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'I like being in the trenches': Fastly CEO steps down after disappointing market debuts, citing his 'true strengths and passions' as a developer instead of company leader (FSLY)

On Thursday, Fastly CEO Artur Bergman announced he would be stepping down as CEO less than a year after the internet infrastructure company went public. "At my core, I am a developer," Bergman wrote in an email to Fastly employees, saying his "true strengths and passions lie in building the architecture and innovation, including our compute platform." The tech company went public last April, and was considered one of the best performing tech IPOs that included several disappointing market debu...
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Bill Gates can buy any car he wants — but maybe Elon Musk should care it's a Porsche and not a Tesla (TSLA, MSFT)

Bill Gates recently said he'd bought an all-electric Porsche Taycan, prompting Tesla CEO Elon Musk to characterize his billionaire-on-billionaire interactions with the Microsoft co-founder as "underwhelming." Gates can buy any car he wants — and he has a track record for favoring Porsches. For now, Tesla is selling some high-performing versions of its vehicles, but it lacks a car that competes with Taycan on newness and sizzle. Interestingly, if Tesla continues to grow, the company might find ...
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Weekend reading: Vanguard is ready to let you SIPP

What caught my eye this week. H ard to make this sound anything like a (not paid for) plug, but I’m sure our many readers who’ve been waiting for it will all want to know that Vanguard is finally ready to take your money into its Personal Pension (SIPP). I covered the main features of Vanguard’s SIPP back in December, so won’t repeat that again. Instead here’s a couple of other articles that have run to mark the launch. From ThisIsMoney: Jeremy Fawcett, head of Platforum, said the Vanguard Per...
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Microsoft Brings Defender Antivirus for Linux, Coming Soon for Android and iOS

Almost within a year after releasing Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for macOS computers, Microsoft today announced a public preview of its antivirus software for various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS and Debian. If this news hasn't gotten you excited yet... Microsoft is also planning to soon release Defender ATP anti-malware apps for smartphones and [Author: Unknown]
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A Google manager was arrested, then released, as part of a murder investigation after his wife was found dead in Hawaii

Google product manager Sonam Saxena was arrested and then released as police continue their investigation into the disappearance and death of his wife, Smriti Saxena. Smriti, who was a Microsoft business program manager, was reported missing by Sonam on Tuesday while the Seattle couple was vacationing in Hawaii. Smriti's body was discovered on a beach on Wednesday, and Sonam was arrested on a count of second-degree murder, then released the following day as police said an investigation was ong...
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What Internet Speeds Should You Really Be Paying For? Here’s How to Decide

If the new year brought some new gadgets — like a 4K TV, new streaming device, or even a new video game — into your life, you’re probably itching to get them hooked up and online. Just one problem, though: That 4K-quality stream you’re looking to extract from your Netflix subscription isn’t exactly in 4K, thanks to your less-than-stellar Internet connection. When it comes to Internet speeds, the jargon can get a bit confusing. In short, speeds are usually measured in megabits per second...
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Meet the key people who are leading Mike Bloomberg's digital campaign to topple Donald Trump

Mike Bloomberg started secretive ad agency Hawkfish to aid in his presidential campaign, and it's packed with people from the worlds of politics, advertising, and technology. To beat Donald Trump, the Bloomberg campaign has hired widely from companies like Facebook, Google, and ad agencies. Business Insider identified 17 people in key roles in and around Hawkfish, including former Facebook CMO Gary Briggs, who is leading it. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Hawkfish is the digital agency...
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How to enable cookies in a Microsoft Edge browser on your PC or Mac computer

To enable cookies in Microsoft Edge, you'll need to head to your browser's "Site permissions" page. Cookies should be enabled in Microsoft Edge by default, but you can always turn them back on if they've been disabled. Cookies store data from every website you visit, and are helpful if you visit the same sites often. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Cookies are helpful bits of data that help you browse the internet. With cookies enabled, websites will keep you logged into y...
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The Best Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can be an option if you’re looking for actively managed funds that are low risk and fairly diversified. When compared to index funds, though, there’s a clear winner. With mutual funds, you have to pay a higher expense fee. That’s because the fund is actively managed by fund managers. But with index funds, the fees are much lower because those funds track an index like the S&P 500. Also index funds regularly outperform actively managed funds. After all, fund managers are just humans ...
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Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection arrives for Linux, coming to Android and iOS soon

Microsoft announced Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for enterprise customers back in 2016. Later in 2018 it announced advanced threat protection (ATP) for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, way before the Windows 7 support ended in January 2020. Today, it has announced public preview of Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux. It supports servers running distributed versions of RHEL 7+, CentOS Linux 7+, Ubuntu 16 LTS, or higher LTS, SLES 12+, Debian 9+ and Oracle EL 7. Regarding this Microsoft s...
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Windows 10 Icons Are Getting An Overdue Redesign

