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How to mute tabs in any web browser to prevent pages from making unwanted noise

Different browsers offer different ways to mute tabs. Georgijevic/Getty Images Every major browser lets you mute tabs, so you won't hear any sound from the website in that tab. To mute a tab, just right-click the tab and select the "Mute" option. Google Chrome only lets you mute entire sites by default - to mute just an individual tab, you'll need an extension. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. If you've been online for long enough, you've probabl...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Matt Rourke/AP Photo Welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here.Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android.Let's get into it.1. Amazon's AI-powered cameras reportedly punish drivers when other cars cut them off. Delivery drivers can also face punishment for using side mirrors, which can hurt their chances of earning more money, per Motherboard. Read the full story on how Amazon's delivery vans p...
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Google’s updated iOS 15 apps support Focus Mode and iPad widgets

Igor Bonifacic Contributor Igor Bonifacic is a contributing writer at Engadget. More posts by this contributor Rivian announces membership plan with complementary charging and LTE connectivity Microsoft Office 2021 will be available on October 5th With iOS 15 now available to download, developers both big and small have started updating their apps to take advantage of the operating system’s marquee features. One of those is Google...
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We can’t believe how cheap the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is at Staples

now at Staples. You can get the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet on sale for just $1000
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The Pandemic Made Our Workweeks Longer

The average American's workweek has gotten 10% longer during the pandemic, according to a new Microsoft study published in Nature Human Behaviour. From a report: These longer hours are a key part of the pandemic-induced crisis of burnout at U.S. firms -- and workers are quitting in droves. Microsoft calculated the length of the workday based on the time between Teams users' first email, message or work call and their last. So the longer workweeks don't necessarily mean we're working more, the st...
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Surface Pro 8 Leaked, Will Feature 120Hz Display And Thunderbolt Support

It looks like Microsoft is all prepped up to launch the new Surface Pro 8 model next week. The leak from Twitter user Shadow_Leak gives an insight into what we can expect. The post Surface Pro 8 Leaked, Will Feature 120Hz Display And Thunderbolt Support appeared first on
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Salesforce backs Indian payments startup Razorpay

Six-year-old Bangalore-based fintech Razorpay, which was valued at $3 billion in a financing round in April this year, has courted one more high-profile investor: Salesforce Ventures. Razorpay said on Monday it has received a “strategic investment” from the venture arm of the American enterprise giant. The investment will help the startup “further strengthen its presence in the business banking space,” it said. The two firms didn’t disclose the size of the investment, but Sequoia Capital India-b...
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Get the early-bird price on group discount passes to TC Sessions: SaaS 2021

September arrived in the blink of an eye, and October 27 — TC Sessions: SaaS 2021 to be precise — is hot on its heels. Now’s the time to gather your team and strategize how you’ll cover the day-long event to make as many connections and discover as many opportunities as possible. Step 1: Take advantage of the early-bird group discount. When you buy passes for four or more people, you pay just $45 each — that’s $30 off each pass. Sweet! Don’t dilly-dally or shillyshally. The early-bird price expi...
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Which VCs are set to make a killing in GitLab’s IPO

Picking up where we left off Friday, let’s spend some more time in the GitLab IPO filing. It’s going to be an IPO week, mind; Toast and Freshworks are set to price Tuesday after the close of trading and begin to float on Wednesday. Expect final notes on the value of each and reports on how they trade when they do. The Exchange will also try to get on calls with the CEOs. But because it is Disrupt week, things are going to be a little chaotic. The Exchange explores startups, markets and money. ...
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Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 is coming with 5G and NFC

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 will have 5G and NFC, fixing two of the biggest problems with the original model.
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Amazon and Nike are among major brands advertising on websites that spread COVID-19 misinformation, report says

Ads for Amazon services were discovered on more than 30 sites, according to the analysis. Quinn Rooney/Getty Images Amazon, Nike, and others advertised on sites promoting false COVID-19 claims, The Observer reported. These companies may have unwittingly helped spread fake news, according to the outlet. Ads for Amazon services were found on more than 30 sites that distributed false news. See more stories on Insider's business page. Major companies and brands including Amazon, Nike, Ted ...
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A Guide to AWS Database Migration Service

Amazon Web Service Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a cloud-based service that facilitates easy and seamless migration of databases to AWS. You can migrate databases from on-premises systems to the cloud, from one cloud provider to another, and even from the cloud to on-premises systems though this is rarely done given the cutting-edge advantages of the cloud. What matters for AWS DMS is that any one of the source or target databases should be functioning in the cloud. A critical advan...
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Is 2021 The Year of the Linux Desktop?

