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MoviePass co-founder’s new startup PreShow gives you free movie tickets for watching ads

As founding CEO of MoviePass, Stacy Spikes has already changed the way we think about paying for movie tickets. Now he’s pursuing a new approach — providing a free ticket to people who watch 15 to 20 minutes of ads. Spikes told me that when it comes to watching movies outside the theater, there are three basic business models — pay-per-view, subscription and ad-supported. MoviePass brought a subscription approach into theaters, but Spikes (who stepped down as MoviePass CEO in 2016) said he ke...
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Morphin instantly Deepfakes your face into GIFs

Want to star in your favorite memes and movie scenes? Upload a selfie to Morphin, choose your favorite GIF, and your face is grafted in to create a personalized copy you can share anywhere. Become Tony Stark as he suits up like Iron Man. Drop the mic like Obama, dance like Drake, or slap your mug on Fortnite characters. Now after three years in a stealth developing image mapping technology, Morphin is ready to launch its put-you-in-a-GIF maker. While it might look like just a toy, investors see ...
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Original Content podcast: ‘Shrill’ stays positive, despite bad boyfriends and terrible bosses

Many of the themes and stories found in Hulu’s “Shrill” will be familiar to fans of writer Lindy West — after all, it’s based on her book “Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman,” and she’s a writer on the series. But “Shrill” has mined the autobiographical material in West’s book to tell a fictionalized story about a young journalist played by Aidy Bryant of “Saturday Night Live” (she also co-wrote the first two episodes). When we meet Annie, she’s ignored or belittled by everyone — a random yoga i...
Tags: Apple, Media, Podcasts, Tech, Annie, Aidy Bryant, Hulu, Bryant, Lindy West, Devin Coldewey, Shrill, Original Content Podcast

Newspapers help to radicalise far right, says UK anti-terror chief

Neil Basu criticises hypocrisy of mainstream news providers in wake of Christchurch attackBritain’s counter-terrorism chief has said far-right terrorists are being radicalised by mainstream newspaper coverage, while also criticising the hypocrisy of outlets such as Mail Online, which uploaded the “manifesto” of the gunman in the Christchurch terror attack.Neil Basu, one of Britain’s top police officers, said it was ironic that while newspapers have repeatedly criticised the likes of Facebook and...
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Instagram users will be able to buy from brands on platform

‘Checkout on Instagram’ is new e-commerce service available to US customersFacebook is moving into retail, as the company partners with more than 20 brands to allow Instagram users to buy clothes, accessories and makeup on the social network without leaving the app.“Checkout on Instagram” is a step up from previous shopping features on the service, which ultimately pushed buyers to a brand’s web page to complete transactions. Users were then required to enter payment and shipping details, and of...
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Disney closes its $71.3B Fox acquisition

As of 12:02am Eastern today, Disney has closed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox . The goal of the enormous deal is to help Disney position itself for a streaming-centric future. The company has already taken a step in that direction with the ESPN+ streaming service, and it has plans to launch another service called Disney+ later this year, which will include new shows based on the Star Wars and Marvel universes, as well as Disney’s entire movie library. With the Fox acquisition, Disney has ...
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Guy Who Ran Verizon's Failing AOL-Yahoo Hybrid Leaving With $60 Million Golden Parachute

Tim Armstrong, onetime Google executive and former CEO of AOL and its successor, Verizon’s troubled, digital media-focused Oath group, departed Verizon in 2018 just months before the corporation took a $4.5 billion accounting charge on Oath. According to a Tuesday report in the Wall Street Journal, he’s walking away…Read more...
Tags: Google, Verizon, Science, Technology, Media, Yahoo, Digital Media, Aol, Wall Street Journal, Tim Armstrong, OATH, Late Capitalism, Verizon Media Group

Mark Zuckerberg, four days on, your silence on Christchurch is deafening | Toby Manhire

In New Zealand we’re waiting to see if the all-powerful Facebook boss means what he says about ‘moral responsibility’More than four days have passed since the world’s weakest man launched an assault that took the lives of 50 people at prayer in Christchurch. He did it with a camera stuck to his head, live-streaming it on Facebook, the world’s most powerful media company. It was taken down after police sounded the alarm. But already it had spread through Twitter – where links to the video sit unt...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Technology, Media, Social Networking, World news, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Christchurch, Toby Manhire, Christchurch shooting

