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AI devs created a lean, mean, GPT-3-beating machine that uses 99.9% fewer parameters

AI researchers from the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich have developed a bite-sized text generator capable of besting OpenAI‘s state of the art GPT-3 using only a tiny fraction of its parameters. GPT-3 is a monster of an AI system capable of responding to almost any text prompt with unique, original responses that are often surprisingly cogent. It’s an example of what incredibly talented developers can do with cutting-edge algorithms and software when given unfettered access to supe...
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6 big data blunders businesses should avoid

Had Hergé been into businesses, this article would have been a point of interest to him. And he could have avoided the Big Data errors in his ‘Tintin’ enterprise.  Are you willing to follow down the line too? Not yet intrigued? #Sigh# Thought so! Let’s get you hooked! Here’s the modern business landscape – Data data everywhere, not a drop to waste! Data has become considerably crucial for modern businesses. In this age even AI is getting powered by Big Data. The secret lies in the capability to ...
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Sony’s new AI agent achieves superhuman Gran Turismo Sport scores

One of the best things about computers is that they can learn just as much from a simulation as they can from so-called ‘real world’ experiences. That means, given the proper simulator, we can teach AI to drive cars without ever putting a single human in danger. Just about every AI company trains their driverless vehicle algorithms using simulations. Until now, the simulators themselves weren’t all that interesting. They’re mostly just physics engines designed to be interpreted by a neural netwo...
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This COVID-19 newsletter was written by a human

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter where we bring you facts that matter about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology trying to stop its spread. You can subscribe here. Hola pandemic pals, Summer ends in a week. I just Googled it to be sure and it still doesn’t make sense. None of 2020 makes sense. The US elections are six weeks away. It’s already pumpkin spice season. I am not ready for any of this. I think everyone’s feeling the pain that comes from seeing life pass us by as 2020 d...
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A realistic picture of how AI fits into today’s economy

So you’re interested in AI? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses. There’s a difference between a shiny new thing and a thing that works. You just need to look at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see how much of the technology we create just doesn’t cut it and gets tossed into the wastebin of innovation because it doesn’t find a working business model. Where does artificial intelligen...
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COVID-19 made your data set worthless. Now what?

The COVID-19 pandemic has perplexed data scientists and creators of machine learning tools as the sudden and major change in consumer behavior has made predictions based on historical data nearly useless. There is also very little point in trying to train new prediction models during the crisis, as one simply cannot predict chaos. While these challenges could shake our perception of what artificial intelligence really is (and is not), they might also foster the development of tools that could au...
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A beginner’s guide to AI: Separating the hype from the reality

An advanced artificial intelligence created by OpenAI, a company founded by genius billionaire Elon Musk, recently penned an op-ed for The Guardian that was so convincingly human many readers were astounded and frightened. And, ew. Just writing that sentence made me feel like a terrible journalist. That’s a really crappy way to start an article about artificial intelligence. The statement contains only trace amounts of truth and is intended to shock you into thinking that what follows will be fi...
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How programmers are using AI to make deepfakes — and even detect them

So you’re interested in AI? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses. In 2018, a big fan of Nicholas Cage showed us what The Fellowship of the Ring would look like if Cage starred as Frodo, Aragorn, Gimly, and Legolas. The technology he used was deepfake, a type of application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to manipulate videos. Deepfakes are mostly known for their capability to swap the faces of ac...
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IBM bets on AI and robotics to speed up drug discovery

So you’re interested in AI? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses. An end-to-end, integrated chemical research system unveiled by IBM last week gives us a glimpse of how artificial intelligence, robotics and the cloud might change the future of drug discovery. And it’s a good time as any to see some a breakthrough in the field. The world is still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the race to the find ...
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How AI can give endangered elephants a fighting chance

At present, more African elephants are dying than being born. Over the last century, the world’s elephant population has declined 97% from trophy hunters, ruthless ivory mercenaries, and even terrorist groups. The Wildlife Conservation Society has pointed out that the global ivory trade leads to the death of up to 35,000 elephants a year in Africa. It’s easy to point a finger at China as the biggest market for poached ivory in the world, yet only five years ago more than a ton of confiscated ivo...
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Watch: This AI mashup of movie characters singing ‘All Star’ is the best DeepFake ever

