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I Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber. The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything I Faced Before

In February 2017, I published a blog post about my experiences with sexual harassment and gender discrimination at Uber, where I had recently left my role as a software engineer. In it, I described a year of employment that began with a sexual proposition from my manager and only grew more demeaning and demoralizing from there. The post quickly went viral, tapping into a conversation about systemic discrimination throughout Silicon Valley. What I wrote changed the world, some said: f...
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Apple Says Coronavirus Outbreak in China Will Hurt Revenue

Apple doesn’t expect to meet its revenue guidance for the March quarter due to work slowdowns and lower demand due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus in China. The company said that the iPhone, which generates the bulk of Apple’s revenue, is temporarily constrained due to production ramping up more slowly than anticipated. “Work is starting to resume around the country, but we are experiencing a slower return to normal conditions than we had anticipated,” the company said in a statement M...
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iOS 13 Battery Drain: 15+ Tips to Make Your Battery Last Longer (mac rumors)

With every new operating system update, there are complaints about battery life and rapid battery drain, and iOS 13 is no exception. Since iOS 13 was released, we've seen reports of issues with battery life, which have waxed and waned with various iOS 13 updates. iOS 13 battery life problems caused by bugs can't be helped until Apple provides updates to address the issues, but there are steps you can take to maximize your battery life and cut down on hidden sources that might be causing exces...
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Apple Warns China Virus Will Cut iPhone Production, Sales

Apple Inc. is warning investors that it won't meet its financial guidance because the viral outbreak in China has cut production of iPhones.
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Apple warns coronavirus will hurt iPhones supplies

The tech giant says it is "experiencing a slower return to normal conditions" in China than expected.
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Apple Warns That Coronavirus Will Hurt Revenue

Supply is a problem, as factories slowly reopen in China, and demand is down, too, with many stores there still closed.
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Apple Warns of Sales Shortfall for March Quarter, Blaming Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple said the spread of the coronavirus in China has disrupted iPhone manufacturing and driven down sales in the country. As a result, the tech giant said it now expects to undershoot the revenue guidance it previously provided, of between $63.0 billion and $67.0 billion its fiscal 2020 second quarter (which ends March 28). “Work […]
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Apple's next iPhone still expected in March, despite coronavirus impact

The iPhone SE had been Apple's lowest-priced phone before getting pulled from the market in 2019. It had a smaller screen than current models.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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I spent 24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip. Here are my 5 big takeaways

After a day, I'm in love with folding my phone, but there's more to the Z Flip than the hinge.
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What to expect from smartphone makers now that MWC 2020 is canceled

From LG to Huawei to Oppo and others, we have the latest details on their MWC-less plans
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Staffing Firms Facing an Uncertain Economy: Invest in Technology Now to Position for Success

  As we turned into a new year and decade in 2020, we have heard continued concerns reflecting economic uncertainty- in fact, in our own recent GRID (Global Recruiting Insights and Data)  survey of staffing professionals, 64 percent listed economic uncertainty as a top challenge for this year, while 45 percent expect a recession, a […]
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Funding 21 news projects in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey

Finding new and meaningful ways to engage readers is a hot topic for news organizations of any size, and the first Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa prompted a myriad of different approaches. The GNI Innovation Challenges,  part of Google’s $300 million commitment to help journalism thrive in the digital age, saw news innovators step forward with new thinking. In South Africa, Daily Maverick proposed a “relevancy engine” that would aggregate...
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"Glass" on Samsung's foldable phone no more scratch-resistant than plastic

Samsung claims to have developed an "Ultra Thin Glass" for its new Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone, signalling scratch resistance and durability beyond that of similar products. But tests conducted by Zack Nelson using a Mohs Hardness Testkit [Amazon] -- a set of styluses made of different materials -- show that it is no more resistant to scuffs than plastic. In fact, he didn't even need the kit: his fingernail was sharp enough to leave marks. The "glass" scores 2-3 on the Mohs scale, compa...
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At Wayfair, ~550 workers laid off in 'Valentine's Day Massacre'

An estimated 550 people who worked at Wayfair lost their jobs last Thursday, in what has been dubbed Wayfair's 'Valentine's Day Massacre.' The layoffs included 350 workers at the online shopping firm's Boston headquarters. “I thought I would be an insider to what was happening — I was completely blind-sided," one former HR employee said. From Mary Hanbury's story at Business Insider today: Between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, hundreds of Wayfair's US employees were asked to gather in...
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Ireland suspects Russia is trying to crack transatlantic fiber-optic ocean bed cables

“Russia has sent intelligence agents to Ireland to map the precise location of the fibre-optic, ocean-bed cables that connect Europe to America,” Ireland's security agency suspects, according to this report in The Times of London. “This has raised concerns that Russian agents are checking the cables for weak points, with a view to tapping or even damaging them in the future.” Irish security officials believe Russia may be targeting Ireland as a regional base for military intelligence operations...
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MIUI Security App update brings Dark Mode — Here’s how to get it

[caption id="attachment_305215" align="aligncenter" width="575"] MIUI Security App v4.2.2 on POCO X2[/caption] Xiaomi introduced system-wide Dark mode in MIUI last year, the dark mode brought the dark theme to many system apps such as Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Gallery, Calculator, Notes, Screen Recorder, and Updater. Xiaomi added the dark mode to remaining apps such as Mi File Explorer and App Vault with updates but MIUI security app was one such app that didn't receive dark mode yet. [galle...
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Google’s free public WiFi Station to shut down this year

