks, Warner Brothers, Louisville, Caterpillar, Marx, Jack Daniels, Jack Daniel, Daniels, WB, Marx Brothers, Groucho, David Hricik Mercer Law

"The multimillion-dollar 'Forget Stoner' push featured a diverse cast of models posing in photos with the label 'Stoner' crossed out at the bottom."

"Other identities, like 'Grandmother,' 'Queen,' and 'Entrepreneur' were scrawled in instead. One image featured a uniformed police officer. Because of weed’s legal status, internet platforms like Google and Facebook, as well as most television stations, generally reject ads for it. So MedMen’s campaigns, which earned national recognition, relied heavily on billboards and radio spots... [In one ad, directed by Spike Jonze, an] interracial couple walks up their suburban driveway, carrying reusable...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Law, Colorado, South Park, Marijuana, Advertising, Commerce, Spike Jonze, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Stoner, Ann Althouse, Bierman, Modlin

Court Tells Grandma To Delete Photos Of Grandkids On Facebook For Violating The GDPR

Privacy legislation still leaves something to be desired.
Tags: Technology, Privacy, Law, Gdpr

The Geek in Review Ep. 76 – The Do’s and Don’t’s of Virtual Conferences – Litera’s Haley Altman and Alma Asay

While most of us in the legal industry were still finding their sea legs when it came to working from home, today’s guests were planning a moon shot experiment of creating a virtual legal conference completely from scratch. Haley Altman and Alma Asay from Litera Microsystems talk with us about their experiences in creating and producing The Changing Lawyer LIVE! virtual conference back in April. There were some victories, and some challenges along the way, but the end result was pretty impressi...
Tags: Google, Podcast, Law, Uncategorized, Marketing, Conferences, Online Content, Harvard Law School, Haley, Alma, Alma Asay, Haley Altman, Litera Microsystems, Litera, Apple Podcast Contact, Spotify Information Inspirations Google

Transaction Management Amid COVID-19: Has Your Law Firm Changed Its Ways? [Sponsored]

Help us gain insights into how your firms have been dealing with workflow during the coronavirus crisis.
Tags: Technology, Law, Surveys, Biglaw, Sponsored Content, Litera, Coronavirus

Online LSAT Is Glitchy… So OBVIOUSLY The Takeaway Is To Never Try Online Bar Exams

This is unacceptable, but it's part of the process.
Tags: Technology, Law, Law Schools, LSAT, Bar Exams

Poll: Judges Say ‘All They Wanna Do Is Zoom-A-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom’

Skype does not get judicial rumps shaking.
Tags: Technology, Law, Courts, Skype, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Lady Gaga Documents Leaked After Law Firm Was Hacked

The firm has refused to pay the $40+ million ransom.
Tags: Technology, Law, Ransomware, Hackers, Lady Gaga, Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks

"Technology is no savior. We can eat, sleep, look at screens, make money — all aspects of our physical existence — but that doesn’t mean anything."

"Art is the exact opposite. It’s infinite, and without it, the world wouldn’t exist as it does. It represents the immaterial soul: intuition, that which we feel in our hearts.... There’s an axiom that says there is no such thing as 'original' music. After what we could consider to be the first sound, from a spiritual perspective — 'om' to some, 'amen' to others — it’s all the same. Musicians borrow different parts and make them their own, but there’s nothing really new.... The spirit of art shin...
Tags: Art, Death, Technology, Law, Sonny Rollins, Ann Althouse, Art And Politics, NYT Rollins

Court Sends Google Assistant Privacy Lawsuit Back for a Redo

This is a putative class action against Google alleging that Google Assistant actively listened (mistakenly) based on a misperceived voice command. The lawsuit complains about the fact that Google used the recordings from these “false accepts”. The court grants Google’s motion to dismiss, but allows plaintiffs to amend their claims. In the process, the court recognizes two of plaintiffs’ claims as valid, and further signals that a few other of plaintiffs’ claims are likely to survive, depending...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Law, California, Court, Ucl, Alexa, Privacy/security, Eric, Freeman, Ninth Circuit, Plaintiffs, Licensing/Contracts, BF, Google Safety Center

"Should Your Blog Be on Medium, WordPress, Substack, or Ghost?/A realistic comparison of 2020's top blogging platforms."

This is a question I have — right now, quite pressing — and the piece is on Medium, but okay.... it's on topic. I've been looking at WordPress. I've even signed up and paid, but I have the right to back out. I noticed — writing the last post — that Matt Taibbi is on Substack, and I looked at that site and it immediately popped out as much cleaner and more user-friendly than WordPress, so I'm eager to read this.The author of this piece, Sah Kilic, doesn't present Medium as something that would wo...
Tags: Technology, Law, Wordpress, Blogging, Matt Taibbi, Substack, Ann Althouse, Sah Kilic

Google is about to be hit with multiple antitrust cases in the U.S., reports WSJ

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that federal and state regulators in the U.S. are preparing to file antitrust lawsuits against Google, saying the company abused its dominance of online search and advertising to crush competition and maximize profit. Both the federal and state investigations are said to be focused on Google’s ad business. The WSJ report cites unidentified people familiar with the probes in a story about the upcoming offensive by the U.S. Justice Department and the at...
Tags: Google, Post, Texas, Technology, News, Justice, Law, US news, Tech News, Antitrust, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Justice Department, WSJ, Paxton, Ken Paxton

The Looming Crisis (And Opportunity) For In-House Counsel

Do you know what's in all of your deals?
Tags: Technology, Law, House, Mark Harris, Knowable, In-House Counsel, COVID Cast Podcast, Featured Podcasts

When Lawyers Get Sued – Learn How To Protect Your Firm [Sponsored]

Join us on May 29th to find out how to make insurance a bit less painful and confusing.
Tags: Technology, Law, Insurance, Webinars, Sponsored Content, Small Law Firms, Embroker

Judge Tells Devin Nunes’s Dad (And Lawyer Stephen Biss) To Put Up Or Shut Up In Defamation Lawsuit Over Esquire Article

Complaining about defamation runs in the family.
Tags: Technology, Law, Devin Nunes, Stephen Biss

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