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WH’s AI EO is BS

An executive order was just issued from the White House regarding “the Use of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Government.” Leaving aside the meritless presumption of the government’s own trustworthiness and that it is the software that has trust issues, the order is almost entirely hot air. The EO is like others in that it is limited to what a president can peremptorily force federal agencies to do — and that really isn’t very much, practically speaking. This one “directs Federal agencies...
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Gift Guide: Games on every platform to get you through the long, COVID winter

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide! Need help with gift ideas? We’re here to help! We’ll be rolling out gift guides from now through the end of December. You can find our other guides right here. It’s a great time to be a gamer — I mean, what else is there to do? And with the prospect of a long winter and lonely holiday season ahead of us, here’s a list of games on all the major platforms that you can really sink your teeth — and a few dozen hours — into. Buying for a gamer and have...
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Bill Gates just released a plan for US leadership on climate change, including $35B in funding

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s richest men and most prolific philanthropists, has just released a broad new plan on how the U.S. could take the lead in the fight against climate change. “[We] need to revolutionize the world’s physical economy—and that will take, among other things, a dramatic infusion of ingenuity, funding, and focus from the federal government. No one else has the resources to drive the research we need,” Gates writes.  With a new Biden ad...
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Why is my laptop hot? How to troubleshoot and cool down an overheated laptop

There are several ways you can try to cool down an overheated laptop. AleksandarNakic/Getty Images Laptops can feel hot or warm for a variety of reasons.  Diagnosing the problem isn't exactly clear-cut, so you may need to try various troubleshooting techniques.  A hot laptop isn't usually indicative of any problems; the most common issue is a dust-filled fan.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Almost every laptop owner has experienced this: You are working o...
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Python and TypeScript Gain Popularity Among Programming Languages

GitHub has released its annual Octoverse report, revealing trends in one of the largest developer communities on the planet, including a spike in open source project activity following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. VentureBeat: JavaScript continues to be the most popular programming language on GitHub, while Python is now the second most popular, followed by Java and the fast-growing TypeScript community. Maintained by GitHub owner Microsoft, TypeScript has climbed from seventh place in 20...
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M1 Powered Mac Beats Surface Pro X while Running Windows Virtualisation in New Benchmark Runs

Recent Benchmarks shows that Apple M1 Mac outperforms Surface Pro X in Window Visualization performance The post M1 Powered Mac Beats Surface Pro X while Running Windows Virtualisation in New Benchmark Runs appeared first on
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Sight Tech Global day 2 is live! Hear from Apple, Waymo, Microsoft, Sara Hendren and Haben Girma

Day 2 for the virtual event Sight Tech Global is streaming on TechCrunch from 8 a.m. PST to 12:30. The event looks at how AI-based technologies are rapidly changing the field of accessibility, especially for blind people and those with low vision. Today’s programming includes top accessibility product and technology leaders from Apple, Waymo, Microsoft and Google, plus sessions featuring disability rights lawyer Haben Girma and author and designer Sara Hendren. Check out the event’s full agenda....
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Zoom is Apple's most downloaded app of 2020, while multiplayer smash hit 'Among Us' has topped its games list. Here's how they rank.

Facebook and Instagram also made the list. OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images Apple released its list of the most downloaded apps and games in 2020, and it reflects what a weird year it has been. Zoom's popularity has soared during the pandemic as people looked for ways to stay connected while stuck at home.  With major film and TV releases delayed, people have increasingly turned to streaming services, but Disney+ ranked much higher than Netflix. DoorDash came in at 14th, while Uber didn't m...
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Zoom is Apple's most downloaded app of 2020, while multiplayer smash hit 'Among Us' has topped its games list

Facebook and Instagram also made the list. OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images Apple released its list of the most downloaded apps and games in 2020, and it reflects what a weird year it has been. Zoom's popularity has soared during the pandemic as people looked for ways to stay connected while stuck at home.  With major film and TV releases delayed, people have increasingly turned to streaming services, but Disney+ ranked much higher than Netflix. DoorDash came in at 14th, while Uber didn't m...
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Microsoft launches Azure Purview, its new data governance service

As businesses gather, store and analyze an ever-increasing amount of data, tools for helping them discover, catalog, track and manage how that data is shared are also becoming increasingly important. With Azure Purview, Microsoft is launching a new data governance service into public preview today that brings together all of these capabilities in a new data catalog with discovery and data governance features. As Rohan Kumar, Microsoft’s corporate VP for Azure Data told me, this has become a m...
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AWS Engineer Puts Windows 10 on Arm on Apple Mac M1 -- and It Thrashes Surface Pro X

