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Urgent Apple iOS and macOS Updates Released to Fix Actively Exploited Zero-Days

Apple on Thursday released security updates to fix multiple security vulnerabilities in older versions of iOS and macOS that it says have been detected in exploits in the wild, in addition to expanding patches for a previously plugged security weakness abused by NSO Group's Pegasus surveillance tool to target iPhone users. Chief among them is CVE-2021-30869, a type confusion flaw [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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Zero-Click iMessage Exploit

Citizen Lab released a report on a zero-click iMessage exploit that is used in NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. Apple patched the vulnerability; everyone needs to update their OS immediately. News articles on the exploit. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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Emergency Software Patches Are on the Rise

Emergency software patches, in which users are pushed to immediately update phones and computers because hackers have figured out some novel way to break in, are becoming more common. From a report: Researchers raised the alarm Monday about a big one: The Israeli spyware company NSO Group, which sells programs for governments to remotely take over people's smartphones and computers, had figured out a new way into practically any Apple device by sending a fake GIF through iMessage. The only way t...
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Apple's iOS 14.8 Update Fixes Zero-Click Exploit Used to Distribute Pegasus Spyware (mac rumors)

Today's iOS 14.8 update addresses a critical vulnerability that Apple engineers have been working around the clock to fix, reports The New York Times. Last week, The Citizen Lab informed Apple about a new zero-click iMessage exploit targeting Apple's image rendering library. Called FORCEDENTRY, the exploit could infect an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac with the Pegasus spyware, providing access to the camera and microphone in addition to allowing access to text messages, phone calls, and...
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Update your Apple devices NOW, because ‘Pegasus’ is loose

After first being discovered in 2016, Israel-based NSO Group and its notorious Pegasus spyware have caused chaos. This ranges from exploiting WhatsApp flaws, all the way through to the Bezos hack. The latest chapter in this book of mayhem impacts Apple,. Today the company has issued an emergency security update for iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches to plug a potential vulnerability that Pegasus could’ve exploited. A quick PSA: Update your Apple devices now. Before we get into the details of that,...
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Apple Patches a NSO Zero-Day Flaw Affecting All Devices

Apple has released security updates for a newly discovered zero-day vulnerability that affects every iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Citizen Lab, which discovered the vulnerability and was credited with the find, urges users to immediately update their devices. From a report: The technology giant said iOS 14.8 for iPhones and iPads, as well as new updates for Apple Watch and macOS, will fix at least one vulnerability that it said "may have been actively exploited." Citizen Lab said it has now...
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Israeli spyware firm targeted Apple devices via iMessage, researchers say

Discovery was shared with Apple, which on Monday released a patch to fix the vulnerabilitySecurity researchers at Citizen Lab have discovered an exploit that they believe has been used by government clients of NSO Group, the Israeli spyware company, to silently hack into iPhones and other Apple devices since February 2021.The discovery, which was made as the researchers were examining the mobile phone of a Saudi activist, was shared with Apple, which on Monday released a patch to fix the vulnera...
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Apple wants you to update your iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch after it fixed a software flaw that let hackers spy without anyone clicking a link

Morsa Images/Getty Images Apple has fixed a flaw that was letting hackers spy on devices without users even clicking a link. The zero-click hack gave access to device cameras, microphones, and messages without users knowing. Apple is telling users to update their iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches immediately to protect them. See more stories on Insider's business page. Apple is warning users to update their devices as soon as possible after it fixed a major spyware flaw. The company ha...
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Apple Security Update Closes Spyware Flaw in iPhones, Macs and iWatches

Researchers at Citizen Lab found that NSO Group, an Israeli spyware company, had infected Apple products without so much as a click.
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Apple patches an NSO zero-day flaw affecting all devices

Apple has released security updates for a newly discovered zero-day vulnerability that affects every iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Citizen Lab, which discovered the vulnerability and was credited with the find, urges users to immediately update their devices. The technology giant said iOS 14.8 for iPhones and iPads, as well as new updates for Apple Watch and macOS, will fix at least one vulnerability that it said “may have been actively exploited.” Citizen Lab said it has now discovered new...
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After Chiding Apple On Privacy, Germany Says It Uses Pegasus Spyware

"Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) purchased access to NSO Group's Pegasus spyware in 2019 after internal efforts to create similar iOS and Android surveillance tools failed," reports AppleInsider. The news comes less than a month after the Digital Agenda committee chairman of Germany's federal parliament, Manual Hoferlin, declared Apple to be on a "dangerous path" with plans to enact on-device child sexual assault material monitoring. He said the system undermines "secure and confi...
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Zero-Click iPhone Exploits

