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Sweden — and You! — Can Save the Internet from the Copyright Directive

Europeiska unionen är nära att ge ännu mer makt till ett fåtal stora amerikanska IT-företag, i utbyte mot tillfälliga vinstdelningsarrangemang med en handfull europeiska underhållningsföretag — med masscensur och en ännu svagare förhandlingsposition för verksamma europeiska artister som följd. Det har gått mer än fyra månader sedan EU-parlamentets förhandlare och företrädare för Europas nationella regeringar försvann bakom stängda dörrar för att göra det nya direktivet om upphovsrätt på den ...
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Huawei under U.S. criminal investigation for alleged theft of trade secrets from T-Mobile, other tech companies

China’s Huawei is the subject of a U.S. criminal investigation in which federal prosecutors say the Chinese tech company stole trade secrets from U.S. business partners including technology behind a robotic device T-Mobile used to test smartphones, called “Tappy.” The Wall Street Journal reports that the investigation stemmed from various civil lawsuits against Huawei, including the one involving T-Mobile's Tappy. In Seattle, a jury agreed that Huawei was liable for misappropriation of the ...
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Most Facebook users don't know their interests are tracked for ad targeting, Pew study finds

Most Facebook users have no idea how the company tracks and profiles everything they do to target ads, a new Pew Research study confirms. Pew reports that three-quarters (74%) of Facebook users surveyed in the study did not know that Facebook tracks their interests and various personal traits so they can be more efficiently targeted with ads. Those users only discovered this when the researchers directed them to take a look at the Facebook ad preferences page for their accounts. Most (51%) of...
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The EU's Copyright Directive charm offensive pats Europeans on the head and tells them leave it up to the corporations

When it comes to the new Copyright Directive, some in the EU would prefer that Europeans just stop paying attention and let the giant corporations decide the future of the Internet. In a new Q&A about the Directive, the European Parliament – or rather, the JURI committee, which, headed by Axel Voss, spearheaded the shepherding of Article 13 and 11 through a skeptical Parliament, sets out a one-sided account of the most far-reaching regulation of online speech in living memory, insisting that ...
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A deep dive into the technical feasibility of Bloomberg's controversial "Chinese backdoored servers" story

Last October, Bloomberg published what seemed to be the tech story of the year: a claim that Supermicro, the leading supplier of servers to clients from the Pentagon and Congress to Amazon, Apple and NASA, had been targeted by Chinese spies who'd inserted devastating, virtually undetectable hardware backdoors into their motherboards by subverting a small subcontractor in China. But the story didn't quite add up. After it was published, the tech giants implicated in it released detailed, une...
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Roku deletes Alex Jones' Infowars after user outrage and canceled orders

Following up on our earlier story about Roku re-platforming Alex Jones and Infowars, it looks like Roku got so much criticism from users, they've reversed course and will remove the Infowars app. ‏ After the InfoWars channel became available, we heard from concerned parties and have determined that the channel should be removed from our platform. Deletion from the channel store and platform has begun and will be completed shortly. — Roku (@Roku) January 16, 2019 That didn't take long, b...
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Strategies To Grow Your Online Clothing Business

If you think managing an online clothing business is a lot easier than having a traditional store, you are wrong. Even if you won’t be maintaining a physical store for your business, an online store is still challenging. There are still risks that you would have to deal with and sometimes, you will also fail to get high profit. However, there are strategies that you can do to make your business succeed in the fashion industry. This article will give you some tips so read on! Know Your Ta...
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Even the rightsholders think Europe’s Article 13 is a mess, call for an immediate halt in negotiations

With only days to go before the planned conclusion of the new EU Directive on Copyright in the Single Digital Market, Europe's largest and most powerful rightsholder groups -- from the Premier League to the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Association of Commercial Television in Europe -- have , repeating their message from late last year: namely, that the Directive will give the whip hand to Big Tech. Article 13 -- which still mandates copyright filters for big platforms, despite...
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Roku welcomes conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Infowars

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars rantathon channel have been turfed out of virtually every major platform due to his love of violent rhetoric, racial hatred and general bigotry. Welcome to Roku, Alex! Roku may have given itself a brand safety issue. The streaming service has added Infowars, the live show hosted by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as a channel. Jones was in the news on Jan. 11 for losing a legal battle to Sandy Hook shooting victims’ families, forcing his...
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Top Google Play game accused of ad fraud

A popular mobile game available on the Play store is an "ad fraud platform", say researchers at a media intelligence company. Word Link was approved by Google and had since been downloaded 50m times, becoming a “major source of fraudulent traffic”. Tess Bennett and Andrew Birmingham: “The Google Play Store, although dealing with far greater volumes of app submissions and users than the Apple App Store, is clearly not doing enough to combat this with adequately strict approval and diligent review...
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Mobile app for detecting opioid overdose

