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Leak: Apple’s new MacBook Pros may get taller, sharper displays

A new report by MacRumors provides strong evidence Apple plans to increase the resolution on its rumored ‘M1X’ 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, which are expected to be announced within the next month or two. MacRumors contributor Steve Moser took a close look at the latest macOS Monterey beta and found two mysterious new resolutions that don’t match any existing Mac: 3456 x 2234 and 3024 x 1964. There are a couple of interesting things about these resolutions. For one, they’re obviously higher reso...
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Xiaomi has the power to censor your phone, report claims

A security report has found that Xiaomi has the ability to remotely censor its phones. This came from Lithuania’s Defence Ministry, which advised users of the company’s devices to get rid of them. First covered by Reuters, the Lithuanian report found that the Xiaomi Mi 10T receives an updating list of blocked keywords from the manufacturer. While this hasn’t been enabled in Europe, researchers claim Xiaomi has the technical capability to censor these terms at will. At the time of the study’s rel...
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No Apple, I don’t need my iPhone to tell me I’m depressed

Tech companies like Apple and Google want to measure your health in multiple ways possible. But they’re running out of physical attributes to gauge such as heart rate, steps taken in a day, and blood oxygen. So the focus might shift to mental health, and that’s a slippery slope. According to documents reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working on a set of features to detect depression and cognitive decline using sensors on your iPhone. The company hopes to develop algorithms to detect...
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Google is in hot water over its Indian Android monopoly

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has found Google guilty of anti-competitive behavior regarding Android‘s dominant position in the country’s mobile operating system market. The watchdog began the investigation in April 2019, and found the Big G guilty of using its position to gain an unfair advantage in areas like search, music (YouTube), browser (Chrome), and app library (Play Store). According to a report by the Times of India, CCI questioned phone makers, including Apple, Samsung, Xi...
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Apple and Google remove app of Putin critic after Kremlin pressure

Apple and Google have just removed Alexei Navalny‘s app — the jailed critic of Kremlin — from their stores in Russia. Notably, this move comes hours before the country is hosting its presidential elections. A report from Reuters noted that Vladimir Putin‘s ruling Russia United party is expected to win again after a three-day voting process, despite a drop in its approval ratings. Navalny‘s organization created a smart voting project that promotes candidates that could defeat the ruling party. He...
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The AirPods 3 were a no-show, but don’t count them out yet

While most of the products at the iPhone 13 event were predicted by early rumors, there was one prominent prediction that didn’t show up: the AirPods 3. But don’t count it out just yet. A new report by DigiTimes Asia claims the AirPods 3 are not only coming — they are already in production. According to DigiTimes, shipments from components suppliers and assemblers have been ‘proceeding slowly,’ but it still seems the headphones could very well show up within the next few months. The new AirPods ...
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iPhone 13 benchmarks are in, and Apple leaves Android in the dust (again)

Apple just announced the iPhone 13 two days ago, but benchmarks are already starting to roll in. It should come as no surprise that the new phones are faster than their predecessors, but the results also show, once again, that Apple is roughly a generation or more ahead of its Android competition when it comes to raw power. For reference, using the popular Geekbench 5 metric, high-end Android devices with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 — the most common flagship processor — tend to achieve scores o...
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Why did Apple change the camera position on the iPhone 13?

Aesthetically, the iPhone 13 is similar to last year’s model — apart from one key element: the camera placement. The iPhone 12 had vertically stacked lenses. On the iPhone 13, these are now diagonal. So, here’s the question we’re going to answer today: why? In my mind, there are two key reasons Apple has changed the iPhone 13 lens placement — and you can split these into technical and marketing. The technical reason for the diagonal camera layout on the iPhone 13 I’m beginning with this because ...
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Leak: The Pixel 6’s CPU seems powerful, underpowered, and very strange

We already know the Pixel 6 is going to be a watershed device for Google. The company already confirmed the device, including the fact that it’s using its own custom processor dubbed Google Tensor. But what we didn’t know was just how different it would be from anything else. Google may be paving its own, strange road to CPU design For a while, it seemed Google might just use a slightly tweaked Exynos processor made by Samsung, with some additional Google-y AI bits. But according to a leak by XD...
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Everything new with the iPhone 13’s cameras

Apple announced the iPhone 13 series of flagship devices last night. While there weren’t any jaw-dropping updates from the iPhone 12, Apple used the event as an attempt to convince people that the new devices had much better cameras. Let’s take a look at what’s new in iPhone 13 cameras. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini While the specifications of the main lens remain the same, Apple has adopted the new 1.7µm pixel size as compared to 1.4µm in the iPhone 12 camera. This will result in photos with bet...
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The real winners of the Apple event are Apple Watch band owners