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtualization engineer has shown what Windows 10 on Arm could be like if Microsoft licensed its Arm-based OS to the public rather than just to Windows 10 manufacturers. From a report: With Apple's new M1 Arm-based system on chip, Mac users who need to use Windows 10 can't run Microsoft's Arm-based version of Windows using Apple's Bootcamp. The key obstacle is that Microsoft doesn't license Windows 10 on Arm to any entities other than its own Surface group and Window...
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Salesforce slumps 8.5% as its post-Slack selloff continues

Shares of Salesforce traded lower today, despite the company hosting a multi-hour keynote that included a buffet of Marc Benioff. What’s going on? Essentially, since the Salesforce-Slack deal reached the ears of the public, shares of the CRM giant have fallen, while shares of the enterprise social upstart have risen sharply. That Slack did well since news of the deal broke is not a surprise. Salesforce is paying more for the company than it had been worth, the premium to its prior value co...
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Everyone has an opinion on the $27.7B Slack acquisition

When the Salesforce-Slack deal was officially announced on Tuesday afternoon, and the number appeared, it was kind of hard to believe. Salesforce had shelled out more than $27 billion to buy Slack and bring it into the Salesforce family of products. The company sees a key missing piece in Slack, and that could explain why it was willing to spend such an astonishing amount of money to get it. With Slack, Salesforce now has what CEO Marc Benioff called the interface to everything, something ...
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Windows 10 can run better virtualized on Apple’s M1 Macs than on Surface Pro X

Windows 10 and some ARM-based Windows 10 apps can perform better when virtualized on Apple's new M1 Macs versus running natively on a native ARM-device.
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How to see the edit history for cells in Google Sheets and spot changes or mistakes in a spreadsheet

Google Sheets allows users to view the edit history of their whole file and single cells. damircudic/Getty Images You can see the edit history for cells in Google Sheets to track changes and help prevent mistakes in a spreadsheet. The feature is useful for collaborative work or for people who use the same spreadsheet frequently and need to update data. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. One of Google Workspace's best features across its product suite is its e...
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Older people are spending more on video games and playing more during the pandemic than ever before

Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock As the impacts of the coronavirus continue in the US, more people than ever are playing video games. That's especially true with people aged 35 and up, according to a new study from the NPD Group. Most notably, the demographic that reported the greatest overall increase were people between 45 and 54 years old. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In March 2020, as the coronavirus began to rapidly spread across the United States, the video game busi...
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This chart shows how the Salesforce acquisition of Slack for $27.7 billion stacks up against tech's largest deals ever

Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO & cofounder Salesforce On Tuesday afternoon, Salesforce announced plans to purchase Slack for $27.7 billion — one of the largest ever tech acquisitions. The purchase tops Microsoft's 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn by a bit more than $1 billion, putting it among the top five largest tech acquisitions of all time. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff called the combination of Salesforce and Slack, "a match made in heaven" in the announcement. "Together, Salesforce and Slack...
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Microsoft apologises for feature criticised as workplace surveillance

Productivity score potentially allowed managers to identify individual employees who weren’t contributing enoughMicrosoft has apologised for enabling a feature, “productivity score”, which critics said was tantamount to workplace surveillance.The company says it will now make changes to the service, which lets IT administrators “help their people get the most” from its products, in order to limit the amount of information about individual employees that is shared with managers. Continue reading....
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Microsoft's New Windows Feature Experience Packs Are Smaller Updates To Windows 10

Microsoft has started testing smaller feature updates for Windows 10 in the form of a Windows Feature Experience Pack. The branding appeared inside Windows 10 earlier this year, but Microsoft has only confirmed what the packs will be used for this week. From a report: The Windows Feature Experience Pack will be used to "improve certain features and experiences that are now developed independently of the OS," according to Microsoft. The first feature pack has been released to Windows 10 beta test...
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Sesame Street cereal and brands’ fun with the Utah monolith: Wednesday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. If you're reading this online or in a forwarded email, here's the link to sign up for our Wake-Up Call newsletters.  Brought to you by General Mills Cereal sales have risen sharply during the pandemic, despite the efforts of brands like Kraft Mac & Cheese to suggest themselves as alternative breakfast foods ....
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Equity Shot: Salesforce’s $27.7 billion-dollar Slack message