Unpopular opinion: All Star, by Smash Mouth, is the greatest rock song ever created. Okay, that’s a lie. But it does make for the most compelling use of DeepFake technology we’ve ever seen. You simply have not lived until you’ve seen Gerard Butler as Leonidas and the creepy Agent Smith from The Matrix singing out the lyrics. Behold: The above video was made using a DeepFakes program called Wave2Lip which was created using code from the paper “A Lip Sync Expert Is All You Need for Speech to Lip G...
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Google blames faulty algorithm for blurring Hong Kong protest graffiti on Street View

Google has blamed an algorithmic error for blurring out protest graffiti on the Street View map of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reports. The news site reported yesterday that two spray-painted slogans on Nathan Road, the main thoroughfare in the urban area of Kowloon, had been obfuscated on Google Street View, which was updated in Hong Kong last year. According to HKFP, one read “Xi Jinping must die for the sake of the world,” while the other said “liberate Hong Kong, revolution of...
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Stop confusing facial recognition with facial authentication

So you’re interested in AI? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses. Amid the continuing pandemic news and protests against systemic racism in our society, another piece of news has come to the fore: Some of the biggest tech companies announced they would ban law enforcement from using their facial recognition technology. Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft made the move as protesters around the country call for an end t...
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TinyML is breathing life into billions of devices

Until now building machine learning (ML) algorithms for hardware meant complex mathematical modes based on sample data, known as “training data,” in order to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so. And if this sounds complex and expensive to build, it is. On top of that, traditionally ML related tasks were translated to the cloud, creating latency, consuming scarce power, and putting machines at the mercy of connection speeds. Combined, these constraints made ...
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The fourth generation of AI is here, and it’s called ‘Artificial Intuition’

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed, but it’s not nearly as new as you might think. In fact, it’s undergone several evolutions since its inception in the 1950s. The first generation of AI was ‘descriptive analytics,’ which answers the question, “What happened?” The second, ‘diagnostic analytics,’ addresses, “Why did it happen?” The third and current generation is ‘predictive analytics,’ which answers the question, “Based on what has already happen...
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OpenAI reveals the pricing plans for its API — and it ain’t cheap

OpenAI has revealed the projected pricing plans for its API, which lets people use the company’s vaunted AI tools on “virtually any English language task.” But you’re gonna need money to burn if you wanna try it out. The API gives users access to GPT-3, OpenAI‘s headline-grabbing text generator. The company says developers can apply it “to any language task — semantic search, summarization, sentiment analysis, content generation, translation, and more — with only a few examples or by specifying ...
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Why you shouldn’t mistake AI for automation

So you’re interested in AI? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses. Any business looking to streamline its processes and move to more efficient models will encounter automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence along the way. Although in 2020 we’re a far cry from sentient machinery taking over, these buzzwords are currently hot property across every industry, from manufacturing to services. So it’s...
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iZotope’s new RX8 repair tool cleans up your noisy audio with AI

RX8, the latest release from the audio experts at iZotope, today launched with a bevvy of new features and an an updated interface. As you can guess from the sub-heading, I’m most excited about the all-new guitar de-noiser. As a beginning player my picking and fretting techniques are atrocious. But a little studio magic goes a long way and, thanks to RX8, I don’t have to spend hours editing out unwanted instrument and pick noises if I want to record a few licks for a track. But that’s not the on...
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Transformative AI, no-code, or low-code? The best approaches to deploying AI in your business

So you’re interested in AI? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly accelerated our dependency on technology, online activities, and artificial intelligence. AI is particularly important for businesses as it enables personalized services on a massive scale, and customers are increasingly demanding it. However, not every company has the knowledge or the tools to implement AI,...
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Watch the first ever demo of a self-powered electronic paper interface

Scientists have developed a method of turning paper into keyboards that can convert notebooks into music players and make food packaging interactive. Engineers from Purdue University made the interfaces repellent to moisture, liquid stains, and dust by coating paper with highly-fluorinated molecules. They then used this coating to print multiple layers of circuits onto the paper without smearing ink across the pages. The interfaces are powered by vertical pressure sensors that harvest energy thr...
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A notorious GPT-3-generated blog shows AI still can’t imitate human writing

