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One of the internet's oldest fact-checking organizations is overwhelmed by coronavirus misinformation — and it could have deadly consequences

Misinformation regarding the coronavirus has proliferated online amid the outbreak, to the extent the World Health Organization has declared a news "infodemic." One of the internet's oldest fact-checking organizations, Snopes, has seen a 50% uptick in traffic in the last 30 days as people rush to find the truth behind coronavirus-related information flooding the web. Vinny Green, Snopes' chief operating officer, told Business Insider that we're nearing "the deadliest information crisis we migh...
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SpaceX’s first operational crew mission adds additional NASA and JAXA astronauts

SpaceX is readying for its first flight with astronauts on board – Demo-2, which is technically the last demonstration mission that is required before the Crew Dragon capsule is officially certified to start flying regular missions. Demo-2’s mission scope has been adjusted somewhat so that astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be actually doing some shift work on the International Space Station, but Crew-1 is the official first operational mission of the SpaceX human-rated spacecraft, a...
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Germany’s space agency shifts its 3D printing resources to producing protective medical equipment

DLR, German’s space agency and NASA equivalent, is doing what it can to support the global shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) used by frontline healthcare workers in their efforts to treat those affected by COVID-19. DLR announced that it has successfully tested converting its on-site 3D printers, typically used for producing aerospace-grade parts, to creating medical equipment including protective face masks and ventilators. There’s a need for various kinds of components and eq...
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Three Moments from the History of the Exploration of the Solar System

The vampire secret space program was too rushed to fully erase Transylvania-born rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth from the history books, but they were able to disguise their Moon-bound launches in the chaos of WWII Eastern Europe. So strong were Von Braun’s oaths of silence (or so deep his fear of what had been left behind) that it took the Apollo program a handful of missions, and the sanity of more than one astronaut, before they accepted the message: the Moon was not for the living.So, after pa...
Tags: Europe, Future, Ray Bradbury, Nasa, Moon, Mars, Transylvania, Von Braun, Hermann Oberth, Approach Suns

Was Magellan's Voyage Riskier Than Sending Humans to Mars?

A Portuguese historian argues that Magellan's famous trip around the world in 1522 was much harder than sending humans to Mars: Tens of guys died making this crossing; of 250 crew, only 18 returned, Henrique Leitao, a historian at the University of Lisbon, told me... [O]nce NASA or other space agencies or private entities actually launch humans on a six month trajectory to the Red planet, they will likely have mitigated the lion's share of risks to the crew. In contrast, Magellan's crew realized...
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Is Uranus Losing Its Atmosphere?

Mars was once covered by oceans, but lost its atmosphere over time, according to Gina DiBraccio, a space physicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and project scientist for the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, or MAVEN mission. Is the same thing happening to Uranus? The magnetic bubble surrounding the giant gas planet may be siphoning its atmosphere off into space, reports Digital Trends: Uranus's atmospheric loss is driven by its strange magnetic field, the axis of which points a...
Tags: Tech, Nasa, Mars, Goddard Space Flight Center, Gina DiBraccio, DiBraccio

Gamma-ray space telescope study may have spotted dark matter

Analyzing data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, researchers find hints of dark matter.The scientists looked to spot a correlation between gravitational lensing and gamma rays. Future release of data can pinpoint whether the dark matter is really responsible for observed effects. By comparing data derived from gravitational lensing and gamma ray observations by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, a study showed that certain regions of the sky emit more gamma rays. While the main cause...
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NASA Picks SpaceX To Fly Cargo To Moon-Orbiting Gateway Space Station

NASA has awarded SpaceX with a contract to supply Gateway, the moon-orbiting space station that the agency aims to start building in 2022, agency officials announced Friday. reports: Gateway is a key part of NASA's Artemis exploration program, which seeks to establish a sustainable, long-term human presence on and around the moon by the late 2020s. The small space station will serve as a jumping-off point for sorties, both crewed and uncrewed, to the lunar surface. SpaceX will help to ...
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SpaceX to deliver cargo to NASA’s lunar Gateway station using a new ‘Dragon XL ‘ spacecraft

NASA has tapped SpaceX as the first provider of space-based logistics to deliver experiment materials, cargo and supplies to its lunar Gateway, the agency announced on Friday. This means SpaceX will be among the companies that NASA can turn to when it needs things shuttled via spaceship between Earth and this forthcoming platform, which will orbit the Moon and provide a staging ground for future crewed Moon missions. The contract means that SpaceX will play a key role in not only NASA’s...
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Dropbox is temporarily halting its recruiting efforts, in a blow for tech workers seeking jobs as startups ramp up mass layoffs

