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A dazzling new photo series gives a rare glimpse inside Huawei's surreal Shenzen campus

Chinese tech giant Huawei has become the focus of a geopolitical flashpoint in US-China relations. At a delicate time for the company, Getty photographer Kevin Frayer was given privileged access to its headquarters outside the Chinese city of Shenzen. He observed a sprawling campus, which spans 3.5 square miles and features buildings inspired by European landmarks. Home to 25,000 workers, Frayer found employees sleeping in their lunch breaks, taking art classes, and playing ping pong. Visit Bu...
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Documentary series Foundation is back with a season 2

Paris startup campus Station F and Le Studio Next have teamed up once again for a second season of Foundation, a documentary series about building a startup. If you liked the first season, you’ll feel right at home. A video team followed the entrepreneurs working for three startups through their work issues, their personal life and their emotional reactions. You’ll feel like you know them after watching the series. This year, Foundation focuses on three different startups that try to have a soci...
Tags: Startups, Europe, Tech, Paris, Foundation, Station F, HD Rain, Konexio, RogerVoice, Le Studio Next, Jean Guo, Binta Jammeh, Konexio Ruben Hallali, Olivier Jeannel

Daily Crunch: New MacBook Pros have a keyboard fix

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Apple announces new MacBook Pros with a keyboard fix, oh, and more powerful processors Apple says it’s taking three steps to remedy the keyboard situation: It will be making a materials change to the MacBook Pro keyboard mechanism, it’s covering all butterfly keyboards across its notebook line in its K...
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The Exit: Getaround’s $300M roadtrip

In August of last year, Getaround scored $300 million from Softbank. Eight months later they handed that same amount to Drivy, a Parisian peer-to-peer car rental service that was Getaround’s ticket to tapping into European markets. Both companies shared similar visions for the future of car ownership, they were about the same size, both were flirting with expanding beyond their home market, but only one had the power of the Vision Fund behind it. The Exit is a new series at TechCrunch. It’s a...
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Life in Paris, Part 2: Only One Month Left

Posted: 5/20/2019 | May 20th, 2019 It feels like only days ago I came to Paris — and now it’s the middle of May. And, with more time behind me than ahead of me (I leave June 19), as I look back on my time here, I can’t say I’ve seen as much of Paris as I intended. I haven’t visited one new attraction. Or taken one day trip out of the city. Or gone to another region of the country. Or even the outlying neighborhoods of the city, really. Nothing. I have taken five walking tours (so I did somet...
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The history of how Uber went from the most feared startup in the world to its massive IPO

Uber went public this month on the New York Stock Exchange in a much-watched IPO. Since it was founded in 2009, Uber has transformed the ride-hailing industry and grown to become the most valuable companies in the world. See the highs and lows of Uber in its journey from small San Francisco startup, through its extremely tumultous 2017, through to its 2019 IPO. Visit for more stories. Ten years ago, a company called UberCab made a splash in San Francisco by le...
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America can’t ignore the economic threat of a rising China

In the aftermath of the Communist victory in the late 1940s, the question often asked in Washington was: “Who lost China?” That fueled the McCarthyite inquisition that followed. The question our children might ask is: “Who lost America?” The long-running side-show around Russian “collusion” focused on the nasty but largely inconsequential ties between some of Donald Trump’s more sleazy aides and their equally disreputable Russian or Ukrainian counterparts. Yet, compared to China, Russia represen...
Tags: Apple, South Korea, California, Opinion, Washington, Mexico, China, Russia, America, Sport, European Union, Joe Biden, Beijing, Atlantic, Soccer, Gop wins the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech

It’s been a long night at VivaTech. The building hosted a very special competition — the TechCrunch Hackathon in Paris. Hundreds of engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, something neat, something awesome. The only condition was that they only had 36 hours to work on their projects. Some of them were participating in our event for the first time, while others were regulars. Some of them slept on the floor in a corner, while others drank too much Red Bull. We could a...
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Media Musketeers Inks Slate Finance Pact With Entourage Ventures (EXCLUSIVE)