"2021 Is the Year of Linux on the Desktop," writes PC Magazine. "No, really..." Walk into any school now, and you'll see millions of Linux machines. They're called Chromebooks. For a free project launched 30 years ago today by one man in his spare time, it's an amazing feat.... Linux found its real niche — not as a political statement about "free software," but as a practical way to enable capable, low-cost machines for millions... Chrome OS and Android are both based on the Linux kernel. The...
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Is Python About to Become the Most Popular Programming Language?

"According to one measure, Python is potentially on the verge of becoming the most popular computer programming language," reports ZDNet, joining C and Java as the only other two languages to attain the #1 spot. Of course, it depends on who's making the list... Python has been snapping at the heels of Java and C for the past few years on the 20-year-old Tiobe index and recently knocked Java off the second spot to rival C. Tiobe, a software testing company, bases its rankings on searches for pr...
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Richard Stallman Shares His Concerns About GitHub's Copilot -- and About GitHub

destinyland writes: A newly-released video at shows an hour-long talk given by free software advocate Richard Stallman for the BigBlueBotton open source conference (which was held online last July). After a 14-minute clip from an earlier speech, Stallman answers questions from the audience — and the first question asked Stallman for his opinion about the AI Copilot [automated pair programming tool] developed for Microsoft's GitHub in collaboration with AI research and deployment company ...
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Inside GitLab’s IPO filing

While the technology and business world worked towards the weekend, developer operations (DevOps) firm GitLab filed to go public. Before we get into our time off, we need to pause, digest the company’s S-1 filing, and come to some early conclusions. GitLab competes with GitHub, which Microsoft purchased for $7.5 billion back in 2018. The company is notable for its long-held, remote-first stance, and for being more public with its metrics than most unicorns — for some time, GitLab had a November ...
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FTC Releases Findings on How Big Tech Eats Little Tech

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan signaled changes are on the way in how the agency scrutinizes acquisitions after revealing the results of a study of a decade's worth of Big Tech company deals that weren't reported to the agency. From a report: Tech's business ecosystem is built on giant companies buying up small startups, but the message from the antitrust agency this week could chill mergers and acquisitions in the sector. The FTC reviewed 616 transactions valued at $1 million or more ...
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Save over 90% on this expert-led training on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Everyone in the modern workplace deals with spreadsheets in one way or another—it’s just a matter of which tool they use. For most organizations, it’s usually either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. The two spreadsheet programs are highly revered for their multifunctionality, allowing people to do everything from bookkeeping to data organization to data analysis and visualization.  Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are chock-full of features that allow for optimum productivity. If you know how ...
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Weekend reading: DIY disaster capitalists

What caught my eye this week. W hen I began investing in the early 2000s, the September 11th attacks still loomed large in investors’ minds. Of course, that shadow extended everywhere then. The West was at war in Afghanistan and soon Iraq. Terrorist plots exploded or were foiled with numbing regularity. It all hogged the news like Covid or Brexit. In investing circles there was seemingly an extra moral question, too. Was it right to try to profit from the share price moves that resulted from t...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Getty Images Good morning and welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. ​​Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android.Let's get started.1. Google faces calls to compensate its underpaid temp workers. After reports that the tech giant illegally underpaid thousands of contract workers, more than 140 Google employees signed a petition calling on the company to properly compensate them - calling it a "mass...
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AI Has Already Taken Over the World

I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to feel as if machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have already taken over the world. Remember in primary school when everyone tried really hard to impress, or even just to be recognized … Continue reading →
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Staples is practically handing out the Surface Pro 7 right now

Surface Pro deals going on now at Staples. You can pick up or order your own Surface Pro 7 for just $1,000.
Tags: Deals, Microsoft, Trends, Computing, Tablets, Laptop, Laptop Deals, Tablet Deals, Microsoft Deals, Surface Pro 7, Staples Deals, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Staples 2021, Surface Pro 7 deals, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 deals