Media fragmentation is annoying consumers

Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications division published its 13th-annual Digital Media Trends survey, focused on identifying changes in the ways US consumers engage with various types of media. Led by an independent research firm, the survey had roughly 2,000 consumer respondents across demographics – with the report categorizing respondents based on age (Gen-Z: ages 14-21, Millenials: 22-35, Gen-X: 36-52, Boomers: 53-71, and Matures: 72+). While already accompanied by a succinct 1...
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Netflix is experimenting with different episode orders for ‘Love, Death & Robots’

You probably know that Netflix is big on data and personalization — it tailors the shows and movies recommended to each user, and even tests out different images to promote those titles. Now it’s extending that approach to the episode order of a new show, the animated science fiction series “Love, Death & Robots.” Lukas Thoms, the founder of the LGBTQ nonprofit Out in Tech (and a product manager at Squarespace), pointed this out on Twitter. At first, he suggested that the episode order “chang...
Tags: TC, Media, Tech, Netflix, Squarespace, Thoms, Love Death & Robots, Death & Robots, Lukas Thoms

Apple’s Plans To Compete In Hollywood Are Becoming Clearer

Apple didn’t need stars before, but it needs them now. Although the company was the first publicly traded American firm to be valued above $1 trillion, its most recent earnings report showed flat profits and falling revenue. So the plan now is not only to sell devices, but to fill them with content. That has led the company into the alien territory of Hollywood, where local customs can clash with Silicon Valley folkways. – The New York Times
Tags: Apple, Art, Hollywood, Media, Silicon Valley, 03.17.19

Goats, cows and Devin Nunes' mom: how a Republican's Twitter lawsuit backfired

US congressman’s action against the company and its users has led to what is known as the ‘Streisand effect’The US congressman Devin Nunes sent the Twitterverse spiraling into hilarity late on Monday with his lawsuit listing the purported crimes of Twitter users “Devin Nunes’ Mom” and “Devin Nunes’ Cow”.In the lawsuit against Twitter and a handful of users, the California Republican claims to be the victim of vicious internet trolls, as well as the victim of selective censorship by the social me...
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Patreon’s new fees are surprisingly low

Patreon announced today that it was creating multiple pricing tiers for its membership service, with varying levels of features offered depending on price. The company will now offer a “Lite” offering that charges a 5% commission, a “Pro” offering at 8%, and a “Premium” option at 12%, with discounted rates for existing founders. Today’s announcement is in line with the telegraphs we heard from the company in the deep dive TechCrunch conducted a few weeks ago as part of our first EC-1 package on ...
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MoviePass brings back its unlimited movie plan, with a limited time price of $9.95

MoviePass is bringing back a version of the plan that made it so popular in the first place — a subscription where you pay a monthly fee and get an unlimited number of 2D movie tickets. MoviePass Uncapped will have a regular price of $19.95 per month, but the company is offering cheaper deals for what it says is a limited time. If you’re willing to pay for a full year (via ACH payment), it will cost the same as that original unlimited plan, namely $9.95 per month. If you don’t want to make a ...
Tags: Mobile, Apps, Media, Tech, Moviepass, Helios, Matheson Analytics, Ted Farnsworth, MoviePass Uncapped

Facebook and YouTube defend response to Christchurch videos

YouTube says spread of videos of attack was ‘unprecedented in scale and speed’YouTube and Facebook have defended themselves against accusations that they failed to act quickly enough in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack, arguing that their moderation is as good as possible given the number of videos uploaded.Facebook said on Tuesday that the original stream of the attack was viewed live fewer than 200 times and non-live by 4,000 people before it was removed from the site. Continue readi...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Media, Social Networking, Youtube, Social Media, World news, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Christchurch, Christchurch shooting

Report: National Enquirer Publisher Paid Jeff Bezos's Lover's Brother $200,000 for Bezos Dick Pics

