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CEO Shishir Mehrotra and investor S. Somasegar reveal what sings in Coda’s pitch doc

Coda entered the market with an ambitious, but simple, mission. Since launching in 2014, it has seemingly forged a path to realizing its vision with $140 million in funding and 25,000 teams across the globe using the platform. Coda is simple in that its focus is on the document, one of the oldest content formats/tools on the internet, and indeed in the history of software. Its ambition lies in the fact that there are massive incumbents in this space, like Google and Microsoft. Co-founder and CEO...
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What is metadata? Understanding the type of data that describes data sets and determines much of what you see online

Metadata is a common type of data that exists nearly everywhere online. alvarez/Getty Images Metadata is a term for data that describes the attributes of another set of data. Metadata can determine much of what you encounter online, from the top search results returned in Google to the contents of the ads you see. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. "Metadata" is one of those techy buzzwords you'll frequently hear in the discourse surrounding internet privacy, ...
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GameStop is headed for inclusion in a large-cap stock index after its dizzying surge to record heights - but AMC will miss out with its spike coming after the deadline

John Minchillo/AP John Minchillo/AP GameStop could be listed alongside Amazon and Microsoft if included on the Russell 1000 Index. AMC missed the May 7 cutoff to reach a capitalization higher than $7.3 billion. The stocks have ballooned to the largest on the Russell 2000 Index thanks to retail traders. See more stories on Insider's business page. GameStop could be one of the newest stocks on a list of the 1,000 largest companies thanks to the army of retail traders that have pushed t...
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What to Expect From Microsoft's Windows 11 Event

It’s about time Microsoft introduced something new, and we’re pretty sure that what’s on the way is a new version of Windows. Specifically, we expect to see Windows 11, because Windows 10X has all but kicked the bucket before it even had a chance. (RIP.) Read more...
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Twine raises $3.3M to add networking features to virtual events

Twine, a video chat startup that launched amid the pandemic as a sort of “Zoom for meeting new people,” shifted its focus to online events and, as a result, has now closed on $3.3 million in seed funding. To date, twine’s events customers have included names like Microsoft, Amazon, Forrester, and others, and the service is on track to do $1 million in bookings in 2021, the company says. The new round was led by Moment Ventures, and included participation from Coelius Capital, AltaIR Capital, Men...
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Beamery raises $138M at an $800M valuation for its ‘operating system for recruitment’

Online job listings were one of the first things to catch on in the first generation of the internet. But that has, ironically, also meant that some of the most-used digital recruitment services around today are also some of the least evolved in terms of tapping into all of the developments that tech has to offer, leaving the door open for some disruption. Today, one of the startups doing just that is announcing a big round of funding to double down on its growth so far. Beamery, which has built...
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ORG CHARTS: View the most important people and power structures at companies like Netflix, Google and JPMorgan

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon sits at the top of the bank's org chart. Mike Blake/Reuters Org charts plot out the power structure at companies. Insider has been assembling these for the past year for companies like Netflix, Microsoft and JPMorgan, and we update them frequently. See more stories on Insider's business page. Organizational charts plot out the most powerful people at companies and the structure that links them together. Here's a summary of the ones our reporters h...
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E3 2021 wrap-up

E3 2021 kicked off with news about E3 2022. Kind of a funny way to start a show, as Mayor Eric Garcetti told the crowd, “we look forward to seeing you in-person, here in the City of Angels, in 2022.” Also a bit funny when the mayor’s video game show announcement has less confetti and Minions than his state-reopening speech, but that’s something for another post. It’s understandable, of course, that E3’s organizers led with that news. The 2021 show was, like so many other things over the past yea...
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Windows 11 SE could be the successor to the ill-fated Windows 10 in S Mode

Microsoft could be gearing up to renew its battle with Chromebooks running Google's Chrome OS in the education space with its unannounced Windows 11 SE.
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Xbox One Consoles Will Get Next-Gen Games Through Xbox Cloud Gaming

Deep in a blog post summing up Sunday’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase at E3, Microsoft casually mentioned it plans on bringing next-gen Xbox games to Xbox One consoles via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Great news, if you’ve been struggling to find a new Xbox Series S or Series X. Read more...
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Mark Zuckerberg falls off Glassdoor's top 100 CEOs list for the first time since 2013, as his employee-approval rating on the website drops

