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XPan Mode on the OnePlus 9 Pro isn’t the best use of Hasselblad’s expertise

XPan Mode is the latest camera feature added to the OnePlus 9, and it draws on partner Hasselblad’s history. But it’s not what the pair should be working on.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Photography, Trends, Oneplus, Hasselblad, Oneplus 9 Pro, XPan Mode

Google’s newest Android updates bring accessibility changes and emoji updates

Google has rolled out its latest Android feature drop with updates hitting everything from accessibility and Google Photos to Gboard's emoji kitchen.
Tags: Google, Android, Mobile, News, Trends, Google+ Photos, Gboard

Apple iPadOS 15: Everything you need to know

Apple's iPadOS 15 makes multitasking easier and more functional, with lots of new features and updates. Here's everything you need to know.
Tags: Apple, Ipad, Mobile, Trends, Apple Ipad, iPadOS, Ipados 15, Apple iPadOS

Apple may be forced to change the iPhone's proprietary charging port under new EU proposal

Apple's latest lineup of iPhones, from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple Apple's iPhone uses a proprietary charging cable and port, known as "Lightning." The smartphone giant may be forced to switch iPhones to USB-C under a new European Union proposal. Apple would have two years to make the change - but it could switch to wireless charging by then. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Apple's iPhones are notorious for using proprietary cables and ...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Mobile, Europe, News, Trends, Eu, European Union, Commission, European Commission, Nintendo, Ports, Lightning cable, Council, European Parliament, Usb-c

The best iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors: Shield like a pro

We round up the best iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors, so you can guard Apple's brand new flagship and its luscious 120Hz display from cracks and other damage.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, Buying Guides, Apple Iphone, iPhone 13 Pro, Best screen protectors, Apple Event September 2021, Apple iPhone 13 Pro, Best iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors

Surface Duo 2 vs. Surface Duo: Which is better?

Microsoft's Surface Duo was an interesting product. We find out whether its sequel can be even better in this guide.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Microsoft, Trends, Buying Guides, Folding Phone, Foldables, Microsoft Surface Duo, Microsoft Surface Duo 2, Phone Comparison

The EU wants Apple to ditch the Lightning port for USB-C by 2024

A new European Union policy could force Apple to finally switch to USB-C despite its stubborn stance on the proprietary Lightning port.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Eu, European Union, Usb-c

The EU wants Apple to ditch the Lightning port by 2024

A new European Union policy could force Apple to finally switch to USB-C despite its stubborn stance on the proprietary Lightning port.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Eu, European Union, Usb-c

Apple Watch Series 6 is a steal at Amazon today — but hurry!

The Apple Watch Series 7 is coming soon, but the Apple Watch Series 6 is still an excellent buy, especially with Amazon's $70 discount for the wearable device.
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Deals, Mobile, Wearables, Trends, Apple Watch deals, Apple Watch Series 6, Mobile Deals, Amazon 2021

ICYMI: The new iPad 10.2 is already discounted at Amazon

The 9th-generation iPad won't officially be released until tomorrow, but Amazon is already offering a $30 discount on the retail price of the 10.2-inch tablet.
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Deals, Mobile, Trends, iPad deals, Mobile Deals, Amazon 2021, 10.2-inch iPad 2021

'Fortnite' may not return to iPhones for up to 5 years, if ever

Epic Games It sounds like "Fortnite" isn't coming back to the iPhone anytime soon. Epic says it won't bring the game back to the iPhone unless Apple allows alternate payment forms. Apple says it won't even consider allowing Epic back until the the companies' legal spat is over. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. It sounds like "Fortnite" won't be back on Apple's iPhone anytime soon. Based on the most recent exchanges between "Fortnite" maker E...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Mobile, Gaming, Lawsuit, Video Games, Entertainment, Trends, Epic, App Store, Litigation, iOS App Store, Epic Games, Apple App Store, Phil Schiller

How to pre-order the Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft has unleashed the Surface Duo 2, fixing much of what was wrong with the original. Here is how to pre-order one today.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Microsoft, Trends, Buying Guides, Microsoft Surface Duo 2, Surface Event 2021

The $500 iPhone 11 is the new king of budget iPhones

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. The purple iPhone 11’s glass back Antonio Villas-Boas/Insider Apple reduced the price of the iPhone 11 to $500 after announcing the iPhone 13. The iPhone 11's lower price and superior design, camera, and battery life makes it a better deal than the $400 iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is still the obvious choice for people who specifically prefer smaller screens. In a smart move to draw in anyone who like...
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The new Surface Duo 2 costs $1,499, and that’s probably OK

Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 debuted with a $1,499 price tag. In light of last year's debacle, you might think that's a mistake. It's not.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Microsoft, Trends, Microsoft Surface Duo 2, Surface Event 2021

Microsoft atones with Surface Duo 2, adding 5G, Snapdragon 888, and triple camera

Microsoft introduced the successor to the Surface Duo, the Surface Duo 2 confirming 5G connectivity, 90Hz screens, and a Snapdragon 888 processor.
Tags: Android, Mobile, News, Microsoft, Trends, Microsoft Surface Duo 2, Surface Event 2021

How to use an Apple Watch to control your iPhone camera

The Apple Watch's native camera app cannot record images. It's a helper app to your iPhone's camera. Here's how to view and shoot photos with your watch.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Mobile, Wearables, Trends, How-to, Apple Watch

4 things we love about WatchOS 8, and 2 that have us baffled

WatchOS 8 is available to download now, so which features should you try out first? Here are four things we like, and two others that are less successful.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Wearables, Trends, Apple Watch, watchOS 8

iPhone 13 Mini vs. iPhone 12 Mini: Which Mini maxes it?