Dropbox has temporarily halted all recruiting efforts as the company works through the challenges of integrating new hires remotely, Business Insider has learned.  "In order to ensure we're onboarding new hires effectively and managing the strain on these teams during the shelter-in-place orders in effect across the globe, we've paused recruiting efforts temporarily," a Dropbox spokesperson confirmed.  The file-sharing service is continuing to honor all pending offers and ongoing interview pro...
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Google is canceling its legendary April Fools' Day jokes this year because of the pandemic (GOOG)

Google is cancelling its legendary April Fools' Day jokes this year. The company is worried about seeming in bad taste if it went ahead with them due to the pandemic. In an email obtained by Business Insider, it asked managers to make sure no teams were still planning pranks. "Please suss out those efforts and make sure your teams pause on any jokes they may have planned," the email by Google's marketing boss Lorraine Twohill said. In previous years, Google has added treasure hunts to Google M...
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How to block a website on Mozilla Firefox using a third-party extension

You can easily block a website on Firefox by using a Block Site extension. After downloading the third-party extension, you can add websites to a blocked list in Firefox's "Add-Ons" menu. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. You can easily block websites on Firefox — but you'll need to download an extension first. To begin, download the Block Site desktop extension from the Mozilla website.  Then, you can access your settings and add blocked websites to the "Add-ons" section o...
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Samsung Galaxy Buds are not waterproof or effectively water-resistant — here are a few water-resistant alternatives

Samsung Galaxy Buds are not waterproof, or even rated as appreciably water resistant, and should be kept as dry as possible at all times. If your Galaxy Buds do get wet, you should dry them as much as you can and as fast as you can and then set them aside for a few hours to fully dry them out before use. Many companies make water-resistant earbuds that are of similar quality to Galaxy Buds. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Samsung Galaxy Buds produce impressive bass, cle...
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Massive US Coronavirus Stimulus Includes Research Dollars, Some Aid To Universities

sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: The $2 trillion stimulus package that the U.S. Senate is working to approve today is aimed at helping the country cope with the massive impact of the coronavirus pandemic. But it also includes at least $1.25 billion for federal research agencies to support scientists trying to better understand coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In addition, it extends a financial hand to universities that have shut down because of the pandemic, some of which...
Tags: National Weather Service, Congress, Tech, Nasa, National Institutes of Health, Senate Appropriations Committee, National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, National Science Foundation, U S Senate, U S Forest Service, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Science magazine, Department of Energy s Office of Science, COVID

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says a lesson from Steve Jobs can help startups navigate through the coronavirus crisis: 'Zoom out, think beyond'

Former Apple CEO John Sculley thinks that once the coronavirus pandemic is over, the US economy will enter a new age of innovation.  Industries like telehealth and remote work are on the cusp of a breakthrough, Sculley observed. And startup founders looking to innovate could look to a saying from his old colleague Steve Jobs for guidance.  "Steve used to say, 'you always have to zoom out beyond the boundaries of the industry as it's known,'" Sculley said, "'What would that be in terms of chang...
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Prototype thrusters designed for use on the Moon undergo key hot-fire testing

NASA’s renewed efforts to return to the Moon may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but work still proceeds on a number of projects related to the effort, including a series of hot-fire test of thrusters designed by NASA and partner Frontier Aerospace. These tests, more than 60 in total performed over the course of just 10 days, were performed under conditions designed to simulate what it would be like to use them in space, and provided key information that could lead to the verification of t...
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A former NASA programmer is using the skills he learned working with a space robot to change the way finance companies adopt new technology

The financial services industry has seen rapid changes over the past five years, with new fintech startups and legacy institutions offering a wide range of novel products and services. Many of those offerings rely on cloud platforms and software as a service, such as that designed by Berlin-based Mambu, which has a team of 200 spread across offices from Singapore to Miami. Mambu CEO and former NASA software engineer Eugene Danilkis told Business Insider how his global team — and the platform i...
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How to change your default search engine in Google Chrome, and switch between Google, Bing, and more

You can change your default search engine in Google Chrome by heading to your Settings menu. In that menu, you can change Google Chrome's default search engine from Google to Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and more. Both the Google Chrome desktop app and mobile app allow you to change your default search engine at any time. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google might seem like the natural choice for a default search engine in Google Chrome. But like a Windows user with an iPhon...
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SpaceX Encounters First Launch Delay Due To Coronavirus

On Tuesday, the Air Force's 45th Space Wing confirmed that the timing for SpaceX's upcoming SAOCOM launch, which was set to take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on March 30 using a Falcon 9 rocket, has been put on "indefinite" hold due to the impact of the current coronavirus crisis. TechCrunch reports: Vandenberg has declared a public health emergency as of this past weekend, and while there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the base thus far, the Air Force is limiting acce...
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Google is extending the contracts of temp workers whose jobs were about to end during the pandemic — starting with the hundreds that were due to leave this week (GOOG)

Google is extending the contracts of temporary workers whose jobs were due to end during the pandemic. The company is keeping workers who were due to end from March 20 onwards on for an extra two months. Workers had raised concerns internally that workers might have to start looking for other jobs amid an unprecedented outbreak and economic downturn. 600 temporary Google workers had been due to end their roles at the company this week.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Goog...
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Rocket Lab postpones next mission due to coronavirus pandemic

