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iOS 14 redirects web links from News+ publishers directly to the Apple News app

Apple’s still-in-beta operating systems will automatically redirect News+ subscribers to the Apple News app when they click on links from a News+ publisher. In other words, if you click or tap on a link to a paywalled story published by a News+ partner — including stories from our own Extra Crunch membership program — iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur will take you straight to the article page in the News+ app, even when the link ostensibly points to the publisher’s own website. Tony Haile ...
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Apple kicks off Watch OS 7 public beta

Apple released its first public beta for the Apple Watch OS 7
Tags: Apple, Wearables, News, Trends, Apple Watch, Apple Id, Apple Beta, OS 7 public beta

Apple bullies small company over its pear logo

Apple opposed a trademark application by a five-person company that has a meal-planning app called Prepear. The company has launched a petition on to protest Apple's opposition. “It is a very terrifying experience to be legally attacked by one of the largest companies in the world, even when we have clearly done nothing wrong, and we understand why most companies just give in and change their logos. We feel a moral obligation to take a stand against Apple's aggressive legal action aga...
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Toshiba is getting out of the laptop business after 35 years

On August 4, Toshiba transferred its last outstanding share in Dynabook Inc., ending its laptop creation
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Big Tech Makes Inroads With the Biden Campaign

While Joe Biden has criticized the largest tech companies, his campaign and transition teams have welcomed allies of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple onto its staff and policy groups.
Tags: Apple, News, Joe Biden, Biden, Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Computers and the Internet, Facebook Google Amazon, United States Politics and Government, Inc, Antitrust Laws and Competition Issues, Joseph R Jr, Presidential Election of 2020

Trump’s WeChat ban could significantly hurt iPhone sales in China

Other Apple products could also lose up to 20% of their sales
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Mobile, News, China, Trends, Trump, Breaking Twitter

India to ban import of defence-grade fixed wing mini drones from December 2020

India will place a ban on importing fixed-wing mini drones for military purposes starting December 2020, as the Defence Ministry on Sunday released a list of 101 items for which there will be an import embargo. The import of items included in the list will be progressively be banned from December 2020 to December 2025. Apart from fixed-wing drones, the list contains other technology weapon systems such as radar, assault rifles, and sonar systems, among others. The Ministry also said that it will...
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Netflix launches Hindi user interface, a move towards localising in India

Netflix has launched a Hindi user interface, the company announced on Friday. This is a significant step towards localising in the country over three and a half years after the service launched in India. The company also posted a job listing for a localization manager in Mumbai. As a part of the Hindi UI launch, some (but not nearly all) of Netflix’s catalogue is available with Hindi descriptions, including many Netflix originals and some licensed content. We have reached out to Netflix to find ...
Tags: Travel, Apple, News, India, Netflix, Mumbai, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Indic, Localisation

Countering Google, Microsoft Promises Its Own Open Source Service Mesh for the CNCF (slashdot)

"As controversy rages over the governance of Google's Istio service mesh, Microsoft has seen an opportunity to offer a simple and truly open alternative," reports InfoWorld: Microsoft has announced that it will release its own open source service mesh — called Open Service Mesh (OSM) — and transfer it to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as soon as possible. This sets the Redmond-based company apart from its cloud rival Google, which recently announced that its own Istio service mesh ...
Tags: Google, News, Microsoft, InfoWorld, Kubernetes, Redmond, Google Microsoft, OSM, Cloud Native Computing Foundation CNCF, EditorDavid, CNCF

Apple countersues Koss alleging baseless claims and confidentiality breach

Both the parties entered the confidentiality agreement in 2017, adds Apple
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Koss, News, Trends, Breaking Twitter

Develop in-demand digital marketing skills with the help of these training classes

It’s tempting for many young professionals to assume that because they’ve spent most of their lives posting links to Facebook or pushing selfies to Instagram that they have the skills needed to be a digital marketer. Creating compelling content is certainly important, but if you’re not up to speed on search engine optimization (SEO), how to understand YouTube metrics, or the importance of on-point tagging, you’re a long way from ready to assemble your own digital plan. But with the training...
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Here are 40 of the best charging cables, wireless docks, power banks, and more on sale this weekend

