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Opinion analysis: Justices sidestep decision on propriety of “cy pres” class-action settlements

This morning the justices issued a per curiam opinion vacating the decision of the lower court in Frank v. Gaos. They had granted review in that case to consider the propriety of so-called “cy pres” settlements – settlements of class actions that distribute all or a part of the monetary relief to public-interest or charitable recipients instead of the named plaintiffs. In this case, for example, the lower courts awarded $8.5 million in monetary relief in a suit brought by plaintiffs alleging tha...
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A “view” from the courtroom: Trials of Mississippi

Today will bring an intense hour of argument about race in jury selection in the case of a Mississippi man who has been tried six times by the same prosecutor, which will culminate in a series of short questions by Justice Clarence Thomas, his first during oral argument in three years. But first, there are a couple of lighter moments. Justice Thomas questions petitioner’s lawyer in Flowers v. Mississippi (Art Lien) Chief Justice John Roberts announces that Justice Stephen Breyer has the co...
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18 Hot Tech Jobs For Law School Graduates

Tech-related jobs abound in this brave new legal landscape.
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The Road to Automated & Connected Cars Is Not a Straight One

It seems that everyone is doing studies or adopting positions on automated/connected cars these days. That is understandable given the potential ramifications on subjects including safety, ability to function in adverse weather, infrastructure, traffic, public transit, cybersecurity, data volumes, privacy, liability, insurance, ethics, and jobs. Level 5 (fully autonomous) self driving cars may not arrive for many years. Depending on who you ask, they are somewhere between a couple of years and a...
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California's Right to Repair Bill, killed by Big Ag and Apple, has been reintroduced

Last year, California was one of several states to introduce right to repair legislation that would force companies to end practices that discourage the independent repair sector, creating a requirement to sell replacement parts, provide documentation, and supply codes to bypass DRM systems that locked new parts out of devices until the company activated them. The bills were mostly defeated, thanks to coalitions led by Apple -- which subsequently warned its investors that its profits were...
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Law enforcement needs to protect citizens and their data

Robert Anderson Contributor Robert Anderson served for 21 years in the FBI, retiring as executive assistant director of the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch. He is currently an advisor at The Chertoff Group and the chief executive of Cyber Defense Labs. Over the past several years, the law enforcement community has grown increasingly concerned about the conduct of digital investigations as technology providers enhance the security protections of thei...
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‘Case Status,’ App that Automates Client Communications, Receives Venture Funding

Case Status, a company whose product aims to improve the client experience by automating lawyer-client communications and case updates, has received venture capital funding from the Alabama Futures Fund. The amount of funding was not disclosed. Case Status allows lawyers to provide clients with real-time visibility into the status of their matter from their mobile devices. The platform also helps lawyers grow their firms by making it easy to obtain reviews and referrals from current clients. Fou...
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And You Thought Your New iPhone Was Expensive? These Guys Paid Over $10,000

This is a lesson learned for corporate legal, law firm, and eDiscovery professionals everywhere.
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‘Case Status,’ App that Automates Client Communications, Receives Venture Funding

Case Status, a company whose product aims to improve the client experience by automating lawyer-client communications and case updates, has received venture capital funding from the Alabama Futures Fund. The amount of funding was not disclosed. Case Status allows lawyers to provide clients with real-time visibility into the status of their matter from their mobile devices. The platform also helps lawyers grow their firms by making it easy to obtain reviews and referrals from current clients. Fou...
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WordPress, Used Correctly, for Law Firms is Stable, Secure and Highly Performing

The reason that some law firm IT and legal marketing folks aren’t fans of WordPress is that when they neglect to update it or make ill-advised use of plugins and themes WordPress becomes unsafe. It really is as simple as that. WordPress is one of the most, if not the most, stable, secure and highly performing content management solutions available to small and large law firms, whether it be for a blog, a microsite or a website.  Whether WordPress performs, is secure and stable comes down...
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LexisNexis Is Out To Change The World For The Better

The non-profit Rule of Law Foundation leverages what LexisNexis does best to help the world.
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On NetDocuments Roadmap: Embedding Governance Policies within Documents

The Achilles’ Heel for law firm and corporate data-governance policies is the end user. No matter the policies and procedures an enterprise adopts to protect its data, it takes just one careless employee to cause a breach. Recognizing this, the cloud-based email and document management company NetDocuments is developing an approach to protecting documents that […]
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Theranos and the cult of personality in science and tech

Elizabeth Holmes was a chemical engineering student who dropped out of Stanford to found Theranos: a silicon-valley start-up company that, at one point, was valued at US$9 billion. Her plan was to be another Steve Jobs and, for a while, it looked like that would happen. She made the cover of magazines like Forbes, Fortune, and even Glamour, wearing black polo-neck shirts and was touted as being the next big thing. Former President Clinton was a fan. Former Secretary-of-State George Schultz was a...
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Edvard Pettersson and Bill Callahan: Qualcomm Wins First U.S. Jury Trial Against Apple (Source: Yahoo Finance) Manas Mishra and James Emmanuel: U.S. Court Rejects Alvogen’s Patent Challenge for Celgene’s Cancer Drug (Source: Yahoo Finance) Megan Rose Dickey: BlackBerry Sues Twitter for Patent Infringement (Source: Tech Crunch) Richard Borsuk, Christopher Cushing and Jonathan Oatis: Foxconn Rejects Microsoft Patent Lawsuit, Says Never Had to Pay Royalties (So...
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Word From the Shop, an Upgrade to PHP 7.2 on the LexBlog Platform

