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Why is the NFL crowd-sourcing feckless AI solutions to its concussion problem?

The NFL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced the results of their second annual artificial intelligence competition. In total, five teams split the $100K prize. And I can’t think of any reason why you should care. Up front: According to the NFL, the contest is supposed to help solve its injury problems using machine learning. Here’s what the league had to say in today’s press release: The NFL reviews game footage of all major injuries, analyzing each injury frame-by-frame from every ang...
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Marketproof helps real estate data flex its market muscle: Tech Review

Marketproof presents gleaming data-powered visualizations for better understanding market activity and trends in some of America's largest and most complex cities.
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22 must-have real estate tech tools for agents in 2022

Our ability to grow our businesses can be enhanced by tech tools. Here are 22 tech tools that Jimmy Burgess’ business uses, plus what he considers the greatest real estate tech tool of all time.
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Keller Williams’ Command app resolves to make agents more productive in 2022: Tech Review

Command is Keller Williams' primary enterprise software solution, developed in-house over the past few years. The mobile version was released in mid-December after four periods of beta testing on a wide-selection of company agents.
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Maricoin: Anatomy of a cryptocurrency scam

The vast majority of alternative cryptocurrencies (also known as altcoins) are either pyramid schemes, scams, or both. That’s not to say cryptocurrency itself is a con. Blockchain and decentralized cryptofinance technologies are, in my opinion, crucial for the future. They provide insurance against government and social tyranny in an ever-changing and dangerous world. Unfortunately, most shitcoins (and shit-tokens) are marketing schemes meant to create value out of nothing and then divide that “...
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Is your real estate future the metaverse and outer space?

It could be a gold mine for the real estate industry, which excels at organizing new property marketplaces and closing complicated transactions.
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3 platforms to majorly upgrade your real estate game in 2022

From an agent-to-agent networking app to a digital assistant, these apps are must-haves for the busy agent looking to boost productivity and profits.
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Local Showings by Delta Media enters the showing coordination contest: Tech Review

Local Showings is a home showing management app by Delta Media for agents to use when setting up and requesting home showings. It has mobile companion apps for Android and iPhone users and offers coverage for 97 percent of MLS listings nationwide.
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Are smartphone software update promises worth the paper they’re printed on?

From Google to Nokia, phone manufacturers promise years and years of software updates. But can you trust them?
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Placester’s Agent Manager helps agents get online faster

Website design and marketing company Placester announced in a press release the launch of Agent Manager, a collection of features to empower top-down web presence management and digital marketing capabilities.
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What the union drives at Starbucks and Amazon mean for labor rights across the US

Union drives at Starbucks and Amazon have put a spotlight on labor movements across the country.REUTERS/Lindsay DeDario The labor victories at Amazon and Starbucks are bringing national attention to unions across the US. John Logan, professor at San Francisco State University, says unions have returned to the mainstream. He says these movements could help increase public and political support for stronger labor laws.  Union drives have suddenly become hot news.In a closely watched Nov. 29, 20...
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Managers should embrace 'co-creation' — here's what that means and why it's the best method for workers

Management is over and there's no going back.Getty Images Co-creation is the future, and there's no going back. Current leaders shouldn't be worried — an empowered team increases the effectiveness of leadership. Co-creation doesn't get rid of CEOs. Instead, view leading as a verb and not a noun.  It's time for business, political, and organizational leaders to give up on "management."Workers today don't want to be managed, even benevolently. They want to be partners in...
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Astrocolonialism: Big tech is stealing the night sky from humans

Everybody deserves to have internet access. It’s as crucial to our ability to thrive in modern society as running water and electricity. Getting that access to rural and/or impoverished areas is one of the great technology challenges of our time. Unfortunately, the people who’ve stepped up the most are those hoping to profit from humanity’s problems at any cost. To that end, companies such as SpaceX, Amazon, OneWeb, and StarNet/GW have decided it’s in their financial best interest to capitalize ...
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Dear CEO’s, you’re getting ripped off by legal AI scams

What if I told you I was selling a set of computer programs that could automagically solve all of your hiring, diversity, and management problems overnight? You’d be stupid not to at least listen to the rest of the offer, right? Of course no such system exists. The vast majority of AI products purported to predict social outcomes are blatant scams. The fact that most of them are legal doesn’t stop them from being snake oil. Typically, the following AI systems fall under the “legal snake oil” cat...
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Opinion: ‘Nissan Ambition 2030’ Was an Hour of Wishful Thinking

Nissan Motor Co. has confirmed plans to invest 2 trillion yen ($17.65 billion USD) over the next five years to accelerate its electric vehicle development program. Like most major manufacturers, the automaker wants to launch a bevy of electrified products over the next decade and derive a relevant portion of its income from EVs. As […] The post Opinion: ‘Nissan Ambition 2030’ Was an Hour of Wishful Thinking appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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NYC bill to rein in AI hiring tools looks like it was meant to backfire

