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A top Oracle exec says Google is 'virtually alone' in its Supreme Court battle over Java, downplaying IBM and Microsoft's support for its tech rival (ORCL, GOOG, MSFT, IBM)

A top Oracle executive said Google is "virtually alone" in its Supreme Court battle over Java, saying "the technology community is not supporting Google's position. Not even slightly." Oracle Executive Vice President Ken Glueck also downplayed the parties that have publicly supported Google in the Supreme Court case, including tech giants IBM and Microsoft saying they have "commercial interests" in this litigation. Glueck called Microsoft the "original sinner," saying the tech giant had once e...
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Disqualification of a Party’s Expert Who Migrates to the Firm of a Court-Appointed Expert

By David Hricik, Mercer Law School An order by Judge Alsup in Oracle Am., Inc. v. Google, LLC (N.D. Cal. Jan 28, 2020 (here)) reflects an unusual fact pattern.  The court had appointed an expert (in docket 2143, which by itself says a lot) who worked with the firm of Charles River Associates (“CRA”).  Google had an expert, Dr. Leonard.  Google notified Oracle that Dr. Leonard was to become “affiliated” with CRA, prompting Oracle to file an “objection” with the court. In response, Judge Alsup iss...
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Oracle’s brief: More competing questions

By Jason Rantanen Yesterday, Dennis wrote about competing questions in a Supreme Court cert petition.  In its merits brief in Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc., filed on Wednesday, Respondent Oracle also frames the issues a bit differently than Google did. Google Questions presented Oracle Questions presented 1. Whether copyright protection extends to a software interface. 1. Under §102(a), computer programs, like all “works of authorship,” have “[c]opyright protection,” as ...
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Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison is holding a fundraiser for Donald Trump, where supporters can pay $100,000 for a golf outing and photo op with the president — and some Oracle employees are livid

Billionaire Oracle chairman Larry Ellison plans to host a fundraiser for President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, The Desert Sun's Sam Metz reported Wednesday. A group of Oracle employees launched a calling for the event's cancellation, saying, "Ellison's support of Donald Trump does not affirm Oracle's core values of diversity, inclusiveness, and ethical business conduct." Tickets for the event, which will be held on Ellison's estate in Rancho Mirage, California, cost up to $250,000, a...
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Tesla locks in stock surge with $2B offering at $767 per share

Tesla has priced its secondary common stock offering at $767, a 4.6% discount from Thursday’s share price close, according to a securities filing Friday. Tesla said in the filing it will sell 2.65 million shares at that discounted price to raise more than $2 billion. Lead underwriters Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, have the option to buy an additional 397,500 shares in the offering. Tesla shares closed at $804 on Thursday. The share price opened lowered Friday, jumped as high at $812.97 an...
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The former CEO of SAP says that his one regret is that it didn't get to the cloud faster, but that the experience taught him how to not miss the next big trend

Bill McDermott, ServiceNow's new CEO, has had a ringside seat to the "digital transformation" trend sweeping enterprise tech. He saw this trend and the rise of the cloud open up new opportunities for new tech giants like the one he just joined. And he witnessed the way it disrupted the business models of traditional tech behemoths, like SAP, which he led for nearly a decade. McDermott shares with Business Insider what he learned from the rise of the cloud, how it has changed the way businesses...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. The US government has filed racketeering charges against Huawei and its CFO, accusing the Chinese telecom giant of conspiring to steal trade secrets from 6 tech companies. The latest indictment includes information alleging Huawei tried to steal trade secrets from six different US technology companies. Alibaba has pledged $140 million to fight the coronavirus outbreak with a platform to coordinate deliveries of crucial medical s...
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The Supreme Court will decide software developments future in Google v. Oracle

The final steps are being made in the Google v. Oracle copyright case, which will put the fate of programming in the hands of the Supreme Court.
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Oracle tells Supremes: Fair use? Pah! There's nothing fair about 'Google's copying'

Should they be allowed to grab our stuff just cos it's 'popular' and it works?Not to be outdone by Google in ominous warnings over the future of software, Oracle has declared to American Supreme Court justices that no company would make an "enormous investment" like it did in Java SE if rivals get a free pass to copy code simply because it is "popular" and "functional".…
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Oracle says a Google victory in their Supreme Court battle over Java would hurt small US tech companies (ORCL, GOOG)

Oracle said Wednesday that a Google victory in the two tech behemoths' upcoming showdown before the US Supreme Court would hurt US tech companies, making them vulnerable to foreign competitors. Oracle also accused the search giant of stealing 11,000 lines of code and committing "an egregious act of plagiarism." Oracle made the allegations in a response brief filed late Wednesday; the two companies will appear before the Supreme Court in late March. Oracle also said "numerous" groups and indivi...
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Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison is holding a fundraiser for Donald Trump, where supporters can pay $100,000 for a golf outing and photo op with the president