So you’re interested in AI? Then join our online event, TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses. Last week, many tech publications broke news about a blog generated by artificial intelligence that fooled thousands of users and landed on top of the Hacker News forum. GPT-3, the massive language model developed by AI research lab OpenAI, had written the articles. Since its release in July, GPT-3 has caused a lot of excitement in the AI commu...
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I was excited for Neuralink. Then I watched Elon Musk’s stupid demo

Last week Elon Musk’s Neuralink, a startup working on creating a brain computer interface (BCI) for consumers, held a “tech demo” to show off the company’s progress over the last year. Let me sum it up for you: Musk and Neuralink have figured out how to do basic brain surgery. What’s that you say? Humans have been doing basic brain surgery for hundreds of years? Yeah, that’s my point. Musk got me again. I should have known better. After all, I once believed Tesla would reach level five autonomy ...
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AI job listings plummet as COVID-19 recession appears imminent

The last thing we expected to see near the end of 2020 was a truce between human job-seekers and the deep learning systems replacing them, but the possibility of an impending recession has upended the AI market. According to experts, COVID-19 has stalled the once meteoric rise of available jobs for deep learning developers. I think it's clear that for many smaller companies that invested in deep learning, it turned out not to be essential and got cut post-Covid as part of downsizings. There are ...
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Google says it’s going to sell ethics advice to AI companies

Google‘s working on a service that would provide ethics consulting for companies building AI solutions. According to a report from Wired, the company is considering launching this ethics consultancy service by the end of the year. Reporter Tom Simonite writes: Initially, Google will offer others advice on tasks such as spotting racial bias in computer vision systems, or developing ethical guidelines that govern AI projects. Longer term, the company may offer to audit customers’ AI systems for et...
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Hey employers, forcing your machine learning hires to have fancy degrees is dumb

So you like our media brand Neural? You should join our Neural event track at TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses.  Should your machine learning hire have a PhD? Do you need a PhD to work in ML? I see PhD and Masters degrees listed as requirements in ML job descriptions all the time. The very first Google Jobs result I opened for “Machine Learning Engineer” required: Ph.D. in Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Operations Resea...
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Why Facebook’s plan to give virtual assistants bodies is both awesome and terrifying

Facebook recently showed off the progress its AI research team has made in the realm of household robotics. The dream is to take the virtual assistant out of the speaker and put it into an autonomous body capable of traversing your house. If you’re thinking “Rosie the Robot” from The Jetsons, you’re not far off. Just think smaller. Per a Facebook AI blog post: To accomplish a task like checking to see whether you locked the front door or retrieving a cell phone that’s ringing in an upstairs bedr...
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Practical Natural Language Processing: A must-read for anyone who wants to become seriously involved in NLP

So you like our media brand Neural? You should join our Neural event track at TNW2020, where you’ll hear how artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses.  By many accounts, linguistics is one of the most complicated functions of the human mind. Likewise, natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most complicated subfields of artificial intelligence. Most books on AI, including educational books on machine learning, provide an introduction to natural language processin...
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5 esoteric science papers to take your mind off the global hellscape

Experiencing 2020 from the POV of a rational-minded person is exhausting and scary. It sometimes feels as though we’ve ended up in the worst timeline of a badly-scripted parallel universes story. While everyone has their own tried-and-true coping mechanisms, we’d like to suggest a science-based remedy for the pandemic blues: read some wacky research papers. Hear us out. You could spend your day thinking about things like the upcoming US presidential elections, COVID-19, global climate crisis, an...
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Why the nonprofit OpenAI made GPT-3 a commercial product

A program that can automate website development. A bot that writes letters on behalf of nature. An AI-written blog that trended on Hacker News. Those are just some of the recent stories written about GPT-3, the latest contraption of artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI. GPT-3 is the largest language model ever made, and it has triggered many discussions over how AI will soon transform many industries. But what has been less discussed is how GPT-3 has transformed OpenAI itself. In the proc...
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Why AI and human perception are too complex to be compared

Human-level performance. Human-level accuracy. Those are terms you hear a lot from companies developing artificial intelligence systems, whether it’s facial recognition, object detection, or question answering. And to their credit, the recent years have seen many great products powered by AI algorithms, mostly thanks to advances in machine learning and deep learning. But many of these comparisons only take into account the end-result of testing the deep learning algorithms on limited data sets. ...
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