“The way to have power is to take it.” -- Boss Tweed. We think an 18th-century political power broker probably had a different definition of power in mind when he made that statement, yet the sentiment still applies. We’ve all got devices all but falling out of our pockets and the need for power to keep them all happy is almost insatiable. But with the following list of 40 of the absolute best power banks, changers, and other charging accessories to be found, you can stock up and make sure ...
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Is the US about to Split the Internet? (slashdot)

The BBC reports: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he wants a "clean" internet. What he means by that is he wants to remove Chinese influence, and Chinese companies, from the internet in the U.S. But critics believe this will bolster a worrying movement towards the breaking up of the global internet. The so called "splinternet" is generally used when talking about China, and more recently Russia. The idea is that there's nothing inherent or pre-ordained about the internet being global...
Tags: Google, News, China, Russia, US, Bbc, United States, New York Times, Trump, State, University of Surrey, Mike Pompeo, Alan Woodward, EditorDavid

Apple launches legal action against meal plan app over pear logo

Super Healthy Kids launched an online petition to protect its Prepear logo
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Breaking Twitter, Prepear, Super Healthy Kids

Australia: ACCC commences proceedings against Google – consent in the spotlight - McCullough Robertson

The ACCC launched proceedings against Google for misleading Australian consumers about its privacy collection practices.
Tags: Google, News, Australia, ACCC, McCullough Robertson

Twitter and Tiktok talked of a deal, WSJ reports

Twitter and Tiktok had preliminary negotiations about a potential merger/acquisition, reported the Wall Street Journal on Saturday. It is unclear, the WSJ reports, if Twitter still plans to pursue a deal with the video-sharing app which is now suing the Trump admin over a recent executive order. TikTok is owned by China-baed Bytedance. Any Twitter deal would involve TikTok's U.S. operations. Other companies have previously entertained the possibility of buying the popular video app Trump hate...
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TikTok to sue Trump admin over executive order banning app, NPR reports

TikTok, the social media app from China-based Bytedance, plans to sue the Trump administration in a challenge to the president's executive order that bans the service in the United States. NPR News reports the lawsuit will be filed as soon as Tuesday, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, where TikTok's U.S. operations are based: NPR has learned that the lawsuit will argue that President Trump's far-reaching action is unconstitutional because it failed to give th...
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Apple Confirms Cloud Gaming Services Like xCloud and Stadia Violate App Store Guidelines (slashdot)

Apple won't allow Microsoft xCloud or Google Stadia on iOS because of strict App Store guidelines that make cloud services effectively impossible to operate on the iPhone. In a statement to Business Insider, Apple finally came out and explained why these cloud services cannot exist on its platform. The Verge reports: The primary reason: they offer access to apps Apple can't individually review. Here's the official Apple statement: "The App Store was created to be a safe and trusted place for cus...
Tags: Apple, Google, News, Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia, App Store, Google Microsoft, BeauHD, Business Insider Apple

Austin Inno’s Brent Wistrom Covers the City’s Most Exciting Entrepreneurs

Brent Wistrom edits the daily Austin Inno Beat email newsletter, which has emerged over the last five years as a must-read source of information for the city’s startup, entrepreneurial and investment communities The Forrest Files: August 6, 2020 Brent Wistrom is a senior editor at American Inno, overseeing half of Inno’s 14 markets. He covers Austin’s tech and startup scene through daily news stories and the Beat newsletter.In late July, the Austin edition of this Beat newsletter celebrated i...
Tags: Apple, Startups, News, Minnesota, Entrepreneurship, Startup, Journalism, Tesla, Austin, United States, Sxsw, Mastodon, UT, Central Texas, Joe Rogan, Pflugerville

The suitcase computer of 2020

The a-X sereies of portable workstations resemble the earliest laptops, but are fully contemporary beasts fitted with top-of-the-range AMD Threadripper CPUs, up to 256GB of RAM and dual GPUs. And price tags hovering around $8000. PC Gamer: Picture this: you sit down in a meeting alongside your colleagues. They pull out their Surfaces, iPads, phones, and whatever else. You place a briefcase down on the table with a deafening thud. Everyone turns to look at you.
Tags: Gadgets, Post, News, Computers, Mistakes

China’s secret war on America, a Fox News sex scandal, and a space-time wormhole in this week’s dubious tabloids