The pro-Donald Trump National Enquirer obtained nude and other intimate photos of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez—which Bezos says it used as leverage in a blackmail attempt—by paying $200,000 to Sanchez’s brother Michael Sanchez to hand over text messages between the two, the Wall Street…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Technology, Media, Jeff Bezos, National Enquirer, Bezos, Sánchez, AMI, Michael Sanchez, American Media Inc, MacKenzie Bezos, Lauren Sánchez, Bezos Dick Pics, Donald Trump National Enquirer

Kevin Tsujihara is stepping down as Warner Bros CEO

Kevin Tsujihara is leaving his role as chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment. He joined Warner Bros. back in 1994 and took charge of the film and TV studio in 2013. As part of broader leadership changes at WarnerMedia — which is now under the ownership of AT&T — his role was recently expanded to include Turner Classic Movies, digital-focused Otter Media and a new business unit that includes Warner’s properties for kids and young adults. However, Tsujihara was also the subject of an expo...
Tags: Hollywood, Media, Tech, Ocean, Warner, Warner Bros, Otter Media, Kevin Tsujihara, Kirk, Warner Bros Entertainment, Warner Media, Turner Classic Movies, Tsujihara, John Stankey, WarnerMedia, Charlotte Kirk

Academic at centre of Cambridge Analytica scandal sues Facebook

Tech company’s attempts to pin blame on Aleksandr Kogan are defamatory, says lawyerThe academic at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal is suing Facebook for defamation over the social network’s claims that he lied about why he was harvesting personal data from profiles on the site.Aleksandr Kogan, a former psychology researcher at the University of Cambridge, was the developer of a personality quiz app that paired individual psychological profiles with personal data scraped from the Fa...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Media, Social Networking, UK News, World news, US news, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Analytica, Aleksandr Kogan

Myspace loses all content uploaded before 2016

Faulty server migration blamed for mass deletion of songs, photos and videoMyspace, the once-mighty social network, has lost every single piece of content uploaded to its site before 2016, including millions of songs, photos and videos with no other home on the internet.The company is blaming a faulty server migration for the mass deletion, which appears to have happened more than a year ago, when the first reports appeared of users unable to access older content. The company has confirmed to on...
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UK digital minister raises concerns over use of live streaming

Margot James says footage of Christchurch attack highlights issues around regulationThe digital minister, Margot James, has raised concerns about the regulation of online live streaming in the aftermath of the New Zealand shootings, in which an alleged terrorist broadcast footage of an attack on two mosques live on Facebook.James, whose department is preparing to unveil the government’s proposals on tackling online harms, said she was unhappy that footage of the attack, which could never be allo...
Tags: UK, Technology, Media, Social Networking, UK News, World news, New Zealand, Christchurch, Live Streaming, Margot James, Christchurch shooting, Facebook James

Facebook's local news project frustrated – by lack of local newspapers

About 1,800 newspapers have closed in the US in the last 15 years, partly as a result of internet-based companies like FacebookFacebook’s effort to establish a service that provides users with local news and information is being hindered by the lack of outlets where the company’s technicians can find original reporting.Some 1,800 newspapers have closed in the US over the last 15 years, according to the University of North Carolina. Newsroom employment has declined by 45% as the industry struggle...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Media, US, Newspapers, Facebook Continue, FacebookFacebook, University of North Carolina Newsroom

Social media addiction should be seen as a disease, MPs say

Report suggests sites such as Facebook and Instagram could be harming mental healthSocial media addiction should be considered a disease, MPs have said, in a sign of the pressures facing technology companies and the growing concern over the impact social networks are having on users’ mental health.The politicians called for further research on the effects of social media but said a report suggested there was good reason to believe sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – which are constan...
Tags: Health, Facebook, Twitter, Politics, Technology, Media, Instagram, Social Networking, Internet, Social Media, Society, UK News, Mental Health, Digital Media, Young People, Facebook Instagram

Facebook removed 1.5m videos of New Zealand terror attack in first 24 hours

Site says it will remove any clip featuring gunman’s footage even if that would not normally break its rulesFacebook removed 1.5m copies of the video of the New Zealand terrorist attack in the first 24 hours after Friday’s shootings, highlighting the enormous challenge involved in keeping violent and offensive material off social networks.Fifty people died in the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, which was livestreamed for 17 minutes on Facebook by the gunman. Although the original footage ...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Media, Social Networking, Social Media, World news, Asia Pacific, Digital Media, New Zealand, Christchurch, Christchurch shooting