Billionaire Oracle chairman Larry Ellison will host a fundraiser for President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, The Desert Sun's Sam Metz reported Wednesday. Tickets for the event, which will be held on Ellison's estate in Rancho Mirage, California, cost up to $250,000, according to The Desert Sun. Billionaires from other industries including Home Depot cofounder Bernie Marcus and real-estate developer Stephen Ross faced public outrage and boycotts of their companies in 2019, following repo...
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Tesla is going back to the markets to raise more than $2B through stock offering

Tesla said Thursday it plans to raise more than $2 billion through a common stock offering and will use the funds to strengthen its balance sheet and for general corporate purposes, despite signaling just two weeks ago that it would not seek to raise more cash. Tesla CEO Elon Musk will purchase up to $10 million in shares in the offering, while Oracle co-founder and Tesla board member Larry Ellison will buy up to $1 million worth of Tesla shares, according to the securities filing. The ...
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Thursday round-up

Court-watchers and movie-watchers alike are reacting to a new documentary, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words.” Three takes come via How Appealing. Owen Glieberman reviews the film at Variety, concluding that “there are worse ways to get to know someone like Thomas than to watch him deliver what is basically the visual version of an I-did-it-my-way audiobook memoir, with lots of news clips and photographs to illustrate his words.” At the Los Angeles Times, Gary Goldstein observes t...
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Oracle tells Supremes: Fair use? Pah! There's nothing fair about 'Google's copying'

Should they be allowed to grab our stuff just cos it's 'popular' and it works? Not to be outdone by Google in ominous warnings over the future of software, Oracle has declared to American Supreme Court justices that no company would make an "enormous investment" like it did in Java SE if rivals get a free pass to copy code simply because it is "popular" and "functional".…
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United States: Google v. Oracle: Will Software Be Free? - Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

Referred to as "the copyright case of the century," the Supreme Court could determine the fate of software protection in Google v. Oracle, namely that of Java.
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Empirical SCOTUS: About this term: OT 2019

Even though briefing is not complete in all the cases that will be argued before the Supreme Court this term, interest in the court’s cases is at an apex. There was a lot of hype leading into this term, as it is the first full term for the current Supreme Court, whose bench has been largely in flux since Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden passing in the middle of the 2015 term. Increased media coverage has also put a spotlight on the court’s integral role in resolving high-profile issues, such as t...
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The CIA wants to upgrade its cloud tech without DoD’s JEDI drama

The CIA is ready to update its cloud technology, and multiple reports this week indicated that the agency has begun a multi-billion-dollar procurement process. A CIA spokesperson was tight-lipped when asked to confirm. That could be because an agency used to working in secret, simply wants to avoid all the attention that the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud procurement process got, and quietly go about its business. As we’ve learned, when you’re dealing with large cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM ...
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Another company, Oracle, stands up to the federal contract cops

Among the most feared federal regulators, and one created largely through presidential strokes of the pen rather than by Congressional blueprint, is the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, or OFCCP. The agency’s investigators go on wide-ranging fishing expeditions seeking evidence of discrimination at large companies, most of which hold federal contracts of one sort or another. “Instead of holding firms accountable when they engage in real discrimination agains...
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Alphabet earnings show Google Cloud on $10B run rate

Today after the bell, Alphabet reported its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results. The company’s revenue grew from $39.3 billion in 2018 to $46.1 billion in 2019. The firm’s net income also expanded from $8.9 billion to $10.7 billion over the same time frame. The figures, when compared to expectations, . Alphabet beat analyst estimates on profit, but missed on revenue. Shares of the company are off around 4% in after-hours trading, following its disclosure. Why do we care? The com...
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Ginni Rometty leaves complex legacy as she steps away as IBM CEO

When Ginni Rometty steps down as CEO at IBM in April and her replacement Arvind Krishna takes the helm, more than eight years will have passed since she took the reins at Big Blue. The executive helped lead a massive transformation, but IBM has had a bumpy financial ride throughout her tenure — at one time recording an astonishing 22 straight quarters of declining revenue. To be fair, Rometty took over at a tumultuous time when technology was shifting from on-prem software stacks to the cl...
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Justices issue March argument calendar

