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ERA Real Estate partners with HomeAdvisor for concierge services

HomeAdvisor provides access to a range of painting, landscaping and home repair professionals.
Tags: Agent, Lifestyle, News Brief, Technology, Era Real Estate, Homeadvisor, Simon Chen

Trulia founder Pete Flint’s venture firm NFX raises $275M

NFX splits its investments equally between business-to-business companies and business-to-consumer companies but said that out of 3,000 firms seeking money this year it will ultimately only fund 0.5 percent.
Tags: Industry News, Investing, News Brief, Select, Technology, Firefly, Israel, LiquidSpace, Lyric, Nfx, NFX Fund II, Outdoorsy, Pete Flint, Ribbon, San Francisco, Trulia

Missing girl found safe after Ring camera captures kidnapping

A missing girl in Texas whose kidnapping was captured on a Ring camera has been found safe and returned to her parents.
Tags: Lifestyle, Mobile, News Brief, Technology, Fort Worth, Michael Webb, Ring, Salem Sabatka

Airbnb launches partnership with DNA testing company 23andMe

The partnership comes amid what Airbnb says is a rise in "heritage travel," or trips people take to connect with their ancestors' homelands.
Tags: Industry News, News Brief, Select, Technology, 23andme, Airbnb, DNA testing, Food and Drug Administration, Gentrification, Initial Public Offering, Ipo, Stock Market, Travel

Meet the man behind the viral Amazon tiny home

The DIY homes have been reimagined as art galleries, chapels and Airbnb rentals since going viral last week. No one is more surprised than Allwood Outlet CEO Tapani Pekkala.
Tags: Lifestyle, Markets & Economy, News Brief, Select, Technology, Allwood Outlet, Amazon, Home Depot, Solvalla, Tapani Pekkala, Tiny Homes

Best friends 4ever? Redfin strikes deal with Zillow to list in 4 cities

Long-time rivals Zillow and Redfin have finally made peace — over one issue at least — and struck a deal that allows the former to directly host the latter's listings in four U.S. cities.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Mls, Nashville, Seattle, Zillow, Redfin, Glenn Kelman, Industry News, Charlotte, Des Moines, Brokerage, Select, News Brief, Multiple Listing Service, Redfin Now

Rental brokerage Keyo will pay landlords even if tenants default

The "Keyo Guarantee" is currently available in New York City and ensures landlords will get up to 2 months' rent if a tenant breaks or defaults on a lease.
Tags: Landlord, Technology, New York City, Radio, Venture Capital, Rentals, Rental, Bay Area, Industry News, Select, News Brief, Artificial intelligence (AI, Keyo, Adrian Gross, Keyo Guarantee

Digital home designer Higharc raises $4.7M seed round

Flush with funding, Higharc's new software was developed to ease the pain and cost of custom home building.
Tags: Technology, Listings, Radio, Architecture, Venture Capital, Agent, Home Design, News Brief, 3d Design, Custom Homes, 3D home building, Digital Home Design, Higharc

Digital home designer Higharc raises $4.7M in seed round

Flush with funding, Higharc's new software was developed to ease the pain and cost of custom home building.
Tags: Technology, Listings, Radio, Architecture, Venture Capital, Agent, Home Design, News Brief, 3d Design, Custom Homes, 3D home building, Digital Home Design, Higharc

Airbnb cannibalizes budget hotels but amps up demand for rooms

A new study found that Airbnb takes the most business away from inexpensive hotels while driving up demand for the industry in general.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Analysis, Radio, Airbnb, Tepper School of Business, News Brief, Hui Li, Kannan Srinivasan

Ransomware attack delays home sales in Baltimore

The attack began last week and has locked up the city's computer systems, which is preventing title companies from checking on properties' lien statuses.
Tags: Technology, Maryland, Cyber Security, Ransomware, Fbi, Radio, Secret Service, Cyber Attack, Baltimore, Industry News, Select, News Brief, Mayor Jack Young

Opendoor sued for trademark infringement over its mortgage brokerage

Open Mortgage operates 79 branches in 22 states and offered $668 million in home loans in 2017, according to a complaint the lender filed with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. It was founded in 2003, is headquartered in Austin and has 315 employees, according to its website. 
Tags: Texas, Technology, Austin, Radio, Agent, Mortgage, Industry News, United States District Court, Select, News Brief, Opendoor, Open Mortgage, Opendoor Mortgage

WeWork parent company sets up $2.9B property investment fund

The We Company, which is the parent company of WeWork, is setting up a new real estate investment fund for commercial projects around the world.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, WeWork, Industry News, News Brief, Steven Langman, The We Company, Rich Gomel, Wendy Silverstein

How did a man’s genitals make a surprise cameo in a condo listing?

