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Common MacOS Catalina problems and how to fix them

If you've encountered issues installing Apple's Catalina operating system on your Mac, you're not alone. We've identified some common issues along with some helpful remedies to get you started on the latest version of MacOS.
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Luna Display lets you use your old Mac as a second monitor for your new one

Macs generally tend to hold their value quite well on the used market, but sometimes you just don’t want to get rid of your old computer when you get a new one. If you rely on photography for your income, having a backup can be vital, especially given the number of repairs and recalls Apple […] The post Luna Display lets you use your old Mac as a second monitor for your new one appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How to change the name of your Mac computer in 4 steps, so that it's easier to find on your local network and AirDrop

You might want to change your Mac's name so that it's easier to find on your local network, which can be useful for things like AirDrop. Changing your Mac's name can also make your computer feel more customized to your preferences. The name you assign will also be your Mac computer's hostname for devices that use Apple's Bonjour networking technology. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Every Mac computer has a name. Your Mac's name can be important for transferring files, suc...
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How to wipe a Mac computer, and reset it to its factory settings

You can wipe your Mac computer — or, in other words, factory reset it — through the macOS Utilities menu. This is a good plan if your Mac is malfunctioning, or you're looking to sell it. Doing this will wipe all of your personal data and applications. It'll be like you just turned on your Mac for the first time. The process to wipe your Mac doesn't take long, but the exact steps may vary depending on what model Mac you have. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Everyone's hear...
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Fast Backup Option With The Photostick Technology

Storing the priceless memories without any frustration is more important. When you are looking for extra storage or backing up your photos, then choosing ThePhotoStick is a unique option. It is a small USB thumb drive, which mainly gives you the instant backups of the images well suitable for organizing them in a unique way. The PhotoStick mainly provides more amount of storage which is suitable for handling everything. This is one of the one-time purchase options, so there are no cloud-based se...
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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 105: Developing a Security Mindset

After a couple of news items, about Apple sending browsing data to Tencent in China, and a Google exec warning people to be wary of its smart home devices, we discuss Josh's talk at the MacTech conference about developing a security mindset.
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Luna Display now supports older Macs as a secondary screen

Secondary display companies are among the latest to get a taste of Sherlocking, after Apple introduced Sidecar as part of the recent Catalina update. Honestly, the feature is far and away the best thing about the latest version of MacOS and as a number of third-party app developers have discovered over the decades, it’s hard to compete with native support. For Duet Display, staying relevant meant adding Android tablet support. For Luna Display makers Astropad, it’s finding a way for users to...
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New Catalina update improves Game Center saves for Apple Arcade, more

Apple released a supplemental update for MacOS 10.15 Catalina on Tuesday. Saving Game Center data is now more reliable when playing Apple Arcade games offline.
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How to connect an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller to your Mac computer

You can connect an Xbox One controller to your Mac computer to make playing games more portable or enjoyable.  Using an Xbox One controller with a Mac requires you to install a special driver on your computer. You can't connect an Xbox One controller to your Mac wirelessly, as the Mac and controller communicate via cable. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Computer gaming on a Mac isn't always easy. Not all games have Mac support, Macs tend to have less graphical power, and...
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iTunes Is Dead, Long Live iTunes

The application that revolutionized and upended the music industry lived long enough to see itself become the villain. Thanks to the new macOS Catalina update, iTunes has finally been laid to rest.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Music, TV, Movies, Podcasts, Mac, Itunes, Lifehacks, Mac Os X, Catalina, Macos Catalina

How to change the profile picture on your Mac computer for a customized display

To change your profile picture on a Mac, you'll have to go through your computer's System Preferences. It should only take a minute or so to do. Here's what else you'll need to do to change your Mac's profile picture and customize a user account's display. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Customizing your Mac, by doing things like changing your desktop background or profile picture, can be a fun way to make it feel more familiar and comfortable.  And if you're interested in...
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If Your MacOS Catalina Installation Gets Stuck, Try This Fix

