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How to Unlock That Hidden Debug Mode for AirTags in iOS 14.5

Apple’s AirTags have a hidden debug mode that you can access pretty easily on your connected device (ideally, an iPhone). And while the features found within aren’t going to give you magical tracking powers, you can at least enjoy some of the data related to AirTag tracking. That, and you can change some colors, too.Read more...
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Try Using a Bluetooth Scanner App to Find Unwanted AirTags

There’s a chorus of voices that say Apple should do more to guard everyone—Android and iOS users alike—against unwanted tracking and stalking. I agree with them, and the entire concept of the AirTag made me curious. Can you track the trackers?Read more...
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How to Automatically Caption Your Instagram Stories

You can now add a “captions sticker” to Instagram Stories that automatically transcribes your audio into subtitles without the need for third-party apps. This is a helpful tool for creators and audiences alike, as live-captioned videos are more accessible to people with auditory disabilities and those who prefer…Read more...
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A Beginner's Guide to Propagating Plants

When you’re starting out with a garden, buying enough plants to cover the ground can seem really expensive. Instead, do what the pros do: Cut and plant stems and leaves, divide roots, and use ground layering to grow more of the plants you already have.Read more...
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Dude, Get a Security Update for Your Dell PC

Do you still own tech from 2009 or thereabouts? Maybe an old CPU or motherboard that’s sitting in a box in your closet “just in case” you need a backup? What about a Dell? If you or someone you care about happens to still be using a Dell computer produced any time between when Barack Obama started his first term and…Read more...
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How to Pick Environmentally Friendly Houseplants, Because Yours Aren't

When we think about our personal impact on the environment, our first thoughts might be switching to reusable shopping bags or conserving water and electricity. But what about our houseplants? Read more...
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Time to Update Your Google Pixel With Another Security Patch (May 2021 Edition)

The May 2021 Pixel security update is ready, and you shouldn’t waste time installing it on your device.Read more...
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How to Reset an AirTag to Pair With a New Apple ID

Apple AirTags attach to all sorts of things—your keys, purse, luggage, even your pet’s collar—but for all their versatility as tiny tracking devices, AirTags can only be associated with one Apple ID at a time. That’s fine if you’re the only one using the AirTag, and makes it difficult for someone to steal or tamper…Read more...
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Install iOS 14.5.1 to Patch These Two Big Vulnerabilities

Even though you just installed iOS 14.5—you are using the new operating system, correct?—it’s time to take a trip back to the Settings app and grab a just-released update from Apple that patches up a number of important iOS vulnerabilities. And while all security update are critical, this one fixes two vulnerabilities…Read more...
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How to Automatically Set Your iPhone Screen Orientation for Every App in iOS 14.5

Apple has added a few helpful new Shortcut actions to iOS 14.5. We’ve previously talked about one, which lets you drop a new “Take Screenshots” action into any of your programmed Shortcuts. Joining it is a a new action for your device’s Orientation Lock, which allows you fine-tune when you want it on (almost always)…Read more...
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How to Clean Your Window Screens, Because They're Probably Filthy

When we think about washing windows, we’re probably worried about the glass panels both inside and outside of our homes. But if you also have window screens, those need to be cleaned on a regular basis, too. Screens exist for the sole purpose of serving as a final barrier between the outdoors and your home, keeping…Read more...
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How to Sort Your iOS Reminders So You Actually Finish Them

You might look at your sprawling list of to-dos in the iOS Reminders app and think, “That is a lot.” And while Apple’s upgrades to Reminders in iOS 14.5 might not help you complete them any faster, they’ll certainly help organize them. And that’s the first step toward completing any Herculean list of tasks, right?Read more...
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How to Cast YouTube TV From Your Phone or Laptop to Your TV

YouTube and Roku aren’t playing nice. The two companies failed to reach a contract agreement, and now YouTube TV is no longer supported on Roku products, including all streaming devices and smart TVs with Roku OS.Read more...
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How to Get Started With Apple Fitness+

Apple is all about the three Ss these days: subscriptions, services, and saturation (for its new iMacs, at least). And while you can hardly blame the company for wanting to diversify its revenue, it can sometimes feel like there’s just a lot to buy from Apple—with a recurring monthly payment, that is. However, you…Read more...
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How to Make Google Assistant Pronounce Your Name Correctly

Google is updating Google Assistant with better contextual learning features that should make the digital helper more accurate. One of the changes is the ability to teach Google Assistant how to properly pronounce names—after a little bit of self-started voice training.Read more...
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How to Share Your ETA in iOS 14.5 if You're Driving, Biking, or Walking