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP via Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg dropped off Glassdoor's "Top CEOs" list for the first time since 2013. The Facebook CEO scored an 89% employee approval rating, far higher than Glassdoor's 73% CEO average. But he dropped from the list after employee approval dipped in late 2020 and early 2021. See more stories on Insider's business page. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has dropped off Glassdoor's list of the top 100 CEOs ...
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Microsoft is Bringing Next-Gen Xbox Games To the Xbox One With xCloud

Microsoft will let Xbox One owners play next-gen Xbox games through its xCloud service. The news was buried in a blog post recapping Microsoft's Xbox + Bethesda showcase, with the company confirming plans to leverage Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) for Xbox One consoles. That means the 2013 hardware will be able to play Xbox Series X exclusive games from 2021 -- extending the lifecycle of what would normally soon be obsolete boxes. From a report: "For the millions of people who play on Xbox One conso...
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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 review: Windows 10 as it is meant to be

Premium PC with new choice of faster chips, eight-hour battery, great keyboard and face recognition Microsoft’s sleek and stylish Surface Laptop is back for its fourth generation with faster performance and a greater variety of chips.The Surface Laptop 4 is available with either a 13.5in or a 15in screen and starts at £999 in the UK, $999 in the US or $1,599 in Australia sitting above the Surface Laptop Go as Microsoft’s mainstream premium notebook, competing with the similarly priced Dell XPS 1...
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Nintendo teases 2022 release for Breath of the Wild sequel and releases Zelda Game & Watch to tide us over

Nintendo defied expectations today with an E3-timed Direct showing off not the hoped-for new Switch hardware but a dozen or so new games — as well as a general release window for the much-anticipated next Zelda game. And to celebrate the original’s 35th anniversary, it will sell a new Game & Watch featuring the first three games in the series. Among other things, Nintendo showed off remasters or remakes of titles from the “Monkey Ball,” “Mario Party,” “Advance Wars, “Wario Ware” and other series...
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Windows 11 Screenshots Leak, Show New Start Menu and More

Screenshots of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 11 operating system have appeared online today. Originally published at Chinese site Baidu, the screenshots show off the new Windows 11 user interface and Start menu. The UI changes look very similar to what was originally found in Windows 10X before Microsoft canceled that project in favor of Windows 11. From a report: App icons are now centered on the taskbar, with a new Start button and menu. The Start menu is a simplified version of what currently ...
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Xbox Mini Fridge Featuring Velocity Cooling Architecture Will Launch Later This Year!!

It looks like a meme and a simple marketing tactic has turned into reality. Today, Microsoft has confirmed that a fully functional Xbox Mini Fridge is in making, and it is powered by Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture. The post Xbox Mini Fridge Featuring Velocity Cooling Architecture Will Launch Later This Year!! appeared first on
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Tips for Taking Your Small Business Brand Global 

“We are working to build a global brand.” A sentence heard often in marketing circles, and it’s easy to see why.  Having a solid global branding strategy that takes into account geographical and cultural differences will help you save on costs and eliminate the need to retool everytime you enter a new market. Done right, it can also have huge payoffs in brand recognition and customer trust. However, creating a brand that can scale across continents and cultures takes careful planning. Hav...
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Kai-Fu Lee’s Sinovation bets on Linux tablet maker Jingling in $10M round

Kai-Fu Lee’s Sinovation Ventures has its eyes on a niche market targeting software developers. In April, the venture capital fund led a $10 million angel round in Jingling, a Chinese startup developing Linux-based tablets and laptops, TechCrunch has learned. Other investors in the round included private equity firm Trustbridge Partners. Jingling was founded only in June 2020 but has quickly assembled a team of 80 employees hailing from the likes of Aliyun OS, Alibaba’s Linux distribution, Thunde...
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Google's AirTable Rival, Tables, Graduates From Beta (slashdot)

Last fall, Google's in-house incubator Area 120 introduced a new work-tracking tool called Tables, an AirTable (a San Francisco-based startup that makes cloud-based spreadsheet collaboration software and is valued at $5.77 billion) rival that allows for tracking projects more efficiently using automation. Today, Google says Tables will officially "graduate" from Area 120 to become an official Google product by joining Google Cloud, which it expects to complete in the next year. From a report: Th...
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10 things in tech: YouTube's ad ban, Elon Musk's house, AI salaries revealed

Good morning and welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here.Let's get started.1. YouTube has banned ads for politics, alcohol, and prescription drugs from its homepage banner. Gambling-related ads, such as sports betting and casino games, will also be barred from the coveted - and pricey - ad spot. 2. Looking for a house? Maybe you can buy Elon Musk's. The Tesla CEO said he's selling his last home to help fund a Mars colony. From his tweet, it seems th...
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Microsoft's Smith Says Secret Subpoenas Hurt US Tech Companies

