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Explore the Entire World–from the Comfort of Quarantine–with 4K Walking Tours

Many of us right now are sheltering in place, or in quarantine, dreaming of that day when we can once again travel the world. And that day will come, friends, that day will come. But until then, there are already several YouTube channels set up to provide you with a chance to go on walking tours around the world, with only the sounds of the environment in your headphones. I was alerted to this by good friend Phil Gyford, who found this via Sarah Pavis (via FaveJet), and provided several ...
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Niantic squares up against Apple and Facebook with acquisition of AR startup

Even as the pandemic forces Niantic to shift the way its outdoor-friendly titles are played, the gaming company is charging ahead with its efforts to build out an augmented reality platform which allows users to interact with the real world. Today, the studio behind Pokémon Go announced that it has acquired, a promising SF-based augmented reality startup focused on building software that allowed smartphone cameras to rapidly detect the 3D layouts of spaces around them. The companies didn’t...
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Download Classic Works of Plague Fiction: From Daniel Defoe & Mary Shelley, to Edgar Allan Poe

The apotheosis of prestige realist plague film, Steven Soderburgh’s 2011 Contagion, has become one of the most popular features on major streaming platforms, at a time when people have also turned increasingly to books of all kinds about plagues, from fantasy, horror, and science fiction to accounts that show the experience as it was in all its ugliness—or at least as those who experienced it remembered the events. Such a work is Daniel Defoe’s semi-fictional history “A Journal of the Plague Ye...
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Twitch CEO Emmett Shear just gave $1 million to a San Francisco baker to launch a nonprofit that will help small businesses amid a citywide shutdown to contain the coronavirus

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is giving $1 million to a San Francisco pie baker to start a nonprofit that will strive to keep small businesses afloat. The nonprofit has been dubbed SF New Deal, and its first program will be paying restaurants to deliver food to vulnerable residents, like those who are homeless. San Francisco's small business scene has taken a hit as the city and the rest of the Bay Area have been subject to a shelter-in-place order to contain the coronavirus disease. Visit Business ...
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A top Wall Street analysis firm says the coronavirus pandemic upended its projections for the next decade in just 3 months. Here are 4 industries that may be forever altered by the outbreak.

Corporate America will likely be reeling from the impact of the coronavirus for years to come.  While some ramifications will be short-term, others will be more profound and could force industries like healthcare and manufacturing to drastically change their operations.  The outbreak is also leading companies to accelerate digital overhauls or pivot more quickly to new technology to meet the new reality of social isolation that could last for months.  UBS analysts wrote to investors that they ...
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Google, Microsoft, and Palantir are building a COVID-19 dashboard for the UK's health system

Google, Palantir, and Microsoft will create a COVID-19 dashboard for the UK's healthcare system, it has been confirmed. The three companies will help the UK's NHS corral data about from lots of different sources and clean it up, theoretically making it easier to decide where to boost resources, who is at risk, and where to place staff. Early reports of the project sparked privacy concerns from activists who worry about US firms profiting from sensitive UK patient and medical data. The NHS said...
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Online tutoring marketplace Preply banks $10M to fuel growth in North America, Europe

Online learning looks likely to be a key beneficiary of the social distancing and quarantine measures that are being applied around the world as countries grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. In turn, this looks set to buoy some relative veterans of the space. To wit: Preply, a 2013-founded tutoring marketplace, is today announcing a $10 million Series A. It said the funding will be used to scale the business and beef up its focus on the US market, where it plans to open an office by the end of t...
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What Happens When Epidemiologists are Undermined By Politics?

Earlier this month Slashdot covered the Imperial College in London forecast of "what happens if the U.S. does absolutely nothing to combat COVID-19," which predicted 2.2 million deaths just in the U.S. and another 510,000 in Great Britain. The paper was co-written by Neil Ferguson, one of the world's leading epidemiologists, and "launched leaders in both countries into action," according to the Washington Post. Earlier this month Ferguson posted on Twitter that Microsoft and GitHub are working ...
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Language lesson marketplace Preply closed $10 million just before COVID-19 hit and is now seeing a 50% spike in business

Language learning marketplace Preply has raised $10 million in funding, as it sees demand spike 50% for language tutors amid COVID-19 lockdowns. Preply pairs anyone looking to brush up their language skills with a relevant tutor, and schedules lessons and provides a virtual classroom. Preply CEO Kirill Bigai said demand had spiked in countries experiencing longer lockdowns, with bookings in Italy tripling since February. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. European language le...
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Being there

Photo source: Publicdomainpictures Ever wondered how we can overcome feelings of loneliness and disconnect in distance education? It's a question that online educators have been grappling with for a long time. When you're online, or using your smartphone to communicate, do you ever feel 'connected' to the person at the other end? It's a common psychological phenomenon to feel that although you are separated by distance, the technology actually mediates your connection with someone else...
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6 tips for throwing a virtual happy hour