What’s that word? The one where you take joy in the suffering of others? Ahh, that’s right: schadenfreude. And following yesterday’s Apple Watch Series 7 announcement, I’m schadenfreudening all over the fucking shop. Basically, almost every single leaker claimed the new Apple Watch would echo the design of the iPhone 12 (and now 13) range. In other words, it was going to have a squarer design and look something like this: This image is from Jon Prosser, arguably the worst Apple leaker working to...
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The new iPad Mini was the best part of yesterday’s Apple’s event

Apple’s first fall event was mostly about iPhones, unsurprisingly. However, the device that caught my eye the most was the new iPad Mini, and I have my reasons. While my colleagues and friends have raved about the new iPad Pros, I have never liked tablets of that size. The perpetual fear of an 11-inch iPad falling on my face when I’m lying on the bed and reading doesn’t sit well with me. Now the 8.3-inch iPad Mini that weighs in at just under 300g — that sounds like the perfect size for a tablet...
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The iPhone 13’s Cinematic mode is going to change mobile filmmaking forever

Today’s Apple event was pretty low-key, as far as these things usually go. There wasn’t much we didn’t already know from rumors over the past few weeks, and the hardware changes in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro were largely what you’d expect from yearly updates. Instead, the coolest announcement may have been a software one — albeit one enabled by the new A15 Bionic processor. It’s called Cinematic mode, and I think it’s going to majorly change the way people create video content with their sm...
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Everything Apple announced at its big iPhone 13 event

It’s that time of year again: Apple announced the iPhone 13… and a bunch of other stuff. It wasn’t the most shocking or exciting Apple event ever —  it was largely in line with leaks and rumors — but there was still plenty of interesting news to note. We’ve gone ahead and made a summary of the most important announcements below. New entry-level iPad Apple today announced its latest iPad, this time around using Apple’s A13 processor. It’s not the fastest chip Apple has made, but Apple claims it’s...
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Sleuth mode: Today’s Apple event may only be the first of a shady pair

You feel that? The butterflies in your gut? The clenched butt? Of course you do — because today is an Apple event day. If you’re intrigued about what the company is potentially going to announce, we’ve got you. If you want to know how to watch it, friend, we’ve got you. In this piece though, we’re looking at the possibility that today’s event isn’t a standalone extravaganza. Instead, it’s most likely one of a pair of events. Excuse me while I button up my trenchcoat, find my magnifying glass, an...
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Xiaomi’s upcoming smart glasses are all about ‘an engineering mindset’

Xiaomi today announced its entry into the smart glasses (not AR glasses) world with the most marketing post ever. Before we dive into the technical detail of the wearable, I want everyone to know the company describes this as an “engineering mindset to create a future viewpoint.” Yep. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses have a 0.13-inch MircoLED display on one of the lenses. The company says it uses “optical waveguide technology” — which refracts light at 180 degrees — to display content, such as notificat...
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How to watch Apple’s iPhone 13 event

It’s a lot easier for anyone to watch Apple events than it used to be. I remember the days when Windows and Android users had to follow obscure links or mirrors to ‘hack’ their way into watching an Apple event. That’s a thing of the past. These days, Apple’s big showcases are publicly accessible for just about everyone. Apple is hosting its event on Tuesday, September 14, starting at 10 AM Pacific or 1 PM ET. It’s where it’ll almost certainly announce the iPhone 13, and the company will surely h...
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Apple! Replace the ‘Touch Bar’ with ‘Touch Keys’ and thank me later

At some point soon, Apple will ditch the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. But I have a simple request: rather than dispensing of it entirely, Apple should instead replace it with something I’ve brilliantly named ‘Touch Keys.’ Before we get there though, let’s have a little natter about the Touch Bar itself. In case your memory needs jogging, the Touch Bar is an OLED screen that stretches across the top of some MacBook Pro models. If you’re interested, it looks like this: SCROLL LEFT-TO-RIGHT LIKE A FIEN...
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Epic scores a tiny win against Apple in court — but it’s not done fighting yet

Epic Games filed an appeal over the weekend against the recent court judgment on its case against Apple, over its App Store monopoly. The company only scored a minor win when the court asked Apple to allow alternative methods of payments for in-app purchases in the App Store. This will enable Epic to charge customers for in-game items in the multiplayer hit title Fortnite without paying a 30% cut to Apple, and enable other companies to bypass that cut for services they provide users via their ap...
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Google Search finally has a dark mode — here’s how to turn it on

