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Amazon Prime Video Watch Party Lets You Watch Movies & TV Shows with Up to 100 People in a Virtual Room

Movie theaters still aren’t open, and most people aren’t too keen on sitting in close proximity with each other in front of the television. But in the middle of this pandemic, people have been taking advantage of spending time together virtually. Unfortunately, most of the major streaming services haven’t done much to help viewers connect with their friends online by allowing them to watch movies and TV shows online together. But now that’s changed: Amazon Prime Video has launched its own Watch...
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Daily Crunch: Lululemon is acquiring Mirror

Lululemon is paying $500 million to acquire a home fitness startup, India bans TikTok and Amazon Prime Video is the latest streaming service to add a co-viewing experience. Here’s your Daily Crunch for June 30, 2020. 1. Lululemon set to acquire home fitness startup Mirror for $500M The deal comes at a time when home workout solutions are in high demand thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when gyms begin to reopen in different locales, many will likely be wary of returning to a potentially...
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You can now watch Amazon TV shows and movies with up to 100 friends virtually through a new feature called Watch Party (AMZN)

Amazon is launching a new feature for watching Prime TV shows and movies with friends remotely called Watch Party. You can start a Watch Party with up to 100 people, but the feature is only available for Prime members in the US and only works on a desktop web browser. The launch comes after rivals like Hulu and HBO rolled out similar features.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Amazon is making it easier to watch TV shows and movies included with Amazon Prime alongside frien...
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Amazon Prime Video introduces ‘Watch Party,’ a social co-viewing experience included with Prime

Amazon Prime Video is beginning to roll out a co-viewing feature to Amazon Prime members in the U.S., the company announced today. The “Watch Party” feature, which is included at no extra cost with a Prime membership, allows participants to watch video content together at the same time with the playback synchronized to the host’s account. The host of the co-watching session will be able to start, stop and pause the Watch Party as needed throughout the session, and those changes will also be s...
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Amazon Prime Video introduces ‘Watch Party,’ a social coviewing experience included with Prime

Amazon Prime Video is beginning to roll out a coviewing feature to Amazon Prime members in the U.S., the company announced today. The “Watch Party” feature, which is included at no extra cost with a Prime membership, allows participants to watch video content together at the same time with the playback synchronized to the host’s account. The host of the cowatching session will be able to start, stop and pause the Watch Party as needed throughout the session, and those changes will also be syn...
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Plex launches a co-watching experience for its on-demand library and users’ personal media

Virtual viewing parties that let people watch video together remotely have become a popular way to stay connected with friends and family amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier today, Hulu announced the addition of a new “Watch Party” feature for its site to make a virtual viewing experience a built-in feature of its service. Now, media software maker Plex is also today launching its own “Watch Together” feature which works both with its own collection of on-demand content and users’ personal me...
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Hulu launches a new Watch Party feature for virtual viewing parties and chat

Hulu today is introducing a new feature called “Hulu Watch Party,” its first social feature that will allow viewers to virtually watch Hulu together at the same time while in separate locations and chat with one another within the Hulu app. The feature is being tested first on for Hulu’s “No Ads” subscribers for the time being. It will work with thousands of movies and shows in Hulu’s on-demand streaming library, the company says. To see which programs are available for this Watch Party...
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'BBC Together' Service Lets UK Users Enjoy BBC Content With Others Remotely

The BBC has launched a new experimental online service that lets users watch or listen to BBC programs, prodcasts, and radio with others over the internet at the same time. Called BBC Together, the online tool is available on Taster, the BBC's experimental platform, which can be accessed via any web browser. The way it works is that one user finds the link of a program or video clip they want to watch with others – from BBC iPlayer, Sounds or Bitesize, BBC News and Sport websites – and then t...
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This Chrome plug-in lets you binge-watch HBO hits like 'Westworld,' 'Succession,' and 'Insecure' remotely with friends — here's how it works

Services like Netflix Party and Kosmi have skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic, as people look for ways to watch TV and movies together while physically apart. A Chrome extension called Scener, which has been around since 2018, has partnered with HBO to allow users to coordinate virtual viewing parties for content on the premium network. Here's how to download and use Scener to binge watch popular HBO series like "Succession," "Insecure," and "Westworld." Visit Business Insider's hom...
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Houseparty expands beyond video chat with co-watching of live events

Houseparty, the video chat app that’s seen a surge of growth during quarantine, is preparing to expand its service in a new direction: co-watching live video with friends. The company on Friday will launch its first experiential event series called In the House, which will feature more than 40 celebrities who will dance, talk, cook, sing, workout and more over the course of three days. Viewers of the event will be able to sing and dance with Alicia Keys and DaBaby; cook with Bad Bunny, José Andr...
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Instagram Live usage jumped 70% last month. A psychologist says it's because 'people are not designed to be isolated.'