This morning the Supreme Court issued the calendar for its March argument sitting, which begins on March 23 and continues through April 1. When they announced late last year that they would take up three disputes over access to President Donald Trump’s financial records, the justices indicated that the cases would be set for oral argument in March, but they did not set a date for the arguments then. Today they made it official: Trump v. Vance, arising from efforts by the Manhattan district attor...
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Wednesday round-up

Briefly: Mario Ariza reports for the South Florida Sun Sentinel on a cert petition that “highlights what experts say is a glaring legal loophole that allows the federal government to seize the property of innocent citizens at little cost or consequence to itself.” At Bloomberg Law, Jacklyn Wille reports that “[t]he U.S. Supreme Court on Monday signaled its interest in a lawsuit over the University of Pennsylvania’s retirement plan by asking university employees to respond to the school’s petiti...
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In the red corner, Big Red, and in the blue corner... the rest of the tech industry

Innovation freedom may not be so free if US Supreme Court rules Google ripped off Oracle's Java APIs Column Later this spring, the US Supreme Court will hear Google v Oracle. This is the final appeal of a decade-long case in which Oracle claims Google stole the Java application program interface (API) structure that defines how programs interact with Java's own libraries. That Google reproduced the API in Android is not in doubt; until Oracle kicked up a stink, it was also not in doubt that API...
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Red Hat and IBM Jointly File Another Amicus Brief In Google v. Oracle, Arguing APIs Are Not Copyrightable

Monday Red Hat and IBM jointly filed their own amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in the "Google vs. Oracle" case, arguing that APIs cannot be copyrighted. "That simple, yet powerful principle has been a cornerstone of technological and economic growth for over sixty years. When published (as has been common industry practice for over three decades) or lawfully reverse engineered, they have spurred innovation through competition, increased productivity and economic efficiency, and connec...
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Slate Announces List of The 30 Most Evil Tech Companies

An anonymous reader quotes Slate: Separating out the meaningful threats from the noise is hard. Is Facebook really the danger to democracy it looks like? Is Uber really worse than the system it replaced? Isn't Amazon's same-day delivery worth it? Which harms are real and which are hypothetical? Has the techlash gotten it right? And which of these companies is really the worst? Which ones might be, well, evil? We don't mean evil in the mustache-twirling, burn-the-world-from-a-secret-lair sense...
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Oracle Ties Previous All-Time Patch High With January 2020 Updates

"Not sure if this is good news (Oracle is very busy patching their stuff) or bad news (Oracle is very busy patching their stuff) but this quarterly cycle they tied their all-time high number of vulnerability fixes released," writes Slashdot reader bobthesungeek76036. "And they are urging folks to not drag their feet in deploying these patches." Threatpost reports: The software giant patched 300+ bugs in its quarterly update. Oracle has patched 334 vulnerabilities across all of its product famili...
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Thursday round-up

At Subscript Law, Daniel Kohrman offers a graphic explainer for Babb v. Wilkie, which was argued yesterday and which asks whether federal employees suing under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act must prove that age discrimination was a but-for cause of an adverse employment action. Nina Totenberg reports at NPR that the case “could affect more than a million federal workers over the age of 40.” For , Adam Liptak reports that “the justices were unusually engaged” in yesterday’s argument, “...
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28 ways companies and governments can collect your personal data and invade your privacy every day

In modern life, privacy is no longer a given — people are being tracked on their daily commute, at work, online, and when they're shopping. That's because data is valuable. In 2018, American companies spent an estimated $19 billion attaining and interpreting consumer data. Data is a commodity to be sold for advertising, used by government agencies to stop crimes, or for companies to increase workplace productivity. Almost nothing is private anymore. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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Rating the 30 most evil tech companies

Slate compiled a list of the 30 most evil companies in tech, starting with Mspy (#30) all the way up to Amazon (#1). I weighed in on Oracle (#17, "It takes a lot to make me feel like Google is being victimized by a bully, but Oracle managed it") and Apple (#6, "Apple won’t spy on you for ads, but they’ll help the Chinese government spy on its citizens to keep its supply chain intact"). As a companion piece, I wrote "Against the Cult of Apple" for Slate, where I discuss how the intangible as...
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Experts say these were the 19 most consequential enterprise tech acquisitions of the last decade, transforming companies like Dell, Microsoft, and Google for a new era

We asked analysts their picks for the smartest enterprise technology acquisitions of the past decade. The list ranges from Dell's $67 billion acquisition of EMC and its major subsidiary VMware – the largest pure-tech deal of all time – to Google's acquisition of the artificial intelligence startup DeepMind. Read below for the 21 smartest enterprise technology acquisitions from 2009 to 2019, according to analysts. Click here to read more BI Prime stories The last decade saw some massive upheav...
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