Have you had any issues installing macOS Catalina? Specifically, have you encountered any strange scenarios where the upgrade—which shouldn’t take that long to do—seems to hang for a lot longer than what feels reasonable?Read more...
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Mac users, don’t upgrade to macOS Catalina if you’re using Photoshop or Lightroom

Earlier in the week, Apple released macOS Catalina. But if you’re using Photoshop or Lightroom CC on your Mac, you may want to put the upgrade on hold. Adobe users have reported numerous problems with Photoshop and Lightroom after upgrading the system. And Adobe itself has confirmed that these two programs still aren’t compatible with […] The post Mac users, don’t upgrade to macOS Catalina if you’re using Photoshop or Lightroom appeared first on DIY Photography.
Tags: Apple, Photography, News, Adobe, Mac, Crash, Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Cc, Catalina, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe CC Photography, Macos Catalina

How to Share URLs With Any Nearby Computer

This guide will show you how to use Google Chrome to share URLs with any and all nearby computers. Using the Chrome Extension “Google Tone” you can broadcast a sound from one computer to others that will share the URL of whatever web page you have opened. Follow this brief guide to get started – Head over to the Google Tone extension page and click the large Add to Chrome button. Make sure to do this on each of the computers you want to be able to send and receive URLs to and from. When...
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DearMob iPhone Manager Review: The Perfect Replacement for iTunes

One cannot deny the fact that iTunes is a big disappointment when it comes to managing and transferring data on an iPhone or iPad. Unlike Android, you simply can’t ‘Plug and Play’ to import media files from your computer to an iOS device or vice-versa. Even for simple and quick file transfers, one has to use iTunes both on Mac and Windows. Besides having several limitations, the entire sync process on iTunes is slow and cumbersome. Though you can now use AirDrop to wirelessly transfer files bet...
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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 104: Getting Ready for Catalina

Josh and Kirk celebrate the two-year anniversary of the podcast, and discuss getting ready to upgrade to Catalina, with tips on how to ensure that your upgrade will be smooth, and the most efficient way to upgrade your Mac.
Tags: Security, Mac, Tech, Blogging, Josh, Catalina, Kirk, Intego Mac

How to screenshare on a Mac computer, to make presentations and projects easier

You can screenshare on a to quickly share your screen in numerous ways, which can be especially useful when coordinating a project or sharing a presentation. You can screenshare from one to another easily using macOS X. Once your screen is shared, there are numerous adjustments you can make to maximize the effectiveness of this tool. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. allow Screen Sharing, which is a great tool for everything from collaborating on projects to troubles...
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How to turn on Location Services on a Mac computer, for using apps like Maps, Weather, and more

You can turn on location services on a Mac to share the computer's location using its IP address. Your Mac's Location Services are needed for select websites and applications to work more efficiently, and are essential for Apple apps such as Maps and Find My Mac. Your location can be shared with certain sites and applications while being withheld from others. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Many websites and applications need to use your Mac's location to function at their...
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How to Use Your iPad as an External Mac Display With Sidecar

Apple The new Sidecar feature in macOS Catalina extends your Mac’s display to your iPad. With it, you can use your iPad as a secondary monitor or as a mirrored display that works with Apple Pencil and accessories like a mouse and keyboard. How Sidecar Works Once you have macOS Catalina installed on your Mac, you can connect your iPad to your computer and use it as an external display. It works both in a wired and wireless mode. If you connect your iPad using a USB-C or Lightning cable, t...
Tags: Apple, Crafts, Mac, Airdrop, Apple Pencil, Catalina

The best browser for Mac in 2019: Safari vs. Chrome vs. Firefox

Choosing the best web browser for your Mac can be difficult, which is why our group test is here to help.
Tags: Apple, Chrome, Firefox, Mac, Trends, Safari, Computing, Web Browser

How to minimize a window screen on a Mac in 2 different ways, so you can use your screen space more efficiently

You can quickly minimize a window screen on a Mac, as well as exit full-screen mode to minimize a window, so that you can more efficiently use your computer's screen space. If you aren't used to using a Mac, the various keyboard commands and locations of simple tools can be confusing. That includes finding the minimize button for your windows. That said, all it takes to adjust to Mac's system is a bit of time familiarizing yourself with its various quirks.  Visit Business Insider's homepage fo...
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How to connect a wireless mouse to your Mac computer in 2 different ways