Recently minted film and TV firm Media Musketeers has signed a slate finance deal with Paris-based investment outfit Entourage Ventures. It has also brought on Patrick Swiderski as its finance chief. Former Apple executives Sebastien Janin and Andy Docherty teamed with former Warner Bros. exec Chris Law to launch Media Musketeers earlier this year. Its […]
Tags: Apple, News, Global, Paris, Stanley Kubrick, Warner Bros, Media Musketeers, Chris Law, Sebastien Janin, Andy Docherty, Entourage Ventures, Patrick Swiderski

The Good Life and McCann Paris Launch New Campaign to Find the Right Spots

McCann Paris, consulting and advertising agency of McCann Worldgroup, and The Good Life magazine reveal their first paper campaign: “Don’t Let Your Trip, Business or Shopping Go Wrong.” Published in several French magazines in April, the campaign spotlights the true value of press and journalism, namely the verified information among online reviews. McCann Paris then imagined three stories that underline the importance of press reliability towards consumers, even though 62% admit taking a deci...
Tags: Google, Advertising, Paris, Bruno, McCann Worldgroup, Sylvia S, McCann Paris, La Manufacture credits, McCann Paris Launch New Campaign, Riccardo Fregoso, Julien Chapolini, Riccardo Fregoso Julien ChiapoliniCreative, Romain BenardArt, Sonia PresneCopywriter, Vincent RebouahAccount, Jasse

DNA Script picks up $38.5 million to make DNA production faster and simpler

DNA Script has raised $38.5 million in new financing to commercialize a process that it claims is the first big leap forward in manufacturing genetic material. The revolution in synthetic biology that’s reshaping industries from medicine to agriculture rests on three, equally important pillars. They include: analytics — the ability to map the genome and understand the function of different genes; synthesis — the ability to manufacture DNA to achieve certain functions; and gene editing — the ...
Tags: TC, Sofinnova Partners, Biology, California, Dna, Tech, Nature, United States, Harvard University, Paris, Healthcare, Cambridge, Berkeley, University Of California, Crispr, Synthetic Biology

Europe's top trustbuster thinks it'll be impossible to break up Facebook

Margrethe Vestager (previously) is the EU Commissioner responsible for handing out billions in fines to Big Tech to punish them for monopolistic practices. Vestager and I both appeared on the bill at Republica in Berlin this month, and at the time, I pressed her from the audience on whether she thought that the ultimate answer to monopolistic abuses was to break up monopolies. She was incredibly skeptical that such a thing was desirable (describing state intervention in the deployment of "p...
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Wikipedia Is 'Doing Very Well Financially', Says Co-Founder Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said this week that the free online encyclopedia is in good financial shape, although increasing mobile phone use may cut into future donations. From a report: "We are doing very well financially," Wales told AFP ahead of Vivatech, a Paris tech fair for start-up companies. "We spend less than we bring in every year," he said. Wikipedia had "never been really good" at attracting major donors, with most of its money coming from people each giving around 15 euros ($...
Tags: Apple, Wales, Wikipedia, Tech, Paris, Jimmy Wales, Afp, Vivatech, Wikipedia Is Doing Very Well Financially Says Co

I've been using Apple products exclusively for 12 years — here are 9 things I realized after giving up Apple for 1 week

I've been completely loyal to Apple products since 2007, when the first iPhone launched. But I recently tried going a week without using any Apple products to see how I would fare. I learned that products from Google, Microsoft, and other companies have plenty of advantages — but I won't be ditching Apple for good any time soon. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. I've been loyal to Apple products since the first iPhone was launched. Prior to the iPhone, I owned cellular ...
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Macron defends his startup-friendly policies

For the third year as president, France’s president Emmanuel Macron talked to the French tech ecosystem at VivaTech in Paris. This time, he used this opportunity to defend his policies so far and say that tech startups have nearly everything they need to succeed Frichti’s Julia Bijaoui, TransferWise’s Flora Coleman, OpenClassrooms’ Pierre Dubuc, Vinted’s Thomas Plantenga and UiPath’s Daniel Dines shared the stage with Macron and each asked one question about funding, European regulation, tale...
Tags: Startups, Europe, France, China, Tech, European Union, Policy, Regulation, Paris, Netherlands, Silicon Valley, OECD, European Parliament, Frichti, Emmanuel Macron, Macron

How Deliveroo went from being the idea of a hungry banker to a $2 billion food delivery giant with backing from Amazon