Second Chance is a smartphone app developed by University of Washington engineers to detect an opioid overdose. The researchers tested the app at a public supervised injection facility in Vancouver, Canada with encouraging results. From Science News: Second Chance, described online January 9 in Science Translational Medicine, converts a smartphone’s speaker and microphone into a sonar system that works within about a meter of a user’s body. When the app is running, the phone continuously e...
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Google Walkout meets #MeToo in a new anti-arbitration campaign

When outraged googlers walked off the job last year to protest the company's practice of secretly paying off serial sexual assaulters and harassers, while denying employees the right to sue over harassment through arbitration clauses in their contracts, Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised revise Google employment contracts to remove mandatory arbitration for individual sexual harassment claims. Binding arbitration is parallel justice system run by and for big corporations, who use mandatory a...
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A celebration of the indie, DRM-free Audible alternative that helps your local bookseller (with giveaway!) (previously) is an independent audiobook store that sells all the same audiobooks you can get on other platforms like Audible, Google Play, Apple, Downpour, etc, but unlike the industry leaders at Audible and Apple, they are DRM-free, and unlike all of their competition, they work with independent booksellers. When you sign up for a account, you can choose any one of 561 indie booksellers as your home bookstore -- the place where you go to get ideas about which books you ...
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'Verizon Gaming' cloud-based games service coming soon to Android

'Verizon Gaming' is coming soon to Android, and a beta is already running on the Nvidia Shield, per a report from Chris Welch at Verge. “The Verge can report that Verizon Gaming is already up and running on the Nvidia Shield set-top box and will, according to the company’s documentation, eventually make its way to Android smartphones,” Chris writes: The Verizon Gaming app comes pre-installed on the Shield device, and Verizon will also be distributing it to testers privately through Google Pla...
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'Verizon Gaming' soon on Android, cloud-based games service now on Nvidia Shield

'Verizon Gaming' is coming soon to Android, and a beta is already running on the Nvidia Shield, per a report from Chris Welch at Verge. “The Verge can report that Verizon Gaming is already up and running on the Nvidia Shield set-top box and will, according to the company’s documentation, eventually make its way to Android smartphones,” Chris writes: The Verizon Gaming app comes pre-installed on the Shield device, and Verizon will also be distributing it to testers privately through Google Pla...
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Google Fi to carriers: don't sell our customers' location data to third parties

In the wake of this week's Motherboard scoop that the major US carriers sell customers' location data to marketing companies that sell it on to bounty hunters and other unsavory characters, Google has disclosed that they have told the carriers that supply service for its Google Fi mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that they expect that Fi customers' data will not be sold this way. Google Fi hops from one major carrier's network to another as you move through space and ask the networks'...
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Big Data's "theory-free" analysis is a statistical malpractice

One of the premises of Big Data is that it can be "theory free": rather than starting with a hypothesis ("men at buffets eat more when women are present," "more people will click this button if I move it here," etc) and then gathering data to validate your guess, you just gather a ton of data and look for patterns in it. The thing is, patterns emerge in every large dataset, without necessarily being representative of a wider statistical truth. Think of the celebrated rise and fall of Google...
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How to protect yourself from email tracking

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Sydney Li and Bennett Cyphers explain how to stop people tracking you through email. Read-receipt beacons and other trickery abounds. ...third-party email tracking technologies will try to share and correlate your email address across different emails that you open, and even across different websites that you visit, further shaping your invisible online profile. And since people often access their email from different devices, email address leaks allow tracke...
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Google board sued for $90 million payout to Andy Rubin amid sexual abuse probe

“While at Google, Rubin is also alleged to have engaged in human sex trafficking -- paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to women to be, in Rubin’s own words, ‘owned’ by him.” The Board of Directors of Alphabet Inc., parent company of Google, has been sued by shareholders for okaying that $90 million exit payment to Andy Rubin, the Android mobile software superstar developer, while actively covering up abuse committed by him and other executives. Rubin was credibly accused of violently se...
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How will Jeff Bezos' divorce impact Amazon's stock price?