A condo in Washington, D.C. stands out from the other listings — if you look close enough, you can spot an apron featuring a giant penis.
Tags: Technology, Washington, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, BrightMLS, Dan Silverman

Where the billionaires are concentrated

While the census doesn't name individual billionaires or their ventures, these trends toward tech-centric business creation certainly include the founders of high profile Bay Area companies such as Facebook and Google. It's also unsurprising, then, that given the concentration of tech billionaires real estate prices in cities such as San Francisco continue to rise.
Tags: Google, Facebook, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wealth, Investing, Radio, Moscow, Hobby, Billionaire, Bay Area, Markets & Economy, News Brief, Wealth X, Wealth-X Global Billionaire Census

Crowdfunding platform buys what’s left of RealtyShares

Six months after crowdfunding platform RealtyShares went bust, another real estate firm has swooped in and acquired what remains of the once-buzzy company.
Tags: New York, Technology, Crowdfunding, Investing, Radio, Industry News, Acquisitions, Select, News Brief, Realtyshares, Iintoo, Eran Roth, RREAF Holdings

Amazon’s $7K, do-it-yourself tiny home goes viral, sells out instantly

If you can't find the perfect house, have one sent to you. A build-it-yourself tiny home recently posted on Amazon has gone viral and sold out instantly.
Tags: Amazon, Technology, Listings, Lifestyle, Radio, Redfin, Tiny Homes, News Brief, Kalena Masching, Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit

So you’re an only child? How birth order affects where you live

If you thought your status as a middle child has nothing to do with where you want to live, think again.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Analysis, Radio, News Brief,, Apartment Therapy

Peerage acquires Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

The Canadian branch of Sotheby's International Realty has been acquired by Peerage Realty Partners, a subsidiary of private equity firm Peerage Capital.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Industry News, Brokerage, Select, News Brief, Globe and Mail, Sotheby's International Realty, Gavin Swartzman, Don Kottick, Peerage Capital

Reali raises $9M in funding round

Flat-fee brokerage Reali announced it has raised $9 million in its latest funding round, adding to the tens of millions of dollars the company has previously pulled in from investors.
Tags: Technology, California, Radio, Fundraising, Bay Area, Industry News, Purplebricks, Brokerage, Select, News Brief, Lenda, Reali, Amit Haller, Flat Fee Brokerage, Reali Loans

Florida indie brokerage unveils agent tech platform, plans expansion

Automated Back End provides agents with automation and collaboration tools, e-signing software and one-click marketing. It is designed to work on all of an agent's electronic devices.
Tags: Florida, Technology, Marketing, Software, Platform, Radio, Mls, Agent, Compass, CRM, Industry News, Keller Williams, Realogy, Brokerage, Select, News Brief

Keller Williams agents get ready to pay it forward on RED Day

On Thursday, May 9, Keller Williams agents will be celebrating its annual RED Day event, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Keller Williams, Brokerage, News Brief, Murray House, Becky Favre, Keller Williams Premier Properties, Kelsey King, Red Day, Summit + Westfield

A real estate developer invites a homeless couple to live in his $4M mansion. Neighbors aren’t happy

Greg Dunston and Marie Mckinzie lived on Oakland streets for 10 years before a real estate developer offered to help.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, San Francisco, Radio, Agent, Oakland, News Brief, Chris Monahan, Greg Dunston, Marie Mckinzie, McGrath Properties, Otis R. Taylor Jr, Terrence McGrath

Broker accused of bribery scheme involving sex worker

A lawsuit filed against a broker from Winick Realty Group claims he deceived a sex worker by offering to prevent her eviction in exchange for her services.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Ross Burack, Winick Realty, Winick Realty Group

Real estate executive pleads guilty to home-flipping fraud, faces 200 years in prison

The owner of a Los Angeles real estate firm pleaded guilty to running a home-flipping scheme that scammed 25 victims out of $2 million.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Los Angeles, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Daniel Vazquez, Greg Staples

The Seychelles is auctioning off this lavish NY mansion

If you have the funds, you can buy a house owned by an entire country's government. A lavish New York state mansion owned by the East African island nation of the Seychelles just hit the auction block on Paramount Realty USA's website with bidding opening at $2.5 million.
Tags: New York, Technology, Listings, Lifestyle, Collection, Radio, Seychelles, Industry News, Brokerage, News Brief,, Paramount Realty USA, Justin Etzin set to debut ‘Essential First-Time Home Buyer’s Book’ is set to debut its first hard-cover book aimed specifically at the first-time homebuyer, according to an announcement Wednesday.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief,, Judy Dutton

Man gets 38-year sentence for robbing, abducting agent

James Anthony Weil Jr., 47, pleaded guilty in January of this year to robbing a real estate agent who was showing him a home in 2016. As first reported by local press, Circuit Court Judge Steven C. Frucci sentenced Weil to 38 years in prison for robbery, abduction, and two counts of use of a firearm on Monday.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Circuit Court, Weil, News Brief, Beverly Carter Foundation, James Anthony Weil Jr, Philip Faranda, Steven C Frucci, WKTR

Buy a luxury condo, get free avocado toast for a year

In the latest ploy to woo millennial homebuyers, The Kira, a luxury condo building, is offering the trendy treat to those who buy in early May.
Tags: Technology, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, News Brief, Kayleigh Johnson, Woodbridge Homes

Redfin Mortgage hits 3 new states

With expansion into Florida, Maryland and Tennessee, the rapidly growing home lending arm is now live in 12 states, according to an announcement on Tuesday.
Tags: Florida, Technology, Maryland, Radio, Tennessee, Mortgage, Redfin, Brokerage, News Brief, Florida Maryland, Digital Closings, Redfin Mortgage, Title Forward

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