Microsoft is rolling out updates to the icons for Windows 10's core apps over the months ahead, starting with the Calendar and Mail apps in a new Release Preview for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. Engadget reports: The company's design team explained that it wanted to break away from the flat, colorless icons you see today in favor of ones that are at once more consistent with newer branding (including apps available beyond Windows) and different enough that you'll have an easier time findin...
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Google product boss cuffed on suspicion of murder after his Microsoft manager wife goes missing, woman's body found, during Hawaii trip

Before he was arrested, Googler appealed to internet, newspaper for help finding his spouse Sonam Saxena, 43, a product manager at Google Cloud, was arrested in Hawaii this week on suspicion of second-degree murder.…
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Update Microsoft Windows Systems to Patch 99 New Security Flaws

A few hours after Adobe today released security updates for five of its widely-distributed software, Microsoft also issued its February 2020 Patch Tuesday edition with patches for a total of 99 new vulnerabilities. According to the advisories, 12 of the total issues patched by the tech giant this month are critical in severity, and the remaining 87 have been listed as important. Five of the [Author: Unknown]
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A Google manager has been arrested and charged with murder after his wife was reported missing in Hawaii

Google product manager Sonam Saxena has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Smriti Saxena. Smriti, who was a Microsoft business program manager, was reported missing by Sonam on Tuesday while the Seattle couple was vacationing in Hawaii. A body that could be Smriti's was discovered on a beach on Wednesday, and Sonam was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Authorities have not positively identified the body or determined the cause of death. A former cowor...
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AT&T is joining IBM in pulling out from one of the biggest cybersecurity conferences of the year over coronavirus fears (IBM, MSFT, T)

AT&T has become the second big company to withdraw from one of cybersecurity's largest events, the annual RSA Conference, which is set to open next week in San Francisco. Other big companies like Microsoft and Cisco say they are still in, but monitoring updates.  San Francisco has no confirmed cases of the virus, but security conference cancellations follow Facebook pulling a marketing summit in the city.  The RSA conference organizers have said that it will provide "ample hand sanitizers" and...
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Microsoft To Bring Its Defender Antivirus Software To iOS and Android

Microsoft said today it plans to bring its antivirus software, Defender Advanced Threat Protection, to phones and other devices running Apple's iOS and Google's Android. From a report: The software, also called Defender ATP, is already available on Windows and MacOS. It offers features like preventive protection, post-breach detection and automated investigation and response, according to Microsoft. When it comes to mobile devices, Microsoft's Rob Lefferts said that the Defender software could h...
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Google Manager Arrested After Wife’s Body Found on Hawaii Beach

On Wednesday, distraught Google product manager Sonam Saxena spoke to a local Hawaii newspaper, pleading for help in finding his missing wife.The couple from Washington state, who had two young daughters, were on their annual family vacation to Hawaii when Smriti Saxena disappeared at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday. Sonam said he’d left his wife on a secluded beach south of Anaehoomalu Bay to take a 20-minute walk back to their Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort room to retrieve Smriti’s asthma inhaler. ...
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Most IT professionals want to replace passwords with something better, but the industry can't agree on what that is

Passwords are cumbersome, ineffective, and involved in 80% of hacking data breaches – but they are deeply entrenched in our personal and work cultures.  New research shows companies are working to get rid of passwords entirely, while new AI technologies can now authenticate identities by voice patterns or even how you text.   Next week 45,000 cybersecurity professionals convene in San Francisco to show off the latest tech vying to replace passwords – but can the security industry find consensu...
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How to print from a Microsoft Edge browser, and what to do if a page won't print correctly

You can print from a Microsoft Edge browser by going into your options menu, or by using a keyboard command. You can print most web pages in Microsoft Edge, or files like PDFs that are displayed in the browser. If you find that a page won't print correctly from Microsoft Edge, try taking a screenshot of it first. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There are many situations where printing a webpage is better than sending the link to someone.  Editors and proofreaders, for exam...
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How to change the time zone in your Google Calendar for the entire calendar or individual events

You can change the time zone in your Google Calendar easily via your Calendar settings. You also have the option to create individual events with different time zones in Google Calendar. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you've been using Google Calendar's basic functions — creating events and calendars to manage your time — you aren't getting everything you could out of the tool.  For those who travel often, one of the "extras" that can be extremely useful is the abilit...
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Microsoft To Invest $1.1 Billion in Mexico Over Next 5 Years