I don’t get word out from the factory floor often enough. I’ll try to do better.  Our tech and development team worked weekends in February to upgrade LexBlog’s managed WordPress platform to PHP 7.2. PHP is a programming and scripting language to create dynamic interactive websites. WordPress is written using PHP as the scripting language. Like WordPress, PHP is also  Open Source and used by countless developers and managed platforms, worldwide.  Why should you and other digital publi...
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Court Tosses Antitrust Claims That Internet Giants Are Biased Against Conservatives–Freedom Watch v. Google

Apologies if I’m not being appropriately empathetic, but I think lawsuits alleging that Internet giants are biased against conservatives are stupid and counterproductive. They are premised on factually unsupportable assertions of bias, and most of these plaintiffs would enthusiastically cheer such bias so long as it worked against minorities or the libs. Further, there is no viable solution to “fix” bias. “Bias” is intrinsic in every media ecology, so it’s impossible to eradicate. The closest “s...
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Agustin Huneeus Jr. — charged in the college admissions scandal — "has been a popular big money-political donor to California’s Congressional Democrats from the San Francisco Bay Area, and Napa Valley."

The California Globe reports:In 2016, his family hosted a Democratic mega-donor lunch and wine pairing at their Quintessa Winery for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, with Google’s executive chairman Schmidt as the luncheon speaker.... Huneeus has made seven contributions to House Speaker Nancy Pelois (D-San Francisco), totaling $18,300, and $10,000 to Pelosi’s political action committee, PAC to the Future....Agustin also made:six contributions to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-San Francisco), totaling $21,600.six lar...
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Apple ad focuses on iPhone’s most marketable feature — privacy

Apple is airing a new ad spot focused on privacy today in primetime. The spot is visually cued, with no dialog and a simple tagline: Privacy. That’s iPhone. In a series of humorous vignettes, the message is driven home that sometimes you just want a little privacy. The spot has only one line of text otherwise, and it’s in keeping with Apple’s messaging on privacy over the long and short term. “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on.” The spot will air t...
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Do Adjacent Organic Search Results Constitute Trademark Infringement? Of Course Not…But…–America CAN! v. CDF

One of the screenshots from the complaint A charitable fundraising organization, America CAN!, has a registered trademark in the phrase “Write off the car, not the Kid.” The organization purports to help the education of high risk youths, and it claims that “100% of the net proceeds go to the kids.” So the “kid” in the trademarked phrase appears to refer to disadvantaged youths, not tax writeoffs for being a parent. As a parent, the pun didn’t work for me. The lawsuit relates to Make-a-Wish Nor...
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How To Evolve Into A Tech-Savvy Law Firm [Sponsored]

A can't miss webinar on April 2 at 1 p.m. ET. Learn how a tech-savvy business can increase its revenue.
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A massive victory for fair use in the longrunning Dr Seuss vs Star Trek parody lawsuit

Back in 2016, the Dr Seuss estate won a preliminary court action against "Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go!" a crowdfunded parody of Dr Seuss's "Oh the Places You'll Go!" and Star Trek, written by veteran Star Trek creator David "Tribble" Gerrold and illustrated by the comics giant Ty Templeton. In 2017, Comicmix, the publisher, secured a partial legal victory, but the Seuss estate wasn't done -- they have been litigating ever since, but now it appears the fight is done, and Comicmix has pr...
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"Boeing executives sat down last November with pilots at the Allied Pilots Association’s low-slung brick headquarters in Fort Worth."

"Tensions were running high. One of Boeing’s new jets — hailed by the company as an even more reliable version of Boeing’s stalwart 737 — had crashed into the ocean off Indonesia shortly after takeoff, killing all 189 people on board the flight operated by Lion Air. After the crash, Boeing issued a bulletin disclosing that this line of planes, known as the 737 Max 8, was equipped with a new type of software as part of the plane’s automated functions. Some pilots were furious that they were not t...
Tags: Technology, Law, Indonesia, Airplanes, Boeing, Fort Worth, Lion Air, Allied Pilots Association, Ann Althouse, Dennis Tajer

Hypnospace Outlaw review: a surreal tribute to the 90s internet

PC; Tendershoot/No More Robots Journey back in time as an online detective policing a compelling parody of the nascent net, with dodgy graphics, tinny music and a host of weird websites to exploreThe very nature of the internet means that things are constantly vanishing from it, as websites, social networks and communities emerge, evolve and dissipate over the years. This constant change means that “the internet” of previous decades becomes something like a dream, existing only in the vague memo...
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March 13 roundup

“Near the end of her new proposal to break up Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple, Senator Warren asks, ‘So what would the Internet look like after all these reforms?’ It’s a good question.” [Geoffrey Manne and Alec Stapp, Truth on the Market/CNBC] Floral arrangements as constitutionally protected expression: Cato files amicus on behalf of First Amendment rights of Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman not to serve a wedding of which she disapproves [Ilya Shapiro and Patrick Moran, Washington...
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This Is The Greatest eDiscovery Show

eDiscovery isn't a fad that's going away -- instead it's growing in importance and complexity, and this conference will help you get on top of what's happening now.
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Some Thoughts On Vendor Selection For Legal Ops Pros

Consider some of these guidelines and not only will the vendor selection process will be a little easier, but your project outcomes will be more successful.
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Leverage Your Firm’s Website For Business Development [Sponsored]

Get your firm noticed and connect with potential clients.
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"Facebook removed several ads placed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign that called for the breakup of Facebook and other tech giants."

"But the social network later reversed course after POLITICO reported on the takedown, with the company saying it wanted to allow for 'robust debate,'" .“Three companies have vast power over our economy and our democracy. Facebook, Amazon, and Google," read the ads, which Warren's campaign had placed Friday. "We all use them. But in their rise to power, they’ve bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field in their favor.”...“We removed the ads bec...
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