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith criticized secret data subpoenas sent by the government to cloud providers like his company and Apple, saying gag orders on requests for personal information undermine freedoms and are hurting U.S. technology companies in Europe. From a report: Last week the New York Times reported that during the administration of former President Donald Trump, the U.S. Department of Justice demanded records from Apple relating to two Democrats on the U.S. ...
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Google's AirTable Rival, Tables, Graduates From Beta

Last fall, Google's in-house incubator Area 120 introduced a new work-tracking tool called Tables, an AirTable rival that allows for tracking projects more efficiently using automation. Today, Google says Tables will officially "graduate" from Area 120 to become an official Google product by joining Google Cloud, which it expects to complete in the next year. From a report: The Tables project was started by long-time Google employee, now Tables' GM Tim Gleason, who spent 10 years at the company ...
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Google Hangouts Is Now Google Chat, and Good Luck Figuring Out Why

Google is officially making its Workspace suite of apps available to all users with a Google account instead of limiting it to folks who use apps through their employers. Nearly 3 billion users with Google accounts now have access to the company’s new versions of Gmail, Docs, and Chat. The change for those who have…Read more...
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Supreme Court Revives LinkedIn Bid To Shield Personal Data

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday gave Microsoft's LinkedIn another chance to try to stop rival hiQ Labs from harvesting personal data from the professional networking platform's public profiles -- a practice that LinkedIn contends threatens the privacy of its users. From a report: The justices threw out a lower court ruling that had barred LinkedIn from denying hiQ access to the information that LinkedIn members had made publicly available. At issue is whether companies can use a federal anti-ha...
Tags: Supreme Court, Microsoft, San Francisco, Linkedin, Tech, U S Supreme Court, 9th U S Circuit Court of Appeals

Google’s AirTable rival, Tables, graduates from beta test to become a Google Cloud product

Last fall, Google’s in-house incubator Area 120 introduced a new work-tracking tool called Tables, an AirTable rival that allows for tracking projects more efficiently using automation. Today, Google says Tables will officially “graduate” from Area 120 to become an official Google product by joining Google Cloud, which it expects to complete in the next year. The Tables project was started by long-time Google employee, now Tables’ GM, Tim Gleason, who spent 10 years at the company and many more ...
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Supreme Court revives LinkedIn case to protect user data from web scrapers

The Supreme Court has given LinkedIn another chance to stop a rival company from scraping personal information from users’ public profiles, a practice LinkedIn says should be illegal but one that could have broad ramifications for internet researchers and archivists. LinkedIn lost its case against Hiq Labs in 2019 after the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the CFAA does not prohibit a company from scraping data that is publicly accessible on the internet. The Microsoft-owned social...
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The best deals on Xbox consoles, controllers, and games right now - including $20 off 'Halo: The Master Chief Collection'

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Microsoft's latest Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Microsoft Microsoft's newest consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, are still super popular and hard to find in stores. Though consoles are hard to find, you can often find discounts on accessories and games. Below, we've compiled the best deals on Xbox consoles, games, accessories, and subscriptions. Deals on Xbox...
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E3 2021 catch up

If you’re like me, you spent the weekend longing for the mixed bag that is downtown Los Angeles during E3. I’ve got fond memories of fish tacos, The Last Bookstore, watching playoff basketball in garishly lit hotel lobbies and, of course, video game press conference after video game press conference. For a second year in a row, the show’s gone all virtual, owing to…well, you know, that pesky virus that has defined the past year and a half of our lives. Last year’s show was canceled altogether (t...
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E3 2021: all the news from Microsoft and Bethesda’s Xbox showcase

From Halo Infinite to the long anticipated role-playing adventure Starfield, Microsoft is promising a big show for this year’s digital only E3 conference 6.29pm BST Ah, here’s Bethesda’s Pete Hines, announcing that another 10 Bethesda games are now available to play on Game Pass, including Doom Eternal with a next-gen upgrade (60fps with ray-tracing). 6.28pm BST I’ve been looking forward to Psychonauts 2 for what seems like half my life. A surreal platformer about invading people’s minds...
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Like Google Chrome, Chrome OS Will Transition to a Four-Week Update Release Cycle

Google is speeding up the update release schedule for Chrome OS to a four-week cycle in the third quarter of this year, the company announced Friday. Read more...
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