Citizen Lab is reporting on two zero-click iMessage exploits, in spyware sold by the cyberweapons arms manufacturer NSO Group to the Bahraini government. These are particularly scary exploits, since they don’t require to victim to do anything, like click on a link or open a file. The victim receives a text message, and then they are hacked. More on this here. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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Bahraini Activists Targeted Using a New iPhone Zero-Day Exploit From NSO Group

A previously undisclosed "zero-click" exploit in Apple's iMessage was abused by Israeli surveillance vendor NSO Group to circumvent iOS security protections and target nine Bahraini activists. "The hacked activists included three members of Waad (a secular Bahraini political society), three members of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, two exiled Bahraini dissidents, and one member of Al Wefaq [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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A new NSO zero-click attack evades Apple’s iPhone security protections, says Citizen Lab

A Bahraini human rights activist’s iPhone was silently hacked earlier this year by a powerful spyware sold to nation-states, defeating new security protections that Apple designed to withstand covert compromises, say researchers at Citizen Lab. The activist, who remains in Bahrain and asked not to be named, is a member of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, an award-winning nonprofit organization that promotes human rights in the Gulf state. The group continues to operate despite a ban imposed ...
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Pegasus spyware found on journalists’ phones, French intelligence confirms

Announcement is first time an independent and official authority has corroborated Pegasus project findingsFrench intelligence investigators have confirmed that Pegasus spyware has been found on the phones of three journalists, including a senior member of staff at the country’s international television station France 24.It is the first time an independent and official authority has corroborated the findings of an international investigation by the Pegasus project – a consortium of 17 media outle...
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Mexico Says Officials Spent $61 Million On Pegasus Spyware

Mexico's top security official said Wednesday that two previous administrations spent $61 million to buy Pegasus spyware that has been implicated in government surveillance of opponents and journalists around the world. PBS reports: Public Safety Secretary Rosa Icela Rodriguez said records had been found of 31 contracts signed during the administrations of President Felipe Calderon in 2006-2012 and President Enrique Pena Nieto in 2012-18. Some contracts may have been disguised as purchases of ot...
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Israel Begins Investigation Into NSO Group Spyware Abuse

Israeli government officials visited the offices of the hacking company NSO Group on Wednesday to investigate allegations that the firm's spyware has been used to target activists, politicians, business executives, and journalists, the country's Ministry of Defense said in a statement today. From a report: An investigation published last week by 17 global media organizations, claims that phone numbers belonging to notable figures have been targeted by Pegasus, the notorious spyware that is NSO's...
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Is Your Phone Infected With Pegasus?

Fossbytes has an article detailing how you can check to see if your mobile device is infected with the "Pegasus" spyware. What's Pegasus you ask? It's phone-penetrating spy software developed by NSO Group and sold to governments to target journalists and activists around the world. The CEO of NSO Group says law-abiding citizens have "nothing to be afraid of," but that doesn't help us sleep any better. Here's how to check if your device has been compromised (heads up: it's a bit of a technical an...
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An explosive spyware report shows limits of iOS, Android security (ars technica)

Enlarge / A report this week indicates that the problem of high-caliber spyware is far more widespread than previously feared. (credit: Pau Barrena | Getty Images) The shadowy world of private spyware has long caused alarm in cybersecurity circles, as authoritarian governments have repeatedly been caught targeting the smartphones of activists, journalists, and political rivals with malware purchased from unscrupulous brokers. The surveillance tools these companies provide frequently target iOS...
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WhatsApp chief says national security officials of US allies were among those targeted with NSO malware

WhatsApp's CEO has spoken out about Pegasus malware. NurPhoto/Getty Images WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart told The Guardian that officials of US allies were malware targets. WhatsApp sued NSO Group in 2019, saying the Israeli company sent malware to 1,400 devices. "There is no such thing as an encryption backdoor for just the good guys," Cathcart said. See more stories on Insider's business page. WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart said senior government officials of US allies, including some i...
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Officials who are US allies among targets of NSO malware, says WhatsApp chief

Will Cathcart claims government officials around the world among 1,400 WhatsApp users targeted in 2019Senior government officials around the world – including individuals in high national security positions who are “allies of the US” – were targeted by governments with NSO Group spyware in a 2019 attack against 1,400 WhatsApp users, according to the messaging app’s chief executive.Will Cathcart disclosed the new details about individuals who were targeted in the attack after revelations this wee...
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NSO Group CEO Says Law-Abiding Citizens Have 'Nothing To Be Afraid Of'