Food delivery startup Deliveroo is one of the UK's hottest and most valuable startups, worth at least $2 billion and probably more after . Business Insider understands the company had been hoping for a new valuation of at least $4 billion. Deliveroo was started by Will Shu, a former banking analyst who hated the lack of options available when he had to eat at his desk. Uber had previously been in early talks to buy Deliveroo but that did not pan out. Here is the story of how Will Shu built De...
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Rediscovering the Lost Art of Travel

Posted: 5/16/2019 | May 16th, 2019 Seth Kugel is the former Frugal Traveler columnist for the New York Times and author of the new Rediscovering Travel: A Guide for the Globally Curious, from which this is adapted. I’ve known him for years and our travel philosophy dovetails a lot. I read his book last year and thought “If I were ever to write a book on the state of the travel industry, this is the book I would write!” It’s a great book and today, Seth excerpted part of the book for us! Stencil...
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Daimler and BMW-backed Kapten rides into London with anti-Uber ad campaign

Kapten, the French ride-hailing app backed by Daimler and BMW, has today launched in London, coupled with a feisty ad campaign taking a swipe at Uber’s tax arrangements. It follows Kapten (formerly called “Chauffeur Prive”) obtaining a license from TfL, London’s transport regulator, to operate its private-hire vehicle (PHV) service in the U.K. capital city. The company first launched in France in 2012, growing quickly in Paris, and has since expanded to Lisbon and Geneva. Specifically, Kapten’s ...
Tags: Startups, TC, Europe, UK, London, France, Tech, NHS, Paris, Geneva, Bmw, Daimler, Lisbon, U K, Kapten, U K Exchequer

Twitter and Facebook join global pledge to fight hate speech online

At a summit in Paris Wednesday, representatives from Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc., committed to use and develop rules, algorithms and direct intervention to curb the uploading, promotion, amplification and distribution of violent extremism on social media platforms. The initiative calls for hate speech to be “immediately and permanently” taken down, though isn’t legally binding. French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, were joined by lea...
Tags: Google, Facebook, White House, Advertising, Senegal, Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Paris, New Zealand, Jordan, Leo Varadkar, Facebook Live, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Vivendi SA, Macky Sall

World leaders, tech execs pledge to curb online violence

By Sylvie Corbet and Kelvin Chan, The Associated Press Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tech companies joined a dozen countries in a global pledge Wednesday to step up efforts to keep internet platforms from being used to spread hate, organize extremist groups and broadcast attacks. World leaders led by French President Emmanuel Macron and tech executives gathered in Paris to compile a set of guidelines dubbed the “Christchurch Call,” named after the New Zealand city where 51 people were kill...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Europe, London, Instagram, France, White House, US, Sport, European Union, Whatsapp, Soccer, Paris, New Zealand, John Kerry, Christchurch

Leaders and tech firms pledge to tackle extremist violence online

Jacinda Ardern and Emmanuel Macron host Christchurch Call summit in ParisWorld leaders and heads of global technology companies have pledged at a Paris summit to tackle terrorist and extremist violence online in what they described as an “unprecedented agreement”.Wednesday’s event, two months to the day since the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand, drew up a “plan of action” to be adopted by countries and companies to prevent extreme material from going viral on the internet. Continue reading....
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Media, Internet, Youtube, France, Social Media, World news, Paris, New Zealand, Christchurch, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Christchurch shooting, Christchurch Call

Trump won't sign social media “Christchurch call to action” to fight online extremism

Donald Trump's administration refuses to sign an international commitment to fight extremism online, citing concerns with free speech. The “Christchurch call to action” was brokered between officials in France and New Zealand and executives from the world's largest social media companies. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron are behind the call to action, which is scheduled to be unveiled later today, Wednesday, in Paris. From Tony Romm and Drew Harwe...
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Paris, New York & Havana Come to Life in Colorized Films Shot Between 1890 and 1931

Cities have long provided a rich environment for photography, at least to photographers not interested exclusively in nature. But only with the advent of the motion picture camera did the subject of cities find a photographic form that truly suited it. Hence the popularity in the 1920s of "city symphony" films, each of which sought to capture and present the real life of a different bustling industrial metropolis. But while city symphonies certainly hold up as works of art, they do make ...
Tags: Google, Facebook, London, Film, College, Berlin, New York City, History, United States, Paris, Broadway, Tokyo, Eiffel Tower, Cuba, Seoul, Notre Dame