They’ll all be rolling in money thanks to an ad in this week’s edition that tells them: “How to save $19,899,901.” Just imagine what they can do with all that money! And saving $19,899,901 - such a precise sum, this offer must be legitimate - is easy. Simply buy a fake 10.64 carat pink diamond ring for $99, and you’ll have saved that eight-figure fortune if you were thinking of buying the genuine article for $19.9 million, which is a apparently how much a similar real pink diamond recently...
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Oak Glen residents evacuated from Apple fire can return home

Progress in containing the Apple fire on its northwest edge has prompted the U.S  Forest Service to cancel the evacuation order for the Oak Glen area of San Bernardino County that had been in place since July 31. An evacuation warning remains in place for Forest Falls, Morongo Valley, Pioneertown and Rimrock, the Forest Service said Friday morning, Aug. 7. The fire had burned 29,267 acres and remained 30% contained at 9:30 a.m. Incident commanders said they expected to complete the containment l...
Tags: Apple, News, Sport, Soccer, Wildfires, Cherry Valley, Forest Service, U S Forest Service, Glen, San Bernardino County, Oak Glen, Top Stories PE, Top Stories IVDB, Top Stories RDF, Top Stories Sun, Forest Falls

Trump Slaps Sweeping But Vague Ban On Dealings With Owners Of TikTok, WeChat

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump has ordered a sweeping but vague ban on dealings with the Chinese owners of popular social media apps TikTok and WeChat on security grounds, a move China’s government criticized as “political manipulation.” The twin executive orders Thursday — one for each app — add to growing U.S.-Chinese conflict over technology and security. They take effect in 45 days and could bar the apps from the Apple and Google app stores, effectively removing them from U.S. distri...
Tags: Apple, Google, Facebook, Hong Kong, New York, News, Microsoft, Washington, China, Toronto, Ap, Beijing, United States, Commerce, Tencent, WeChat

LAPD shoots man allegedly armed with knife in Tarzana

Los Angeles police shot and wounded a man who allegedly charged at officers while armed with a knife Friday, Aug. 7, in Tarzana. The shooting occurred shortly after 6 a.m. near Reseda Boulevard and Oxnard Street, near the Metro G/Orange Line busway, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The wounded man, in his 30s, was taken to a hospital in unknown condition, police said. Officers went to the location in response to a report of a disturbance involving a man armed with a knife, and the...
Tags: Apple, Texas, News, Los Angeles, Sport, Soccer, Local News, Lapd, Playboy Mansion, Saugus, Tarzana, Los Angeles Police Department, Top Stories LADN, Officer-involved Shooting, Reseda Boulevard, Oxnard Street

Facebook Blasts Apple After Facebook Gaming iOS App Approved — but Without Any Games

A new slugfest has erupted between two of Silicon Valley’s biggest corporations. Apple, after repeatedly rejecting Facebook Gaming app for iOS devices, finally approved the social giant’s app for the App Store. However, Facebook had to strip out games entirely — allegedly because of Apple’s preconditions for it to be published in the App Store. […]
Tags: Apple, Facebook, News, Silicon Valley, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Blasts Apple, App Store However Facebook

European Union: State Aid: Apple Wins Appeal Against EU Commission Over EUR 13 Billion In Unpaid Taxes To Ireland - ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme

The General Court of the European Union annulled the 2016 decision of the European Commission regarding the illegal State aid granted by Ireland to Apple through the issuance of two tax rulings.
Tags: Apple, News, Ireland, European Commission, General Court of the European Union, EU Commission Over EUR

United States: California Lawsuit Against Apple Over Loot Boxes - Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

A California mother and her son have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, in San Jose
Tags: Apple, News, California, United States

United States: Judge Albright To Apple: Yes, You Can Be Sued Outside Northern California - Mintz

Judge Albright of the Western District of Texas ("WDTX") recently rejected yet another attempt by Apple to transfer a patent case to the Northern District of California ("NDCA").
Tags: Apple, News, United States, Albright, Albright To Apple, California Mintz, Western District of Texas WDTX

HCM Talent Technology Roundup – August 7, 2020

HCM Talent Technology Roundup: What Recruiters Want During a Recession Recruiters tend to be optimists. So even after they’ve scrambled to adapt to the economic havoc triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, many believe the recovery, when it comes, will leave them in a stronger position than they had before.  Since the spring, talent acquisition has […]
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Facebook speaks out against Apple App Store policies following gaming app issue

Functionalities had to be removed from Facebook Gaming app for iOS
Tags: Apple, Facebook, News, Trends, Antitrust, App Store, Facebook Gaming

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