The CEO of NSO Group, whose spyware tools have reportedly been used to target journalists and activists, says that people who aren't criminals shouldn't be afraid of being surveilled AppleInsider reports: Shalev Hulio, 39, recently spoke to Forbes after investigations indicated that NSO Group's Pegasus spyware was used by authoritarian governments to hack and surveil the mobile devices of world leaders, high-profile journalists, and activists. NSO Group says that it sells its tools to government...
Tags: Apple, Google, Tech, Pegasus, Forbes, NSO Group, Shalev Hulio, Hulio, Bin Ladens, NSO Group CEO Says Law Abiding Citizens

Apple Not Trying Hard Enough to Protect Users Against Surveillance, Researchers Say

Following the news of widespread commercial hacking spyware on targeted iPhones, a large number of security researchers are now saying that Apple could do more to protect its users (via Wired). Earlier this week, it was reported that journalists, lawyers, and human rights activists around the world had been targeted by governments using phone malware made by the surveillance firm NSO Group known as "Pegasus." Now, security researchers are stating that Apple could and should do more to protec...
Tags: Apple, Security, Pegasus, Matthew Green, Johns Hopkins University, NSO, Will Strafach, NSO Group, Juan Andres Guerrero Saade, Cedric Owens, Protect Users Against Surveillance Researchers Say, Pegasus Independent

The Pegasus project: why investigations like this are at the heart of the Guardian’s mission

Guardian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner reflects on our recent investigation into NSO Group, which sells hacking spyware used by governments around the world, and explains why journalism like this is so vital When the Guardian’s head of investigations, Paul Lewis, first told me about a huge data leak suggesting authoritarian regimes were possibly using smartphone hacking software to target activists, politicians and journalists, perhaps the worst part is that I wasn’t particularly surprised. R...
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Israel to examine whether spyware export rules should be tightened

Commission to review claims NSO’s Pegasus was misused by customers to target journalists and activistsAn Israeli commission reviewing allegations that NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware was misused by its customers to target journalists and human rights activists will examine whether rules on Israel’s export of cyberweapons such as Pegasus should be tightened, a senior MP has said.The move came as the French president, Emmanuel Macron, convened an emergency cybersecurity meeting after reports his mobil...
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Why have the Pegasus revelations received so little attention in Israel? | Dahlia Scheindlin

The country’s hi-tech surveillance industry is part of its identity – which is why its dark side often goes unexaminedAfter extraordinary revelations that the Israeli company NSO Group’s mercenary cyber-surveillance tool, Pegasus, was allegedly used to target political dissidents, human rights activists, journalists and politicians around the world, Israel should be asking itself a few questions. Does its groundbreaking hi-tech industry have a dark side? Do the actors involved in exporting lucra...
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How does Pegasus spyware infect your phone?

A major journalistic investigation has found evidence of malicious software being used by governments around the world, including allegations of spying on prominent individuals. From a list of more 50,000 phone numbers, journalists identified more than 1,000 people in 50 countries reportedly under surveillance using the Pegasus spyware. The software was developed by the Israeli company NSO Group and sold to government clients. Among the reported targets of the spyware are journalists, politician...
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Why Apple’s walled garden is no match for Pegasus spyware

Up for discussion in the Guardian tech newsletter: Spotlight on Apple security … shake-up in the video game market … online age verification … and space tourismYou will, by now, have heard about Pegasus. It’s the brand name for a family of spyware tools sold by the NSO Group, an Israeli outfit of hackers-for-hire who sell their wares to intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and militaries around the world. developed, marketed and licensed to intelligence agencies, law enforcement and militarie...
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Use This Tool to Check If Your Phone's Been Hacked by the NSO Group's Spyware

If you’ve been watching the news this week you may have heard something about the NSO Group, an Israeli spyware firm that currently stands accused of helping bad actors to hack journalists, politicians, and human rights activists throughout the world.Read more...
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Despite the Hype, iPhone Security No Match For NSO Spyware (slashdot)

International investigation finds 23 Apple devices that were successfully hacked. From a report: The text delivered last month to the iPhone 11 of Claude Mangin, the French wife of a political activist jailed in Morocco, made no sound. It produced no image. It offered no warning of any kind as an iMessage from somebody she didn't know delivered malware directly onto her phone -- and past Apple's security systems. Once inside, the spyware, produced by Israel's NSO Group and licensed to one of its...
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