Livestreaming on Instagram has seen a 70% increase in use in the US over the last month. Social distancing orders have led many to find new ways to interact and communicate, but the reaction online to the surge of live videos has been widely negative. A psychologist told Business Insider the increase in people going Live could be due to a desire to share the mundane details of daily life people would usually share during in-person conversations. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stor...
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'Netflix Party': a New Chrome Extension Adds Chat Panes to Movies

GameSpot calls it "like an AOL chat room" combined with Netflix. The Guardian reports: You log in, share a viewing link with friends, choose one person to be in charge of picking what you watch and, as your chosen show plays out in the bulk of the screen, a chatroom pops up on the right-hand side. You can discuss the show with the people in your room, or argue, or flirt, or veer wildly off-tangent because you've realised that you've picked an absolute dud to watch. Right now, Netflix Party feel...
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Coronavirus: Brand Moves for Friday March 20

Google Chrome extension Netflix Party which adds a social, sharing element to watching streaming video – a development that is obviously much needed in these times of self-isolation – has experienced a massive boost in popularity over the last few weeks. The extension (an unofficial add-on, with no connection to Netflix) works by showing your requested video, but with a bar down one side for your user group to comment and chat. It’s a very interesting development, bringing the ‘watercooler mome...
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Let ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director James Gunn and This Chrome Extension Help Shape Your Quarantine Watch List

Have you created a quarantine watch list yet? Good thing there’s always room for more, right? Last Friday, writer/director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Super, Slither) shared a list of underseen movie recommendations to help keep film fans occupied while we all stay inside as much as possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Check out his list below, and learn about a new Google Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix remotely with a group of friends. Your Quarantine Wa...
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Queer events you can attend online

As the coronavirus pandemic alters daily life, queer events around the world are getting canceled, but there’s one event COVID-19 can’t touch: Couchella. That’s right — the hottest ticket in town is the house-party-of-one you’re hosting from your living room. Proximity doesn’t preclude us from gathering in the digital age. While it’s necessary to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a social recession doesn’t need to be the byproduct of staying safe. Whether you ...
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People are going crazy for a browser plug-in that lets you coordinate Netflix watch parties while quarantined — here's how to use it

The coronavirus outbreak has led millions to quarantine inside their homes and work remotely in an effort to stop the spread of the pandemic. A browser extension called Netflix Party, which lets multiple users watch a TV show or movie together, has seen a resurgence in interest in recent weeks. Here's how to install and use Netflix Party, which is only available for use on Google Chrome. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In-person hangouts are no longer possible for millions...
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Netflix Party lets friends have movie nights while social distancing. Here's how it works

A Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party allows people to Netflix and chill while social distancing for coronavirus. Here's how it works.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Netflix Party extension

Calls for social isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic are now requiring people to get creative if they want to spend time with their friends. A Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party is making this easier on those of us who are isolated at home. The extension has been around for a few years, but it’s more popular now than ever. According to the extension’s website, “Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. Netflix Party synchronized video playback and add...
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A Netflix browser extension that could let you chat with friends while self-isolating is gaining renewed attention amid the coronavirus pandemic

An extension that lets Netflix users chat with friends and watch shows together is gaining renewed attention amid the coronavirus outbreak. Called "Netflix Party," the extension – which is only available for Google Chrome browsers – lets multiple users watch a show at the same time. It functions similarly to the online 'party' features found in multiplayer gaming services like PlayStation Network, in which groups of people chat freely while enjoying the same real-time entertainment. The extens...
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3 Sibling Rivalry Solutions You Can Learn from 'Hocus Pocus'

Our favorite witchy sisters can teach us a thing or two. My first major experience with sibling rivalry was when I started helping in the theater department after school. My older sister was the stage manager there, and after some convincing on her end, I found myself untangling microphone cords, labeling prop pieces, and organizing costumes in the back closet.I was only a freshman in high school at the time, and of course, I wanted to become my own person and make my mark throughout the next f...
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A New Hack Let’s You Watch Netflix With Friends…Even When They’re Not Around

An innovation called "Netflix Party" allows everyone to watch the same thing at once.
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We Are Social: Curiosity Stop #8

Our latest roundup of social innovations is here to solve all your problems. As we well know, the best innovations usually spring from a desire for change. They’re a creative solution to a need or problem of a particular set of individuals. Some of the following ‘problems’, as taken from this month’s , are a little #firstworld, but that doesn’t make the solutions any less innovative… Are you lacking in Tinder charm? Always lose them at ‘We would make sexy babies’? You need new app Nattr. It...
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