The iPhone 13 Mini is the successor to last year's 5.4-inch powerhouse the iPhone 12 Mini. Question is, is it worth an upgrade, or should you give it a miss?
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, Buying Guides, Apple Iphone, Smartphone Comparisons, iPhone 12 mini, Apple iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Who wins?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is an absolute beast of a smartphone, but so too is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. We find out which one is best in this comparison test.
Tags: Apple, Android, Mobile, Trends, Max, Samsung Galaxy, Buying Guides, Smartphone Comparisons, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

New Nokia G50 signals HMD Global’s leap into affordable 5G phones

HMD Global has launched the Nokia G50, its first affordable 5G phone, coming in at the equivalent of $272. The software update promise will help attract buyers.
Tags: Android, Mobile, News, Nokia, Trends, HMD Global, Nokia G50

AirPods, Beats owners can get Apple Music free for 6 months

If you're yet to try out Apple's music streaming service and you own one of its audio devices, you may be able to take advantage of a special offer.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ipad, Mobile, Music, News, Trends, Music Streaming, Apple Music

The Apple Watch Series 7 joins the Apple Watch SE and Series 3 later this fall - here's how they compare

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Apple Watch Series 7 will replace the Series 6 in stores while the SE and Series 3 remain available. Apple Apple Watch Series 7 will be available "later this fall" with prices starting at $399. The more affordable Apple Watch SE, released in 2020, will remain available for $279. Apple Watch Series 3 remains the cheapest option at $199, but we no longer recommend buying it. Table of Contents: Masthead S...
Tags: Reviews, Apple, Mobile, Wearable, Trends, Tech, Apple Watch, Smart Watch, watchOS, ECG, Tech Insider, Apple Watch Series 3, Kevin Webb, Insider Picks, Apple Watch SE, Product Card

AT&T launches 5G-powered AR program Game View within the WNBA app

AT&T's 5G Game Zone app gives WNBA stats in real-time using augmented reality technology.
Tags: Apple, Android, Mobile, News, Trends, AT&T, Mobile Gaming, 5g, WNBA

Apple iPhone 14 rumors continue, revealing bigger screen, 48MP camera

Leaks for the Apple iPhone 14 have continued to spill out, revealing the possibility for bigger screens and a 48MP camera for 2022.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Ming-chi Kuo, iPhone 14 leaks

iPhone 13 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Battle of the flagships

The iPhone 13 may be Apple's best smartphone to date, but is it better than the Samsung Galaxy S21? We find out in this head-to-head phone comparison test.
Tags: Apple, Android, Mobile, Samsung, Trends, Samsung Galaxy, Buying Guides, Samsung Galaxy S21, iPhone 13, Apple iPhone 13, Apple Event September 2021

How to download iOS 15 right now

iOS 15 is finally here, and that means it's time to download the final release onto your favorite iPhone. Here's how to download iOS 15 right now.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, How-to, iOS 15, WWDC 2021, Apple Event September 2021

Trust me, a Samsung user: You want the iPhone 13 Pro’s 120Hz display

As a Samsung user, let me be the first to tell you why the high refresh screen on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is such a big deal.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Samsung, Trends, Apple iPhone 13 Pro

PayPal launches its ‘super app’ combining payments, savings, bill pay, crypto, shopping and more

PayPal has been talking about its “super app” plans for some time, having recently told investors its upcoming digital wallet and payments app had been given a go for launch. Today, the first version of that app is officially being introduced, offering a combination of financial tools including direct deposit, bill pay, a digital wallet, peer-to-peer payments, shopping tools, crypto capabilities and more. The company is also announcing its partnership with Synchrony Bank for its new high-yield s...
Tags: TC, Mobile, Apps, Finance, Germany, Tech, Customers, Paypal, United States, Payments, Venmo, Chime, Synchrony Bank, Varo, Facebook Fundraisers, Generosity Network

I’ve used MagSafe for a year. It’s useful, but here’s why I wouldn’t miss it

Apple's MagSafe technology is part of the iPhone 13, and I've used it since its launch with the iPhone 12. What's it really like today, a year on?
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, Magsafe, Iphone 12, iPhone 13, Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

iOS 15 adds all the little features that were missing

The release of iOS 15 should be a major event for mobile operating systems. And yet, this year, there’s no breakthrough feature or overarching theme that makes this release stand out. Apple has focused on quality-of-life updates as well as new features for its own apps. The result is a solid update that is not going to be controversial. Some people are going to take advantage of the new Focus feature. They’ll spend a lot of time customizing their phone to make it as personal as possible. Other p...
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