These may not be the happiest of times for those looking to get together with friends for drinks since bars are closed and everyone should be staying at home during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but thanks to technology people can still hang out and have a virtual happy hour. “It’s incredibly important (to stay connected). Since we can’t interact in person as much anymore this is a way to connect, either relax, have a good time or provide important social support to each other,” said Elizabeth...
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James Bond gun collection stolen in London raid

Pistols from Die Another Day, Walther PPK from A View to a Kill and special chrome Magnum from Live and Let Die among items taken in burglaryAn “irreplaceable” collection of prop guns used in James Bond films has been stolen from a house in Enfield, north London.Five deactivated guns, including Beretta Cheetah and Tomcat pistols from Die Another Day and the iconic Walther PPK handgun used in A View to a Kill are among the weapons reported taken. Continue reading...
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Amazon, Microsoft, and Palantir will help the UK health service map its coronavirus response, raising privacy worries

Amazon, Microsoft, and Palantir have signed on to help create an interactive coronavirus response dashboard for Britain's National Health Service (NHS). The dashboard will pool data from the NHS and its partners and help healthcare workers make decisions about allocating resources. The deal throws up privacy concerns, as the NHS will be sharing sensitive health data with the companies. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The digital wing of Britain's National Health Service, N...
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DataGuard, which provides GDPR and privacy compliance-as-a-service, raises $20M

Watchdogs have started to raise the issue that new working practices and online activity necessitated by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic are creating new sets of privacy, security and data protection challenges. Today a startup is announcing a growth round of funding to help online businesses navigate those issues better. DataGuard, a Munich-based startup that provides “GDPR-as-a-service” — essentially a cloud-based platform to help those doing business online ensure that they are complia...
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Meri Williams steps down as CTO of UK challenger bank Monzo

Monzo, the U.K. challenger bank that now counts over 4 million account holders, has lost its CTO, TechCrunch has learned. According to multiple sources, Meri Williams, who joined the fast-growing fintech in September 2018 to much fanfare, announced internally that she was departing, saying that she wanted to voluntarily help with cost-cutting measures. However, it is worth noting that Williams had already cut back her involvement with Monzo and had been consulting for other tech companies. On...
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Stream All 18 Hours of Ken Burns’ Baseball for Free on What Would Have Been Opening Day

Baseball season won't start today, on what would have been Open Day. So here's your next best bet. As Sam Barsanti writes at AV Club, "PBS and the world’s preeminent director of extremely watchable and extremely long documentaries have a special treat: The entirety of Ken Burns’ Baseball—over 18 hours—is now available to stream for free on the PBS website and all of its related apps." It's no coincidence that Burns' documentary becomes free during COVID-19. On Twitter, Burns adds: "With events ...
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Free: Austin City Limits Opens Up Video Archives During COVID-19 Pandemic

Austin City Limits--an PBS music program recorded live in Austin, Texas--has decided to open its archives "as a gift to music fans during the current live music moratorium." They write: "Starting March 23, the perennial television series will make fan-favorite episodes from the recently broadcast Season 45 available for streaming, in addition to the entire slate of programs from the previous two seasons of the acclaimed concert showcase. Over 35 ACL installments will be available to stre...
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Self-reporting app for Covid-19 symptoms for UK research sees 650k downloads in 24 hours

One of the big challenges (among many) with the coronavirus pandemic is that overwhelmed health services do not always know how best to deploy the limited resources that they have to meet the demand of people falling ill with Covid-19. For example, we know that more ventilators and beds will be needed, but where specifically are the outbreaks happening and how can those local areas be served better? Now, an app in the UK called the C-19 Covid Symptom Tracker, developed out of an unlikely corner ...
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Porsche Taylor puts women in the driver's seat

Porsche Taylor’s first time riding a motorcycle alone could have gone better. “That first ride, I had absolutely nothing on right: My helmet was too big, I didn’t own a jacket. I might have had on some baseball gloves; everything was just totally upside-down wrong,” she says. “But I wasn’t afraid, it was exhilarating. It was trying something new, being in control. It was that initial feeling of the freedom of the wind.”Porsche was one of the participants in the Women Riders World Relay, a relay ...
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UK fintech community comes together to build Covid Credit and let sole traders self-certify lost income

It all started with a tweet from 11:FS co-founder Simon Taylor. If the U.K. government could be persuaded to provide financial support to the self-employed during the Coronavirus crisis, as it has already pledged for full-time employees, then Open Banking technology could be used to self-certify lost income, and therefore overcome one of the main hurdles of administering potential compensation. The founders of two other London-based fintechs, Fronted and Credit Kudos, were first to accept the ch...
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Review: 100,000 miles and one week with an iPad Pro