You can connect a wireless mouse to your Mac in a few different ways, the two most common being via Bluetooth or via a USB dongle. Depending on the type of mouse you have, you may need to sync your wireless mouse using your Mac's Bluetooth menu. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Messy cords on a desk can strike a negative chord with today's workforce, making a wireless mouse a welcome change from the wired alternative. Aside from aesthetics, a wireless mouse just moves and f...
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The Mac is becoming more like the iPad, but is it losing its soul along the way?

Apple wants to make it easier for designers to bring iOS apps to the Mac. But Apple’s own ported apps have had a shaky start.
Tags: Apple, Ios, Mac, Trends, Computing, Project Catalyst, macOS

Warning: If you use an older Adobe app, don’t install MacOS Catalina

If you're using an older version of any Adobe application, you might not want to install MacOS Catalina due to the fact that the operating system does not support 32-bit applications.
Tags: Apple, News, Adobe, Mac, Trends, Computing, Catalina, macOS, Macos Catalina

Apple Says Goodbye To iTunes In Latest Mac Update

Apple has officially killed iTunes with its latest Mac software update dubbed Catalina. Apple has moved each iTunes service into separate apps - Apple Music, Apple TV and Podcasts - replacing the once-revolutionary iTunes, which launched in 2003, two years after the debut of Apple's iPod. Highlights Apple’s new Music app, which gets the old iTunes icon, is now the new home for music on your Mac. That includes songs previously bought from the iTunes store or ripped from CDs, as well as ...
Tags: Apple, Music, Mac, Streaming, Music Business, Music Tech, Apps & Mobile, Bruce Houghton, Catalina, Catalina Apple

MacBook Pro 2019: Everything we know so far about Apple’s next laptops

The MacBook Pro was updated earlier this year with new processors, but according to the latest rumors and reports, Apple may be planning to launch a couple of new MacBook Pros later this year.
Tags: Apple, News, Mac, Trends, Computing, Apple Macbook, MacBook Pros, Apple MacBook Pro

Apple's Merged iPad, Mac Apps Leave Developers Uneasy, Users Paying Twice

Last year, Apple software chief Craig Federighi said developers would be able to easily bring their iPad apps to Mac computers, essentially letting coders write an app once and deploy it across millions more devices. So far, the reality has fallen short for some developers and is even leaving consumers paying twice for apps. From a report: Major app developers and service providers like Netflix are also demurring on taking part, at least at this early stage. Apple rolled out Catalyst, the techno...
Tags: Apple, Mac, Tech, Netflix, Steven Troughton Smith, Craig Federighi, James Thompson, Kevin Reutter

MacOS Catalina review: Hello iPad, my old friend

The official launch of Apple’s MacOS Catalina is here, and we’ve got our full review of Apple’s latest operating system to see if the new features are worth the hype.
Tags: Apple, Mac, Trends, Computing, Catalina, macOS, Macos Catalina

Apple’s merged iPad, Mac apps leave developers uneasy and some users paying twice

Last year, Apple software chief Craig Federighi said developers would be able to easily bring their iPad apps to Mac computers, essentially letting coders write an app once and deploy it across millions more devices. So far, the reality has fallen short for some developers and is even leaving consumers paying twice for apps. Major app developers and service providers like Netflix are also demurring on taking part, at least at this early stage. Apple rolled out Catalyst, the technology to tran...
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Don’t upgrade to Catalina yet – here’s an easy explanation why not

I’ve done the deep dive. Here’s the easy explanation of why it’s too soon to upgrade to macOS Catalina – either if you’re pressed for time, or to forward to your friends. macOS Catalina will break some music and visual software and hardware, because of changes to backward compatibility and some major new security features never before seen on a desktop OS. The question is whether you want to find the incompatibilities and bugs yourself, or wait a while and let someone else do it for you. ...
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