New York recently passed a bill providing guidelines for the operation of automated hiring software in the city. Allegedly, city council’s aim with this legislation was to protect New Yorkers from biased AI. But, from where we’re sitting, it looks like it’s going to do the exact opposite. Up front: The bill, dubbed int 1894-2020, was meant to address the issue of bias in AI software. Companies such as HireVue claim their algorithms can actually remove hiring bias – the schtick here is that compu...
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Solving overwork and burnout is going to take a lot more than 'right to disconnect' laws

Some people use separate work devices to try to regulate their work-life balance.Maskot/Getty Images Remote work demands can make it harder for professionals to fully log off at the end of a workday.  'Right to disconnect' laws don't always help because they aren't easily enforceable in every industries. Instead of relying on legislation, Akanbi says a cultural shift is needed to grant workers more autonomy. In 1998, an ambulance driver in France failed to answer his employer&...
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AI can’t tell if you’re lying – anyone who says otherwise is selling something

Another day, another problematic AI study. Today’s snake oil special comes via Tel Aviv University where a team of researchers have unveiled a so-called “lie-detection system.” Let’s be really clear right up front: AI can’t do anything a person, given an equivalent amount of time to work on the problem, couldn’t do themselves. And no human can tell if any given human is lying. Full stop. The simple fact of the matter is that some of us can tell when some people are lying some of the time. Nobody...
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Google News probably thinks I cover Spiderman because algorithms are dumb

Google News holds a special place in the world of journalism. When multiple media outlets report on the same topic in a short amount of time, the articles that make it to the main News page are seen by the most people. It’s no different than any other media industry. If you’re a musician, you want your song to show up on Spotify’s main page. If you’re in a comedy movie, you want it to be listed first in the “comedy” section on Netflix. That’s why one of my crowning achievements as a journalist w...
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2022 referral network drying up? Look to Courted: Tech Review

Courted is a software that lets agents find other agents for multiple reasons, whether to refer work, recruit team members or even seek advice or mentorship. It's an ideal tool for higher-producing agents wanting to broadcast their expertise and empower their in-market professional network.
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Opinion: Governors Begging Congress for Semiconductor Cash Won’t Fix Anything

There’s an initiative to convince Congress to pass legislation that would pour billions of dollars onto chip manufacturers at play that’s being led by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. A letter, signed by nine other governors, was issued asking like-minded lawmakers to send $52 billion in economic aid so that the chip shortage so that the supply […] The post Opinion: Governors Begging Congress for Semiconductor Cash Won’t Fix Anything appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Robots don’t care what Josh Hawley thinks about masculinity

US Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, recently blamed the perceived loss of American masculinity on liberal ideologies, video games, and pornography. Speaking at the National Conservatism Conference in Florida last week, Hawley asked the crowd: Still, can we be surprised that after years of being told they are the problem, that their manhood is the problem, more and more men are withdrawing into the enclave of idleness, and pornography, and video games? In the wake of his speech, H...
Tags: Startups, Florida, Politics, Opinion, US, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Missouri, Hawley, Josh Hawley, Neural, National Conservatism Conference

The metaverse: colonial fantasies of the wild West

Whether it becomes reality or just another fad, the metaverse misadventure is another indictment of the capitalist system and American empire The post The metaverse: colonial fantasies of the wild West appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, Microsoft, Opinion, Whatsapp, Google Glass, Oculus, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Meta, Openaccess, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Big Tech, Metaverse

Why are people with nothing to hide so scared of Clearview AI’s facial recognition?

The Australian government gave Clearview AI the boot earlier this week after determining the company had no right to scrape and maintain its citizens’ data. If you or anyone else has ever uploaded a picture with your face in it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just about any website, there’s a very good chance you’re in Clearview AI‘s database. What does that mean? Clearview AI employees, millions of law enforcement agents, and anyone with access to the company’s data (which was recently expo...
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Are 0% commissions looming on the horizon?

Industry veteran Bernice Ross argues that a business model in which a brokerage makes the majority of its profits from ancillary services like mortgage and title is not sustainable in the long run.
Tags: Technology, Opinion, Radio, Agent, Brokerage, Select, Commissions, Bernice Ross, Ancillary Services, Zero Percent Commission

Zillow Offers collapse is proof of the Zestimate’s inaccuracy

Bernice Ross has written about the inaccuracies of the Zestimate since it launched in 2006. Here, she outlines why Zillow’s decision to shut down its iBuying business is more than just a response to the extreme volatility of the Zestimate, but rather an indication that technology can't solve everything.
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Pikmin Bloom is more a Nintendo fitness app than a video game

Pikmin Bloom is more akin to a fitness app than an actual game, which might be fine depending on your taste.
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Opinion: Florida is America’s Turin

Have you ever played the Florida Man birthday game? It’s simple enough – you type “Florida man” into Google, followed by your birthday, then read the headlines. Hilarity ensues (“Half-Nude Florida Man Wearing Underwear Marked ‘Breathalyzer, Blow Here’ Arrested for DUI,” is mine, in case you’re curious). But there are a few other “Florida Man” […] The post Opinion: Florida is America’s Turin appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Zillow was outsmarted by the market

Access to too much capital often blurs good real estate investor judgment. Over-leveraged investors can easily lose everything.
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