For the past eighteen months the iPad Pro has been my only machine away from home, and until recently I was away from home a lot. Traveling domestically and internationally to event locations around the world or our offices in San Francisco, New York and London. Every moment of every day that I wasn’t at my home desk, the iPad Pro was my main portable machine. I made the switch on a trip to Brazil for our conference and Startup Battlefield competition (which was rad, by the way, a computer visio...
Tags: Apple, Google, TC, London, Microsoft, Tech, Macbook, Ikea, Brazil, John, MacBook Air, Gpu, Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, John Gruber, Geekbench launches to track the spread of the Coronavirus in the UK/US

A startup behind one of the world’s most successful tech platforms for doctors has launched a new initiative to try and track the spread of the Coronavirus, initially in the UK but soon in the US. Developed by MedShr – the app used by a million doctors to aid them in the diagnostic process – is designed to allow members of the public to complete a short survey about their health and exposure to COVID-19 in order that health services can save more lives. Members of the public ar...
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With Live Sports Gone, Announcer Offers Play by Play of the Everyday

The narration begins customarily, with the play-by-play announcer enthusiastically welcoming his audience live to a competition unfolding on the screen. But this is no ordinary competition. From a report: "It's the final of the two lonely blokes in a park contest," the announcer, Nick Heath, begins, setting the scene of two men idly kicking a ball in a park. When one of the men clips the ball and sends it rolling in the opposite direction, Mr. Heath observes: "Oh, that was absolutely terrible. I...
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Coronavirus: Brand Moves for Monday March 23

A clever and thoughtful social media ad from Nike has encouraged people to stay in: “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” Meanwhile, Nike has also announced that premium programming on its Nike Training Club app is now accessible to users free of charge. The subscription-based service includes studio-style streaming workouts, progressive training programs with or without the use of external weights and expert tips fr...
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The 15 hottest influencer-marketing agencies that make deals happen between major brands and Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok stars

Business Insider is recognizing the leading agencies, platforms, and marketplaces in the influencer-marketing industry.  In this power list, we are highlighting the companies that connect top brands with social-media creators across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.  These 15 companies, including Mediakix, BEN, and Viral Nation have helped both top influencers and leading brands in developing innovative and effective campaigns.  Click here for more BI Prime stories. Influencer marketing is big ...
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When Orson Welles Crossed Paths With Hitler (and Churchill): “He Had No Personality…. I Think There Was Nothing There.”

Dick Cavett excelled at turning the late-night talk show format into a showcase for genuinely revealing conversations (and the occasional wrestling match). Of the many riveting guests he had on throughout the 60s and 70s, some appearing multiple times, few could match Orson Welles for sheer storytelling prowess. As if in a contest to outdo himself, Welles appeared on Cavett’s show three times in 1970, and once more in 1973, as an amiable, gruff raconteur who lived a life almost impossibl...
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Dead & Company Announces Couch Tour, Letting You Stream Free Concerts at Home

More free music/entertainment to carry you through these bleak, strange times. Dead & Company (the surviving members of the Grateful Dead plus John Mayer and Oteil Burbridge) are making concerts free to stream at home. And the first one gets underway tonight. They announced on Twitter: Stay at home this weekend and tune in to “One More Saturday Night”, a new #CouchTour series featuring your favorite Dead & Company shows, for FREE.   We’re kicking things off with the 12/2/17 Austin s...
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Check out 30 famous World Heritage sites you can virtually visit on Google Earth while social distancing (GOOG)

Google Earth has a list of 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites to virtually visit and learn about online. On Thursday, the US State Department issued a Level 4 travel advisory covering all international travel. The advisory came as the coronavirus has infected more than 235,000 people and killed more than 9,700. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. COVID-19, the coronavirus disease, might stop you from traveling, but you can still visit historical sites online using Google Earth. Th...
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Weekend reading: Lockdown links for days

What caught my eye this week. I have seen a few stock market corrections and crashes up close. Yet it still amazes me the speed with which everything changes. One minute (actually it felt like one decade) you’re arguing with people who proclaim that high-quality government bonds have become riskier than shares, or that the sustainable withdrawal rate should be 0.04% higher. The next minute – WHOOSH! – the world’s major indices have fallen by 20-35% or more: FTSE All-Share. Note the swan div...
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States Tighten Public Limits; Grim Italy Milestone: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- New York state ordered non-essential workers to stay home, a move followed hours later by neighboring New Jersey and then by Illinois. Italy reported 627 fatalities, the most in one day anywhere, as the death toll in Europe’s epicenter topped 4,000.President Donald Trump banned all non-essential travel from Mexico, exempting commerce. He also deferred student loan payments.The U.K. and the U.S. warned that social distancing may be in place longer than expected. The European Union ...
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