Last call: Sign up for the TC Hackathon at VivaTech 2019

This one’s dedicated to all the genius hackers, coders and creators who also happen to be inveterate procrastinators. Right here, right now — this is your final opportunity to participate in the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech 2019 in Paris on 17-18 May. The application is free and the process couldn’t be easier, so drop whatever you’re doing and sign up today. If you snooze, you lose — lose the chance to flex your mighty coding skills and build something creative and amazing from scratch in 24...
Tags: TC, Events, Tech, Paris, Ibm, Techcrunch Hackathon, Eramet, Tc Hackathon, French Ministry of Higher Education, TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech 2019, Sanofi Cegedim, EDHEC Eramet Sanofi, Galeries Lafayette Publicis Sapient, Sanofi Cegedim IBM, IBM Galeries Lafayette Publicis Sapient

World leaders, tech bosses work on stemming online violence

PARIS (AP) — Livestreaming terrorist attacks. Using social media to spread deadly ideas. Manipulating banned videos to keep sharing them online. World leaders and tech bosses are meeting Wednesday in Paris to find ways to stop all this. They’re working all day Wednesday on the “Christchurch Appeal,” named after the New Zealand city where 51 […]
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Google announces $11.2 million grant fund for organizations working on safety, the charitable arm of Google, just announced a new grant fund for European organizations. This fund in particular will support nonprofits, universities, research teams and for-profit social enterprises working on safety issues and combatting abuse. Google .org has already partnered with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue to help organizations in the U.K. But they want to take this program one step further by expanding to other organizations across Europe. Each eligible organiz...
Tags: Google, Europe, Privacy, Digital, Tech, Policy, Paris, New Zealand,, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Australia India

Making America Carbon Neutral Could Cost $1 Trillion a Year

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Democrats have introduced a host of plans designed to make the U.S. carbon neutral. Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke outlined a $5 trillion scheme to reach that target by 2050, and other candidates are expected to follow suit. New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other backers of the Green New Deal are calling for an even more aggressive timeline: net-zero emissions by 2030. Meanwhile, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who's b...
Tags: New York, Washington, Tech, Bloomberg, Paris, United Nations, China India, Jay Inslee, Beto O Rourke, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Alex Trembath, America Carbon Neutral Could Cost, Clean Energy for America Plan Any U S, Breakthrough Institute an Oakland California, Trembath

Urban closes $10M Series B in bid to become ‘one-stop shop’ for on-demand wellness services

Urban, the London-headquartered company that lets you book a growing range of wellness services on-demand — now including massage, osteopathy, facial, and nail services — has raised $10 million in Series B funding. The round, which includes an earlier $4.5 million equity crowdfund, is led by Accelerated Digital Ventures (ADV). Two of Urban’s previous backers, Passion Capital and Felix Capital, also followed on. In a call, Urban founder Jack Tang told me the fund raise will be used by the comp...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Europe, London, Urban, Tech, Paris, Lithuania, Urban Massage, Felix Capital, Vilnius, Tang, Jack Tang, Accelerated Digital Ventures ADV Two of Urban

Meet the TC Hackathon at Vivatech 2019 judges & hackmaster

In just three short days, some of the best hackers, coders, programmers and creative tech geniuses in the world will arrive in Paris to compete in the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech 2019 on 17-18 May. After the participants pour their heart, soul and skills into creating something amazing out of nothing, it will all come down to the judges. They’ll determine the best overall project of the hackathon — and select the one team that deserves to win the TechCrunch €5,000 grand prize. You deserve t...
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A New Aerospace Company Enters the Race To Build Fastest Aircraft In the World

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: On Monday, a U.S.-based company named Hermeus announced plans to develop an aircraft that will travel at speeds of up to Mach 5. Such an aircraft would cut travel time from New York to Paris from more than 7 hours to 1.5 hours. Hermeus said it has raised an initial round of funding led by Khosla Ventures, but it declined to specify the amount. This funding will allow Hermeus to develop a propulsion demonstrator and other initial technologies...
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