Although the Google Search homepage has received a few visual updates over the years, its overall design has remained consistent: It’s a colorful Google logo over a white background. That’s finally changing — for users that opt-in, anyway. After rolling out a dark theme for Google’s mobile apps, the company is finally bringing some eye relief to desktop users too. You know, so you look up critical information like the history of the empanada at 3 AM without blinding yourself in a sea of white no...
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An Apple Watch with a temperature sensor? SLAP IT ON ME, DADDY

Alongside adverts promising you “more RAM,” one of my favorite old pranks (or scams?) were the apps that pretended to measure your temperature. These either delivered completely random figures, or you could set a temperature yourself in order to “punk” your friends. Ah, simple times. Well, in today’s edition of Oh My God Technology Is Moving At A Terrifying Pace And, Also, Goddamn I’m Old™, there are rumors circulating that the Apple Watch Series 8 may include a feature that can measure the user...
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iPhone 13 event: What to expect from Apple on September 14

It’s that time of year again: Apple is getting ready to announce new iPhones … and probably a bunch of other stuff. That also means it’s time for us to sum up what we’re expecting to see from Apple based on months of rumors and speculation. First things first: there’s a good chance Apple will host two separate events this year, as the company appears to have a whole bunch of products left to announce in 2021. As such, we’re letting you know what we think is most likely to make an appearance, and...
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How to disable Chat and Meet in Gmail everywhere

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Google has been pushing its Chat and Meet products in Gmail for the last couple of months now. The company wants to cash in on the growing work from home culture, and make you ditch products like Slack or Zoom in favor of its own offerings. If your company’s email account uses Google Workspaces as the base service, chances are that you’ve already seen options ...
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Google may have teased the Pixel 6’s release date in recent ads

Google has taken a laissez-faire approach to revealing its products of late. After teasing the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro very publicly on Twitter last month, the company is now already running a new ad featuring the phones. Behold: There’s not very much to it we don’t already know, as it mostly shows off the phone from the rear and gives us a look at Android 12’s Material You design. Still, it’s just another sign the company is finally getting serious about hardware. Separately, the company teased...
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Apple will reveal the iPhone 13 on September 14

It’s that time of the year: Apple is gearing up to announce its latest iPhones. The company today announced it is holding an event on September 14, and though it doesn’t specify the iPhone 13 will be revealed then, this is around the time Apple always reveals its next phones. This year’s invite is a little more special than usual; the company paired it with a neat little AR easter egg which you can access by visiting the event site on an iOS device and tapping on the Apple logo. It’s basically a...
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Apple TV+ releases its first original movie on… DVD?

If you’ve ever needed proof we’re stuck in a never-ending time loop, here it is: an Apple TV+ original movie is being released on Blu-Ray and DVD for the first time. Yes, you read that right. Apple‘s online streaming service is branching out into… physical media. The film in question is On the Rocks, a comedy-drama starring Rashida Jones‎ and Bill Murray, and directed by Sofia Coppola. Its upcoming release by Lionsgate on October 26 was spotted (and eventually confirmed) by Sigmund Judge. Fancy ...
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S-Korea’s new law forces Google and Apple to change in-app payments

hatSouth Korea passed a landmark bill today that will force Apple and Google to open up their app stores to alternative payment methods. The country’s national assembly passed the bill after the special parliament committee voted in favor of it last week. The bill is an amendment to the country’s telecommunication act that will stop companies like Apple and Google from using their in-app purchase system in app stores exclusively. If any app store operator fails to comply they’ll have to pay 3% o...
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Here’s why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers

Listening to classical music on streaming services can be a pain, to say the least. Sure, regular streaming services are fine if you only want the occasional hit of the Moonlight Sonata when you’re feeling emo, but most streaming services just aren’t built for the way classical enthusiasts regularly search for and listen to music. Apple wants to fix that. The company announced this week that it bought Primephonic, a streaming service that sought to address many of the common grievances classical...
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Google parodies Apple and Jony Ive in ridiculous Pixel 5a commercial

The Pixel 5a is a really good phone. It also happens to have a headphone jack. Google really wants you to know this fact. I present to you the most passionate description of a 3.5mm orifice you’ll see today: And I love every second of it. Strong Apple vibes. Can we get this Jony Ive impersonator to do every Pixel ad? Thanks. That said, considering the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro probably won’t come with a headphone jack, this feels just a little ironic. But hey, marketing departments have gotta do their j...
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No, the iPhone 13 probably won’t support satellite connectivity

A few days ago, the usually-accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a research note asserting that the iPhone 13 would probably be able to make calls via satellite. This was a big deal for some users, as it meant you could theoretically make calls anywhere outdoors in the world. Unfortunately, evidence suggests Kuo may have gotten some of the details wrong this time. Kuo originally asserted that Apple is planning to use a customized Qualcomm X60 chip that would support the n53 band used by ...
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