Coded language of hate groups makes threats hard to spot

Sick jokes and deadly intentions can often be difficult to tell apart for those policing online cultureThe irony-laden vocabulary of the far-right online communities that spawned the terror attack in Christchurch on Friday makes it “extremely difficult” to distinguish a sick joke from a deadly serious threat, according to experts on the international far right and online information warfare.References to “shitposting”, YouTube stars and the 17th-century Battle of Vienna are hallmarks of “that on...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Media, Social Networking, World news, Vienna, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, The far right, Christchurch, Atlantic Council, Ben Nimmo

Apple kerfuffles, praise groups, and media layoffs

Lots of news and interesting tidbits to wrap up the week. Apple kerfuffles Apple has been vindicated (for a brief moment anyway) in its long-standing dispute with Qualcomm. From Stephen Nellis at Reuters: A U.S. federal judge has issued a preliminary ruling that Qualcomm Inc owes Apple Inc nearly $1 billion in patent royalty rebate payments, though the decision is unlikely to result in Qualcomm writing a check to Apple because of other developments in the dispute. Judge Gonzalo Curiel of the ...
Tags: Apple, Google, Asia, Spotify, Media, China, Tech, European Commission, Tumblr, Chris Morris, Qualcomm, Apple Inc, Reuters, Qualcomm Inc, Agarwal, SimilarWeb

Apple addresses Spotify’s claims, but not its demands

Two days after Spotify announced that it had filed a suit against Apple with the European Commission over anticompetitive practices, Apple today issued its own response of sorts. In a lengthy statement on its site called “Addressing Spotify’s Claims”, Apple walks through and dismantles some of the key parts of Spotify’s accusations about how the App Store works, covering app store approval times, Spotify’s actual cut on subscription revenues, and Spotify’s rise as a result of its presence ...
Tags: Apple, TC, Apps, Spotify, Europe, Media, Government, Tech, Competition, Regulation, European Commission, Antitrust, App Store, Apple Music, US Copyright Royalty Board

Rakuten TV expands to 42 European countries, gets direct button on Samsung, LG, Philips and Hisense remotes

Rakuten TV, the Japanese e-commerce giant’s effort to take on Netflix and Amazon in the world of video streaming, has been a minor player when it comes to market share for online entertainment, with a mere 7 million users of its service. But today, it’s unveiling two key pieces of news that it hopes will help reverse that. The company is adding 30 new countries in Europe where the service will operate, bringing the total across the region and Japan to 42. And it’s inked a deal with big names ...
Tags: Amazon, Asia, Europe, Japan, UK, Media, Entertainment, Video Streaming, US, Tech, Spain, Netflix, Roku, Rakuten, Latin America, Viki

Apple Music comes to Fire TV

Apple Music is launching on Amazon Fire TV in the U.S. today, after rolling out in December to Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers. The news is notable as it’s yet another example of the eased tensions between the two rivals following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s 2017 announcement of Apple’s agreement with Amazon. Their deal allowed Amazon’s Prime Video app to launch on Apple TV and saw the return of Apple products on Since then, the companies have made several moves to honor their deal. La...
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The adversarial persuasion machine: a conversation with James Williams

James Williams may not be a household name yet in most tech circles, but he will be. For this second in what will be a regular series of conversations exploring the ethics of the technology industry, I was delighted to be able to turn to one of our current generation’s most important young philosophers of tech. Around a decade ago, Williams won the Founder’s Award, Google’s highest honor for its employees. Then in 2017, he won an even rarer award, this time for his scorching criticism of the ent...
Tags: Google, Social, TC, Facebook, Twitter, Media, Advertising Tech, Youtube, Democracy, Government, Samsung, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Williams, Oxford, Oxford University

Daily Crunch: Spotify files complaint against Apple

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Spotify files a complaint against Apple with the European Commission over ‘Apple tax’ and restrictive rules Spotify is taking off its gloves in what has up to now been a behind-the-scenes tug-of-war with Apple — it competes against Apple Music but also relies heavily on the company for distribution of its...
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