Yes, it's a soulless, grotesque question. But it's all about money, and investors are wondering if Jeff Bezos getting divorced means they're gonna lose money. Shares in Amazon inc “seesawed” on Thursday as questions swirled around Jeff Bezos's impending divorce, and any potential effect on his control of Wall Street's most valuable company, which is expanding like crazy around the U.S. From Reuters: Bezos, whom Forbes lists as the world’s richest person, worth an estimated $136.2 billion, sai...
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Shrapnel drone kills 6 at Yemen military parade

Les images de l'explosion d'un drone pendant une parade militaire dans une base loyaliste du sud du #Yémen. Six militaires ont été tués et 12 autres personnes, dont des officiers et des responsables locaux, blessées, selon un hôpital local #AFP — Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) January 10, 2019 Video footage captures the moment when an explosive drone, piloted by Houthi rebels, exploded over a military parade in Yemen. It killed six soldiers and injured at l...
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First 1 terabyte SD card hits stores

Quantity has a quality of its own. Lexar is the first to get 1TB SD cards to market. As ever, there’s a price premium associated with this breakthrough in capacity; you’ll pay more for a single 1TB card than you would for two 512GB cards. Lexar has set the price at $499.99 for this model, although B&H has it available to order at $399.99 — that’s still quite a hike considering the same retailer has various 512GB cards for under $150. The first 1TB hard drive you could buy was back in 2007. Acc...
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Shutdown creates uncertainty over Uber and Lyft IPO timing

Uber and Lyft are still waiting for feedback from the U.S. securities regulator on their confidential submissions for IPOs, Bloomberg reports tonight, citing people familiar with the matter who aren't disclosing their identities. Donald Trump’s government shutdown over his demand for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border has effectively halted all but basic operations at the Securities and Exchange Commission. No SEC means no IPOs. From Bloomberg, on how this impacts the Uber and Lyft IPO plans: ...
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Tesla sued for death of 18-year-old in car accident, defective battery blamed

In Illinois today, a law firm announced they are filing a lawsuit against Tesla to hold the electric car maker accountable for a teen who died in an accident involving a car they say had a defective battery pack. The lawsuit filed by Chicago firm Corboy & Demetrio claims Tesla's 2014 Model S sedan had a defective battery pack that was responsible for the death of an 18-year old passenger in an accident last May. Some 12 cases of Tesla S batteries spontaneously bursting into flames, while par...
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Medieval book opens six ways, revealing six different texts

A XVIth Century book held in the National Library of Sweden's collection features a "sixfold dos-a-dos binding," meaning that the book could be opened in six different ways to reveal six different texts ("devotional texts printed in Germany during the 1550s and 1570s,including Martin Luther, Der kleine Catechismus"), with the hinges doubling as latches. You may remember a blog I posted about dos-à-dos (or “back-to-back”) books. These are very special objects consisting of usually two book...
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Five major trends shaping Product Design

Product Design has undergone quite some change in the years gone by. From being a highly physical design field to being adapted for the digital world, there has been an evolution that incorporated product design into our everyday life quite seamlessly. The world, and we as individuals are getting more enlightened, moving away from simple materialistic pleasure and actually questioning ourselves in what brings us joy. And as the world evolves, designing for this world needs to evolve. It is time...
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A virtual re-creation of San Francisco's massive WPA wooden city model

In the 1930s, the Works Public Administration commissioned a 1":100' wooden model of San Francisco; the final model is 38' x 42', with 6,000 removable city blocks spanning 158 pieces. After being exhibited in the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay in 1939 and city hall from 1940-42, it was used as a city planning tool and then as a teaching aid at the Environmental Simulation Laboratory in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. The who...
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CES rescinds own award from sex toy because sex toys are obscene

The Computer Entertainment Show gave a digital sex toy an award. Then it rescinded the award because sex toys are "immoral, obscene, indecent [or] profane" and banned it from the trade show floor. Katie Notopoulos reports, however, that they've given such toys awards in the past. It’s unclear why the CTA made the Osé an honoree in the first place, before backtracking on its decision to include an adult product. The trade show gave a sex toy a similar award three years ago, and other companies h...
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London Heathrow airport departures halted after drone sighting

First Gatwick, now Heathrow. Departures at London’s Heathrow airport were stopped for some time on Tuesday after a drone sighting was reported to authorities. Metropolitan Police reported a drone sighting near Heathrow at roughly 17:05 GMT. "As a precautionary measure, Heathrow Airport has stopped departures and officers based at Heathrow are currently investigating the reports with colleagues from Heathrow Airport," they said. A Heathrow spokeswoman says the airport worked with police to "pr...
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Drone sighting closes Heathrow

Last month, London's Gatwick airport (the second busiest airport in the UK) was closed for several days after drones were sighted in its airspace. The Gatwick drones are still a mystery (it's even possible that there were no drones, or that the drones people saw were police drones flown to spot drones). But as of now, London Heathrow, the nation's busiest airport, is shut due to a drone sighting. Using drones to shut down major international airports is a hell of an asymmetrical attack -...
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