Rocket Lab is the latest new space company to feel the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic: The small satellite launcher announced on Tuesday that it would be suspending its next launch, a mission called ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ that was set to take-off from Rocket Lab’s Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia peninsula on March 30. The launch is a rideshare mission that includes satellites from a range of customers, including NASA, as well as the US. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), an...
Tags: TC, Space, Spacex, Los Angeles, Tech, Nasa, United States, New Zealand, Satellite, Spaceflight, Aerospace, Don, Outer Space, Mahia, Rocket Lab, StarLink

How Supercomputers Are Helping to Fight Covid-19

A host of companies, including IBM, Microsoft, and Google, along with universities and national labs have teamed up to form the COVID-19 High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium. This new partnership is designed to provide scientists with supercomputing resources as they figure out how to combat the…Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Nasa, Ibm, Supercomputers, IBM Microsoft, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Sars Cov 2

How to find someone on Slack on a computer or mobile device

You can easily find someone Slack to direct message them if you know the contact's name. If you don't know your potential contacts' names, you'll need to use the regular search bar to type in phrases they've said or work titles that are associated with them. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Finding people on Slack can be daunting if your workspace consists of hundreds of people, or you're just new to the company.  But if you know the name of the person you're looking for, t...
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Want to help design a moon robot? NASA needs you.

NASA wants your help redesigning the bucket drum system for its RASSOR excavator. The Moon's weaker gravity and the excavator's light weight pose unique design challenges. RASSOR will one day excavate regolith so it can be processed into the resources necessary for sustainable lunar exploration. Are you an engineer, designer, manufacturer, or STEM student? Maybe just someone with a healthy predilection for bucket drums? Then NASA wants to hear from you.NASA's Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative...
Tags: Design, Technology, Resources, Future, Nasa, Earth, Discovery, Engineering, Moon, Robots, Innovation, Orion, Artemis, Kennedy Space Center, NASA Kennedy Space Center, LSII

IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft partner with White House to provide compute resources for COVID-19 research

During today’s White House coronavirus task force press conference, President Trump announced the launch of a new public/private consortium to “unleash the power of American supercomputing resources.” The members of this consortium are the White House, the Department of Energy and IBM . Other companies, including Google, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as a number of academic institutions, are also “contributing lots of different things,” the president said. While Trump’s comments were character...
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Weekend Reading 3.22.20

The last time I ate at a restaurant was a week ago, before the Bay Area (and now all of California) went into full lockdown. Since then the world has dramatically changed. Everyone is staying a minimum of 6 feet apart. I’m only able to see friends and extended family via FaceTime or Zoom. This article offers a glimpse of life in California right now. I rotate through different emotions each day. When I’m walking in the sunshine, I feel gratitude for clean air and the ability to move. When I cook...
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How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing the ESA's Rocket Development

"A successful firing test shows that Europe's lightweight Vega launcher is well on its way to cheaper and more efficient launches in 2025," reports, citing officials at the European Space Agency (ESA). "3D printing has changed rocket development by greatly reducing upfront manufacturing time," argues Popular Mechanics: The new part belongs to Vega's M10 engine, which the ESA hopes to put into space beginning in 2025. As part of a "hot fire" test, the engine was fired 19 times for a ...
Tags: Europe, Tech, Nasa, Esa, Vega, European Space Agency ESA, ESA s Rocket Development

What Are the Best Free Streaming Services?

An anonymous reader shares some free streaming media options: There's over 10,000 public domain audiobooks at, created by volunteers reading public domain works. (If you've got time, why not record yourself reading your own favorite public domain poem or novel?) And there's also a lot of free audiobooks (and ebooks) available through Hoopla, a free "digital media" service that's partnering with many public libraries across North America. They're not just offering books; there's al...
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Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden Passes Away

"Former astronaut Alfred M. Worden, command module pilot on the Apollo 15 lunar landing, passed away March 18, 2020, in Texas," reports His son-in-law told the New York Times Worden apparently died of a stroke. "Al was an American hero whose achievements in space and on Earth will never be forgotten," tweeted NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. Slashdot reader Iwastheone shares NASA's remembrance: As command module pilot, Worden stayed in orbit while commander David Scott and lunar ...
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Greenland's Melting Ice Raised Global Sea Level By 2.2mm In Two Months

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Last year's summer was so warm that it helped trigger the loss of 600 billion tons of ice from Greenland -- enough to raise global sea levels by 2.2mm in just two months, new research has found. Unlike the retreat of sea ice, the loss of land-based glaciers directly causes the seas to rise, imperiling coastal cities and towns around the world. Scientists have calculated that Greenland's enormous ice sheet lost an average of 268 billion tons ...
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