Google will shut down its Google Station — through which it installed free WiFi at over 400 Indian railway stations — this year, Caesar Sengupta, VP – Payments and Next Billion users, announced earlier today. The company cited low mobile data costs in India, amongst the lowest in the world, and its own inability to scale […] ...
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2020 iPhones may feature Apple’s in house designed 5G antenna module

It is clear that Apple wants to distance itself as far as possible from Qualcomm, even though they settled the long legal battle with them last year. News has popped up claiming that Apple is trying to design their own 5G antenna for the upcoming 2020 iPhones that will be released soon, in attempt to use as little Qualcomm products as possible. Since the end of the legal battle, Apple has been trying to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm in its future products. They are tired of paying Qualc...
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Tory Burch is back with a new ToryTrack smartwatch after more than a year away

The latest designer smartwatch for women from the popular American brand
Tags: Android, Mobile, Wearables, News, Smartwatch, Trends, Tory Burch, Torytrack, Torytrack Tory

Google is shutting down Google Station Free Wi-Fi program in India and globally

Back in September 2016 Google introduced Google Stations, a new internet access platform as a partnership between Google, Indian Railways and Railtel to bring fast, free public Wi-Fi to over 400 of the busiest railway stations in India by mid-2020. Today Google has announced that it has decided to shut down Google Station program globally this year. Google says that getting online has become much simpler and cheaper compared to five years ago since mobile data plans have become more affordab...
Tags: Google, News, India, Blogging, Google Station, India Google, Google Station shut down, Google Station WiFi

Chrome Beta 81 brings Web NFC, Augmented Reality APIs and more

As Chrome 81 has been released to the stable channel, Chrome Beta has been moved to the beta version. It doesn't come with a lot of visual changes but it has a set of new API's and features that can enhance the capabilities of web apps. One of the first major APIs that come with Chrome 81 is the ability for web apps to read and write to NFC tags. This can allow new use cases for these apps like for example, at a museum, a tag could give more information about an exhibit or inventory manag...
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Dentist fights to uncover ID of person who left negative Google review

A dental surgeon is battling Google to find out precisely who who posted a negative review about his clinic.
Tags: Reviews, Google, News, Small Business, Australia, Trends, Web, Google Reviews

Alternative Browser 'Waterfox' Acquired By System1 (slashdot)

Waterfox is an open-source web browser for x64, ARM64, and PPC64LE systems, "intended to be speedy and ethical, and maintain support for legacy extensions dropped by Firefox, from which it is forked," according to Wikipedia. (Its tabs also still have angled sides with rounded corners.) Friday Waterfox's original creator, 24-year-old Alexandros Kontos, announced that the browser "now has funding and a development team, so Waterfox can finally start to grow!" after its acquisition by a company c...
Tags: Firefox, Google, News, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Mozilla, Bing, Waterfox, EditorDavid, Kontos, Alexandros Kontos, Tor Waterfox, Bromite Mozilla, Alex Kontos

Xiaomi launches Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with water-resistant body, up to 20 hours battery life in India for Rs. 1399

Xiaomi just launched Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker in India, as expected. It has 5W output, comes with IPX5 ratings for water resistance, has Bluetooth 5.0 with one-key function to answer or end a call and offers up to 20 hours of battery life. Xiaomi says that the speaker has been exclusively made for India. Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker features and specifications 5W output for clear, rich and punchy bass Diaphragm with Canadian longer fiber film with a perfect damping system th...
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Check your subscription! YouTube TV says bye-bye to Apple App Store billing

YouTube TV subscribers will no longer be able to pay for the live channel streaming service via Apple's App Store, starting March 13.         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Apple, Usa, News, Usa Today, Apple App Store, YouTube TV

Facebook, Amazon, Google teaming up with WHO to stop coronavirus misinformation

Facebook, Amazon, and Google joined a meeting with the WHO that focused on stopping coronovirus fake news.
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, News, Trends, Social Media, Who, Facebook Amazon, Facebook Amazon Google, Coronavirus

Trouble At The Law Firm Filing Patently Ridiculous Lawsuits On Behalf Of Tulsi Gabbard (techdirt)

We've covered the two ridiculous lawsuits filed by Tulsi Gabbard in the past few months -- one against Google and another against Hillary Clinton. In both cases, the lawsuits were filed by lawyers at the law firm Pierce Bainbridge, and we questioned why they'd want to sully their own reputation by filing lawsuits that seemed clearly destined to fail, and which only seemed to serve a PR purpose in playing to her supporters. A few days later, NBC News posted quite an incredible story about how p...
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Check your subscription! YouTube TV is saying bye-bye to Apple's App Store

YouTube TV subscribers will no longer be able to pay for the live channel streaming service via Apple's App Store starting March 13.         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Apple, Usa, News, Usa Today, YouTube TV

Check your subscription! YouTube TV says bye-bye to Apple's App Store

YouTube TV subscribers will no longer be able to pay for the live channel streaming service via Apple's App Store, starting March 13.         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Apple, Usa, News, Usa Today, YouTube TV

Silicon Valley Heads to Europe, Nervous About New Rules

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai have journeyed to Brussels as the European Union drafts regulation for A.I. and the digital economy.
Tags: Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Europe, News, Research, European Union, Artificial Intelligence, European Commission, Brussels, Sundar Pichai, Apple Inc, Vestager, Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Margrethe

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