“Share ETA” is one of the best features to come from iOS 13—if you and your friends are Apple Maps users, that is. And once you’ve updated to iOS 14.5, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, you’ll be able to send ETAs to friends when you’re cycling or walking, too. Take that, cars.
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How to Fix Your iPhone's 'App Tracking Transparency' If It's Grayed Out in iOS 14.5

Apple finally released its much-anticipated App Tracking Transparency feature with the launch of iOS 14.5, and it’s incredibly helpful if you want some fine-grain control over which apps can track other aspects of your digital activity. That’s assuming, of course, the feature isn’t grayed out for you.Read more...
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Why Your iPhone Battery Is Recalibrating in iOS 14.5

You should regularly take a moment to check on your iPhone’s battery life. And given how easy Apple made it starting in iOS 11.3, we really have no excuse. All you have to do is hit Settings > Battery > Battery Health, and you’ll be able to see the maximum capacity of your iPhone’s battery, ensure “Optimized Battery…Read more...
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Wrap Your New M1 iMac in Black If You Hate Bezels, Joy, and Money

Apple recently unveiled its M1 iMac models for 2021. The new desktop computers come in a variety of joyful hues: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and classic Mac silver. While the available color options differ between the new iMac’s various hardware configurations, they all have one thing in common: white…Read more...
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How to Add Lasers and Other AR Effects in Apple's 'Clips' App

You’ve long been able to add some quirky effects to your Clips videos in iOS, but iOS 14.5 brings new augmented-reality effects to the app that you can use to fill your room with Party City-style lasers, virtual confetti, and plenty more. You’ll need an iPhone 12 Pro or iPad Pro with LIDAR (March 2020 or later) to…Read more...
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How to Hide From Advertisers With iOS 14.5's New 'App Tracking Transparency' Settings

One iOS 14’s headline features—in that it is making headlines by pissing off advertisers—is “App Tracking Transparency,” a setting that lets users opt out of all tracking, including the data an app collects when you’re not using it (much to the chagrin of advertising platforms like Google and Facebook).Read more...
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Why Does My 64GB Flash Drive Only Show 32GB Free?

Welcome back to another week of Lifehacker’s tech-advice column, Tech 911. And thanks to everyone who sent in their questions from last week’s prompt. If you didn’t catch it, don’t worry, you can still send your geeky questions in whenever you want. I will always have answers.Read more...
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How to Change Your YouTube Channel's Name Without Messing Up Your Google Account

YouTube is finally allowing YouTube creators to change their channel’s name and profile picture without the edits affecting their linked Google Accounts. Prior to this change, a YouTube channel’s branding was tied to the user’s Google Account information, so you’d have to change your Google account’s name and profile…Read more...
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How to Use Every New Google Meet Feature Announced This Week

Google recently unveiled several new Google Meet features, including a reorganized web interface with new pin controls, a new data- and battery-friendly Saver mode for mobile users, and a slew of upcoming video features.Read more...
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Download the Best Pandemic Party Game for Free

Stop what you’re doing, install Steam on your desktop or laptop PC (if you haven’t already), and go hit up the store page for Quiplash. That’s Jackbox Games’ delightfully fun “submit answers to a prompt and everyone playing votes on what’s funny” experience that’s been a mainstay of many a bored person’s pandemic life…Read more...
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Turn Your Old or Broken Samsung Phone Into a Smarthome Sensor

I’m a bit of a gadget hoarder. I often tend to assume that I can repurpose some old thing—an ancient phone, tablet, or webcam—into something new, so I’m thrilled to see Samsung finally debut its Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, which gives you a way to turn old phones that you should have sold by now into more useful…Read more...
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When You Can Pre-Order Everything Apple Announced Today

It’s Apple day! And just when I was starting to wonder if the world still had the capacity to get excited about hour-long product announcements. At its “Spring Loaded” event, Apple roared out of the gate, announcing some pretty wicked upgrades to the Mac and iPad product lines. Thanks, M1 chip. I don’t really need a…Read more...
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Rename Chrome Windows So You Stop Losing Them

Tab overload is real, as my crowded Edge and Chrome browser bars can attest. But what about... window overload? If you’re the kind of person who tries to organize their browser by dedicating different windows to each tab or group of tabs, Google is now allowing you to rename those windows so you can jump between them…Read more...
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How to Test Drive Google Chrome's New 'Memories' Page

Google is testing a new “Memories” feature for Google Chrome that collects your browsing history, bookmarks, and other web activity onto a single, searchable page that will help you dig through your browser activity more easily.Read more...
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How to Find Your iPhone With Google Assistant

If you live in a house with divided geek loyalties, your competing devices are about to get a little more collaborative. Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers can now help you find your missing iPhone; all you have to do is say “Hey Google, find my phone” to send a critical-level alert to your misplaced iPhone,…Read more...
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