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said the technology giant will invest $1.1 billion in Mexico over the next five years, according to a promotional video released by the Mexican government on Thursday. From a report: Nadella said the investment is "focused on expanding access to digital technology for people and organizations across the country." Microsoft will build a new data center to deliver "client services to help every organization to really get an advantage and drive digital transf...
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Twitch to top 40 million US viewers next year, forecast says

Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming service for gamers, is poised to surpass 40 million monthly active viewers in the U.S. as of next year, according to a new forecast from eMarketer out on Thursday. By 2023, it will reach 47 million viewers. Currently, the analyst firm estimates Twitch has 37.5 million viewers in the U.S. who tune in to watch at least once per month. Officially, Twitch reports it has more than 3 million active monthly creators and over 15 million average daily streamers, per its...
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Twitch to top 40 million U.S. viewers next year, forecast says

Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming service for gamers, is poised to surpass 40 million monthly active viewers in the U.S. as of next year, according to a new forecast from eMarketer out on Thursday. By 2023, it will reach 47 million viewers. Currently, the analyst firm estimates Twitch has 37.5 million viewers in the U.S. who tune in to watch at least once per month. Officially, Twitch reports it has over 3 million active monthly creators and over 15 million average daily streamers, per its own ...
Tags: Amazon, Gaming, Media, Microsoft, Tech, Streaming, Jeremy, Fire TV, Jack, Twitch, Michael, Ronda Rousey, Emarketer, Gamers, Wang, Tyler

Apple's rare revenue warning left out something major — and it's a sign of how difficult it is to predict the coronavirus' impact on business (AAPL)

Apple said its revenue for the March quarter would be lower than the guidance range it provided in January because of the coronavirus, a rare move for the company. It didn't provide a new estimate, however, underscoring how difficult it can be for companies to predict the fallout stemming from public health issues like the coronavirus, which has killed at least 2,014 people and infected more than 75,000 as of Wednesday evening. Reports have suggested that upcoming products, like the low-cost i...
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Apple Weighs Letting Users Switch Default iPhone Apps To Rivals

Apple is considering giving rival apps more prominence on iPhones and iPads and opening its HomePod speaker to third-party music services after criticism the company provides an unfair advantage to its in-house products. From a report: The technology giant is discussing whether to let users choose third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple's mobile devices, replacing the company's Safari browser and Mail app, according to people familiar with the matter. Sinc...
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Microsoft chief information security officer explains why he's trying to eliminate passwords entirely in his quest to secure the company's information (MSFT)

As Microsoft's chief information security officer, Bret Arsenault is tasked with protecting the company against hacks, leaks, and breaches. Arsenault has spearheaded Microsoft's initiative to "build a world without passwords." Arsenault says that while stolen passwords can easily be exploited by hackers, it's much harder for your average hacker to fake something like an iris scan or fingerprint — with the added benefit that it takes the burden of dealing with passwords away from the user.  He ...
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Gmail’s new search filter feature will make it easier to find an email

Despite Google’s dominance and expertise in search-related algorithms, it’s often hard to find a particular email in Gmail. The company is now trying to solve this problem with a new filter feature called “Search Chips.” Here’s how it works: After you search for an email with a keyword, you’ll see filter buttons on top of the search result such as “Has attachment,” “Exclude chats,” and a date picker. You can even pick the type of attachments such as text, PDF, or image. These buttons or “Chips” ...
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Microsoft execs explain why they don't require a college degree for entry-level positions (MSFT)

Jobs at Microsoft are highly sought-after, but many entry-level positions don't require a college degree. The company avoids ruling out applicants based on prior credentials, focusing instead on soft skills and a willingness to learn. According to executives, this approach helps bolster diversity at Microsoft. Microsoft is one of several major tech companies to widen its hiring practices in an effort to recruit from a more diverse talent base. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories...
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The Org nabs $8.5M led by Founders Fund to build a global database of company org charts

LinkedIn has cornered the market when it comes to putting your own professional profile online and using it to network for jobs, industry connections and professional development. But when it comes to looking at a chart of the people, and specifically the leadership teams, who make up organizations more holistically, the Microsoft-owned network comes up a little short: you can search by company names, but chances are that you get a list of people based on their connectivity to you, and otherw...
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Microsoft Has a Subdomain Hijacking Problem

A security researcher has pointed out that Microsoft has a problem in managing its thousands of subdomains, many of which can be hijacked and used for attacks against users, its employees, or for showing spammy content. From a report: The issue has been brought up this week by Michel Gaschet, a security researcher and a developer for In an interview with ZDNet, Gaschet said that during the past three years, he's been reporting subdomains with misconfigured DNS records to Microsoft, but t...
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