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. Welcome to an Equity Shot all about the huge, and hugely interesting Salesforce -Slack deal, in which the enterprise social company will be subsumed for the mere price of $27.7 billion. TechCrunch has notes on the deal here, and on what Salesforce expects the acquisition will do for its growth rate here. Some of the drama, we admit, was removed when the deal was p...
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Salesforce is buying Slack for $28 billion

In one of the most notable tech acquisitions of recent years, Salesforce will buy Slack for approximately $27.7 billion. It’s Salesforce’s biggest purchase ever, and a shot in the arm for Slack, which has been facing increasing competition from platforms like Microsoft Teams and Google Chat. In the announcement post, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says: “This is a match made in heaven. Together, Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of enterprise software and transform the way everyone works i...
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Amazon To Roll Out Tools To Monitor Factory Workers and Machines

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Amazon is rolling out cheap new tools that will allow factories everywhere to monitor their workers and machines, as the tech giant looks to boost its presence in the industrial sector. Launched by Amazon's cloud arm AWS, the new machine-learning-based services include hardware to monitor the health of heavy machinery and computer vision capable of detecting whether workers are complying with social distancing. Amazon said it had created a t...
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AWS updates its edge computing solutions with new hardware and Local Zones

AWS today closed out its first re:Invent keynote with a focus on edge computing. The company launched two smaller appliances for its Outpost service, which originally brought AWS as a managed service and appliance right into its customers’ existing data centers in the form of a large rack. Now, the company is launching these smaller versions so that its users can also deploy them in their stores or office locations. These appliances are fully managed by AWS and offer 64 cores of compute, 128GB o...
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Microsoft Will Remove User Names from 'Productivity Score' Feature After Privacy Backlash

Microsoft says it will make changes in its new Productivity Score feature, including removing the ability for companies to see data about individual users, to address concerns from privacy experts that the tech giant had effectively rolled out a new tool for snooping on workers. From a report: "Going forward, the communications, meetings, content collaboration, teamwork, and mobility measures in Productivity Score will only aggregate data at the organization level -- providing a clear measure of...
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AWS goes after Microsoft’s SQL Server with Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL

AWS today announced a new database product that is clearly meant to go after Microsoft’s SQL Server and make it easier — and cheaper — for SQL Server users to migrate to the AWS cloud. The new service is Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL. The tagline AWS CEO Andy Jassy used for this service in his re:Invent keynote today is probably telling: “Stop paying for SQL Server licenses you don’t need.” And to show how serious it is about this, the company is even open-sourcing the tool. What Babelfish ...
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Microsoft Teams Getting CarPlay Integration and Device Swapping Support for Calls

Microsoft today updated its Microsoft Teams software to add improvements to Teams Calling, making it easier for organizations and their employees to keep in contact with one another. The Calls app has been overhauled to bring all of the important phone call info to one space. It includes a dial pad, call history, voicemail, contacts, and settings for a better call workflow. Call recordings can be shared in OneDrive and SharePoint, and there's a new spam identification tool that earmarks pote...
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Microsoft Removes 18 Malicious Edge Extensions for Injecting Ads Into Web Pages

Microsoft has removed 18 Edge browser extensions from the Edge Add-ons portal after the extensions were caught injecting ads into users' web search results pages. From a report: The extensions were removed between November 20 and November 25 after Microsoft received multiple complaints from users via Reddit. A subsequent investigation found multiple abusive extensions that had been uploaded on Microsoft's new fledgling Edge Add-ons portal. According to a list shared by a Microsoft community mana...
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Thousands of U.S. lab results and medical records spilled online after a security lapse

NTreatment, a technology company that manages electronic health and patient records for doctors and psychiatrists, left thousands of sensitive health records exposed to the internet because one of its cloud servers wasn’t protected with a password. The cloud storage server server was hosted on Microsoft Azure and contained 109,000 files, a large portion of which contained lab test results from third-party providers like LabCorp, medical records, doctor’s notes, insurance claims, and other sensit...
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How does Stadia work? How to stream games on Google's cloud-gaming platform

Google's gaming service, Stadia, is a cloud-gaming platform. Chesnot / Contributor/Getty Images Google Stadia works by allowing you to stream games without a console or gaming PC. You need a Google-capable device like an Android or browser with Chrome, or a Google Chromecast Ultra for big-screen streaming. The platform relies on Google's servers and a fast internet connection for an optimal cloud-based gaming experience. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories....
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