Tech Giants Used 'Loopholes' To Duck Merger Reviews, FTC Says

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Hundreds of deals by U.S. technology giants flew under the radar of merger watchdogs, fueling the companies' unchecked growth in the digital economy, according to a Federal Trade Commission study (PDF). The data on acquisitions by Apple, Amazon, Alphabet's Google, and Microsoft show that antitrust enforcers must be more aggressive in making sure companies aren't taking advantage of "loopholes" to avoid reporting deals to regulators, FTC Chair L...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tech, Bloomberg, Khan, Federal Trade Commission, Giphy, Ftc, Bloomberg News, Lina Khan, Apple Amazon Alphabet

Rivian announces membership plan with complementary charging and LTE connectivity

Igor Bonifacic Contributor Igor Bonifacic is a contributing writer at Engadget. More posts by this contributor Microsoft Office 2021 will be available on October 5th Apple has reportedly appointed wearable chief Kevin Lynch to lead its car division With R1T trucks rolling off the assembly line at its factory in Normal, Illinois, Rivian continues to prepare for the official debut of its first EVs later this month. On Thursday, the ...
Tags: Apple, TC, Column, Microsoft, Tech, Kevin Lynch, Rivian, Illinois Rivian, Tceng, Igor Bonifacic Contributor Igor Bonifacic, Adventure Network, Engadget More, Rivian Membership

New Microsoft Office Arrives Early Next Month, and Won't Require You To Pay For a Subscription

Microsoft's new, flat-price version of its Office productivity software will arrive on Oct. 5 -- the same day Windows 11 begins rolling out, according to a company blog post Thursday. From a report: Microsoft previously emphasized that while its main focus remains in its subscription offering, Microsoft 365, it will release the one-time purchase Office 2021 for those who aren't ready to move to the cloud. Office 2021 arrives in two versions: one for commercial users, called Office LTSC (which st...
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Microsoft Office 2021 will be available on October 5th

Igor Bonifacic Contributor Igor Bonifacic is a contributing writer at Engadget. More posts by this contributor Apple has reportedly appointed wearable chief Kevin Lynch to lead its car division Microsoft will release Office 2021, the next consumer version of its productivity suite, on October 5th. That’s the same day the company will launch Windows 11. Much like Office 2019 before it, Office 2021 is a one-time purchase that will...
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How to watch the 2021 Emmy Awards on Sunday - you can stream the event live on Paramount Plus or CBS

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP The 73rd Emmy Awards will be held on September 19 at 8 p.m. ET in Los Angeles. You can watch the television award show on CBS or with a subscription to Paramount Plus. The ad-supported Paramount Plus plan costs $5 a month, and the ad-free plan costs $10 a month. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Premium Monthly Plan (ad-free) (small) The 73rd Emmy Awards will be broadcas...
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Confluent CEO Jay Kreps is coming to TC Sessions: SaaS for a fireside chat

As companies process ever-increasing amounts of data, moving it in real time is a huge challenge for organizations. Confluent is a streaming data platform built on top of the open source Apache Kafka project that’s been designed to process massive numbers of events. To discuss this, and more, Confluent CEO and co-founder Jay Kreps will be joining us at TC Sessions: SaaS on Oct 27th for a fireside chat. Data is a big part of the story we are telling at the SaaS event, as it has such a critical ro...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

The Inspiration4 crew, who are all civilians. Netflix Good morning and welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. ​​Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android.Let's get started.1. SpaceX launched its first all-civilian crew into orbit from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The Inspiration4 mission was the first involving solely amateur astronauts, comprising a billionaire school dropout; a geoscientist; a p...
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Windows MSHTML 0-Day Exploited to Deploy Cobalt Strike Beacon in Targeted Attacks

Microsoft on Wednesday disclosed details of a targeting phishing campaign that leveraged a now-patched zero-day flaw in its MSHTML platform using specially-crafted Office documents to deploy Cobalt Strike Beacon on compromised Windows systems. "These attacks used the vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2021-40444, as part of an initial access campaign that distributed custom Cobalt Strike Beacon [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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